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After the game restarted, people noticed the changes in Liverpool's tactics.

Liverpool did not press out to attack, but began to shrink the formation.

Fang Jue glanced at the direction of the coaching bench of the visiting team. He was not surprised by Rogers' tactical change. It was a wise choice.

Aston Villa is gaining momentum now. If Liverpool continue to press out, it is likely to lose the ball. If one more goal becomes zero to three behind, the game can almost end early.

Like Fang Jue's judgment, Rogers gave the order to let Liverpool return to the defense, that is, to stabilize the defense, and absolutely can't lose the ball in the first half of the game.

Falling behind zero to two at halftime, the situation is terrible, but, at least not to the point of despair, Rogers put his hope in the adjustment of the intermission. He hopes that the 15-minute break will allow the team to Find the status and find a solution to the problem.

Liverpool took the initiative to shrink the formation. After Aston Villa lost the threat of the back line, it pressed on and launched a tide of offensive towards Liverpool's goal.

In particular, the defensive area of the 20-year-old right back Manjillo, which Liverpool rented from Atletico Madrid, was attacked by Sanchez, Mane and Milner in turn, which can be said to be embarrassing.

In the end, the first half of the game ended after Manguillo's first foul foul.

Fang Jue was a little dissatisfied. He found the referee Dean, questioned the opponent should give Manguillo a yellow card, and allowed Aston Villa to take the free kick in the frontcourt.

No wonder Fang Jue was a little upset. Mangillo already had a yellow card on his body. If Dean had just played another yellow card, Mangillo would be sent off by a red card.

It can be said that Dean has been merciful, otherwise Liverpool will be one less person on the court in the second half of the game.


In the visiting team's locker room, Aston Villa's players talked and laughed, and the atmosphere in the locker room was very good.

Throughout the first half of the game, Aston Villa not only took a two-goal lead, but also controlled the rhythm of the game almost most of the time.

Even when Liverpool were on the offense across the board, their offense was thunderous and rained, and the overall rhythm of the game was still controlled by Aston Villa.

Fang Jue is also very satisfied. Excluding the Community Shield before the start of the season, this match with Liverpool is the first strong opponent faced by this Aston Villa that has experienced the introduction and sale of important players. The game is a touchstone for this Aston Villa, and he is satisfied with the performance of the players.

"Okay, guys." Fang Jue clapped his hands. "Liverpool is an opponent we are all familiar with. Especially in this stadium, they can often burst out amazing energy, so two to zero can't relax."

"Liverpool will inevitably seek a counterattack in the second half of the game. We must be more vigilant."

"Next, I will deploy the tactics and points to pay attention to in the second half of the game."

Fang Jue's tactics for Aston Villa can be summed up in one word: offense.

He was able to guess Rogers' tactics in the second half of the game. Rogers, who was unwilling to lose, could only arrange for the team to attack.

In this case, Fang Jue can also choose to arrange for the team to defend and counterattack. This is also the safest tactic.

However, Fang Jue has his considerations, he wants to play against Liverpool.

This summers transfer window, Aston Villas biggest adjustment is in the midfield,

continue reading! Fang Jue hopes to use this opportunity to test the team's offense, to improve the player's offensive understanding by playing games.

In addition, Rogers and Liverpool estimate that Aston Villa will attack as soon as the second half of the game starts. This may be able to catch Liverpool by surprise.


After the start of the second half of the game, Aston Villa kicked off first. From the moment the whistle sounded at the start of the game, they launched a fierce attack on Liverpool's goal.

To be precise, Aston Villa is still focused on attacking Liverpool's right, which is the area defended by Saco and Manjillo.

In the first half of the game, Fang Jue noticed that Liverpools young defender, Manjillo, was the loophole of Liverpool. In addition, Saccos state today is also quite ordinary.

And, most importantly, both Nicolas and Mangillo have a yellow card.

Aston Villa continues to attack this area, even if it does not continue to score goals so quickly, but it is likely to cause Saco or Mangillo to take a card, that is, two yellows and one red are sent off by a red card. .

Poor Manjillo, who joined Liverpool from Atletico Madrid, thought that Liverpool, which was under a less competitive pressure, could get more playing time and a bright future.

But I didn't expect that he would be treated so cruelly in the first game of the season.

