Home Is the Neighbor Going Dark TodayChapter 62

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Yu Zhihuai was crazy.

Jiang Leyu was also crazy, frightened crazy.

Jiang Leyu was on the plane at this time.

Yesterday, after listening to Yu Zhihuai's "crazy talk", she pushed him away and went back to the bedroom, packed her luggage overnight, booked a ticket, and ran non-stop the next day. Compared to facing Yu Zhihuai like this, I suddenly felt that Du Yanqing of the Jiang family was much more cordial.

When she was about to leave in the morning, Yu Zhihuai held her breakfast and called her warmly: "Eat breakfast first, okay?"

Jiang Leyu changed his shoes without raising his head: "Well, I won't eat anymore, it's too late. My mother urged me to go back yesterday, and then if you want to continue to live here, you can, anyway, you know the password."


I dragged my luggage out the door, and the moment I closed the door, I forgot whether I raised my eyes intentionally or unintentionally, and saw Yu Zhihuai with a fragile and lonely look, like an abandoned child.

At that moment, Jiang Leyu's heart throbbed, but she quickly pressed it down.

Up until now, when he got on the plane and put on the blindfold, Yu Zhihuai's appearance was lingering in her mind. She even popped up several times, "Forget it, let's not leave. He must be sad now. The thought, but he quickly dismissed it in the next second.

It's messed up, it's all messed up.

Yu Zhihuai didn't like Jiang Qianyue. He also hated Jiang Qianyue because Jiang Qianyue was close to her. He even approached Jiang Qianyue just because Jiang Qianyue's name was in her book.

He also said that he likes himself, not like his friends, God, how can this be! He even still! Take away her first kiss!

Jiang Leyu's qi and blood surged, and he couldn't tell whether he was angry or ashamed.

She should be very angry, but she doesn't seem to be really angry either. I was just flustered, I was scared, I just didn't know how to face him for a while, but... I was distressed just thinking of his lonely appearance in the morning.

This year, Jiang Leyu returned to Jiang's house after all.

Yu Zhihuai did not return to Yu's home, and occasionally sent her a message, and she would selectively consider replying.

After the Chinese New Year, Jiang Leyu returned to T city in advance. She told herself that she really didnt want to stay at Jiangs house and didnt want to see Du Yanqing. It was definitely not because she wanted to go back and see how Yu Zhihuai was. It was definitely not because of him for so many days. No more messages to myself.

There are many kinds of opening remarks on the road designed to see Yu Zhihuai. It was already nine o'clock in the evening when I got home. When the door was opened, the room was completely dark, and Yu Zhihuai was not at home at all.

Jiang Leyu turned on the light and went around the house. Everything seemed to have not changed before leaving with her. The refrigerator was empty, and the kitchen looked like there had been no smoke or fire in a long time.

Could it be that Yu Zhihuai didn't live with her at all these days?

Not seeing Yu Zhihuai, he breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time came a very subtle feeling, not very comfortable. Where did this **** go? The Yu family hasn't come back, and it's not at her home, and the school dormitory has not been opened. Where else can he go? He also said that he liked her, and would not take the initiative to tell her anything, hum.

Forget it, it's better if people are not there to save the embarrassment of meeting.

Jiang Leyu was a little tired and didn't want to pack her luggage. She slumped on the sofa and turned on the TV. She was just in a daze that the house was too empty, which made her feel inexplicable.

Strange, I never felt this way when I lived alone before.

Jiang Leyu picked up the remote control and turned the TV volume up a bit, which seemed to dispel the sense of emptiness.

The TV couldn't enter, his body was exhausted, and his brain was messy and irritable. Jiang Leyu lay on the sofa with one hand above his eyes, forcing himself to rest for a while.

The door opened with a "click", but it was covered by the TV sound and Jiang Leyu didn't hear it.

After a while, she heard the TV sound visibly lowering, so she dropped her hand and slowly opened her eyes. After adjusting to the light, Yu Zhihuai took a side look, and Yu Zhihuai didn't know when it came out, and was putting down the remote control gently at this time.

"Yu Zhihuai?"

Yu Zhihuai's back was slightly stagnant, turning his head to look at Jiang Leyu, "Did I wake you up?"

Jiang Leyu sat up on the sofa and shook his head: "I didn't fall asleep, just rested for a while. You...I thought you didn't live in my house anymore, where did you just go?"

