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Everyone was stunned. In everyone's impression, Meng Qian was like a good old man, who didn't make trouble and had a good temper. No one thought that Meng Qian would be such a tough Zheng Feng who could not even the principal.

Meng Qian admitted that he was really a good person at this age, but within a few short years of work, the society has taught Meng Qian a good lesson. The world does not give good people much kindness, but only Constantly teach good old people how to behave.

People can be silent because they dont care, but they must not swallow their anger just because they are a good person. People who will bully you will not accept you as a good person.

Meng Qian's angrily rebuked Zheng Feng's face. He made his most instinctive reaction and got up and rushed towards Meng Qian. Just when Meng Qian was ready, Jin Miao suddenly got up and hugged Zheng Feng from behind and stopped him, "Zheng Feng, don't make trouble during the New Year!"

Meng Qian narrowed his eyes and showed interest in Jin Miao again.

"Jin Miao, don't be nosy!"

"Everyone is a classmate, forget it." The girl whose name Meng Qian couldn't name jumped out a second, "Jin Miao, take Zheng Feng back."

Then he motioned to the other boys to help.

It's a pity that Zheng Feng's temperament simply cannot be stopped. The more people stopped him, the more vigorous he became. "Meng Qian, I **** don't kill you today."

Seeing that things were out of control, two boys inadvertently started to back away. Zheng Feng was the master who even the teacher dared to beat. They all believed that Meng Qian would definitely not be able to beat him today.

Some people even complained in their hearts that Meng Qian had nothing to do with Zheng Fenggang. Isn't this going to kill him? I don't know if Chi Yu will be harmed. People like Zheng Feng are indeed terrified to many students.

But Jin Miao tried his best to hold Zheng Feng from beginning to end, and these details were in Meng Qian's eyes.

Just when everyone didnt know how to end the show, Meng Qian calmly walked up to Zheng Feng. His calm aura made Zheng Feng some surprises, "Come on, kill me, take it to death, Im not afraid. Die, I just dont know if youre afraid that you wont have the chance to get a US green card in your life."

in the phrase.

Zheng Feng's body suddenly loosened, and Meng Qian's remarks touched his vital point. Once he really beats Meng Qian, Meng Qian should be criminally responsible if the time comes. It is a question of whether I can go to the U.S. if I have a green card.

For Zheng Feng, the U.S. is his biggest dream now, and everything has to make way before taking the U.S. green card.

His family is just a small business, and there is no greater influence. After a quick analysis of his brain, Zheng Feng had to stop even though he looked upset at Meng Qian's appearance.

Seeing that Zheng Feng stopped exerting any effort, Jin Miao seized the opportunity to pull Zheng Feng away immediately, "Okay, can you give everyone a face and don't make things worse."

Zheng Feng looked at Jin Miao and then at Meng Qian. He was supposed to want to return to his seat, but after walking two steps, he probably felt that he couldn't sit down. He pointed to Meng Qian and said, "You will wait for me. !"

After speaking, he waved his hand and left.

Waiting for Zheng Feng to leave everyone's vision, Meng Qian took the initiative, "I'm sorry, it affects everyone's mood during the New Year."

"This is not your problem." Jin Miao returned to his place and picked up the wine glass while answering the conversation, "Big talent, what you said just now, the thief should do it hard! Let's go."

Jin Miao did not care about the attitude of others, and directly expressed his support for Meng Qian. If you know that so many people are here, this will reach Zheng Feng's ears sooner or later.

Meng Qian smiled and had a toast with Jin Miao, and then said, "I still have to bear the responsibility to some extent, so let me count this meal today. I will add some more dishes."

"How can this work? It's not your fault at all." The girl whose name Meng Qian couldn't be named said, "The treat is also Qian Kang's treat. Who asked him to call Zheng Feng over."

The boy who was sitting next to Zheng Feng said innocently, "What can I do about this? Tell me who can stop him. You don't know if he likes Shen Jiawen. When I hear Shen Jiawen is..."

"Then don't tell him Jiawen is here!"

"Jin Miao was by the side when he called me, how can I keep it from my eldest sister..."

"Okay, okay, things are over." Jin Miao motioned to the two of them to stop talking, and said to Meng Qian, "This game belongs to my team today. I still have to come for this meal."

"Then I will cut your Hu." Meng Qian continued to take down the bill with a ridiculous attitude, "But don't worry, I promise to shut up and eat and drink next time you set up the game."

Seeing that Jin Miao was about to speak again, Meng Qian made a downward gesture, "There are some unpopular dishes here that are delicious. I asked the boss to give us one more."

After speaking, Meng Qian turned around and left, not giving Jin Miao a chance to talk any more.

"Boss, I'm sorry." Meng Qian walked to the door of the food stall and proactively reached out to shake hands with the boss who was standing at the door, "A little contradiction, it delayed your business, I'm so sorry."

Meng Qian has long noticed that the boss has been staring at his table.

Seeing Meng Qian took the initiative to apologize, the boss was still thinking how to respond with a black face, and saw Meng Qian taking out his wallet from his pocket, "Today I only have more than 800. Do you think it is enough to compensate for the loss? If it is not enough, I will do it tomorrow. Bring it to you."

When the boss saw this, his expression changed obviously. He was actually outside all the time. He could clearly see how the contradiction between Meng Qian and Zheng Feng came about. At least in his heart, he didn't want to blame Meng Qian.

At the same time, he has been the boss of food stalls for so many years. It is normal for him to have some fights at night. What happened today is nothing to say, but he actively apologized and offered financial compensation like Meng Qian. The boss is really rare.

"You don't need to give the money, just let it go." The boss pushed Meng Qian's money back.

But Meng Qian directly put the money on the table. "Just now I saw two tables with newly arrived guests leaving. I have to bear the loss. Fortunately, it did not cause a greater impact. I hope the boss will never let it go. In my heart."

"You can still notice these details during the quarrel. UU reading www.uukanshu.com" the boss looked at Meng Qian curiously, and after looking at Meng Qian and the money on the table, he finally accepted, "What is your name? first name?"

"Meng Qian."

"Bring friends here in the future and I will give you a discount." The boss is also refreshing, not hypocritical.

"Okay, I will come often in the future." Seeing that the impact of this matter has been wiped out, the stone in Meng Qian's heart has also fallen, "Oh, by the way, let's add two more dishes to our table. Eat it often, try it."

"Okay, wait." After the boss collected the money, he went to the back kitchen and ordered.

For Meng Qian, no matter how much responsibility he has in today's affairs, he is the responsibility, and the losses caused to the boss are also real, so he does not want the boss to pay for his actions, and he never wants anyone to pay for his actions.

Meng Qians outlook on life is very simple. I dont believe that the world is clean, and I cant be an absolutely clean person, but under controllable circumstances, I want to make myself as clean as possible, owe less favors, and take less advantage. Do not pit others, maximize your magnanimity, and live more with a clear conscience.

But Meng Qian can take the initiative to suffer a little loss, but if anyone wants to pit Meng Qian, I am afraid it is not that simple.

calmed down the boss's side. When Meng Qian turned around, a petite figure flashed past. When Meng Qian came to find the boss, the female classmate who couldn't name herself also found a reason to follow.

She heard everything Meng Qian said to her boss just now. Today's Meng Qian always makes her feel special that she can't tell, so she subconsciously wants to follow it.

But what she didn't know was that she secretly observed Meng Qian, and Meng Qian saw it all.

When you are looking at others, they are also looking at you...

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