Home Is the Neighbor Going Dark TodayChapter 8

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The next day, Jiang Leyu was taken care of by Zhang's mother in the morning to get up and pack up, and went downstairs to have breakfast.

Du Yanqing and Jiang Muhai both got up.

Du Yanqing smiled softly when she saw Jiang Leyu: "Leyu is down, come and have breakfast. There are eggs today, so you must eat them."

Naturally, it seemed that she was dreaming last night.

Jiang Leyu had a small face, not daring to express his expression indiscriminately. When he walked to the dining table, Jiang Muhai was about to hug Jiang Leyu into the chair again. Jiang Leyu stepped forward and climbed onto the chair to sit down. Then she took a quick look at Du Yanqing, her smile turned real.

Anyway, Jiang Muhai is not Jiang Leyu's real father. Everything is just acting, and she doesn't have to play a father-daughter relationship with a strange man every day. Of course she is happy to relax. And more importantly, Ms. Du Yanqing's mentality is not normal. With her current situation, she naturally can't offend Du Yanqing.

After breakfast, Jiang Muhai offered to send Jiang Leyu to school. Du Yanqing softly persuaded: "You rarely take a two-day rest, so don't worry, the driver will send her off. Besides, Le Yu has been to school with Keyin every day recently. Maybe Keyin is also waiting for her, so don't mix up the other two sisters."

Jiang Muhai didn't insist on hearing this, but he still asked Jiang Leyu softly: "Leyu, do you want Dad to give you a gift?"

Jiang Leyu said very spiritually: "It's rare for my father to rest, so let's accompany my mother at home. I have Keyin and classmates to accompany me. My mother is usually alone, so she must be very lonely."

Jiang Muhai was startled, and reached out and touched Jiang Leyu's head lovingly, "Okay."

Jiang Leyu couldn't avoid it, and glanced at Du Yanqing subconsciously. Her face was as usual, and her eyes were very gentle. It seemed that she didn't expect that she would say such a "heart-warming" remark, so that she didn't want to pursue Jiang Muhai for touching her hair. Kind of intimacy.

Instead, he took the initiative to take the schoolbag in Zhang Ma's hand, help her carry it, and gently urged: "Le Yu is really sensible. But the lunch box at noon must be eaten well."

Jiang Leyu nodded obediently: "Okay."

Zhang Ma led Jiang Leyu out. Jiang Muhai sighed and said guiltily to Du Yanqing: "Even the children think you are lonely. I wronged you. When Le Yu went to school, you also went out and went shopping more. , Dont be bored at home and suffocate your mood."

Du Yanqing smiled softly: "You are all thinking of me in your heart, how could I be wronged."

Snuggling into Jiang Muhai's arms, he lowered his eyes to wonder if he was talking to himself or saying to him: "I didn't expect Le Yu to become so sensible."

Jiang Muhai echoed: "Yes."

Mom Zhang took Jiang Leyu to the front of the car. Jiang Leyu was about to get in the car. From a distance, she heard Yu Keyin calling her: "Leyu! Will you go with me?"

Jiang Leyu actually didn't think so much. With Yu Keyindai, she had to listen to Yu Zhihuai's bad things or come up with bad ideas to bully him. Compared with that, she would rather be clean.

But yesterday she had an excuse for not having fun with her, and she refused to go to school with her this morning. The princess Yu Keyin must have been upset.

Last night she thought carefully for half a night and came to a conclusion.

If you don't want to leave the fate in the original book, Yu Zhihuai definitely can't offend him, after all, his life is in his hands, and once he ends it, she won't even have a chance to resurrect.

Coupled with the appearance of Du Yanqing last night, at least for now, Du Yanqing cannot be offended. Du Yanqing is now her guardian, and Jiang Muhai is absent, she is the biggest. If she provokes Du Yanqing's upset, abuses her or something, she would be powerless to resist in her current appearance. Therefore, Du Yanqing should not be offended.

Then there is Yu Keyin. As the most vicious female protagonist in the book, Yu Keyin has an endless stream of ways to clean up people. Not only Yu Zhihuai, but people she doesn't like will find ways to make people feel better.

In just one day of getting along, Jiang Leyu has already seen the dark attributes of this little devil.

Therefore, Yu Keyin cannot be offended for the time being. Even if they are not conspiring with each other, they can't use the way of tearing their faces, or that Jiang Leyu can't offend her too much until Jiang Leyu can cope with all this with ease.

