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Jiang Leyu thought for a while, and said to Madam Zhang: "But I feel like sleeping, Madam Zhang, please help me to talk to Keyin, let's play together another day."

Madam Zhang worriedly asked, "Why do you want to sleep so early today? Is it uncomfortable?"

Jiang Leyu rubbed his eyes and yawned a little, "I don't know, it's just sleepy."

"All right, I'll talk to Keyin first, and then take you to wash." Madam Zhang told me, "Hold on, don't fall asleep, you will break your teeth if you don't brush your teeth."

Jiang Leyu nodded obediently.

Mom Zhang went to the door of the villa and smiled and said to Yu Keyin: "Le Yu is not feeling well today, and she is going to bed now. I can't play with you today."

Yu Keyin frowned, a little disappointed: "What's wrong with her? It's all fine during the day, is she sick?"

"Maybe I'm tired. Le Yu said that I will play with you another day, so let's forget it today, okay?"

Yu Keyin curled his lips, "Okay, then."

Seeing Yu Keyin back to her own yard, Zhang Ma closed the door. When she turned around and entered the house, Du Yanqing asked her, "Is Keyin coming to Le Yu to play? Where is Le Yu? Why doesn't she come down?"

"Miss Le Yu said she was uncomfortable and wanted to sleep, so she couldn't go out to play today."

Jiang Muhai frowned: "Uncomfortable? Are you sick?"

"I didn't even have a fever, and asked her what was uncomfortable. She said she was sleepy. Maybe she was tired today. I saw that she did a lot of homework today." Zhang Ma said.

Du Yanqing nodded thoughtfully, and then smiled softly: "Then go and help her clean up and let her go to bed earlier."

"Hey, I'm ready to go now."

After Zhang Ma went upstairs, Jiang Muhai said to Du Yanqing uneasy: "Le Yu said she was uncomfortable, is it really okay?"

Du Yanqing's smile was imperceptibly restrained, and she helped him tidy up the collar, and said softly, "Didn't Zhang Mom say that it's just sleepy? If the child sleeps more, just wake up. You don't have much time at ordinary times. Dont worry about it if you take care of the child."

Jiang Muhai gave a light cough, "Do you blame me for spending too little time with you?"

"No." Du Yanqing snuggled into his arms angrily. "Le Yu is usually taken care of by my mother and Zhang, and there is a teacher in school to take care of it. What can be the problem. It's rare for you to come back once, and your mind is all on her, too. I dont know if I care about me. After all, compared with Le Yu, I dont have anyone to take care of."

Jiang Muhai was startled at first, and then he couldn't say whether to laugh or cry: "You, I really eat my daughter's jealousy. Why would I not care about you? Don't I take time to call you every day?"

Du Yanqing snorted, getting closer to his chest.

Jiang Muhai breathed a little heavier, lowered his head and kissed Du Yanqing on the forehead, "I see, you want other care, right?"

Today Jiang Leyu didn't come out to play with Yu Keyin. Yu Keyin was not used to it, and his mood became bad. In the morning, I said that I had to clean up Yu Zhihuai together after school. She didn't come out anymore. This was the first time Jiang Leyu had released her pigeons.

Yu Keyin became more unhappy when she thought about it, and was boring when she returned home. She wanted to play with her younger brother, but when she arrived at Yu Zhihang's room, she saw her mother hugging her younger brother and laughing very tenderly, playing with him. The mood fell to the bottom in an instant.

Since my brother was born, my mother has never played with her like this again.

Yu Keyin bit her lower lip fiercely and turned away with a stern face.

I wanted to go back to my room, thinking of something, and walking around, I walked to the door of the small room at the end of the second floor. Pushing the door effortlessly, Yu Zhihuai was sitting at the small desk doing his homework.

Seeing him, Yu Keyin felt slightly relieved. Look, Yu Zhihuai is a miserable little trash, he doesn't even have his parents.

However, the next moment he thought of comparing himself with Yu Zhihuai, he became angry again.

Perceiving someone behind him, Yu Zhihuai turned around and saw Yu Keyin, the disgust in his eyes flashed away.

Yu Keyin walked arrogantly into Yu Zhihuai's humble bedroom with his chest straight and a straight face. He curled his lips in disgust, and said to him unceremoniously: "Little trash, what are you doing?"

Yu Zhihuai pursed his lips and said nothing.

He often doesn't speak like this, and Yu Keyin is also used to it. When he walked to his desk, the little hand grabbed the book on his desk, and then took out two tissues and wiped his hands as if he had touched something dirty.

"You are lucky today, Le Yu is not feeling well to sleep today, otherwise she will definitely come to beat you."

Yu Zhihuai lowered his eyes, his eyes flashed.

Is that so?

He just said why it was this time today, and the two little demons hadn't moved much yet. In addition to Jiang Leyu's abnormal behavior at school today, he naively thought that she might have really changed for the better. Turns out it was just uncomfortable and I went to bed first.

