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Everyone is staring at that house!

He squinted his eyes and listened to the violent shaking of the bed board!

"This rhythm must be the long drought and the cold rain!"

"No more! It's Altman who has been single for a hundred years to see a little monster!"

"This is the first time this old man has seen such a big scene for decades!"

"I can't see that the boy is thin and small, and his physical strength is so amazing!"

"Is this really afraid of saving for forty years?"

The crowd was shocked!

By now, the bed board has been ringing for a full two hours!

Except for a short pause for a few minutes in the middle, there was no urine point during the whole process!

Even many people have already yawned!

However, unlike the others, Jiang Fan is stunned!



With the sound of the bed board constantly ringing, the system prompts began to dominate the screen!

"Ding! Bruce Banner's gratitude to you has greatly increased! Your rewards continue to increase!"

"Ding! Bruce Banner's gratitude to you has greatly increased! Your rewards have been greatly improved!"

"Ding! Bruce Banner's gratitude to you has greatly increased! Your rewards have been greatly improved!"

"Ding! Bruce Banner to you..."

There is actually this operation?

Moreover, the normal stay time should be only half an hour, but the system prompts that it turns out that the banner is not strong enough!

Ask him to wait for a while!

What a special thing!

Although the rewards are constantly increasing, it is great, but does Laozi want to listen to it all night?

The cold wind was bleak, Jiang Fan felt for the first time that he seemed to need a warm bed!



The sound of the bed board continues!

Jiang Fan decided to find a place for supper!

But at this moment!


"Boom boom boom~~~"

Suddenly there was a hum of helicopters in the distance!

The ground is trembling faintly!

Jiang Fan looked into the distance and saw that four helicopters were rushing in the distance!

On the ground, more than ten trucks drove over!

Even among them, there are five tanks!

The leader is an extremely sturdy armored vehicle!

Just look at the camouflage colors above, it's an army!

In an instant, Jiang Fan knew who it was!

General Ross!

This guy must have learned of the situation here, and it was long overdue to mobilize the army!

And in the house!



The bed board is still shaking!

"Okay! I'll help you again!"

Jiang Fan shook his head and rose directly into the sky!

At this moment, all military helicopters and vehicles have also arrived!

"Everyone, please evacuate immediately!"

"It's very dangerous here, please leave this block all!"

"Bruce Banner! You have been surrounded by us! You will be caught immediately!"

"Repeat it again! Bruce Banner, you're alreadyfucking?! Iron Man?"

The loudspeaker on the helicopter was still broadcasting, but as soon as I saw Jiang Fan flying in the sky, I immediately fell into the circle!

But they reacted immediately!

"No! Not Iron Man!"

"This guy doesn't wear armor at all!"

"You can fly in the sky without armor!"

"Who is this guy?"

A group of American soldiers were all stunned!

Through the video, General Ross, who was watching here in the armored vehicle, was completely stunned!

It is understandable that the laboratory can create a monster like Hulk!

But, who is that guy?

Why can you fly into the sky helplessly?

This completely violates the laws of physics!

Newton is on, dont you mean gravitation?

con man!

Do not!


This is not the time to complain!

Rose suddenly picked up the walkie-talkie!

"Don't talk nonsense! Hit the flying guy down!"

"If we can master the secret of his flight, then our air force must be awesome!"

Several pilots were taken aback!

"But General, what about Hulk?"

"We'll deal with him later!"

"But, depending on the situation at the scene, he seems to be...shaking the bed with your daughter!"

The soldier said softly!

Rose furious:

"He shakes the bed to do my ass! Immediately blast the trapeze down!"


The soldier hurriedly agreed!

Putting down the communicator, Rose frowned!

"The shaker...what is the shaker doing at this time? It really is a stupid fool! So is Betty, who doesn't sleep in the middle of the night, so what to do with him!"

General Ross, who is over sixty years old and full of generation gaps, simply understood it literally!

When ordered, the soldiers on the helicopter fired two missiles directly at Jiang Fan!


Two missiles dragged the swaying flames and went straight to Jiang Fan!

"not good!"

"Mr. Jiang, run away!"

"It's shameless! I actually did something to Mr. Jiang!"

"Damn! American soldiers are not like this on the first day!"

"Mr. Jiang! Damn it!"

On the ground, the crowd screamed!

Jiang Fan smiled slightly, facing the two missiles that had already arrived in front of him, he actually made a football kick in mid-air!



Jiang Fan kicked out with both feet!

next moment!


The two missiles turned out to be a big turn, rushed to the helicopter and flew back!


"You can actually play like this!"


"It's too exaggerated!"

The crowd was dumbfounded!

The pilot who fired the missile was stunned!

I even forgot to dodge!

next moment!


The helicopter exploded directly into flames!

General Ross in the armored vehicle has a dull face!

Kick the Missile!

Not only did it not explode, it actually kicked two arcs!

Blast the helicopter!

Iron Man didn't dare to play like this!

"Damn it! Bombard! Bombard all!!"

Rose roared suddenly!

"But General! There are so many civilians ahead..."

"I care about them to die! It's just a bunch of untouchables! Compared to our great American dream, this **** is nothing!"

Rose roared:

"The value of this flying man is 10,000 times more important than them!"

"Shoot! Get me down this trapeze!"


A group of soldiers hurriedly agreed!

However, I haven't waited for them to do it!


"Oh my God! This monster!"

"He's here!"

With the scream coming from the communicator!

"Boom! Boom!"

There was an explosion in the sky!

