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To deal with this kind of person, it is not the ordinary thermal weapon in the Achilles' Heel that can effectively kill.

"They give it to me, Holland, continue to search the surrounding area, Keisha, Frano, you two assist Holland, and the rest are scattered to assist the bionic sheep to strengthen the outer defense." Jie's voice suddenly came from the rear.

Just now, Jie teleported to the middle of Achilles' heel.

"Yes! Instructor!" Although the official name is the deputy captain, they are more used to calling the instructor.

Achilles' heel moved quickly under the order of Jie and withdrew from the battlefield.

The reformers of the thirteen subjects who were retreating watched like this, not daring to act rashly.

And anyway, they stayed to procrastinate, and it wasn't for them to take the initiative to attack or something.

"Be careful, this newcomer may not be easy to provoke, maybe it is a ghost or even a dragon-level supernatural ability person, Wuyun Changlong, sheltering my body." The thirteenth department's cyborg strengthened its vigilance and stared at Jie firmly.

"Wu Yun is prosperous, protect my body." All the agents of the remaining thirteen subjects said in unison.

At the same time, he raised the weapon in his hand.

at this time,

Behind them,

Suddenly there was a noise.

"Thirteen Divisions is a name I have heard recently. Since I have chosen to come here, are you ready to meet your destiny?"

What came from behind was White's voice.

And behind White was dragging a large cube box. Obviously, this box was the containment device for scp-123.

The agents of this group of thirteen subjects suddenly widened their eyes.

They don't know who this person is, but the presence of this person means that their actions must have failed.

However, the reformers of the thirteen subjects have never been taught the meaning of failure in their life as a weapon. No matter what environment they are in, using all of their own to complete the task is their only meaning of survival.

"Next, let me clean up your group of mice." White has no intention of wasting time. The longer the time is delayed, the higher the uncertainty of the containment operation.

And what he meant by saying this was that he didn't need to take action anymore.

For the first time, White took a little serious preparation. As a Level 3 reality bender, he was different from Jie's specialization in creating flames, and also different from Wang Chuan's group will. He was better at control, with extremely small controls.

For example, White looked up at the five-man team in front of him.

"The fight team, dedicate yourself!"


The five-man team rushed towards White in a cone-shaped formation.

The reformer at the front raised his pistol and shot a bullet at White.

After that, he immediately threw the pistol away, revealed his mechanical arm, shot a flying object again, and finally rushed toward White with a terrifying cry.

The remaining four players quickly dispersed at the same time, double-teaming White from all directions.

White stood still on the spot, only to see the bullet that flew towards White in the air, disintegrating into powder, and dissipating into the air.

Immediately after that, it was the flying object, which still did not exceed the distance that the bullet flew, and once again turned into powder in front of the dou team.

Even if it is to transform humans, as long as it does not exceed the limits of the human species, and does not exceed the deepest knowledge that humans can understand, it is the same for White.

White shook his head.

Then look at the thirteen subjects reforming team that rushed towards him.

From their feet, like that bullet and flying object, powder appeared.

All the members of the "fighting team" who suddenly lost consciousness fell to the ground without a doubt.

They looked at their feet in amazement, it had become empty, and, just so close at hand, they saw their lower body gradually dissipating and floating in the air.

Moreover, they did not feel any pain or scream.

The captain of the fight squad who reacted the fastest immediately took out his only remaining long-range thermal weapon from his waist and pointed it at White.

But the next moment, his fingers disappeared, and the gun fell to the ground, followed by the palm, arm, and arm.

The leader of the Fight team had long lost his feelings in the hellish 13-subject laboratory, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a strange feeling.

He looked at his fading body, and it seemed that only at this moment could he truly feel that he really existed.

Even if one's own existence is about to disappear, it doesn't matter.

At the end of his life, he said the words printed in his heart countless times: "Wuyun prospers, protect my body."

It disappeared into the air.

In just one minute, the elite troops of 13 disciplines and the Fight squad were completely wiped out.

"It seems that the Thirteenth Division does not have a complete grasp of our situation, otherwise we would not send people to die." After the battle, Jie came to White's side and said.

"The disguise that the foundation has done over the years is not in vain, and I guess that even this time guiding the thirteen subjects to come here is part of the consular plan. It's just that there was a little accident that made us dispatch as insurance. Now." White has probably guessed most of the whole picture of this mission

However, Jie still didn't quite understand.

White reluctantly explained again: "From the very beginning, the Foundation has grasped the news that 13 subjects are coming here, and it is highly probable that the 13 subjects are not sure that their target is scp-123, and the Foundation intends to take this Test the combat effectiveness of the cyborgs, and at the same time drag the 13 subjects that have been hidden for a long time from the shadows."

"And this is the second time, right? Los Angeles has already appeared in the 13th subject." Jie immediately thought of the Los Angeles incident some time ago.

Between the mixed forces of fish and dragon, you can vaguely see the figure of thirteen families participating in it.

Jie's reaction was quick, and he understood it immediately, and White stopped explaining.

"The remaining miscellaneous soldiers will be handed over to the group of boys. Now we have to deal with this guy."

White put his hand behind him, on the big box containing scp-123.

After such a shock and a series of battles, scp-123 still seems to show no signs of waking up.

White couldn't help but doubt it. After all, it was a Keter (difficult)-level containment object. You can't be too careful.

White began to perceive the Hume factor distribution in the containment facility carefully.

No abnormal conditions were found.

After waiting for a while, White still said first: "Report to the top that scp-123 is currently in a stable state. Send a new helicopter to contain scp-123 as soon as possible.

"Yes, Captain."

I hope my worry is unnecessary.

White stared deeply at the containment device. Although he did not perceive the abnormality, he still felt uneasy.

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