Thinking of this, Jiang Leyu responded with a loud voice: "Okay."

Jiang Leyu carried her schoolbag and waved goodbye to Zhang Ma, and then walked towards Yu Keyin. Yu Keyin took the initiative to hold her hand, and muttered: "Why did you go to bed so early yesterday? You talked and played together after school. I waited at your door for a long time, but you couldn't tell. No, I'm so mad, you don't even know how boring I was yesterday!"

"I didn't feel well yesterday, and I felt so sleepy after finishing my homework." Jiang Leyu explained.

Yu Keyin looked at her in surprise: "Have you finished your homework?"


"How can you finish your homework?!" Yu Keyin exclaimed, "Aren't all your homework done by Yu Zhihuai in school?"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

After a moment of silence, he calmly replied: "His words are too ugly, I don't want him to do it."

Hearing that, Yu Keyin agreed and nodded: "That is, his handwriting is so ugly, and the teacher praised him. Last time my father said that his handwriting was better than mine, which made me angry."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

As they were talking, Yu Zhihuai passed by them, and Jiang Leyu keenly felt that Yu Zhihuai's body was tight when he passed them.

Yu Keyin slightly squinted at Yu Zhihuais back, and said to Jiang Leyu with a smirk, Mom doesnt allow him to bring a bento today. She only gave him ten yuan and asked him to buy his own lunch. Do we want to buy lunch? Take his money?"

Jiang Leyu felt a sudden, "But what do you eat if you take his money away?"

"It doesn't matter what he eats, he is just a little **** anyway, and the little **** should be picked up and eaten. The big deal is to pour him out of the bento I can't finish."

Jiang Leyu lowered his eyebrows calmly, feeling very uncomfortable with this cute and loving little girl with such an evil heart.

A bite of **** is extremely disrespectful to people, but the ideas that come up are worse than one.

Jiang Leyu felt that her decision was correct, and she had to take Yu Zhihuai's side. It is really difficult for her to maintain the original character set and Yu Keyin's "conspiracy" with Yu Keyin. Even acting, she is extremely resistant.

Jiang Leyu snorted coldly, "What can you do with ten dollars, I don't want to grab it. What he can buy for ten dollars is not as good as the lunch you pour him."

Sure enough, Yu Keyin easily accepted this argument by saying this.

"You're right. Mom gave him ten yuan to punish him. I won't be punishable by the little trash."

Seeing that she had given up on stealing money, Jiang Leyu was slightly relieved. Anyway, a child with a long body, even though he grew up in the end no matter what, she really couldn't bear to be bullied at this stage that she couldn't even eat.

"Then do you want to hit him now?" Yu Keyin asked again.

Jiang Leyu lifted it up again with just a breath of relief. This day can't stop for a while, let alone Yu Zhihuai, girl, are you tired? !

"Forget it now, I should be late again later. My father is back, and I can't make trouble to make him unhappy." Jiang Leyu declined.

Yu Keyin didn't think much, "Well then, let's go to school first."

After finally getting in the car, when the car passed by Yu Zhihuai, Jiang Leyu saw his look and figure relaxed a lot through the window of the car.

It seems that he is also very afraid that these two "devils" will bully him again early in the morning.

The thing that Rao Shizi got her here said that her task was to make Yu Zhihuai blackened earlier, and it was not clear how soon she would blacken it. In short, is the sooner the better? At this stage, it can also be blackened, right?

Jiang Leyu was thinking secretly here, and Yu Keyin muttered beside her: "Have you seen it? Little trash wears the same clothes today, it's so dirty and smelly!"

Jiang Leyu is still not accustomed to her taking a bite of rubbish, and Yu Zhihuai is not dirty or smelly. She sat at the same table with him for a day yesterday, and she didn't smell any peculiar smell. Instead, she smelled of washing powder. Not unpleasant.

He passed by just now, with the faint fragrance of washing powder on his body. Is it because Yu Keyin has a problem with his nose? Why do you always say that Yu Zhihuai is stinky?

"I don't smell any bad smell." Jiang Leyu said.

Yu Keyin curled his lips, "How come! Have you been used to smelling at the same table with him for a long time? My mother said that is immunity."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Yu Keyin also leaned close to Jiang Leyu and smelled it: "Fortunately, you don't have his stench on your body."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Yu Keyin kindly warned: "Don't lean too close to him, be careful of being infected by him."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Seeing her expression strangely, Yu Keyin thought she was frightened, so he stretched out a small hand and patted her shoulder to comfort him: "But you haven't been infected with the odor after being at the same table for so long. You shouldn't be. You. If you're scared, let the teacher change your seat. Anyway, you don't have to sit together to bully him."