The remaining four helicopters all exploded into fireworks!

Suddenly, Jiang Fan took the initiative, and a few sword energy directly overturned them!

Rose was shocked!

What happened just now!

Didn't the air combat come to an end before he made a move?

And at this moment!

"Kang Dang!"

The armored vehicle trembled violently!

Immediately afterwards, the extremely strong steel armor above suddenly made a harsh "tear" sound!

next moment!


The upper part of the entire armored vehicle was torn apart alive!

It seems to have opened a panoramic sunroof!

And a tall and handsome man was standing on the edge, smiling at Rose and others inside!

Exactly, Jiang Fan!

Everyone panicked!

They took out their pistols and aimed at Jiang Fan!

And the tanks at the rear have all their muzzles aimed at this side!

"Don't move!"

"Raise your hands immediately!"

"Put your hands where we can see!"

A group of people screamed!

But Jiang Fan didn't care about them at all!

Just looking at Rose with a smile!

"Old guy, how do you want to die?"

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Chapter 581: Don't Be Too Dangerous Chapter 582: Small Business Can't Withstand The Toss Chapter 583: This Is Also Called A Little Understanding Chapter 584: Leave A Piece Of Pure Land For Music Chapter 585: Hey Talk About Compensation Chapter 586: My Name Is Chocolate Chapter 587: You See Too Much Of The World Right? Chapter 588: I Dont Know If Hes A Human But Im A Dog Chapter 589: Steal Chicken Chapter 590: Gambler's Jasper Tail Ring Chapter 591: The Young Of Wealth Is Beckoning To You Chapter 592: One Sword Without The First Chapter 593: Fork Installer Nemesis Chapter 594: Really Treat The Kennel As A Baby Chapter 595: Don't Talk About It Chapter 596: As Long As The Price Is Reasonable It's Not A Problem Chapter 597: He Doesn't Really Want To Talk To Me Chapter 598: Divino's Ambition Chapter 599: Nicholas Foo Chapter 600: Three European Power Systems Chapter 601: Hentai Chapter 602: Although I Am Precocious But Only 8 Years Old Chapter 603: Remember That Recording Chapter 604: This Car Is Driving Too Wild Chapter 605: A Bowl Of Spicy Soup Chapter 606: Dugu Nine Swords Breaking Arrow Pose Chapter 607: An Extremely Bold Idea Chapter 608: I'll Help You Without Thanks Chapter 609: Upcoming Second Job Transfer Chapter 610: Practice Achievement Is A Newt Chapter 611: Ready To Work Chapter 612: The Fat Sheep Delivered To The Door Chapter 613: You're Just An Actor Chapter 614: Steer's Banquet Chapter 615: It's Chilly On The Ass Chapter 616: I'm Sorry. Chapter 617: You Are Too Tender For Playing Yin Chapter 618: Who Is Strong And Who Lives And Who Is Weak And Who Is Dead Chapter 619: The Terrifying Ten Level Powerhouse Chapter 620: Can't Beat You But Can Kill You Chapter 621: A Mad Dog Is A Mad Dog Chapter 622: Guide Wang's First Chapter Chapter 623: The World's First Foreign Power Reputation Chapter 624: I'm Going To Care For Mentally Handicapped Children Chapter 625: Race Against Death Chapter 626: Follow Up To The Crash Chapter 627: Can't Catch The Rebirth Chapter 628: The True Meaning Of Descent Chapter 629: Really Beeping Teddy Chapter 630: This Is A God Man For Delivering Meals In Space Chapter 631: Jiang Chang Chapter 632: The Dog Of My Choice Will Tear Down Chapter 633: Hold The Dog In The Left Hand And Carry The Person In The Right Hand Chapter 634: You Are More Nasty Than A Goblin Chapter 635: My Takeaway Star Never Disappoints Fans Chapter 636: Bali Entertainment Interview Chapter 637: The First Person Who Understands Me Chapter 638: Let's Start The Carnival Chapter 639: Crazy All Crazy Chapter 640: Stupid Makes People Cry Chapter 641: A Phone Call Chapter 642: Jiang Fan Is Still Alive Chapter 643: I Have A Dream Chapter 644: We Are Decent People Chapter 645: Zhou Family Is Here Chapter 646: Waiting For Me To Practice Peerless Swordsmanship Chapter 647: Tenth Level Divine Spell Glory Barrier Chapter 648: I Don't Like The Look In Your Eyes Chapter 649: I'm Bald And Stronger Chapter 650: Who Believes In Who Is A Big Silly Cha Chapter 651: Neither Yours Nor His Chapter 652: Ruthless Man With Alcoholism Chapter 653: A Chapter 654: Rounding Chapter 655: Teacher Chapter 656: The Strong Show The Weak Chapter 657: Bullet Headshot Chapter 658: It's Another Harvest Night Chapter 659: Why Are You Bald Chapter 660: Beating From Society Chapter 661: Reborn From The Cocoon Wings Are Picturesque Chapter 662: Train Services Chapter 663: Stylistic Blooms Chapter 664: Haha 60 Million Are All Mine Chapter 665: