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Jiang Leyu returned to his seat, Chong Yu Zhihuai grinned with a smile, as if saying, "Look, I didn't fix you." Almost forgot how cramped he was when he laughed with missing teeth, Jiang Leyu quickly closed his mouth, and took out the textbook from his bag with a calm expression.

Yu Zhihuai squeezed the penholder's fingers slightly, his eyes flashed with puzzlement, and even Jiang Leyu's smile seemed to be different from before.

Looking at the sunlight outside the window from a distance, what's the difference? It seems to be stained with the brightness of the sun.

This morning was also a peaceful morning.

By the third class, Yu Zhihuai couldn't help but glanced at Jiang Leyu sideways. She put her face on one hand and wrote and painted on the book with the other, watching whether she was serious.

Staring carefully, she saw that she had painted all the villains in the book, and she was not taking notes seriously at all.

Yu Zhihuai: "..."

The pupils classes were really boring, and Jiang Leyu felt that he was simply wasting his time. But what can be done, it will take many years! Thinking of the next middle school and high school in the future, Jiang Leyu's brain hurt suddenly.

She managed to finish nine years of compulsory education plus three years of devil's high school life, and finally went to college. She hadn't been liberated for a year, and she hadn't talked about sweet love. Well, she went back!

She glanced sideways at Yu Zhihuai, and only this delicate face of Yu Zhihuai could give her a trace of comfort. After all, she had never had such a good-looking classmate at the same table.

By noon, Jiang Leyu was very concerned about what Yu Zhihuai would eat for lunch, but he couldn't be too obvious.

Yu Keyin went with her to warm up a lunch box. When queuing, Yu Keyin was surrounded by two boys graciously talking to her, showing off his new toys and clothes.

So that it was their turn to go forward and didnt notice it. When they saw it, Jiang Leyu didnt remind him, pretending that he didnt know that he had heated the lunch before he went forward. When he turned back, he saw the big empty space in front of Yu Keyin. Intercept has been inserted by other children.

Yu Keyin finally reacted, and first looked around, but didn't see Jiang Leyu. Then angrily walked to the child in front of her and said arrogantly: "This is my position, you should line up behind!"

The child closest to her is innocent: "There was no one here just now."

"Nonsense, I have been standing here!"

There was also a child in the front who said: "It was so empty just now, there was no one at all!"

No matter how arrogant Yu Keyin was, she would still suffer a bit from the enemy. The two boys who had just surrounded her didn't help her. Yu Keyin angrily pushed them: "Blame you all."

The two boys were a little bit at odds, they had just talked so selflessly that they had forgotten to be in line. There are so many new children before, and they must be at a loss.

Yu Keyin glumly lined up behind her, not only was angry that the two boys had delayed her queuing, but also angry that Jiang Leyu hadn't waited for her.

Jiang Leyu got her lunch box and ran away with her waist so as not to be seen by Yu Keyin.

After swaying around in the playground, I finally found the school's commissary, and also saw Yu Zhihuai sitting in the commissary eating bread.

He only bought a piece of bread, no milk, not even a bottle of water.

Ten yuan is not enough to only afford a piece of bread, right?

Jiang Leyu sighed lightly, went in and bought a carton of milk, then walked to Yu Zhihuai and handed it to him.

Yu Zhihuai slowly raised his head, seeing Jiang Leyu stunned, his first reaction thought she was looking for trouble. In the next instant, Jiang Leyu showed the same smile as the morning and said to him: "Take it, please drink it."

Yu Zhihuai hesitated and refused to take it.

Jiang Leyu deliberately scowled, "I will be angry if you don't drink."

It is rare for Yu Zhihuai to have a short birthday. He didn't want to break it so quickly, so he took the milk.

Unexpectedly, she still sat down next to her, Yu Zhihuai stiffened and moved aside calmly.

