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Chapter 204. Sovieshu’s Shock (1)

Translator: Aura / Editor: Vy

The envoy returned to the imperial palace while Sovieshu was reading reports in his office.

Seeing the envoy return, the official bribed by Viscount Roteschu rushed to his mansion.

As soon as the envoy entered his office, Sovieshu questioned him before he could approach the desk.

“What about her reply?”

His eyes were loaded with anticipation.

The Emperor seemed certain that Navier would send a reply, which made the envoy uncomfortable.

But he could not lie, he had to be honest,

“Navier sent no reply, Your Majesty.”

Sovieshu was puzzled. He thought he had misheard.

A faint smile soon emerged on his expression,

“Then she asked you to communicate something to me.”

The envoy replied with an expression of awkwardness.

“I am sorry, Your Majesty.”

Sovieshu’s face gradually turned cold, and his eyelids began to tremble.

Now, he could not understand the envoy’s report at all.

Was there no reply? How is it possible that there was no reply? Despite me clearing up the misunderstanding, she still did not reply to the letter?

While the emperor was deep in thought, the envoy continued the report with difficulty,

“Your Majesty…”


“Do you remember Viscount Langdel?”

“Why do you mention him?”

“Viscount Langdel and Duchess Tuania are in the Western Kingdom.”

“What? Why are they there?”

“And Viscount Langdel…”


“He is the commander of the 5th Division of the Supranational Knights.”

As soon as the envoy finished speaking, Sovieshu jumped up abruptly.

He clenched his fists and asked coolly,



Even after the envoy left, Sovieshu could not calm down.

Even if it was the Wol Alliance, as long as the Eastern Empire had its mage army, they would be no match for the empire.

But that didn’t mean that facing them wouldn’t be a hassle.

The Supranational Knights were very annoying and tenacious. Moreover, the Wol Alliance behind them was even more so.

Sovieshu swallowed the curses that were about to come out of his mouth.

He was also hurt and angry at Navier’s attitude.

How could she not send a letter in response? How could she not say anything even though I had cleared up the misunderstanding?

At that moment, a thought arose….

Does Navier think the contents of the letter are a lie? Does she think I made it up to persuade her?

It could be so.

Does she find it hard to believe me because she is hurt? Yes, that’s it. That must be it.

Sovieshu moved restlessly from one side of the room to the other.


Later in the evening.

After learning that Duchess Tuania was in the Western Kingdom together with Viscount Langdel, Duke Tuania entered Sovieshu’s office and complained that he wanted his wife back. This further increased Sovieshu’s anger.

In the end, Sovieshu could not stand it and shouted at Duke Tuania.

“It was you who did not believe in your wife and got divorced!”

This was also what he wanted to say to himself, but did not want to admit it.

“But Your Majesty! Miss Rashta was the one who told me that my wife was having an affair with another man!”

Sovieshu was startled at the unexpected mention of Rashta’s name. Sovieshu remembered Rashta conversing with Duke Tuania on the day of the masquerade ball.

Sovieshu laughed and said,

“Don’t lie.”

Then he added coolly,

“Why blame someone else for your absurd misunderstanding? That day, you seemed to enjoy conversing with Rashta.”

At Sovieshu’s unexpected reply, Duke Tuania had no choice but to go into details.

“At first she asked me if it was alright for two people to canoodle in the imperial palace, because she was so embarrassed to have seen a nobleman and a noblewoman touching each other! I was laughing because I thought she looked so naive!”

“So Rashta didn’t mention your wife.”

“Not directly. But when I asked her who she saw doing that, she described her appearance to me, and it was certainly my wife’s appearance! I would know the hidden features on her body…”

Sovieshu’s heart felt heavy, but said firmly,

“In any case, it was you who misunderstood.”

After Duke Tuania left, Sovieshu leaned on his desk with a headache and put his hand to his forehead.

He was already distressed over the Navier affair. What Duke Tuania said had further weighted down his heart.

He knew that Rashta had a naive and a calculating side. Moreover, he recognized that to survive in high society, one could not simply be naive.

But he didn’t want to hear about that other side of Rashta.


However, that was not the end of the bad news for Sovieshu.

The next morning, as Sovieshu was reading a report that had arrived at midnight while dressing, Marquis Karl gave him another piece of bad news.

“Your Majesty, Grand Duke Kapmen is on his way to the Western Kingdom.”

Sovieshu immediately crumpled the report in his hands.

His patience had run out.

Pressing down hard on the report, he asked Marquis Karl sternly,

“What did you say?”


Completely enraged, Sovieshu locked himself in his room, canceling all planned meetings.

He paced around his room as he organized his thoughts.

Almost two hours later, Sovieshu calmly walked out of his room. However, deep down he was filled with anger and a firm determination.

Sovieshu would make Navier regret leaving him. And he would make her come back after she regrets not having believed in his sincerity.

To do that…

“Marquis Karl.”

“When is Navier’s wedding?”

“They will also rush the wedding, so it will more or less coincide with Your Majesty’s.”

“My wedding must take place before Navier’s, so the date will have to be moved up.”

“As you command.”

“And… send an official invitation to the King of the Western Kingdom. I want them to attend the wedding.”

Marquis Karl asked anxiously,

“Do you think they will come?”

In his opinion, it was unlikely they would come. But Sovieshu said with a cold smile.

“They will come to see the Duke and Duchess Troby.”

“I understand.”

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