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The melodious voice of the pudding spread from the top of the mountain -

Fall in love with the shortcomings of an angel, in a devil's language.

God was in the clouds, only blinked, and finally the eyebrows wrinkled, the head.

Fall in love with a serious pastime, with a flower to open the time.

You are next to me and only took a photo.

On the sunny day of May, the electricity flashed.

In my lifetime, I will not be spared if I meet in a narrow way...

The palm of your hand suddenly grows a tangled curve.

Before I became sensible, I couldnt grow up for a day.

Can't stay, can't count, flow years.

In the second paragraph, almost all the chorus, the song chosen by Pudding, is old enough.

It was the day after the Chinese music scene in China, Faye Wongs song, called "The Year of the Flow"

There are so many songs by Faye Wong, but the pudding is the one who loves this one. Why?

Because there is a sentence here, called, in a lifetime, the narrow road meets...

Therefore, she believes that her reunion with Wei Yunchu five years later is also a fate, but also in her lifetime.

This song seems to make everyone resonate...

Huo Mian drunk in Qin Chu's arms, although he ran a tune, but still sang very happy.

This is destined to be a grand carnival...

Maybe after many years, everyone will remember, many nights ago.

At the top of Nanshan Castle, a group of people watched the stars here and said the future.

Enjoy the peace of the years, the gentleness of time.

Everyone is successful, this is the best ending...

In the evening, the pudding who had not dreamed for a long time had a dream.

She dreamed that she had reached a mountain full of gardenia...

There, she saw a scene.

Su and wearing a white Versace short sleeve, casual pants.

In the gardenia, the smile is brilliant.

His side is the mother Huo Mian, and a little girl I dont know...

Just listening to Su Yu has been calling her name, silent, silent.

The pudding had always heard the grandfather of the five said that Su Shuai did not die.

He just went to a world very similar to the world.

There, Su Shuai has everything and is also a long-awaited woman.

At first, she always thought that the five grandfather comforted her and made a lie.

Until this evening, she made this strange dream...

After seeing Su Yu, who had not seen for a long time, she smiled on her face and she knew that Su Shuai had already lived happily.

Well, the decision that many years ago, he is right.

When the dream woke up, the pudding vaguely saw Su Yu returning to the head...

To her, laughing so gentle...

At that moment, my heart will melt...

"Su Shuai... You have to be happy all the time... no matter if we can have a chance to meet in the future... you have to be happy, and I... we will never forget you, we will always remember..."

When the dream woke up, the pudding touched the chest... tears...


In the lives of each of us, there will always be some people who pass us by. I didn't have time to meet, but I didn't have time to meet each other, but I didn't have time to meet each other. I fell in love but fell in love, but I still have to say goodbye. But even then, the process is beautiful. After many years, no matter what the ending, memories always make people wet. In the clothes, love is the most romantic thing in the world, and lovingly loving someone is also a happy but unspeakable thing, and we are often willing to think of it before, not because the past time is too beautiful, but to miss those orders. Good times.

The full text of the finale, the end of the foreign big, thank you all.

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