What's The Use Of Like You Chapter 666: Long Hair Princess Chapter 667: Shaolin Temple Initiator Head Tuo Chapter 668: Sunflower Seeds Chapter 669: The Trouble Should Come Sooner Or Later Chapter 670: Don't Even Think About Buying Without Capital Chapter 671: This Poison Can't Be Found Chapter 672: This Analysis Is All Right Chapter 673: Fruity Smell In The Air Chapter 674: No You Will Be Beaten To Death Chapter 675: Miaowu Tianluo Chapter 676: No Wonder You Like To Be Reasonable Chapter 677: Mantis Is Not Scissors Chapter 678: Life As A Human Chapter 679: Invincible Hot Wheels Chapter 680: Don't Care About Tricks At All Chapter 681: I Love Helping Others Most In My Life Chapter 682: Curtis's Natural Enemy Chapter 683: Critically Ill Spider Man Chapter 684: How Can I Stand Up To The Little People To Help The World? Chapter 685: The Greater The Ability The Greater The Responsibility Chapter 686: Why Don't You Worry About Such A Dogma Chapter 687: Skeleton Tomb Tree Roots Chapter 688: What's Your Name Lad Chapter 689: Hapless Augustus Chapter 690: So Many Causal Points Chapter 691: The Real Is The Imaginary Chapter 692: Suck Me To Death Chapter 693: Just Ask For Money But Not Life Chapter 694: Chuanghai Media Chapter 695: Leave A Way For The Poor Thugs Chapter 696: Shrek's Donkey Meat Burns Chapter 697: Golden Trial Card Chapter 698: Isaac's First Test Chapter 699: This Is The Style Of The Butler Chapter 700: Turn 2 Opens Yuyu Hakusho Chapter 701: Shui Jade Sword And Mother Sword Chapter 702: Is The Legend True Chapter 703: Must Make Up For Economic Knowledge Chapter 704: I'm Augustus Back Again Chapter 705: You Two Wait For Me Chapter 706: Quest Opens Jiaoshou Island Chapter 707: Plot Change Chapter 708: Comic Protagonist Law Chapter 709: I'm Sorry Boy You're Just A Foil Chapter 710: Can Only Wait To Die Chapter 711: I'm Going To Kill Chapter 712: Light You Up Chapter 713: I Want To Fight Four Chapter 714: The Agency Is Exhausted Chapter 715: 100 Toguro Chapter 716: Breakthrough Chapter 717: Extreme Tyrant Chapter 718: Surpass Its Bottom Card Chapter 719: Explosive Rewards Chapter 720: I Can Hit Ten Thousand Chapter 721: Light Court Chapter 722: Sword Of Thorns Chapter 723: You Two Will Farm Chapter 724: Strengthening Of The Title And Success Method Chapter 725: This Is My Cousin Chapter 726: Ranked First Chapter 727: Capital Chapter 729: My Name Is Sword Demon Chapter 730: Fur Swordsmanship Chapter 731: Devil's Temptation Chapter 732: The Most Luxurious Instant Noodles In History Chapter 733: Bloody Angel Alice Chapter 734: Side Mission Rescue Chapter 735: Let's Get Rid Of The Time Chapter 736: This Is Not A Big Heart This Is Strength Chapter 737: Huaxia Club Wushu Coconut Can't Stop The Wind Chapter 738: You Are Surrounded By Me Chapter 739: Oh This Wonderful Copper Smell Chapter 740: Ancestor Tyrant Lineage Chapter 741: Kill Lin An Chapter 742: Cousin Why Are You Bleeding Again? Chapter 743: The Murderer Is You Chapter 744: Yellow Mud Wipe The Crotch Chapter 745: Zhou Ning Chapter 746: It Must Be My Own Person Who Calculates Me Chapter 747: If You Want To Eat Him You Have To Do The Big Picture Chapter 748: Blood Root Chapter 749: Discover One And Protect One Chapter 750: God Descends From Heaven My Son In Law Chapter 751: I Don't Want To Be A Social Animal Chapter 752: This Is Not Sweat This Is My Respect For You Chapter 753: The Sword Is Like A Dream And Enters The Dragon Slaying Again Chapter 754: Ming Dynasty Chapter 755: The Mighty Power Of The World Chapter 756: Guards Against The Sky Chapter 757: Gentle Chapter 758: My Zhu Tianxing Means To Reach The Sky Chapter 759: I Am Voluntary Chapter 760: Are You Stupid? Chapter 761: This Is A Parasite Chapter 762: Fate Gu Chapter 763: Luck Is Also Strength Chapter 764: Dying To Live Chapter 765: Put It To Death And Live After Chapter 766: If There Is A Kind We Will Die Together Chapter 767: For The Week Chapter 768: Murderous Intent Chapter 769: Come And Give Me A Smile Chapter 770: The Devil Is Back Chapter 771: All Chapter 772: Nine Suns Overlord Halberd Chapter 773: It's More Dazzling Than The Pearls In Milk Tea Chapter 774: You Must Avenge Others Chapter 775: Lv's First Person To Install A Fork Chapter 776: Order Chapter 777: Have To Let Me Plagiarize Chapter 778: Do You Think You Can Cross Chapter 779: I Really Value Your Wisdom Chapter 780: Mother Rong Is Kinder Than You Chapter 781: Auntie I Still Want To Fight Chapter 782: I Warn You That I'm Not Good At That Chapter 783: Triumphant Lu Hongyue Chapter 784: Andrology