Jiang Leyu responded perfunctorily: "Well, I know."

When they arrived at school, Yu Zhihuai arrived a little later than them, but he was not late either.

After he sat down, would Jiang Leyu still want to say hello to him to show his friendship? But does this seem too sudden? Maybe Yu Zhihuai still thinks she has ulterior motives.

However, it is still very important to brush up on Yu Zhihuai. She and Yu Keyin have not yet torn their faces, and they have to act in the drama of "coinciding with her". Then Yu Zhihuai will misunderstand that she is sincerely bullying her. It would be difficult to set up a small book for her afterwards.

While entangled, Yu Keyin has already arrogantly held the homework book and threw it on Yu Zhihuais desk, unceremoniously saying: "Hurry up and finish my homework, and finish it before the teacher comes, otherwise You are done!"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

After Yu Keyin finished speaking, he gave Jiang Leyu a sweet smile before leaving. The speed at which he changed his face made Jiang Leyu's adult soul feel ashamed.

Yu Zhihuai silently buried his head to help Yu Keyin with his homework. These homework seemed to him not at all difficult. Jiang Leyu glanced at him and saw that he was writing fast, "swishwww", and did it in twos or twos. It's over.

And, to be honest, the words are actually really good. She could write like this when she was in elementary school, so she can practice fewer copybooks.

After Yu Zhihuai finished writing, he closed the notebook and casually met Jiang Leyu's peeking eyes, startled, and said, "Yours."

Jiang Leyu blinked, at a loss, what is her?

Yu Zhihuai glanced at the clocks hanging in front of the classroom, a little anxious: "The teacher is coming soon."

Jiang Leyu reacted for a few more seconds, and asked tentatively, "My homework?"


"My homework is finished, you don't need to write it."

Yu Zhihuai's expression was stagnant, and after reacting for a few seconds, he glanced at Jiang Leyu again, and then he turned his gaze back to make sure that she was telling the truth.

Jiang Leyu seemed to understand his anxiety at that moment. Maybe she thought she was like Yu Keyin and asked him to finish her homework before the teacher came, otherwise he would have to fix him or something.

Jiang Leyu thought he was pitiful and funny inexplicably. Seeing that he didn't say a word when he was bullied yesterday, he thought he was used to it and he was still a child. No matter how arrogant he was, he would still be afraid.

Seeing that he was going to get up and return his homework to Yu Keyin, he didn't need to think about knowing that he had to suffer some difficulties in the past. Jiang Leyu pulled down his clothes, and after he saw it, he said to him, "Give it to me. I'll take it for you."

Yu Zhihuai looked at her suspiciously, but did not move.

"Hurry up." Jiang Leyu urged.

Yu Zhihuai still hesitated not to give it to her. He was afraid that she would ruin the homework after she got it. Then Yu Keyin still had a reason to teach him. Because before, such a situation has not never happened.

But if you don't give it to her, she will be angry, and she will not be better than Yu Keyin.

Jiang Leyu didn't know what Yu Zhihuai was thinking, but he thought that the teacher was coming in soon, and he was more anxious than him for a while, for fear that Yu Keyin would really kill him on this matter.

Simply stretched out his hand to grab the workbook in his hand, strode to Yu Keyin's seat, and handed her the workbook. Without waiting for Yu Keyin to ask questions, Jiang Leyu grabbed her little hand and said anxiously: "Quickly accompany me to the toilet, Koyin!"

Before Yu Keyin could react, he was led and ran out of the classroom.

When the unexpected situation happened, Yu Zhihuai slowly retracted his gaze and blinked slowly. So, is he misunderstanding?

Jiang Leyu seemed to really become a little strange. She didn't bully him in class yesterday. She spoke to him in front of the teacher. She didn't come to bully him after school in the afternoon. She finished her homework and helped him just now.

However, she and Yu Keyin are still good friends. At this point, Yu Zhihuai still had to guard against her, although it was useless to guard.

Jiang Leyu went to the toilet decently, came out to wash his hands, and the two sisters looked good and took Yu Keyin back to the classroom together.

Yu Keyin's white and tender face showed a puzzled look. He always felt that something was weird, and I couldn't say that it was weird. After all, Jiang Leyu went to the toilet quite naturally.

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