Home Unrivaled Medicine GodChapter 2070

Everyone used pitying looks to look at Zhang Tu. His final trace of pride was trampled to pieces by Wu Songs unwitting stripping.

Everyone could tell that Wu Song was not pretending.

Currently, Wu Songs skin was slightly red. His body actually emitted steaming vapor.

"Hahaha,refreshing! Truly refreshing! Brother Ji, this wine of yours is simple godlike!" Wu Song said with a big laugh.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Drinking this cup, you dont need to expend divine essence to keep out the cold within half a month."

Wu Song nodded slightly and said, "I can feel that this wine entering the abdomen is just like theres a pool of hot spring, reaching throughout the entire body from the abdomen. At the rate of the current speed, theres absolutely no problem not using divine essence for ten days to half a month! Sunshine Glow,haha,the wine is indeed as its name suggests. Right now, I feel like theres a warm sun glowing inside my body, being incomparably warm!"

By the side, Wu Ling was long already drooling with envy.

She used a guileless gaze to look at Ye Yuan and said in a spoiled manner, "Big Brother Ji, let me drink a cup too."

"You?" Ye Yuan gave her a meaningful glance with a strange expression.

Wu Ling suddenly understood something, her face could not help changing, her pretty face flushing red.


Loud hoots of laughter echoed within the house.

"Girl, no worries. Just strip, well take it as we cant see!"

"Scared of what, our extreme norths girls are men!"


Everyone burst out laughing. Wu Ling wished to find a hole in the ground to tunnel into.

At this time, a middle-aged man walked over and said to Ye Yuan with a smile as he said, "This little brother, I want to ask for a cup of wine to drink. Is that okay?"

The moment this man came out, everyones hearts turned cold.

"Its Lightning Blade Wang Hang! If this kid dares to not give the alcohol to drink, hell likely cant go out of this door today!" Someone discussed softly.

"Heh,Wang Hang is a tough character wholl pull out his blade at a word of disagreement. More importantly, there are few people who can last beyond three blades under his hands!"

When Zhang Tu saw this scene, his face switched to a relaxed expression again.

This kid was likely here to cause a scene today. There was finally someone who came to take care of him.

Ye Yuan did not even look at Wang Hang. Picking up the small flask, he poured himself a full cup, then held it up.

"Tch,pretending for what, didnt he still yield?" Wu Ling whispered.

Wang Hang also had a smile on his face, his saliva almost dripping down, reaching his hand over.

Who knew that Ye Yuan directly tilted his head back and drank it himself.

Wang Hangs expression turned stiff, his hand extended there, unable to take it back or leave it there.

"Kid, you tricked me?" Wang Hang glared and said in a solemn voice.

"I already said, only Brother Wu can drink, did you take it that I was joking? Giving you to drink, where will my face go?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

These people were all watching the show just now. Now, they wanted to ask for alcohol to drink. He, Ye Yuan, was not so lowly.

Seeing Wang Hangs expression turn grim until water could drip out, everyone felt their scalps tingle.

This boy was too capable of causing trouble.

Provoking Zhang Tu was still not enough, and then he provoked Wang Hang.

Did this guy really want to go out horizontally today?

"This boy is mad, right? He actually dared to provoke Lightning Blade Wang Hang!"

"Wang Hang is peak Fourth Firmament True God. Its said that he once contended with a Fifth Firmament True God with his lightning blade and didnt get defeated. This kid is tired of living!"

Seeing Ye Yuans death-courting action, everyone turned pale with fright.

When Wu Song heard Ye Yuans words, the originally 30% drunkenness was immediately frightened awake.

"Brother Ye, forget it! Just a cup of wine. This This is Lightning Blade Wang Hang!"

Wang Hang was very famous in this region, Wu Song naturally knew his name.

Ye Yuan and Ning Tianping two people both concealed their cultivations. In other peoples view, these two people were merely young men who were over a thousand years old. So how much strength could they have?

Therefore, the people in this house did not take the two of them seriously.

"Heh heh,too late! To dare refute my, Wang Hangs, face, theres only death! Killing this brat, Your Father can naturally drink his wine!"

While talking, Wang Hang suddenly pulled out his blade, the power of ice and the power of lightning revolving around him.

This Wang Hang actually fused ice law and lightning law!

The commotion of this blade was outrageous to the extreme.

"Its over, dead for sure!"

"This boy is really stubborn!"

"Isnt that so? Just a cup of wine."

Just as everyone had sympathetic faces, the blade already arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

Following that, it was dead silent inside the tavern.

Ye Yuan actually used his palm and directly caught Wang Hangs knife edge.

Just this light grab and the fused power of law immediately vanished without a trace.

Zhang Tus pair of eyes became wide circles, looking at this scene in disbelief.

The strength of this Wang Hangs lightning blade absolutely did not lose to his. The edge of the blade was actually caught by this kid with a grab?

Wang Hang was similarly incomparably alarmed and terrified. He stared at Ye Yuan with a dumbstruck face, desperately wanting to pull his blade out.

But unfortunately, no matter to what degree he pushed his divine essence, his lightning blade seemed to be welded to Ye Yuans hand, unable to budge an inch.

"L-Let go! Still not letting go, Your Father wont be courteous anymore!" Wang Hang said threatening in manner, but inwardly shaky.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he gave anohlightly, his palm opening up.

Wang Hang was currently using strength to pull the blade. With Ye Yuans releasing it, his entire person directly did a dog-eat-shit tumble.

"Its you who made me let go. So why didnt you prepare well yourself?" Ye Yuan said with an innocent look.

When had Wang Hang suffered such unprecedented humiliation before? He immediately said in a great rage, "Punk, youre courting death! Ice Lightning Blade! Go to hell for me!"

This time, Wang Hangs body erupted with an even fiercer aura.

The fused power of laws was even pushed to the peak by him.

Everyones faces revealed great shock.

Someone exclaimed in admiration, "This is Wang Hangs true strength! This aura probably doesnt lose to Fifth Firmament True Gods, right?"

But Ye Yuan shook his head slightly and said coolly, "I already spared your life just now, but you insist on coming to seek death. Forget it, Ill send you off then."

Following that, amidst everyones shocked gazes, Ye Yuan lightly met Wang Hangs blade with a finger.


The terrifying fused power of law immediately evaporated into thin air.

Wang Hangs entire person directly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

Ye Yuan waved his hand, directly annihilating the blood mist.

It was deathly silent inside the house, everyone used eyes like they had seen ghosts to look at Ye Yuan.

This was Lightning Blade Wang Hang!

H-He died just like this?

This guy caught a true god mystic treasure with his bare hands. So how powerful was his fleshy body!

It turned out that this boy was really not boasting about not being afraid of the cold.

Why would a fleshy body rivaling a true god mystic treasure be scared of the cold?

Zhang Tus face seemed to have opened up a dye-house, changing colours non-stop.

He secretly sighed at getting lucky. Fortunately, the one who attacked just now was Wang Hang and not him.

Otherwise, the current him should be about the same as Wang Hang, right?

How could this boy be so strong?

"Im just waiting for someone here. So you all dont annoy me. You guys can drink this wine in the future, but Im just afraid that you all cant afford it," Ye Yuan said coolly.

He filled a cup of wine for himself and poured another cup for Ning Tianping, and downed it in one go.

Everyone was speechless. Didnt you say earlier that could only drink one cup?