Home Lord of AshesChapter 539

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"The first option is the most familiar soul point option, but although the format of the option itself is relatively familiar, the content is not familiar.

One option is worth 40,000 soul points. It can only be said that it is worthy of a Tier 3 and 1 star lord monster. In terms of income, it is indeed better than the hematite queen in the small hematite nest Daragu and the tracker of the raccoon city. Much stronger. "

Zhang Yanhang remembered that he still had more than 10,000 soul points left. Now if he adds these 40,000 soul points, there is no problem with collecting 50,000 soul points. Therefore, he should choose a skill later. It is promoted to the original canon stage, or it is to raise the skill level of Qiankun Wujigong.

"In other words, in the treasure chests of the dragon veined goblins, basically only pets with a quality lower than the treasure chest can be opened, but the treasure chest of the goblin chief Nushan directly opened one with the same quality as the treasure chest. The dark purple pet is worthy of being the lord's treasure chest.

Moreover, even more importantly, even if the ordinary treasure chests can be opened, they are usually ordinary goblins, and the treasure chest of the goblin chief Nushan not only opened a dragon-veined goblin, Moreover, he is also the chief shaman of the Dragon Vein Goblin, Maca Paga, the lord treasure chest is indeed too strong.

So, here comes the question, should I want a maca paga now or do I want these 40,000 soul points? "

Zhang Yanhang is still quite entangled with this issue, after all, whether it is Maca Paga or the 40,000 soul points are very important to him.

The role of 40,000 soul points is naturally unnecessary, and for Maca Paga, if you choose this pet, you may be able to let it help refine the magic power recovery potion and various other alchemy potions.

After careful consideration, Zhang Yanhang finally felt that 40,000 soul points might be more important to him. After all, 40,000 soul points can directly enhance his strength and accelerate the time required for him to be promoted to Tier 3.

As for Maca Paga, because Zhang Yanhang already has its alchemy handbook in his hand, even if he obtains this pet, it will actually save him some time for refining alchemy potions, which is not very important. , If he refines it himself, he shouldn't waste much time.

In addition, the strength of Maca Baga is not very strong, which makes Zhang Yanhang even more reluctant to choose it, after all, although Maca Baga with the strength of the second-order Samsung may still be useful.

But he will be promoted to Tier 3 next week at the latest, and by that time, Maca Baga who can't keep up with his strength growth will definitely be eliminated.

Therefore, for a Maca Baga that will no longer have any important value in just one week, Zhang Yanhang does feel that the 40,000 soul points will be more important. After all, the soul points will be spent. It is used on one's own body and will never be eliminated.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yanhang didn't bother to look at the attribute list of Maca Paga, so he clicked on the second item.

Item two

[Option 1: Volume Dragon Blood (mixed reagent), quality purple, props]

[Option 2: Volume of Dragon's Blood (Magic Reagent), dark purple quality, props]

[Option 3: Volume Dragon Blood (Holy Blessing), light golden quality, props]

"Volume Dragon Essence Blood? Shouldn't the main inheritance of Goblin Chief Nushan be the bloodline of the Lightning Dragon? Could it be possible to develop such a good thing as Volume Dragon Essence Blood?

I was still feeling that the upper limit of the energy value may not be able to increase rapidly. As a result, this immediately sent me a bottle of volume dragon essence blood, and the multiple choices really loved me. "

While talking, Zhang Yanhang began to check the attribute list of "Volume Dragon Essence Blood (Holy Blessing. He wanted to see if there was any existence between this volume of Dragon Essence Blood and the Volume Dragon Essence Blood in that lucky slot machine. What's the difference? If the effect is different and the blood of the lightning dragon is mixed in, then the fun will be great.

[Volume Dragon Blood (Holy Blessing)]

[Quality: light golden]

Type: Props

[Place of Origin: Ash World, Faerun Continent, Roderick Volcano, Red Dragons Nest.

Use effect: Increase the upper limit of energy value by 100 points, and the conversion coefficient of the upper limit of maximum energy value +2.

[Requirements for use: Intelligence is less than 75 points.

