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Introduction Ruler of the martial world

/ Eastern Fantasy / Ruler of the martial worldEastern Fantasy 85 Chapters 124.1K ViewsEmperor Kong Ming was the strongest who ruled over trillions of Martial Artists. Betrayed by his junior and disciple died, Heaven gave him another chance. He take oath, in this life he will slaughter all the people who betrayed him . But In this life in this unknown world when he has to Cultivation all over again can he become strong enough to take his revenge , or will he trampled under someone's foot. (Disclaimer, this is not a isekai, MC dose not go in the past . but reborn in the current timeline.) ( author note : I have zero experience with lots of grammar problems. but if you still wants to chack out than please read all the chapters and then decide what you will do. If you drop the book at some point don't forget to mention th reason. Another thing I don't know how to play with words. No harem.) I don't own any rights of the cover of this book . I download it's from the internet) All the free chapter will also be available in royalroad https://www.royalroad.com/profile/230606/fictions

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