For the young Spanish full-back, he feels like a small boat in the vast ocean, with huge waves swept towards him, which made him more nervous and flustered.

The CCTV commentator He Wei and the guest commentator Zhang Lu were surprised to explain the game. The two also talked about the second half of the game during the intermission. They thought that Aston Villa in the second half of the game was likely to play defensive counterattacks. , Quick counterattack is their tactics.

Moreover, Liverpool, which is zero to two behind, will inevitably press out to attack, which is more likely to give Aston Villa a chance to play their sharp counterattack.

In addition, one more point is that Aston Villa will usher in the first game of the UEFA Champions League group stage of the new season in three days. They will play against Dortmund at home. This is the group of Aston Villa. The strongest opponent.

It stands to reason that Aston Villa played more conservatively in the second half of the game, and can also save energy to stay for the Champions League game with Dortmund.

Unexpectedly, after the start of the second half, the facts were completely different from what they had guessed. Aston Villa not only did not play conservatively, but continued to attack, and it could even be said that it launched a more violent offensive.

Aston Villa's crazy attack paid off in the 55th minute of the game.

Liverpool's right-back Mangillo fouled Pogba on defense. The referee Dean did not show mercy this time. He showed Mangillo his second yellow card. The young Spanish full-back turned two yellows and one red. Sent off by a red card.

Seeing Mangillo being sent off with a red card, Rogers was both depressed and annoyed.

Mangillo has a yellow card, and it has become Aston Villa's breakthrough. He naturally sees it, but he has been hesitant to replace Mangillo so early. He didn't expect such a hesitation to delay. .

In addition, Rogers is also very helpless. There is another reason why he did not replace Manguillo in time. There is really no one on the bench to change. Either Koroture was arranged to be a guest on the right back, or the Spanish player Josen Rick went to play the right back, but neither of them is a right back, especially

continue reading! It's Enrique's state. Rogers is really worried that Enrique will open up a new sprint route for Aston Villa after he comes on the court.

Speaking of it, Liverpool won third place in the Premier League last season, which can be said to have swept away years of decline. This result is quite good.

It stands to reason that in such a situation, the Liverpool boss should be happy, and spend a lot of money to sign up for the new season's Premier League champion.

But, the result?

Liverpool's most important signing in the transfer market is the introduction of Balotelli from AC Milan, but it sold the team's top scorer Diego Costa at a high price.

It can be said that Rogers is also quite helpless in the face of the situation where no one is available.

Mangillo was sent off with a red card, which directly extinguished the fire of hope for the Liverpool people to come back.

On Aston Villa's side, Fang Jue dispatched troops one after another.

Modric was replaced and N'Golo Kanter came off the bench.

Lewandowski, who scored twice, was replaced and Vardy came on the bench.

Mane was replaced, Sun Xingmin, who successfully obtained the labor license and can play for Aston Villa, came on as a substitute. This young South Korean player made his debut in the Premier League and Aston Villa.

In the 83rd minute of the game, Sanchez received a through ball from Pogba and cut the ball into the penalty area with a small angle volley and succeeded.

In stoppage time, Vardy's shot was saved in front of the goal. After De Bruyne smashed and avoided Lovren's tackle, he pushed his foot and the football passed through the small goal of Liverpool defender Nicolas Sako.

This goal also locked the score of the game at four to zero, and Aston Villa scored a hearty victory at Anfield.


Aston Villa beat Liverpool 4-0 in the away game.

In another focus of the Premier League round, Arsenal tied the defending champion Manchester City in a second match at the Emirates Stadium at home.

Wilshere opened the record for Arsenal in the first half.

Aguero equalized the score for Manchester City.

In the second half of the game, Mkhitaryan came off the bench and quickly scored a wonderful curve to help Arsenal lead Manchester City again two to one.

Manchester City did not take advantage of an opportunity to set the ball until the end of the game, and the Argentine central defender Demichelis scored with a header to equalize the score.

In the end, the score of this game was two to two.

After the game, the media praised Arsenal's outstanding performance, and they said that if it were not for Manchester City's luck, the victory of the game would belong to Arsenal.

And for Arsenal when the transfer window is about to close, the Armenian star Mkhitaryan introduced from Dortmund is full of praise.

Yes, after Fang Jue cut off Sanchez, Wenger had no choice but to change his goal to Dortmund's Armenian star Mkhitaryan.