Jiang Leyu opened the bento, half of the meal was in the lid, after thinking about it, he pushed the portion in the lid to him, and said in a vicious voice: "My mother made me have to finish the bento. I can't finish it. You can help me. Eat it."

Although the food contained in the lid of the bento box is a bit crude, it still cannot conceal the exquisiteness and richness of the food.

Yu Zhihuai has been at the same table with Jiang Leyu for so long, and has never seen her finish the lunch. For so long, her mother didn't care if she could finish the lunch or not, so why suddenly she must finish it now?

Moreover, according to his understanding of Jiang Leyu, even if her mother had such an instruction, according to her personality, she should throw out the food.

Or pour the leftover food in front of him and make him pick it up and eat it in an insulting tone, which is more in line with her temperament.

It is far from possible that it is like this. Before moving the chopsticks by himself, divide the clean meal for him for him to eat. Coupled with his current situation, she didn't seem to make things difficult, but more like charity.

Yu Zhihuai is slow to move, Jiang Leyu wonders, what are you thinking about again, afraid that it will be poisonous?

Jiang Leyu must let Yu Zhihuai eat the meal. How can children buy bread for lunch all day long? Where can they be nutritious?

Could it be that her tone is not fierce enough that Yu Zhihuai is so "disobedient"?

Thinking about it, Jiang Leyu had a stern face again. Her current model sample is not good-looking. The thin cheeks and swollen eyelids have small eyes. When the face is expressionless, it gives people a fierce and fierce feeling. It's even more mean.

"I'll let you eat it, can't you hear me?"

Yu Zhihuai lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, "No chopsticks."

After speaking, he regretted it again. If he said that he didn't have chopsticks at this time, Jiang Leyu would definitely let him grab it with his hands. He should buy a pair of chopsticks first.

But he didn't expect that when he finished speaking, Jiang Leyu seemed to be relieved, raised his hand and patted his shoulder in a brisk tone: "I'm going to ask for a pair of auntie at the shop."

After Yu Zhihuai reluctantly stroked the shoulder that was being patted, doubts appeared on his face again.

Jiang Leyu didn't take the shot seriously. He has seen such behavior among other children, and it is only between children who are relatively close and friendly.

And Jiang Leyu usually feels dirty when he is close to him, so he kicks him with his feet when he hits him, let alone pat him on the shoulder casually with his hand.

Maybe I didn't notice it.

But, why did you ask for chopsticks for him so kindly?

Yu Zhihuai couldnt think of a reason. He only felt that such Jiang Leyu made him even more confused, because based on his previous understanding, he could guess what she would do next almost every time, but such Jiang Leyu seemed to have changed. The trick, he had no idea.

If Jiang Leyu wanted to know that her kindness was misunderstood as she was changing tricks to bully him, she must spit out old blood.

But she didn't know now, she still happily asked the lady boss for a pair of chopsticks and sat down next to Yu Zhihuai, watching with satisfaction that Yu Zhihuai ate the meal she gave, thinking that the child must feel her. Friendly. When you keep track of small books in the future, you must remember more of her!

After eating, Jiang Leyu habitually pushed the bowl and touched his bulging belly. Turning his head to see that Yu Zhihuai had finished eating too, before he had time to speak, Yu Zhihuai got up and took her lunch box and walked out.

Jiang Leyu was eating well now, and his body reaction speed and brain reaction speed were half a beat slow. After Yu Zhihuai disappeared before her eyes, she thought about asking him why he was going, but the person was gone.

But she didn't think much about it, anyway, he couldn't do anything bad now.

Jiang Leyu sat in a paralyzed position to digest, and he didn't understand the weight of the lunch that Du Yanqing had prepared for her. She swelled like this after eating half of her food, and the "Jiang Leyu" in the book had a much smaller appetite than her, and at least half of the bento food was wasted every day.

It stands to reason that Du Yanqing should reduce the weight. Why is she wasting so persistently?

Really rich and wayward.