"I went to the supermarket. School is about to start. I think you will be back in the past few days. You don't have anything to eat at home. You have to prepare a little." Yu Zhihuai said, carrying the bag to the kitchen and putting the things in. Into the refrigerator.

Jiang Leyu was stunned, put on slippers and followed behind him, "You have always lived here since I left, right?"


"Then why is there no food at home? Didn't you cook at home?"


"Why don't you do it? Then what do you eat?"

"It's not easy to cook a person's meal, just eat something casually." Yu Zhihuai said lightly.

After putting things away, he turned around and didn't notice that Jiang Leyu was so close to him and almost hit her. The four eyes were facing each other for two seconds, and they were not opened at the same time. Yu Zhihuai walked out of the kitchen, and Jiang Leyu continued to follow him subconsciously.

"Do you need me to help you collect your luggage?" Yu Zhihuai asked.

"No need, I'll just clean up by myself in a while." As she said, she looked at Yu Zhihuai and stopped talking, "You..."

"Okay, then you rest early, I'll go back to the room first."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

So cold? ? It's like a different person from the way I was so excited and confessed to her last time! Could it be that she was persuaded by her indifference during this period, and her feelings for her also cooled down?

If this is the case, then she should breathe a sigh of relief, why is she so flustered in her heart?

Yu Zhihuai got up early the next morning and worked in the kitchen. In the morning, he didn't ask Jiang Leyu to get up for breakfast and let her wake up naturally. Jiang Leyu tossed and turned last night and didn't fall asleep until two or three in the morning. He slept a little faster in the afternoon.

Simply freshen up, walk out of the bedroom feeling hungry belly, and instantly smell the tangy scent.

Jiang Leyu was in a trance. In fact, even if she returned to her own world, it would be difficult to have such a happy day that someone would prepare delicious food for her every day. First of all, she can't afford a babysitter because of her financial strength. Second, she has seen friends in a relationship state, almost all of them rely on takeout for a living.

Yu Zhihuai seemed to have just finished his work at this moment. He came out of the kitchen wearing only a gray hoodie with his cuffs pulled to his elbows, and there were fine beads of sweat between his forehead. It's winter now, so I'm really tired.

Holding the dinner plate, he kept his eyes on Jiang Leyu for two seconds, and asked naturally, "Are you hungry?"

"Um, kind of." Jiang Leyu followed him to the table, only to see a table full of food, some covered, some packed in a bento box, all carefully divided.

"Why did you make so much food? What time do you get up and make it?!" Jiang Leyu exclaimed.

"It's all done," Yu Zhihuai divided the food on the table, took a part of it into the refrigerator, and said to Jiang Leyu, "The refrigerator is prepared for you a few days later. You can eat it after heating it. ."

Jiang Leyu was startled, and he asked: "Are you... going to leave?"

Yu Zhihuai nodded slightly, "The dormitory is open, and I will go back in the afternoon. These foods should be enough for you to eat before school starts."

"You can also go back to the dormitory after school starts!" Jiang Leyu blurted out.

Yu Zhihuai was silent for two seconds before Jiang Leyu realized that there was already a "separation" between the two.

The air was quiet for a while, Yu Zhihuai suddenly bends his lips, and said warmly: "Hurry up and eat, I'll go pack things first, and leave in a while."

"Don't be so hurry? Don't you eat together?"

"No. And if I'm here, you should be very uncomfortable."

Yu Zhi Huaiyun said this calmly, but Jiang Leyu remembered the lonely look he saw when she left last time. Looking back on my attitude, it is indeed hurtful. But from yesterday to now, it seems that nothing happened to him, nor did he ask Jiang Leyu any questions, as if he was deliberately letting Jiang Leyu relax. But Jiang Leyu not only didn't relax, but he was even more upset.

I have been busy making so many delicious foods for her for most of the day, and I dont even eat a bite after doing it. I am afraid that she will be uncomfortable and will leave to go back to the cold dormitory. This is too terrible!

Speaking of which, Yu Zhihuai had nothing to say to her except for the abrupt confession that day. I have no reason to be too harsh on him, and there is no such thing in my heart that disgusts him, but I am very confused, terrified, chaotic and worried. Yu Zhihuai's plot line is completely off, and Jiang Qianyue can't let her black If her mission is not completed, she will really belch in this world.