Hospital Li Tianlin Chapter 785: Bomb Sniper Bullet Chapter 786: Starry Chapter 787: Law Phase Chapter 788: I Will Go If They Don't Come Chapter 789: Black Book Of Mummy Undead Chapter 790: Brother Yi's House Is Really Unique Chapter 791: What's Wrong With You Chapter 792: Stygian Water Chapter 793: Let It Go Chapter 794: System Obliteration Warning Chapter 795: Zhou Yuande Chapter 796: Does Not Match Your Personal Settings Chapter 797: Murder Chapter 798: Back Home Chapter 799: Nine Dollars And Nine Free Shipping Chapter 800: Good Peace And Prosperity Chapter 801: Sexy Boy Takes Orders Online Chapter 802: This Plot Is Familiar Chapter 803: Taoist Goes Down The Mountain Chapter 804: Fuck Flying Sword Chapter 805: Parallel Repair Chapter 806: A New Way To Earn Causal Points Chapter 807: People's First Candle Chapter 808: Worm Chapter 809: Moving Mountain Treasure Box Chapter 810: Jiang Fan Help Chapter 811: Who Wants To Murder Zhongliang? Chapter 812: Good Scenery Is Behind Chapter 813: Taboo Summoning Chapter 814: See What You Are Summoning Chapter 815: Eternal Coquettish Character Chapter 816: Is Male Chapter 817: Which Grandson Blows Me Up Chapter 818: Orangutan Story Chapter 819: Standing On The Building Chapter 820: Real Man Summoning Card Chapter 821: Arrogant Ma Dongmei Chapter 822: We Are Just To Enliven The Atmosphere Chapter 823: Uncle Chapter 824: Los Angeles King Chapter 825: Ancestors Mighty Chapter 826: Better Than Saving Women Who Stumbled Chapter 827: Can't Kill Chapter 828: Why Does The Violence Continue To Be Banned? Chapter 829: Full Of Absurdity. Chapter 830: This Loss Is Destined To Eat Chapter 831: The King Of Wimps Chapter 832: Takeaways With Weapons Chapter 833: The Rise Of The Useless Chapter 834: Ct Light Film With Wrong Props Chapter 835: Help Someone Really Wants To Kill Me Chapter 836: Am I Mature So Fast Chapter 837: White Skin And Beautiful Long Legs Chapter 838: Follow Up To The Light Judgment Chapter 839: This Direction Is Wrong Chapter 840: Am I Wrong? Chapter 841: The Sky Collapsed And The Earth Fell Chapter 842: Wang Hu Chapter 843: Good People Have To Make Money To Support Their Families Chapter 844: You Have To Believe Me This Is Altitude Sickness Chapter 845: Snickers No Longer Work Chapter 846: Probably In The Public Toilet Chapter 847: You Successfully Aroused My Anger Chapter 848: He Can Conquer The Entire Planet Alone Chapter 849: One Person Slaughtered Thousands Of Enemies Chapter 850: Why Are You So Innocent Chapter 851: Praise You My Master Chapter 852: Weird Bronze Gate Chapter 853: I Like Your Honesty Chapter 854: The Craftsmanship Is Rusty Chapter 855: Your Scene Is Destined To Be Broken Chapter 856: You Said It Was A Misunderstanding Chapter 857: You Are Much Better Than Your Dad Chapter 858: Come To Refill Chapter 859: Longyan Daigan Yang Jian's Order Chapter 860: Twenty Years Later To Be Crowned Emperor Chapter 861: It's Just A Salted Fish Chapter 862: Look Like You Haven't Seen The World Chapter 863: This Is A Salted Fish This Is Obviously A Wooden Fish Chapter 864: Cat Crying Mouse Chapter 865: Xiangzhou Black Widow Chapter 866: Moral High Ground Chapter 867: I'm Out Of Double Chapter 868: Li Ling Fainted Chapter 869: This Line Looks More Promising Than Takeaway Chapter 870: China Outlet Chapter 871: Get A Hammer Chapter 872: Another Wise Saying Chapter 873: You Don't Want To Chapter 874: I Won The Inheritance Of Confucius And Mencius Chapter 875: I Am A Good Person Chapter 876: I'm So Rich Chapter 877: Everyone Wants To Diverge And Emancipate The Mind Chapter 878: The Secret Room Of The Old House Of The Jiang Family Chapter 879: Jiang Fan You Are Really My Lucky Star Chapter 880: Then You're Gone Chapter 881: I Don't Know The Goods Chapter 882: There Is A Problem With The Script Chapter 883: Are You Questioning Me Chapter 884: Lord Of The Rings Barbecue Package Chapter 885: The Light Of Local Tyrants Chapter 886: The Temptation Of Charcoal Grilled Big Kidney Chapter 887: The Most Ruthless Man In Middle Earth Chapter 888: Gandalf Chapter 889: This Is A Forbidden Curse Chapter 890: Staff Of Light Chapter 891: Visitors From Across The Ocean Chapter 892: A Villain Is Better Than A Mad Dog A Hungry Wolf Chapter 893: I Want You To Die Chapter 894: Ring Of Thorns Chapter 895: Sword Hand Chapter 896: That Picture Is Too Beautiful Chapter 897: Hyperactive Chapter 898: Ten Is Ten Chapter 899: The Wind Is Blowing The Clouds Are Flying Chapter 900: Bangge Listen To Me Explain Chapter 901: The Most Characterful Client Chapter 902: Xiangzhuang