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Unfortunately, but this is not an actual chapter.

Recently, because of the accumulation of both my work, school and the changed conditions of living because of Covid-19 outbreak, I've been having much less time to write.

Because of that, yesterday was short of 1 chapter that is still missing, and today's 3 chapters need to be delayed. I'm going to upload something tomorrow, but I'm not sure how many chapters I'll be able to write. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

I'll try to get at least 2 chapters out for tomorrow. Apologies to everyone for the delay.

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Liu Family Chapter 3: Death Chapter 4: Mushrooms Chapter 5: Zou Xinghe Chapter 6: Entering the City Chapter 7: Xingmenlou Chapter 8: Selling Mushrooms Chapter 9: First Bucket of Gold Chapter 10: Mu Yuchen Chapter 11: Saving His Life Chapter 12: Unexpected Visit Chapter 13: Sweep Them Away Chapter 14: Little Fool Chapter 15: Important Task Chapter 16: Datang Coins Chapter 17: Liu Yimu Chapter 18: Obnoxious Aunt Chapter 19: Uninvited Guests Chapter 20: Village Elders Chapter 21: He's My Husband Chapter 22: We're Married Chapter 23: Family or Thieves? Chapter 24: Buying Land Chapter 25: Hugging Each Other Chapter 26: Washing Together Chapter 27: Liu Peng Is Back Chapter 28: A Greedy Family Chapter 29: Little Fool's Thoughts Chapter 30: Preparing for a New Business Chapter 31: Picking Chestnuts Chapter 32: Going to the City Chapter 33: Thinking Too Much Chapter 34: Liu Weixin Sells Mushrooms Chapter 35: Making Trouble Chapter 36: Shopping Around the City Chapter 37: The Same Surname Chapter 38: Zou Family in Trouble Chapter 39: Sleeping in His Arms Chapter 40: Price of Land Chapter 41: Finding a Good Spot Chapter 42: Cooking Chestnuts Chapter 43: We're Finally Selling Chapter 44: First Customer Chapter 45: Little Girl and Her Maid Chapter 46: Running out of Buckets Chapter 47: Carried on His Back Chapter 48: Liu Weixin Was Beaten Up Chapter 49: Filial Piety Chapter 50: Fighting Back Chapter 51: Ren Xipeng Chapter 52: Elder Ren's Decision Chapter 53: Splitting the Blood Chapter 54: Little Fool Cooks Dinner Chapter 55: Helpful Mu Yuchen Chapter 56: Lady Should Stay Home Chapter 57: Yu Xiaomei Chapter 58: Selling Continues Chapter 59: Jealous Brother Chapter 60: Sold Out Chapter 61: Sleepy and Overworked Chapter 62: Zou Family Chapter 63: Buying Some Meat Chapter 64: Sources of Meat Chapter 65: Preparing Food Chapter 66: Little Fool Came Back Chapter 67: Proud Mu Yuchen Chapter 68: Money Comes Quickly Chapter 69: Boss Mao Chapter 70: Mao Long's Life Chapter 71: Escaping a Pursuit Chapter 72: New Way of Doing Business Chapter 73: Finally Healed Chapter 74: First Kiss Chapter 75: Thrown Under the Bus Chapter 76: Good Morning Kiss Chapter 77: Visiting the Tao Family Chapter 78: Figuring out the Details Chapter 79: Delay