Jiang Leyu was stunned at the dinner table. Yu Zhihuai had packed his things and went out to leave. Looking at his back, Jiang Leyu's heart suddenly jumped, and he called him without thinking: "Lets eat first, so much for me. You can't finish it, and the school canteen is not open now. It is very inconvenient for you to go back to school, so let's wait until school starts."

Yu Zhihuai paused, and looked back at her with complicated eyes, "Do you know what it means for you to leave me like this?"

Before Jiang Leyu could answer, he immediately said: "What I said last time is true and has not changed. I still think that way, but I don't want to scare you. I am no longer the one who only treats you as Yu Zhihuai, friend, do you understand?"

A panic flashed in Jiang Leyu's eyes, and she curled up her fingers unconsciously. She understood it, and it wasn't that. She hadn't figured out how to respond to Yu Zhihuai's confession until now. Reason told her that it was impossible, but she couldn't just let Yu Zhihuai go. God knows that after she escaped last time, there was not a day in her heart that was relaxed, and Yu Zhihuai's face had been lingering in her mind, lingering.

She was completely confused about the task now, and she couldn't think of such a thing for a while, so she didn't think about it. At least she knew that she didn't see Yu Zhihuai when she came back yesterday, and she was very annoyed and empty. After Yu Zhihuai came back, she was inexplicably relieved. At least she knew that when she got up today and saw Yu Zhihuai still there, Yu Zhihuai cooked her delicious food, she still feels at ease, and vaguely feels happy.

Even her parents would only take care of her so carefully when she was still young. Although Zhangs mother is fine, she is also a servant of Jiangs family. She treats Jiang Leyu well and is always mixed with something. The attributes of her job. It was like once she was no longer at Jiang's house, it would be difficult to say a word with Zhang's mother.

But Yu Zhihuai was different. At first, it seemed that he could shelter him, but it was really only the beginning. After thinking about it, she actually didn't do anything to protect Yu Zhihuai in a substantial way. On the contrary, Yu Zhihuai is really like an obedient little follower, who can help her in everything he does. He even knows when she wants to drink yogurt when she is in class, and will silently help her insert a straw. Even in the case of Qiao Yi'an, she also acted as a promoter of hacking him. When it comes to the transfer, if you decisively agree to Du Yanqing's transfer, then Yu Zhihuai doesn't have to go, and the last time you met those drunk men, Yu Zhihuai also protected her. At the time, she thought that Yu Zhihuai was upset because Jiang Qianyue and Ji Yan liked it, and took the opportunity to vent. Now that she wants to come, it should really be because the person said nasty things to her.

Thinking of this, Jiang Leyu's eyes became firmer, and a smile opened to Yu Zhihuai and said, "Come on to eat."

Yu Zhihuai's pupils became darker, his throat moved slightly, and he said dumbly: "Okay."

Jiang Leyu did not formally respond to Yu Zhihuai's confession, nor did he alienate him because of this, and his attitude towards him was the same as before. Yu Zhihuai did not change much, nor did he express his feelings to Jiang Leyu again. The pattern of two people getting along seems to have returned to the previous years when they went to school together, but now they are in different departments and different classes, but as long as there is no class time, or just the time when Yu Zhihuai has no class, the two of them are inseparable. .

The difference is that although Yu Zhihuai treats Jiang Leyu very well or even better, he doesn't listen to her as he did when he was a child. He has his own temperament and has a stronger possessiveness.

The change between them Jiang Qianyue is of course the most obvious.

"You and Yu Zhihuai don't look as simple as just ordinary friends." This is not the first time she has said such things.

Jiang Leyu just smiled and said, "We are friends."

What else Jiang Qianyue wanted to say, Yu Zhihuai appeared again and looked at Jiang Leyu softly: "Go?"

Jiang Leyu looked at Jiang Qianyue and Yu Zhihuai, and reluctantly said goodbye to Jiang Qianyue.

Jiang Qianyue rubbed his chin and looked at the back of the two of them. With a light tusk, Yu Zhihuai felt as though he didn't know her anymore. She felt that he had unilaterally broken off with her. That's not a big deal, even Jiang Leyu was almost completely taken away by him. She hasn't eaten alone with Jiang Leyu for a long time!

The relationship between the two is too weird. If you say it is not a lover, it seems that Yu Zhihuai's performance seems to treat her as a rival in love. Speaking of a couple, Jiang Leyu didn't admit it, and she did not see any intimate physical contact between the two. Just now, they are walking together, with a little distance between them. If they are a couple, why should they hold a small hand?