Yao thinks that when she was a child, she had to receive some "education of love" on the table when she missed a few grains of rice while eating.

When Jiang Leyu wandered around the world, Yu Zhihuai came back with a lunch box.

Jiang Leyu looked at him in surprise at the lunch box: "Are you going to wash the lunch box?"

Yu Zhihuai didn't understand what she was surprised at, was it because he didn't wait for her to "command" him and did it?

Jiang Leyu was a little helpless. She shared the food with Yu Zhihuai because she deliberately pleased him, but it was more of a pure heartfelt love for the child and wanted him to eat better, but she didn't want him to give her back. what.

I don't know how terrible it is to be bullied to this point, let alone how terrible it is to be bullied, that will allow this humble child who is so careful to beg for life will be blackened to that point in the future.

"You don't need to wash it for me in the future, I always take it home and wash it." Jiang Leyu said.


Yu Zhihuai was puzzled, will he share his lunch in the future?

Jiang Leyu didn't explain much, and as he stood up, he said to him: "I'm going back to the classroom first, you will be back a few minutes later. You can't let Keyin know about this, otherwise it will be in trouble."

After a pause, Jiang Leyu added: "Otherwise you will be in trouble, you know?"

Yu Zhihuai nodded slowly.

The figure who watched her disappeared in front of her eyes, and it took a long time to recover.

What does she want to do?

She thought she would have "actions" after eating, but she didn't. Instead, she kindly reminded him, fearing that Yu Keyin would make trouble for him if she found out.

Yu Zhihuai's brows furrowed, and it's been a long time since he had bothered to think about other people's "purposes."

When Jiang Leyu returned to the classroom, he was not unexpectedly stopped by Yu Keyin.

She puffed up her face and coaxed the geology to ask Jiang Leyu: "Where did you go? Why didn't you call me or wait for me when you lined up?!"

Jiang Leyu blinked innocently: "I didn't notice at the time. I thought you were following. When I found out you were already far behind me, and you have been talking to those two boys. I told you to come, you They ignored me. Then I warmed up my lunch to see you were still playing with them, thinking you forgot about me, so I went to eat by myself."

Jiang Leyu still showed some just right grievances and Yu Keyin ignored her loss when she had other friends. Sure enough, Yu Keyin had lost most of her temperament after listening. He asked dubiously: "Really? You called me?"

Jiang Leyu nodded firmly: "I really called, you ignored me."

Yu Keyin's face bulged, and angrily complained: "It's all to blame for the two stupid boys. They talked so much and loudly. The road was blocked by me, so I didn't even see it. Huh, just show off with me. What kind of airplane toys are they, they are so naive, only three-year-old children play it!"

Jiang Leyu's throat choked and he almost couldn't help laughing. Yu Keyin, the little demon, also had a time of childish speech. As for children who are still three years old, you are not much older than three years old.

Is it three or four years older than three? Jiang Leyu secretly recalled that she didn't even know how old she was now.

"Where did you go to eat? Are you alone?" Yu Keyin asked her again.

Jiang Leyu regained consciousness: "My mother said that I should get more calcium in the sun for the meal I ate on the playground."

Yu Keyin didn't think about the nonsense she made up. For children, if the prefix is added to something my mother said that my father said, it would appear to be more credible.

Her gaze fell on Jiang Leyu's bento box, and she was surprised: "Do you have very little food today? It's all finished."

"No, I poured a part of it." Jiang Leyu leaned close to her and whispered, "You have to keep it secret."

Yu Keyin nodded in a hurry. For her, Jiang Leyu, who would "do bad things", was the little sister she was familiar with. Of course it is a bad thing to pour out the food secretly.

"I don't know what little trash is eating today, huh, he must be hiding, afraid that we will **** his things."

Jiang Leyu's eyes flashed, and he agreed: "Yes, I don't know what he eats, but it's definitely not a good thing."

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