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But why is he fighting this monster in this ghost place now? !

Just because another lunatic in the parallel world pulled him over without consent, and a normal person like him must treat that lunatic?

He clearly did nothing wrong, but he had to endure these sufferings that did not belong to him.

Why is this world so unfair?

Zhou Ming frowned and gritted his teeth.

He let out a desperate roar, and rushed towards the rage demon, like a mad lion.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!!"

The stone knife swept over Zhou Ming's head, and he lowered his body with all his strength, using his hands and feet together, crawling like a lizard.

He ran forward and half climbed at an incredible speed, evading almost a hit, and the rough rock surface rubbed on his shoulder for two seconds.

He promised that it was only rubbed, but the whole arm seemed to be almost taken off.

A cold ice spear condensed in Zhou Ming's hand and threw it at the head of the Fury Demon. He hoped that he could hit the opponent's eye with this blow, but he was not particularly looking forward to the result.

The final result was as he expected. The spear failed perfectly. In reality, the real monster would not be as clumsy as in the comics. A spear pierced through the eyes of the protagonist. For them, it only takes a slight deviation to flash a spear. Head, or even subconsciously react.

The White Dragon King wielded a big knife and chopped down its hind legs behind the opponent. The single nobleman helped him withstand several attacks.

The rage demon was roaring, and in another wave of his hand, the barrier of the single nobleman shattered, he was swept away like a bug, and the White Dragon King was held down by the opponent's palm!

Was suppressed, but not completely suppressed.

The Tyrannosaurus King looked fierce, he did not hesitate to take the knife and drop it, and the suppressed arm was chopped off by Qi Gen!

Then he carried his own big knife, used the only remaining arm and shoulder to work together, and slashed it at the little finger of the Rage Demon!

"Stop it for me!"

The blade was embedded in the meat, but failed to cut through the bone.

He was swept away easily, ejected into the wall like a cannonball, making a terrible muffled noise, and then fell to the ground like a corpse.

Zhou Ming's whole body was trembling, and his anger was like a flame flowing in his body, the feeling was like explosives about to explode... He was eager to explode, but he didn't know how to vent this terrible power.

"No... this is not enough!" He gritted his teeth, his pupils blazing angrily.

This is not enough, they won't be able to win this way.

Must have stronger power... Must use stronger power!

While avoiding the chase of the raging demon, Zhou Ming put his hand in his mouth, and he blew his whistle!

"What is he doing?" The masked thieves asked puzzledly.

"Whistle is playing a secret signal?" Liu Dingtian guessed.

"It's a secret sign for a fart! If he wants us to support it, just say no, the raging demon can't understand it!" The harmless female thief said angrily.

She stared at the battlefield intently, and her companions were undoubtedly swallowed by anger, and they were about to be wiped out.

This time, maybe it really doesn't work anymore. They don't have the ability to fight against such monsters. They can only hide on this absolutely safe train, and withdraw their heads into their shells like a tortoise.

Zhou Ming's whistle continued, but he did not attack with all his strength as before. He kept running away, dodge like a flexible monkey. The ice locks and icicles provided the ability to change the direction of movement while in the air. Ability, relying on these abilities, Zhou Ming kept dodge the attacks that were almost impossible to dodge.



In the command room of the headquarters, analysts observed the changes in the whole battle through the live broadcast of the ace logistics. They saw the musketeers rushing up and taking the lead to cut off the hamstrings of the angry demon, and saw the white dragon king and the single noble one after another. Fall down.

Right now, only the Rage Demon and Zhou Ming were left in the center of the battlefield, and Zhou Ming was struggling to survive.

"What is he doing? It doesn't make sense to go on like this, it will only make the spirit worse." One person said.

"It's over, this time we failed." Another person said.

"No! He won't do meaningless things!" Suddenly a voice of opposition appeared, and the group leaders turned their heads and found that it was Li Huan, the group leader who analyzed the three departments.

Li Huan stared at the screen, clasping his hands on the armrest of the office chair, encouraging Zhou Ming in his heart.

"It's impossible. We don't have the strength to continue to invest. There is one remaining one who can't fight with the rage demon. Now he is only delaying death." Group leader Liu Feng calmly said, "Although it is a pity, But he can't even go back by train, this is his end point."

Li Huan glanced at Liu Feng, slightly moved.

Before that, they discussed whether the personnel who participated in the war should continue to return to the car to continue the journey when the fight against the evil demon failed.

Finally, everyone came to the conclusion that if the opposition is laziness, gluttony, arrogance, and lust, then you can return to the train and continue the journey to serve as the combat power for the next special station.

But if it is jealous, arrogant, or angry, then don't go back to the train again, because these few emotions are too negative, and it is likely to cause huge conflicts and cannibalism before the companions.

Therefore, even if Zhou Ming can escape back to the train like this, they will force other people present to throw him down, or even kill him!

Although this is cruel, it is a helpless act. People who have been mentally polluted cannot be treated as independent and free people. This is the iron law of this profession, and it is also one of the most cruel aspects of this profession.

There were sparse cries behind him, and most of the cries were members of Li Huan's group.

They knew the Musketeers. Not long ago, they witnessed the Musketeers create a miracle. When everyone thought that the situation would definitely accelerate in an uncontrollable direction, he stubbornly stayed.

With everyone retreating and he was the only one left, he killed the Transcendent A Grade Ripper that everyone thought was invincible.

But now the person who created the miracle has to stay on the dark platform forever.

"He's still fighting!"

"He is fighting for everyone!"

Female analysts cried the hardest. Even though they were used to seeing cruel deaths, under such a dramatic turn, the emotional breakdown became a matter of course.

Who are the Musketeers fighting for?

The answer should be clear to everyone~www.wuxiaworld~ With the consciousness of sacrifice and the determination to guard, he roared and shouted on the mortal battlefield, just to protect the innocent who might be harmed in the future.

These analysts, however, are in a safe analysis room, watching him bleeding through a screen coldly, and they have to keep their heads calm and think seriously about how they should let him die if he wants to live. .

You can fight for us, but if you want to come back without winning, then Im sorry, please die. -This sounds like a betrayal.

Not long ago, they had cheered for his victory, as if all people were one mind, but now in retrospect, only the hypocrisy of the vested interests remained... Sadly, they still shed tears for this hypocrisy.

The same emotion also surfaced in Li Huans heart, but was forced by him, his eyes were fixed on the screen, and he suddenly said, He has a lot of extra spells to use. Those ice fog and icicles are more than anything else. ?!"

"He has lost his mind." The leader of the fourth group sighed.

"No! No, he is blocking the Rage Demon's sight! His mind is still sober now, he is very calm!" Li Huan stood up from his chair.

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