[Score: 350 (Pale gold items are rated from 261 to 350)]

[Introduction: Although the first pot of gold in the dragon's life was harvested by selling blood before, this money was quickly consumed by the volume of Dragon Desilia in the research of spells. Thanks to this, the progress of the research of spells It has improved a lot, and at the same time, the speed of research has also been greatly improved because of the'krypton gold' compared to before...]

"From the attribute list, there seems to be no difference between this volume of dragon essence blood and the bottle in the lucky slot machine. If that is the case, then I can rest assured.

This bottle of volume dragon essence blood will directly provide me with a maximum energy value of one hundred points, and, in terms of my current intelligence attribute value of fifty points, the maximum energy value conversion limit +2 can also provide me with one hundred points. Point the upper limit of the energy value, so that adds up to two hundred points.

And this is just the basics. Later, I can rely on the upper limit of the energy value bonus provided by the SS-level volume dragon bloodline to increase a part of the upper limit of the energy value. "

Although he has not used this new bottle of Dragon Essence Blood yet, Zhang Yanhang estimated that after he finished drinking, his upper limit of energy might be able to roughly catch up with the upper limit of life. This small goal he really is. I've been looking forward to it for a long time.

"I have seen both'Volume Dragon Blood (Magic Reagent)' and'Volume Dragon Blood (Holy Blessing)', but what is this purple quality'Volume Dragon Blood (Mixed Reagent)'? "

Although it was definitely necessary to select the Dragon Essence and Blood of Volume, Zhang Yanhang simply checked the attribute list of this Volume Dragons Blood (Mixed Reagent) out of curiosity.

As a result, he discovered that this thing seemed to be a weakened version of Volume Dragons Blood (Magic Energy Reagent), and it seemed that it could only increase the upper limit of the energy value but not the conversion coefficient of the upper limit of the maximum energy value.

Since it was only a weakened version, Zhang Yanhang was naturally even less likely to choose. Therefore, Zhang Yanhang immediately clicked on the next item after reading the attribute list of "Volume Dragon Blood (Mixed Reagent.

Item Three

[Option 1: Thin Dragon Vein (Miscellaneous), Quality E, Talent]

[Option 2: Dragon Veined Goblin (Goblin Chief Shaman Mackabaga), quality C level, talent]

[Option 3: Dragon Veined Goblin (Goblin ChiefNushan), Quality C, Talent]

"The Goblin Chief Nushan is a Tier 3 and 1 star lord monster, but the talent quality is still only C-level? Is the upper limit of C-level quality so high? Doesn't it mean that if I want to obtain B-level quality? At least his talent also needs to kill monsters that were initially Tier 3 and 2 stars?"

If Zhang Yanhang, who has a C-level talent or something, may still have some ideas, but this B-level quality really has no idea at all. After all, he has not even seen a monster of that level at all.

Moreover, it was initially the kind of area of the third-order two-star monsters, the middle-level monsters inside might be the fourth-order monsters, and the lord monsters might be the fifth-order one-star monsters.

He was choking just for the fourth-order monsters, let alone the fifth-order monsters. The difference in strength between the two should basically be said to belong to two dimensions.

By the way, although Zhang Yanhang's hypothesis seems outrageous, it simply copied the situation in the Goblin Plain.

After all, the big-sword goblins on the Goblin Plain have the first-order two-star strength, and the subsequent middle and high-level monsters such as the big goblins and the goblin shaman are the second-order one-star and two-star strengths, and finally the lord monster It is the third-tier and one-star goblin chief Nushan.

Therefore, Zhang Yanhang's hypothesis is really reasonable, he just increased the strength of the monsters by two ranks in turn.

Therefore, from this point of view, the original talent is B-level quality, and Zhang Yanhang has a high probability that even after being promoted to the third level, there is still not much hope for obtaining.

After all, there are still two ranks between the fifth and third ranks. Even if he can barely play, whether he can find it is also a very important question. For this reason, the B-rank talent, let alone the matter. It is that Zhang Yanhang will not have ideas now, even if he is promoted to the third rank, he will not pursue this kind of extremely difficult thing to obtain.

"Moreover, more importantly, because I haven't seen a B-level quality talent yet, maybe even a Tier 3 and 2 star monster is just a C-level talent?