Dance Sword Chapter 903: I Want To Order You Chapter 904: Have You Heard Of The Skyrocketing Chapter 905: Fu Rudong Haima Desheng Chapter 906: You Vampire Chapter 907: This Chapter 908: Heart Chapter 909: This Exaggerated Table Chapter 910: It Hurts Self Esteem Chapter 911: Hurt Your Feelings Chapter 912: Flip Over A Folding Stool Chapter 913: Backhand Taunt Chapter 914: I Let You Off Just Because Of My Kindness Chapter 915: Aha Aha Chapter 916: What A Hot Pepper And Fat Intestines Chapter 917: Hehe Hey Little Lady Chapter 918: Lingbo Weibuluo Socks Give Birth To Dust Chapter 919: Only Wyan Chapter 920: You Have To Take My Unspoken Rules Chapter 921: Fragments Of Mu Tianzi's Biography Chapter 922: Rob Me As An Ancestor Chapter 923: I Believe In Your Loyalty Chapter 924: You Can Finally Return To Your Old Business Chapter 925: Jump Into The Pit By Yourself Chapter 926: Don't Be Too Presumptuous In A Society Ruled By Law Chapter 927: I'm Just A Poor Demon Chapter 928: This Is Challenging Chapter 929: What Should You Do Chapter 930: I Wish You And Your Family Fly Through The Catastrophe Chapter 931: Mysterious Soldiers Are Still Endless Chapter 932: Close Your Eyes Chapter 933: Can't Stop It Chapter 934: Ding Your Running Dog Is Online Chapter 935: Will He Teleport? Chapter 936: Tiaohulishan Strength Diversion Chapter 937: This Is The Last Step Chapter 938: It's Dark Chapter 939: It's Not Easy To Die Generously Chapter 940: Patriarch Is Really An Iron Man Chapter 941: Sure Enough The Local Tyrants In China Chapter 942: There Are Three Steps To Refining The Corpse Chapter 943: Puppet Gu Chapter 944: Wonderful Experience Chapter 945: Evil Rider's Mapo Tofu Chapter 946: Perverted So Hot To Transform Chapter 947: The Chinese Takeaway Rider Is The Most Hanging Rider Chapter 948: System You Finally Grow Up Chapter 949: Heart Transfer Card Chapter 950: Bai Meng Chapter 951: I'm Sorry For My Bai Family Chapter 952: Tianding Shiji Must Have Relatives Too Chapter 953: It Is Said That Because Of His Wife Chapter 954: Medicine Gate Chapter 955: You See That The Sun Is Big And Round Chapter 956: Truth Goodness And Beauty Chapter 957: Who Dares To Accept Me In The Sky And The Earth Chapter 958: Am I Good Enough Chapter 959: Back To Midnight Chapter 960: Mandrill Chapter 961: Ultraman Ironclad Chapter 962: Canopy Curse Incomplete Body Chapter 963: Well Of Evil Chapter 964: Brother Jiang You Are Too Shameless Chapter 965: Uh Uh Uh You Are Right Chapter 966: I Never Make Black Money Chapter 967: Rely On Yourself To Not Be Afraid Of Betrayal Chapter 968: One Three Is Third Chapter 969: I Must Have This Dish On My Table Chapter 970: What Kind Of Black Technology Is This? Chapter 971: Serve The People Chapter 972: Is Moral Building So Fast? Chapter 973: Idol You're Arguing Chapter 974: The Marketing Account Is Blown Up Chapter 975: Sister Chapter 976: The Background Can Only Become The Back Chapter 977: Backhand Pit Chapter 978: Genius Among Geniuses Chapter 979: You Deserve It Once Hehehe Chapter 980: Are You Afraid That You Have A Misunderstanding About Insidiousness Chapter 981: Good Brother I Recognize You In This Life Chapter 982: I'm Not Perverted Enough Chapter 983: Red And Blue Medicine Pills Chapter 984: Eliminate Artificial Intelligence And Liberate All Mankind Chapter 985: If You Have No Strength What Do You Pretend To Be Handsome? Chapter 986: Super Plug In Cheater Chapter 987: The Mysterious Halo Of The Savior Chapter 988: Sow Discord Chapter 989: Take China As The Chessboard Chapter 990: Jinglingzong Mountain Gate Chapter 991: Good Goat Horns Chapter 992: Feijian Is The Hard Currency Chapter 993: Explosive Yijian Wushuang Chapter 994: The Six Parents Don't Recognize It Chapter 995: It's Just A Relative Chapter 996: You Tell Me This Is A Fist Chapter 997: Do You Not Practice Martial Arts? Chapter 998: You Don't Want To Make Money Chapter 999: Master Uncle Fairy Blessing First Enjoy Chapter 1000: Little Two First Cow Chapter 1001: This Is Obviously An Electronic Force Field Chapter 1002: Surrender Is Your Only Way Out Chapter 1003: It's So Delicious That The Cpu Is Going To Blow Up Chapter 1004: I Drop A Five Faced Monster Chapter 1005: The Sinister And Cunning Megatron Chapter 1006: Boy You Are Crazy Chapter 1007: You Are Stupid If You Have Money Chapter 1008: You Know Me Chapter 1009: Misfortune Chapter 1010: Don't Grab Me Chapter 1011: I'm Looking For A Patron Chapter 1012: I'm So Relieved That The Taoist Master Is So Frank Chapter 1013: Why Are You Like A Brothel Chapter 1014: Fan