As he was thinking, his hand was suddenly held by someone, Jiang Qianyue was startled, and when he looked up, Ji Yan raised his eyebrows and asked, "What are you looking at?"

Jiang Qianyue was pleasantly surprised: "Why did you suddenly appear?"

"I felt you missed me, so I showed up. What do you want to eat?"

"Well, you decide, I can do it!"


Jiang Qianyue looked at the two clasped hands with a sweet and shy smile on his lips. Right, couples should be like this.

Regardless of what others think, Jiang Leyu feels that she is in a good state anyway. She is reluctant to say that she doesnt want to be alienated from him, but she cant respond to his confession, because she cant promise anything. If the mission is completed, she will go back to her world. If the mission is not completed, she doesnt know when she will die. Alice. So, let her selfishly use the identity of a friend to tie Yu Zhihuai again...

This kind of day lasts until a certain day in the second half of the sophomore year. There is a large music festival to be held at T University. Many celebrities will participate, and there are also many people from other schools across the country to play.

Originally, this was also a novel experience for Jiang Leyu. She has not participated in such a music festival. So this day, she has always been very interested and in a good mood.

But I didn't expect to meet Yu Keyin who hadn't seen her for a long time here, which broke her good mood.

Halfway through the festival, Jiang Leyu wanted to go to the bathroom. He wanted to find Jiang Qianyue with him, but he couldn't find her when he turned his head.

"What's wrong?" Yu Zhihuai asked.

"I want to go to the bathroom."

"I go with you."

"No need, I'll just go by myself." Such things as going to the bathroom must be accompanied by a girl!

Jiang Leyu went to the bathroom of the nearest teaching building alone. There were still a lot of people. She only got a place when she climbed to the fourth floor.

When I came out of the toilet, I saw Yu Keyin standing outside.

"Long time no see, Jiang Leyu." Yu Keyin's smile became more and more fake.

Jiang Leyu passed away in surprise, and said with a calm expression: "Yes, you also come to our school to watch the music festival? Then you have fun, I will go down first."

When he reached the top of the stairs, Jiang Leyu was stopped again.

"and many more."

"Is there anything else?" Jiang Leyu didn't think their relationship was so good that they needed to be reminiscent of the past.

Seeing Jiang Leyu's attitude, Yu Keyin also tore off her mask, narrowed her smile and asked, "What is your relationship with Ji Yanxi?"

Jiang Leyu was inexplicable first, then raised his eyebrows: "What does this have to do with you?"

Yu Keyin sneered, "Don't pretend, I just saw Ji Yanxi talking to you. Unexpectedly, Jiang Leyu, you are so wicked, chasing him here!"


Jiang Leyu recalled that when he first occupied the position below, he met Ji Yanxi, but he only asked himself where Jiang Qianyue had gone, and he only said two or three sentences in total.

It's just that she didn't want to explain this to Yu Keyin, so she turned around and wanted to leave.

But Yu Keyin slammed him, "You stop!"

Jiang Leyu's center of gravity was unstable and was pulled staggered, and his face was not good for an instant, and he had not yet attacked. Yu Zhihuai walked up from below and pulled Jiang Leyu behind him with a calm face.

When Yu Keyin saw Yu Zhihuai, his expression was angry and surprised, "Why are you here? Didn't you get sent away by my parents? You go to school here? Where did you get the money to go to school?"

Jiang Leyu also glanced at Yu Zhihuai in surprise. What does this mean? Didnt the Yu couple ever confess that Yus Huai went to school at all? Then he...

Yu Zhihuai ignored her and turned to ask Jiang Leyu: "How is it?"

"I'm fine."

"Jiang Leyu, you are so capable. You can hook this **** to you so fascinated. Now that you have Yu Zhihuai, can't you be a little restful? Why do you want to seduce Ji Yanxi?! You know how much I like him. Yes! I didn't admit him to a school, but I tried every means to find him and see him. It turned out to be good, and you took advantage of it again!"

Jiang Leyu sounded funny and speechless, and couldn't help but step forward to slap her: "I really think there is something wrong with your brain, don't you think? And because of your toothy, claw-claw, snake-hearted look, do you think Ji Yanxi will like you?"