If it really becomes like that, the difficulty of obtaining will definitely increase further. By then, it will really recreate the situation of the Goblin Plain, and maybe in addition to the re-enactment, there may be more It would be too uncomfortable to come up with an enhanced version. "

Considering that the B-level talent is really too difficult to obtain, Zhang Yanhang feels that he should still focus on the current situation, and start to think about what B-level talent is whimsical when he has not even obtained the D-level talent.

"It's the third item slot, but I didn't see the shadow of the equipment at all. I got three pieces of pale gold quality equipment or something. As expected, I just wanted to eat peaches. I only hope that the next two items can be opened at least. Come out a useful piece of equipment."

Because a very useful volume of Dragon Essence Blood was opened in the second item slot just now, Zhang Yanhangs current requirements have been lowered a lot. After all, the overall value of a treasure chest is definitely limited, and it is impossible to open all of them. Everything is so good that even the Ash Treasure Chest can't do it.

Item Four

[Option 1: Magic totem pole, light golden quality, equipment]

[Option 2: Chief totem pole, quality dark purple, equipment]

[Option 3: Lightning totem pole, quality purple, equipment]

"Huh? Lightning Totem Pole? Obviously it is the drop treasure box of the Goblin Chief, but the drop of the Goblin Shaman appears inexplicably. It is magical." Zhang Yanhang deliberately checked the attribute list of the Lightning Totem Pole and confirmed This thing is the lightning totem pole that I am currently equipped with.

After reading the attribute list of the Lightning Totem Pole, Zhang Yanhang went on to check the attribute list of the Chief Totem Pole. He was quite curious about this so-called Chief Totem Pole. After all, he had never seen it before when he scanned the Nushan Tribe. This kind of thing, but now it's coming out of thin air in the treasure chest.

As a result, after reading it, Zhang Yanhang found that this thing seemed to be an enhanced version of the lightning totem pole.

So, Zhang Yanhang, who had read the attribute list of the Chief Totem Pole, immediately began to check the attribute list of the highest-quality pale golden magic totem pole.

Magic Totem Pole

[Quality: light golden]

Type: Equipment

[Place of Origin: Ash World, Faerun Continent, Roderick Volcano, Red Dragons Nest.

Durability: 7070

Defense: 55

[Additional attributes: Energy value recovery speed +90%.

[Requirements for use: 50 intelligence points.

[Score: 350 (Pale gold items are rated from 261 to 350)]

[Introduction: I dont know if its because the theme of totem poles restricts some customers desire to buy. Red Dragon Sarcano has prepared a lot of new products, lightning totem poles, developed by alchemists before. But it only sold a lot at the beginning, and then gradually became uninterested.

Looking at the mountain of lightning totem poles in the warehouse, although it is a no-profit business, the red dragon Sarcano still couldn't help feeling sad, and began to wonder if he gradually couldn't grasp the market? When I thought of this, the red dragon Sarcano kept falling off scales on his head, and couldnt sleep well~www.wuxiaworld~ In this case, I wanted to get the money back quickly and continue to make the next batch. The red dragon Sarcano of the new product made the alchemist temporarily suspend the development of the next batch of new products, and once again began to conduct large-scale publicity on the backlog of lightning totem poles in the warehouse, but unfortunately, the result was very little in the end. .

Looking at the lightning totem poles that could not be sold in the warehouse, the red dragon Sarcano became more sad, but fortunately, the blood sales business is still strong as before, which can continue to bring him high profits and To make up for the losses consumed by transforming the dragon's nest before, so that the golden mountain under it has gradually become full again.

During a blood draw, the red dragon Sarcano couldnt help telling Volendra about his recent troubles. Unexpectedly, Volendra immediately said that he had a way to do it after listening to it. Solved this matter and introduced a big customer from the orc tribe to the red dragon Sarcano the next day.

Red Dragon Sarcano originally thought that the so-called big customer should be unreliable, but did not expect Volume Dragon Desilla to accompany him throughout the whole process, not only dumping all the inventory, but also only used three. In other words, the big orc customer who fudged spent 180,000 as a deposit to book other products of the same type.

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