In the end, Arsenal finally got proud, smashed a transfer fee of 36.5 million euros, and forcibly poached Mkhitaryan from Dortmund.

German media reported that Klopp was very annoyed that Mkhitaryan was poached. It is said that Klopp and Dortmund high-level quarrels, and some media who are'for fear that the world will not be chaotic' expressed slightly exaggerated expressions. , Klopp was'harmed' by Fang Jue again:

If Fang Jue doesn't stop Hu Sanchez, Wenger won't come to dig Mkhitaryan...so, blame Fang Jue.

Mkhitaryan joined Arsenal from Dortmund when the transfer window was about to close

continue reading! Yes, the next day was the national team match day. The Armenian star hardly had time to train with the whole Arsenal team, so in this match with Manchester City, Wenger put Mkhitaryan on the bench.

I am afraid that even Wenger did not expect the Armenian star to make his debut at Arsenal so beautiful, coming off the bench, touching the ball for the third time, and scoring the first shot.

Therefore, after the game, Arsenal fans were ecstatic and full of praise for Mkhitaryan.

In the eyes of Arsenal fans, Arsenal now has the dual cores of Mkhitaryan and Er Dayan, and the old hen becomes a duck and is about to tremble.

Fang Jue called Wenger the next day to express his congratulations: Professor, look, if it weren't for me, how could you get such an outstanding player? Thank me.

Of course, this was a joke, Fang Jue couldn't say that directly. He congratulated the professor and hoped to alleviate the conflict between the two sides because of his interception of Hu Sanchez.

The professor replied: Get out!


Two days later, Aston Villa ushered in the first match day of the Champions League group stage with Dortmund.

This is the two teams that have met in the Champions League for many years in a row.

It can even be said that Dortmund and Klopp are old friends of Fang Jue and Aston Villa in the Champions League.

The two sides can be said to know the roots, and the ones that are familiar with each other can no longer be familiar.

In the end, Aston Villa defeated Dortmund 3-0 at home at New Villa Park.

Lewandowski, Vardy and Mane are the three consecutive cities for Aston Villa.

After the game, the media widely used photos of Klopp's sullen face and Fang Jue shaking hands.

Obviously, Klopp has enough reasons to'hate' Fang Jue. Arsenal forcibly poached Mkhitaryan when the transfer window was about to close. This made Dortmund and Klopp very passive and the team's offensive system Was disrupted.

As Dortmund showed in this game, the offensive period is completely out of order, and there is a feeling of aggrieved feeling that it is wherever you go.

In another game in the same group, Anderlecht made a tenacious draw with Galatasaray in Turkey away and scored a valuable point.

For the draw of this game, both Fang Jue and Klopp are happy to see. UU Reading www.uuknshu.com


On September 20, the fifth round of the Premier League.

The Premier League has two focus matches this round, one is Manchester City vs. Chelsea, the other is Aston Villa vs. Arsenal.

From this we can also see how unfriendly the schedule is for Arsenal and Manchester City and Aston Villa.

All three teams have encountered strong opponents in two consecutive rounds.

Especially for Aston Villa and Manchester City, who are still playing in the Champions League, they are fighting back to back one after another.

New Villa Park Stadium.

Before the game started, Fang Jue and Wenger shook hands. The two of them murmured and talked for a while. I don't know what Fang Jue said to Wenger while covering his mouth. The professor actually laughed.

The narrators from various countries and regions around the world who broadcasted the game couldn't help but laugh out loud when they saw this scene.

"Because of Fang's guidance, Arsenal signed Sanchez from Barcelona. Wenger is said to be very annoyed by this. The two people also quarreled. Now it's all right. The two people seem to be in a good relationship." He Wei Said.

"Today's newspaper in the UK broke a news." Zhang Lu said.

continue reading! "It is said that Wenger, after missing Sanchez, finally chose Mkhitaryan of Dortmund forcibly, and Mkhitaryan was the one who recommended Wenger to bring in."

"This is really interesting. The one who got hurt in the end was really Klopp." He Wei was taken aback, and said, he really didn't pay attention to this news. It is probably the news that just broke out. However, He Wei quickly added, "Of course, this is just a ridicule. The signing of any club is carefully planned and arranged, not a decision made at a glance."

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