What he likes is Jiang Qianyue who is kind, cute, and intelligent!

This angered Yu Keyin. She waved her hand to slap Jiang Leyu. The hostility in Yu Zhihuai's eyes rose sharply, and she reached out and pushed Yu Keyin hard.

Fortunately, Jiang Leyu has quick eyes and quick hands. When Yu Keyin lost her voice and screamed and was about to fall down the stairs, she quickly pulled her back, but unexpectedly I dont know whether Yu Keyin intentionally or accidentally took advantage of her to stand on her body while turning around and quickly standing firm. Ji secretly pushed her back, fast, and Jiang Leyu himself rolled down the stairs in the blink of an eye.

She felt her head hit the ground heavily, and she fainted without clearly sensing the pain. The moment she closed her eyes, she saw Yu Zhihuai's panicked face.

Accompanied by Yu Zhihuai slapped Yu Keyin slapped, and Yu Keyin exclaimed, "You dare to hit me!"

Jiang Leyu fainted with satisfaction, but this slap was a good slap!

This accident was really an accident for Jiang Leyu. She didn't really want to save Yu Keyin at the time. She just thought that Yu Keyin could not have an accident in Yu Zhihuai's hands, so he would be in big trouble. . She also didn't expect that Yu Keyin was so vicious that she would push her down.

I don't know how long it took, Jiang Leyu woke up again, but in a dark space.

Gan, isn't she already dead and going to hell? !

"Hello, Experiencer No. 88." A beam of light came from the front, and the voice rang out of thin air. Jiang Leyu remembers this voice, but isn't it the thing that got her here!

"I was scared to death, I thought I was dead!" Jiang Leyu patted his chest with lingering fear.

"You are indeed dead."

"What did you say?"

"You are indeed dead now, your head hit the ground heavily, and you have lost too much blood. You have been in the intensive care unit for many days. Now you have completely lost your vital signs and will be discovered soon."

"..." Jiang Leyu digested this passage with difficulty, and said in disbelief, "I, am I dead?"

"Yes, time is running out, do you want to use your chance of resurrection?"

"Of course!"

"Okay, using the resurrection opportunity will consume you"

"I know, it consumes life! You hurry up, what should I do if I really die in a while!" Jiang Leyu interrupted it anxiously.

"Okay, the resurrection function has been used, and you will regain your vital signs in three minutes. Just a reminder, there is only one chance to resurrect, and you will not be able to use it again in the future."

"Eh eh eh, don't rush to leave, my task seems to have encountered a bottleneck, can you give me some instructions?"

The air was quiet for a few seconds before the voice slowly sounded: "About this matter, in fact, Yu Zhihuai has been blackened."

Jiang Leyu was startled, and hurriedly asked: "Then my task is completed? Then I can go back?!"

"No, although he is blackened, the blackening process is far from the original world, and now we can't detect the prepared value of the blackened value. This is a very dangerous thing. What's even stranger is that he blackened The reason is only because of you, so now you are the inducement of his blackening, and the only person who can control his blackening, then you can't leave this world for the time being until he can control it."

"...Is it temporarily or forever?"

"It depends on how strong your influence is on him. So far we have no conclusion. But the known conclusion is that if you leave now, the world will still collapse, and your mission will still fail, even if you Back in your own world, there may still be backlash happening to you."

Jiang Leyu really wanted to vomit. Isn't this really a cultivator, and there is backlash?

"No, as you mean, I can only stay here and die?"

"No, no, you can also enjoy life here."

"Obviously, what you told me before is different from what you are now. The inaccuracy of the value is definitely the reason for you. Why do you want me to back the pot? I don't think you are looking for the lucky ones, it is the back pot!"

"Ah, calm down, I admit that there must be a bug in our technology, and we are working hard to fix it. But from another angle, you actually want to stay here, don't you?"


Before Jiang Leyu denied it, it said: "Don't rush to deny it. We can hear the true thoughts in your mind. You have expressed your nostalgia for Yu Zhihuai in your mind more than once, and you want to stay. Willingness."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

She was silent for a moment, and asked blankly: "Do you count this as an invasion of privacy?"

"Ah, you are misunderstood. We don't monitor all the time. We only do this when we feel severe fluctuations in the experiencer."


"Three minutes is almost here, you should wake up." The voice lowered, "We are really not a bad organization. We just want to maintain the stability of every world. For the experiencers, we also sincerely hope that they will have a good experience. Actually, its not that we force you to stay. If you have to go back, its okay. You wont be beaten back. Its just..."

