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There are few people in the corridor, and Ye Jian's mood is much calmer than the previous few times. He leaned on his seat and looked out the window at the end. Everything springs up, and the branches are green and lush.

This time the check-up didn't take much time. After the check-up, Cen Qingyan reminded Xie Shuo that the follow-up time could be extended to once every three months. After another six months, there should be no need to come.

Coming out of the medical room, Xie Shuo saw the familiar figure waiting outside at a glance, and the sky came in from a distance, gently covering her.

For more than a year after the accident, he was trapped in the dark, experienced too much disappointment, and was emotionally anxious at one time, and he was unwilling to undergo examinations or surgery, which felt meaningless.

But I don't know when he was no longer afraid and repelled, because-she would always wait for him here.

No matter what the result is.

Regardless of whether he can see it.

Hearing the noise, Ye Jing turned his head, as before, curled his lips and smiled, his eyes shattered.

Xie Shuo also smiled. He stood in the same place with a long body and stretched out his hand towards her.

Ye Jing smiled, walked over quickly, and plunged into his arms.

"We go home."

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