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/ Fantasy / Dragon Monarch: Dragon's Will ManifestationFantasy 45 Chapters 52.6K ViewsThroughout Blaze's entire life, she gave everything she had to become a strong and proud dragon-slayer, earning herself the nickname of 'Ember Tribe's Lioness'. Dragon-slayers are brave heroes of their respective tribes, mighty warriors called to fight in the age where draconic beasts of all sizes and power roamed the world. It's their job to travel and explore, discover more of the unprecedented, and most importantly, protect their people. But what would you do if one of these mysterious dragons that you hunt and slay destroys the tribe you represent in return? And the mysterious dragon was, in reality, the man you secretly liked? After she learned of the Ember Tribe's bloody demise, Blaze Estereon vowed the slay the people responsible for her tribesmen's deaths with her own hands, to get to the bottom of this dark plot and bring the truth to light. Join us and follow Blaze Estereon's journey to become a Dragon Monarch into the draconic world, where the truth awaits its moment to be unearthed. --- WPC 173: Female-lead - He's a Dragon Silver Prize Winner! "Silver Prize. Strong Writing, strong female-lead, unique take on the dragon theme!" -Referrer: limqianyu_editor This is an original novel and not a translation. This novel belongs only to W E B N O V E L . C O M Genres include: System, Game-Elements, Fantasy, Cultivation, Martial Arts, Romance, Erotica, Adventure, Action, Dragons, and Worldbuilding. Grammatical errors are kept to a very minimal as chapters are proofread and edited to the authors’ best capabilities as a native English speaker. Disclaimer: The cover isn't my artwork. All credit goes to the owner.

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