"Just what?"

"It's just that there will be huge fluctuations in this world. Starting from Yu Zhihuai, it can no longer maintain the law of operation of this world, it will be maliciously destroyed, and eventually collapse and disappear."

Jiang Leyu was silent longer this time, "Did everyone disappear?"


"Where is Yu Zhihuai?"

"He will disappear, and he will be severely punished."

"I see."

"Your choice?"


The light suddenly disappeared, and the space plunged into complete darkness again.


"Woke up, the patient is awake!"

"How is this possible? She really stopped her heartbeat just now!"

"let me see."

Accompanied by a noisy sound, Jiang Leyu slowly opened her eyes. Several doctors and nurses surrounded her. She saw them holding scalpels, needles, and various instruments. Their pupils dilated and whimpered: "Don't, I wake up. No, dont give me an injection!"

With just an oxygen cylinder, she hadn't eaten or drink for a long time, her throat was very dry, she was weak, and her voice was low.

"She seemed to have spoken just now."


"I didn't hear it."

"She seems to have opened her eyes."


Jiang Leyu was very confused. She opened her eyes, but her eyelids were heavy and they didn't open very much!

She lifted her eyelids vigorously, this time the angle of view was a little bigger, and the doctor also noticed that she had really opened her eyes, and approached her and asked, "Are you awake? Want to talk?"

Jiang Leyu nodded hard, "Don't pierce me, I'm all right."


"Can I, drink water?"

"Yes, wait for me to do a comprehensive examination for you. If it is really okay, let you drink water, okay?"


As a professional doctor, I definitely don't believe that Jiang Leyu is really okay. They usually call this patient's behavior "returning to light". However, she did a comprehensive inspection and finally reported that, except for the trauma, other indicators were really normal.

"This is incredible, Miss Jiang, you can transfer to the general ward."

Jiang Leyu nodded in relief, drank the water the nurse fed her, closed his eyes and had a good night's sleep.

When I woke up, the color of the ceiling above my head had changed. It should have changed the ward.

Looking around, the ward environment is pretty good.

The door was pushed open, and Jiang Leyu saw that it was Yu Zhihuai.

But why is Yu Zhihuai so embarrassed?

There were many blue stubble growing on his chin, his eyes were scarlet, and his dark circles were thick. It seemed that he hadn't slept for a long time. The clothes on his body were still the ones worn on the day of the music festival, and they were now crumpled. The cheeks have been thinner, and the sharply defined face is now more obvious.


As soon as Jiang Leyu made a sound, Yu Zhihuai strode to her bed and put down the thermos bucket, with a deep expression of excitement, "Are you awake? Is there anything uncomfortable?"

Jiang Leyu shook his head, "How did you make it like this?"

"Sorry, I've been in the hospital, and I haven't had time to go back to clean up, are you... are you hungry? I just heated the soup, can you give it to you?"

Jiang Leyu was indeed hungry. She estimated that she had not eaten in the past few days when she was lying down. Yu Zhihuai pursed her lips, carefully serving her soup and blowing cold, Jiang Leyu looked at him unblinkingly, and wanted to take a closer look at the boy who made her impulsively decide to stay. Looking around, she saw Yu Zhihuai crying.

"Why are you crying?"

Yu Zhihuai did not say a word, silently put the spoon to her mouth, and fed her gently.

Jiang Leyu drank several sips, and then Yu Zhihuai avoided him when he sent a spoonful again, "What the **** is wrong with you? Why do you look more haggard than me? Did the Yu family trouble you again?"

Seeing that she was not drinking, Yu Zhihuai put down the bowl and said softly: "No, no one can trouble me, no one can bully me. Only you, only you can control everything about me."

Jiang Leyu understood, and raised his hand to touch his face, "Are you worried about me too much?"


Not only was he too worried, everyone who saw him thought he was going crazy. Every time he received a critical illness notice, the boys despair deepened. Finally, when the doctor announced that Jiang Leyu was dead, he was like a lion who had gone through despair and suddenly furious. He grabbed the doctors collar and sent people back to the ward. Give her continued treatment.

Jiang Leyu had a long rescue on the first day, and finally managed to escape the danger of his life. The doctors were exhausted when they came out of the operating room, while Yu Zhihuai stayed at the door, even for the next few days, he was always there. He barely closed his eyes.