Yu Keyin originally wanted to bully Yu Zhihuai and have some fun, but Jiang Leyu is not there, and no other friends are with her, plus the scene where she just saw her mother and younger brother is in a bad mood, I will see it later. Yu Zhihuai looked bored and lost his interest.

Rolled his eyes proudly at him, picked up a pen and scribbled across his workbook. The homework he had just written was scratched, and his lips were raised in satisfaction. Yu Keyin casually threw the pen away and ran into it. gone.

Yu Zhihuai stood there for a while, then stepped forward to close the door. There is no lock in his room, the door can be opened with a light push, and even a slight breeze can blow the door open. Once he blocked the door with a stool, but when Yu Keyin came over to find out, he said to him in a vicious voice: "If you dare to block the door again, I will let my father remove your door!"

So far, Yu Zhihuai really didn't block the door again. In this case, it makes no difference whether the door is closed or not. It's just that Yu Zhihuai still stubbornly felt that when the door was closed, he was the only one here, and this was a space that belonged to him alone. So even if the door was blown open in the middle of the night, he would wake up and then close it.

Jiang Leyu slept into the middle of the night, feeling that someone was stroking her belly.

Opened her eyes in a daze, there was a woman with disheveled hair sitting on the bedside, scared that she almost screamed, and after a closer look through the dim light, she could see that it was Du Yanqing.

She calmed her mind, sat up a little bit, rubbed her sleepy eyes and whispered, "Mom."

Du Yanqing's expression was cold, slightly different from the gentle appearance she saw in the afternoon, and the gorgeous look of her eyebrows at this time was also absent in the afternoon.

"Why go to bed so early today? Zhang Ma said you were not feeling well, are you better?" Du Yanqing asked.

Jiang Leyu has been dozing off for more than half of her sleep. The thoughtless words of Zhang's mother have also flooded into her mind. Intuition Du Yanqing should not be purely concerned about her physical well-being when she comes here so late.

After hesitating for a while, Jiang Leyu behaved nicely: "It's better, but I still want to sleep."

Du Yanqing twitched the corners of her lips, and her right hand was still stroking her little belly without a single stroke: "You, eating so much today, of course it will be uncomfortable."

Jiang Leyu blinked and pulled out a dry smile.

"Why do you eat so much at night?" Du Yanqing suddenly asked, "Don't you like meat? Don't you like to gain weight? Look at you, how much meat you ate tonight, why, because it was my father who asked you to eat it. Is it? Because my father said that the white and fat little girl is cute, does Le Yu want to grow white and fat too?"

Du Yanqing's voice was very soft, but in accordance with what she said, there was a strange feeling inexplicably. It was so strange that Jiang Leyu had goose bumps on his back.

She didn't quite understand Du Yanqing's words, but she seemed to be able to understand a little bit of meaning, but she felt that if she really understood the meaning, it would be crazy!

Jiang Leyu blinked again, looking at her innocently.

"Didn't Le Yu say that only mom's love is enough? Why, now I want to please my dad?"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

"Daddy held hands with you when I went home today, and my dad hugged you and sat down while eating." Du Yanqing's eyes narrowed and her voice became colder, "What did mom say to you? He is mom's man, mom doesn't I like you to be too close to him, have you forgotten?"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

It's a **** lunatic.

"When he picked you up from school today, were you so close?"

Jiang Leyu remembered that when he got in the car, Jiang Muhai was also holding her. It was obviously the elders who suggested to the children. Why is it so awkward to say it in Du Yanqing's mouth? !

I feel that if I speak honestly, Du Yanqing's face may become more distorted.

Zhang Ma said that Du Yanqing might punish her, which seems to be true. Jiang Leyu had been punished for such things before. But she didn't know what the punishment method was, and her intuition was not good. She is a child now, and she has no ability to resist.

But there is no mention in this book that "Jiang Leyu" has a stepmother! So what's going on with Du Yanqing? Is there a problem in my heart because my husband has not been at home for a long time? !

"No, we didn't speak on the road." Jiang Leyu replied.

Hearing that, Du Yanqing's face was a little slow, she looked at Jiang Leyu inquisitively for a while, then smiled, tucked the quilt for her, and said softly: "Well, mom will not investigate what happened today. Mom believes you didn't mean it. In the future. Just tell your mother what you want to eat, don't you need to behave well in front of your father, you know?"

Jiang Leyu endured the goose bumps and nodded obediently: "I see."

Du Yanqing touched her head with satisfaction: "Okay, go to sleep."

After Du Yanqing went out, Jiang Leyu squeezed the quilt with both hands, but he was no longer sleepy.

It was her eyesight that she thought it was a sweet family, so sweet, and the hostess was just crazy!

No wonder "Jiang Leyu" is also getting crooked!

Therefore, besides becoming a neighbor with the villain, her dog's life will be terminated by the neighbor. Before that, she can't be a rich daughter safely and securely?

When reading the book, except for the content of the protagonist, the other pages are roughly swept away, or forgotten after reading. Unexpectedly, when I became a supporting role in the scene, I realized that the excitement of this **** life is far from being as simple as a one-off.

She has to think carefully about what to do next, no matter what, she must save the dog's life and go back!

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