Groups Are The Largest Organization In The World Chapter 1015: Burst Into Flames Chapter 1016: Brutality And Wisdom Coexist Chapter 1017: That's It Chapter 1018: Fight The Predator Again Chapter 1019: The Game Started Chapter 1020: Shoulder Ion Cannon Chapter 1021: This Must Be A Flashback Chapter 1022: The Family Needs To Be Neat And Tidy Chapter 1023: This Trade Has Lost Chapter 1024: A New Generation Of Emoticons Chapter 1025: I'm Your Pistachio Chapter 1026: You Are Going For A Snack Chapter 1027: Actually Snatched A Man Back Chapter 1028: Who Can Chop Off The Plane Chapter 1029: Just Stay Overnight Chapter 1030: Woman Is A Tiger Chapter 1031: Can't You Suffer? Chapter 1032: Can I Not Afford To Hide From The Old Nyonya? Chapter 1033: Star Legend Chapter 1034: Machine Gun Boom Monster Chapter 1035: Luminous Eye Chapter 1036: The Highlight Is Coming Chapter 1037: Crazy Bidding Chapter 1038: An Unexpectedly Fatal Crisis Chapter 1039: Li Daitaozheng Opened A Way For You Chapter 1040: Chapter 1041: The Best Chance To Kill Jiang Fan Chapter 1042: The Tip Of The Iceberg Of The Sword Of Thorns Chapter 1043: I Found A Lord Of Thorns Chapter 1044: Unexpected Auction Items Chapter 1045: No Shit Chapter 1046: Congratulations On Raising Your Quota To 10 Billion Chapter 1047: Play Chess With Me Chapter 1048: Gargoyle Chapter 1049: Day Chapter 1050: I Thought I Was Gandalf In A White Robe Chapter 1051: How Many People Did This Kid Offend? Chapter 1052: This Is Really Flashing Chapter 1053: Not Quite Right Chapter 1054: Too Insidious Chapter 1055: Find Him And Kill Him Chapter 1056: Again Chapter 1057: Listener Injury Chapter 1058: Greedy Just Right Chapter 1059: I Can't Help But Want To Laugh When I Dream Chapter 1060: Not A Trick But A Scheming Chapter 1061: No One Knows How To Fool Women Better Than Me Chapter 1062: Are You Perverted Chapter 1063: Any Absolute First Chapter 1064: China Gaizhong Gai Chapter 1065: Selling Mobile Phones Is Really Promising Chapter 1066: Demon Aircraft Chapter 1067: Chilly Sun Chapter 1068: I Just Speak Too Fast Chapter 1069: You Hit Me Again Chapter 1070: Don't You Have A Bottom Line Chapter 1071: A New Idol Is Born Chapter 1072: You Deserve To Be Honest Chapter 1073: Next Time I Go To Beijing Chapter 1074: One Two Two Two Is Not Counted As Alcohol Chapter 1075: Aha You Are In A Group Chapter 1076: Top Ten Outstanding People In Los Angeles Chapter 1077: Public Opinion Exploded Chapter 1078: I Became A Wanted Criminal Chapter 1079: Hole In The Boat Chapter 1080: Wronged Chapter 1081: Broadcasting Loudspeaker In The Village Chapter 1082: There Is Also A Limit To The Lack Of Heart And Eyes Chapter 1083: Mystery Hero Chapter 1084: Tomb Of The Living Chapter 1085: Huaxia Zhibao Tea Egg Chapter 1086: This Is Really A Rubber Fruit Chapter 1087: Freedom Chapter 1088: Seventy Two Pillars Of The Devil Chapter 1089: Hand Over All The Valuable Things Chapter 1090: Aloza Sa. De Chapter 1091: He Is More Terrifying Than Magma Chapter 1092: Why Are Your Hands So Cheap Chapter 1093: Hell Projection Chapter 1094: Laozi Can't Change His Name Chapter 1095: Too Wild To Take A Bath In A Magma Lake Chapter 1096: Ability Pupil Engraved Chapter 1097: New Order Scallion Fried Lamb Chapter 1098: The Temptation To Take Out Chapter 1099: The Ruler Of The Green Grassland Is Invincible To Destroy The Pan Chapter 1100: Quetzalcoatl And The Three Evil Gods Chapter 1101: Onongana Black Stallion Chapter 1102: The Name Really Has Length Chapter 1103: How Can You Resist Chapter 1104: Causal Reincarnation Chapter 1105: I Can't Believe You Chapter 1106: Let Him Die Again Chapter 1107: You Still Kill Me Chapter 1108: Artifact Pointed Leather Shoes Chapter 1109: Yimeng Fried Chicken Chapter 1110: Bicycle Equipped With Vulcan Cannon Chapter 1111: Ning To Be A Chinese Ghost Rather Than A Native Of Another Country Chapter 1112: Nitrogen Booster Chapter 1113: Despising The Devil Is Too Arrogant Chapter 1114: Isaac's Esteem Chapter 1115: The Current Mausoleum Chapter 1116: Super Perverted Adolf Chapter 1117: Tomb Of Disco Tripoca Chapter 1118: Boiling God Chapter 1119: Beasts That's A God Chapter 1120: God Of Darkness Chapter 1121: Password Chapter 1122: This Is A Second Fool Chapter 1123: I Know Your Abilities Chapter 1124: Elemental Mechanics Chapter 1125: The Most Desperate Abyss Chapter 1126: Castle Of Thorns Chapter 1127: Embarrassed Chapter 1128: Then Help Him Brag B Chapter 1129: The Second Fire Is About To Start Chapter 1130: A Man Favored By The Tailor God Chapter 1131: Divide Discussions