Jiang Leyu's fingertips were wet, his eyelashes trembled, and his heart pierced again. He said softly, "It's okay, I'm all right now. The doctor said that I can go home to recuperate after another two days of observation."


"So indifferent?"

"I'm not"

Jiang Leyu rolled his eyes, "Then if I say, I'm willing to fall in love with you?"

Yu Zhihuai was startled, "What?"

"Actually, I walked around the ghost gate, and then someone asked me if there was anything I missed. If so, give me another chance to be born again. I thought about it. Here is something I cant miss. , There is only you. So, I will be born again."

What she said was like nonsense, like teasing a child, but Yu Zhihuai looked very serious, as if trying to restrain any emotions, and asked in a dumb voice: "Really?"


"Do you...like me?" There was uncertainty and expectation in Yu Zhihuai's eyes.

Jiang Leyu smiled, "Why don't I like me to fall in love with you. But"

"but what?"

"But you have to be obedient. You have a bad temper now. Although I don't want you to be bullied by others, I don't want you to do anything out of the ordinary. You think, if it is Yu Keyin who is pushed down, You are already squatting in the prison, then you really have a hard time even seeing me. So, you must think about the consequences when doing things in the future, you know? I dont want you to be bullied, and I dont want you to be the police. take away."

Yu Zhihuai clenched her hand tightly, "Yeah."

"Okay, you go home and clean up, this dress hasn't been changed for many days, right?"

Yu Zhihuai obviously didn't want to leave, but he also knew that he was not very decent now, so he looked at Jiang Leyu with nostalgia for a long time before getting up, "Then you take a rest for a while, and I will be back soon."


After Yu Zhihuai left, Jiang Leyu asked the doctor if he wanted to get to his mobile phone. After turning it on, he discovered that his mobile phone had been bombed. Jiang Qianyue had the most news, followed by Du Yanqing, and some former classmates sent her some inexplicable messages.

After reading it, Jiang Leyu returned a call to Du Yanqing.

I thought it was Du Yanqing who called her when she heard about her accident, but after the call, her voice remained as cold as usual.

"Finally know to call back?"

Hearing this, its not like knowing that she was going through a life-and-death battle in the hospital. She is so serious, won't the hospital always call her immediate family members?

"I haven't looked at my phone these days. You have called me a lot. Is there anything wrong?"

"It's okay. Something happened to the girl in the Yu family. I heard that it came back from your school after some music festival. I will ask you if you know anything, but it doesn't matter. That girl is not a good girl. Stubbornness can be regarded as retribution."

Jiang Leyu heard the clouds and mist, and could only say calmly: "What's the matter? I don't know."

"Just forget it if you don't know, nothing else, hang up."


After hanging up the phone, Jiang Leyu inquired before knowing what was going on. It turned out that Yu Keyin returned to her school on the second day of the music festival, and then I dont know who exposed her a lot of black material in her school. You dont need to think that Yu Keyin must be a famous goddess figure in the school. The news must have been very turbulent.

These black materials include her abuse of bullying others since she was a child, as well as the fact that she kissed me and me with boys in junior high school. The most popular thing is that she had relationships with several men one day after graduating from high school, and she was also photographed. Later, she was photographed with some two of them on a date alone, etc.

Jiang Leyu didn't know these things at all, and was so surprised that he got stuck in his head.

When Yu Zhihuai returned to the ward, she was still digesting this matter.

Yu Zhihuai was holding fruit, some food, and her change of clothes. "What are you thinking about?"

"You did that about Yu Keyin?" Jiang Leyu asked directly.


Jiang Leyu didn't believe it, "Really not?"

"I just gave the picture to someone in their school."


Yu Zhihuai finally panicked, "Are you angry?"

To be honest, being angry is definitely not angry, and even a kind of pleasant feeling. only

"You didn't design the men who had **** with her?" Jiang Leyu asked worriedly.


Jiang Leyu was a little relieved now, and she didn't ask how Yu Zhihuai knew about Yu Keyin's things. He was originally a person who was good at forbearing and dormant.

"What are you going to do in the future, can you tell me first?" Jiang Leyu asked seriously.

Yu Zhihuai also replied solemnly: "Yes."

Jiang Leyu was satisfied and looked at him with a smile: "If my parents dont

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