Chapter 1132: Things Are Big On My Side Chapter 1133: What Porcelain Work Would You Take Without Diamonds? Chapter 1134: You Are Not A Conspiracy Chapter 1135: Comer Chapter 1136: One Word Side By Side Chapter 1137: You Are Going To Make A Fortune Chapter 1138: How Much Is This Thing Worth Chapter 1139: A Good Young Man Who Strives For Progress Chapter 1140: Seems To Be Too Ridiculous Chapter 1141: Use Of Points Chapter 1142: Really Sophisticated Exchange Chapter 1143: The Person Who Pretends To Be A Fork Chapter 1144: A Little Sweet Like Pulsating Chapter 1145: I Want To See Who Is This Big Chapter 1146: Oh Madika Chapter 1147: Abraham The Sword Hand Chapter 1148: Have You Seen Infernal Affairs Chapter 1149: Male Model Brother Chapter 1150: The Battle Of The Top Designers Chapter 1151: Black King Chapter 1152: This Is Ready To Be Designed To Death Chapter 1153: Order Demon Slayer Chapter 1154: Bleeding Gums Chapter 1155: Hold On To The First Chapter 1156: Britney Brandon Chapter 1157: He Is In The Internet Cafe Chapter 1158: Life Saving Means Chapter 1159: The Eyes Watching The Prey Caught Chapter 1160: Jokes Chapter 1161: Stretch Out Sinful Hands Chapter 1162: Correct It Is My Antique Chapter 1163: What Kind Of Garlic Cloves Chapter 1164: Because Of Ancestral Training Chapter 1165: No. 1 In Ancient Agriculture Chapter 1166: Qi Min Yaoshu Chapter 1167: Get Rich Leader Chapter 1168: Tripartite Gathering Chapter 1169: The Curtain Slowly Opened Chapter 1170: They Want To Kill Me Chapter 1171: I Proved To Him That You Are Not Stupid Chapter 1172: Lion's Fangs Chapter 1173: Don't Be Impulsive Chapter 1174: The Cry Is Worse Than The Screaming Chicken Chapter 1175: The Murderous Whole Plan Chapter 1176: Look Here Chapter 1177: Promote Wealthy Waywardness Chapter 1178: This Is A Truly Complete Bureau Chapter 1179: Low Level Chapter 1180: 24k Pure Iron Pot Chapter 1181: Do You Know Where Megatron Is Chapter 1182: Handsome In Three Seconds Chapter 1183: I Don't Want To Amputate Chapter 1184: Mechanical Combat Chapter 1185: Dare To Threaten Me At This Level Chapter 1186: Is This A Grenade In Your Hand? Chapter 1187: I Never Speak Loudly Chapter 1188: Please Leave The Ancestors Chapter 1189: So Much Money For A Little Bit Chapter 1190: Lie And Earn Chapter 1191: Turn The Cultivation World Into A Profitable Factory Chapter 1192: I Don't Want To Lose My Blood Chapter 1193: Hit To Spit Chapter 1194: Jack's Snow Cheese Chapter 1195: It's Too Miserable Chapter 1196: Weird Ghost Ship Chapter 1197: Deep Sea Hades David Jones Chapter 1198: It Depends On What You Have Chapter 1199: Salvation Of Poseidon Chapter 1200: Yongshan Jinglingzong Chapter 1201: Borrowed Chapter 1202: How Can I Make It Mine Chapter 1203: You Are So Brilliant Chapter 1204: I Treat You As A Friend But You Chapter 1205: Sincere Joy For You Chapter 1206: I Am Really Upset Chapter 1207: How Many Spicy Bars Can I Eat To Be So Presumptuous Chapter 1208: Have Something To Discuss Chapter 1209: The Most Persuaded Master In History Chapter 1210: Shame To Autism Chapter 1211: See The Greek First Chapter 1212: Ai Ye Chicken Chapter 1213: Huaxia Phoenix Bicycle Chapter 1214: The Strongest Insecticide Chapter 1215: Make Crazy Chapter 1216: I'm Scared Of What You Are Eating Chapter 1217: I Understand You Chapter 1218: International Licking Dog Chapter 1219: Prepare For The Next Round Chapter 1220: The Old Tree Blooms With Ten Births Chapter 1221: Legend Of Sword And Fairy Chapter 1222: Spicy Top Chapter 1223: Do It Again Chapter 1224: My Eldest Brother Sword Sage Jiang Fan Chapter 1225: When Did I Say I Let You Go Chapter 1226: Choose The Wrong Profession Chapter 1227: Dry Wood And Raging Fire Is A Verb Chapter 1228: Evil Dog Chapter 1229: Look At Our Laughs. Chapter 1230: 9:30 Tonight Chapter 1231: Respect And Bottom Line Chapter 1232: Is It To Experience Life Chapter 1233: With Wings In It It's A Sculpture Chapter 1234: Cretaceous Overlord Chapter 1235: Jurassic Park Chapter 1236: Thousands Of Miles Of Marriage Together Chapter 1237: Do It Or Not Chapter 1238: Clone Book Chapter 1239: Whatever Can't Destroy Me Will Make Me Strong Chapter 1240: This Fat Guy Has A Future Chapter 1241: Dismissive Chapter 1242: Song Lao Er Chapter 1243: If You Don't Accumulate Steps You Can't Reach A Thousand Miles Chapter 1244: I Am Your Fan Chapter 1245: Quiet Few Desires And No Competition Chapter 1246: Brainstorming Chapter 1247: Heifer Flies The Plane Chapter 1248: Stir Fried Niuhe Mobile Maze Chapter 1249: Ten Eagle Eyes Can't Match Chapter 1250: This Is Teleportation Chapter 1251: Cr263 Design Drawings Chapter 1252: This Child Is What An Adult Wants Chapter 1253: Just Want To Kill You Chapter 1254: Two To Eight Splits Chapter 1255: It's Best To Show Sincerity When Asking For Help Chapter 1256: Lead Me Into The Urn Chapter 1257: Sucks Chapter 1258: Latitude 3220 North Latitude 6445 West Longitude Chapter 1259: Dragon God Chapter 1260: Night Demon Chapter 1261: Crazy Dave Chapter 1262: Brother Chapter 1263: This Is A Destruction Mushroom Chapter 1264: The Upcoming Three Turn Mission Chapter 1265: Zen Garden Chapter 1266: Alcatraz Chapter 1267: Headless Rider Chapter 1268: True Gold Chapter 1269: See If You Can Still Be Mad Chapter 1270: Counterattack Chapter 1271: Heart Slayer Chapter 1272: The Team Logo Is So Popular Chapter 1273: Headless Horseman's Golden Treasure Chest Chapter 1274: Chade Village Viper Chapter 1275: Wangzai Qq Candy Chapter 1276: One Piece Man Chapter 1277: Plot Changes Chapter 1278: The Mystery Of The Broken Arm Chapter 1279: Fight Like Walking A Dog Chapter 1280: My Slogan Is The Loudest Chapter 1281: If You Don't Have The Ability You Will Be Beaten Chapter 1282: Who Doesn't Have A Toilet Yet Chapter 1283: Too Cool Chapter 1284: Reported The Train Ticket Chapter 1285: Named Dust Chapter 1286: Adult Hideaki Chapter 1287: Bermuda Chapter 1288: Concealed Chapter 1289: Ninja Chapter 1290: Seven Powers Chapter 1291: Pei Qing Chapter 1292: Kirara Hasegawa Chapter 1293: Dark Light Chapter 1294: Dodoroa Chapter 1295: A Word To Determine The Life And Death Of The Master Chapter 1296: Men Cry Cry Its Not A Sin Chapter 1297: Help You Go To Heaven Chapter 1298: With The Sky As The Curtain The Brushstrokes Come True Chapter 1299: Tianhe Weaving Cloth Chapter 1300: Caution Is A Virtue Chapter 1301: God's Blessing Chapter 1302: The Anger Of The Star Chasers Chapter 1303: Idol Of Idol Chapter 1304: I'm Just An Errand Chapter 1305: I Really Dont Use Bean Buns As Dry Food Chapter 1306: Deep Sea Bottle Chapter 1307: The Big Plan Begins Chapter 1308: He Is Called Takeaway Star Chapter 1309: I Swear By That Hapless Soul Chapter 1310: Please Call Me Little Tang Monk Chapter 1311: This Guy Is Not A Virgin Chapter 1312: Refresh The Three Views Chapter 1313: Light Sacrifice Chapter 1314: Too Smart Is Stupid Chapter 1315: Not As Good As A Fly Chapter 1316: Look In My Eyes Chapter 1317: Day Is Jiang Fan Chapter 1318: Could It Be That He Committed Suicide By Jumping Off A Building Chapter 1319: Xiaozhi Kills A Hundred With Reason Chapter 1320: Cats And Flies Chapter 1321: Geek In Disguise Chapter 1322: One Room And One Hall Chapter 1323: Magic Trouser Pocket Chapter 1324: Cthulhu Mask Chapter 1325: Excited Hypertension Chapter 1326: Five Party Alliance Chapter 1327: My Name Is Jiang Fan Huaxia Jiang Fan Chapter 1328: I Know Who You Are Chapter 1329: More Legendary Than Teacher Tony Chapter 1330: Oh Stupid Chapter 1331: You Actually Let Lao Tzu Kidnap Grand Master Chapter 1332: Destined To Pay For Your Simplicity Chapter 1333: Widow Tun Gambling God Chapter 1334: Pharaoh Has Entered The Bedroom Chapter 1335: As Long As I Want No One Can Win Chapter 1336: Why Is The Deposit So Expensive? Chapter 1337: Violent Chapter 1338: Taboo Barrier Chapter 1339: Ruins No. 3 Chapter 1340: Beam Into Line Chapter 1341: Medieval Cat Chapter 1342: Unsolvable Game Chapter 1343: Just A Game Chapter 1344: Ten Plagues Chapter 1345: Sudden Battle Chapter 1346: Only One Meter Chapter 1347: Shock Chapter 1348: Less Than 30 Chance Of Winning Chapter 1349: I Am Enough Chapter 1350: I Underestimated You After All Chapter 1351: The Night Demon Is Coming Chapter 1352: Heart Attack Chapter 1353: Half Move Chapter 1354: Jiang Fan You Are Determined To Lose Chapter 1355: Die Card Chapter 1356: Daughter Of Ugly Time Chapter 1357: Phantom Baby Chapter 1358: Night Demon Is Dead Chapter 1359: Analysis Chapter 1360: Too Cruel Chapter 1361: Aura Rises Again Chapter 1362: Red Pupil Chapter 1363: Almost Chapter 1364: This Is Too Barren Chapter 1365: All Things Draw Chapter 1366: Send You To The West Chapter 1367: Loyal To Me Chapter 1368: Dad Of The God Of Light Chapter 1369: Give You A Big Gift Chapter 1370: Chosen Chapter 1371: Atlantis Chapter 1372: The Smell Of Money Chapter 1373: Is The Business So Big? Chapter 1374: Blood For Blood Chapter 1375: Become A Monster By A Monster Chapter 1376: Bye Bye Within You Chapter 1377: Jagged Suit Chapter 1378: The Real Core Chapter 1379: How Many Sauced Elbows Should I Buy? 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