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Chapter 1300 Storm

"Hehe, the three Universal Civilizations have really done it now. Looks like theyve made up their minds"

In the guest meeting room of Black Star Palace, more than a dozen Beyond Grade As gathered and looked at the virtual screen on the wall of the room that was playing the news about the three Universal Civilizations announcement.

They were all looking worried except for Han Xiao, who was holding his chin and had a poker face.


Someone suddenly slammed the table. The others looked over and saw Kant had a gloomy expression, and his fist was planted into the cracked table.

"Manison is forcing us to waste our one chance at the Sanctum Revival!"

The people present all had hostile expressions on their faces.

The two sides military forces had made frequent movements. These were all core members of the association invited by Han Xiao to gather in Black Star Palace.

At the start, they thought this was another trick played by the three Universal Civilizations, till Han Xiao briefly explained what had happened when Manison was attacked. They were shocked both by the fact that Manison really produced the Virtual Mutiny Virus and Manison leaking the lab records deliberately.

With the Sanctum Revival backing them up, they were not afraid of fighting. However, being willing to fight and being forced to fight were two different things.

Initially, after the three Universal Civilizations invaded Manisons database, the association standing up for him would be normal. However, with the Virtual Mutiny Virus appearance, the nature of the matter changed. The association became the side in the wrong. Furthermore, Manison most likely did it on purpose to drag them down.

At this time, they were all very unhappy with old Manison. After all, there was only one chance to use the Sanctum Revival, and no one wanted to use it too early.

"Black Star, what are we going to do? The three Universal Civilizations brought this matter up. Will the association still back Manison up?" Kasuyi asked. He did not react much to it as Han Xiao had told him long ago.

Han Xiao rubbed his chin and said with a deep voice, "Based on my speculation, after the three Universal Civilizations found out about the Virtual Mutiny Virus existence, there were a few possible paths theyd take, and what theyre doing now is one of them. After announcing it to the galactic civilization, they sent an army to surround the Mechanical Races territory, threatening and trying to force Manison to give up the technology.

"If the association backs the Mechanic Emperor up and holds onto the virus technology, the three Universal Civilizations will only have to push the public opinion slightly, and the neutral image and reputation the association has built will collapse instantly. At the same time, an all-out war might erupt, and the three Universal Civilizations are probably ready for it."

"How about we give up Manison?" someone asked. "The situation is different now. I believe most members understand. After all, we really had no idea about the Virtual Mutiny Virus. The Mechanic Emperor did it on his own, so its not our concern."

Han Xiao shook his head and said, "The three Universal Civilizations have already shifted the public opinion against us. They created a sense of fantasy and fanaticism the Supers have in us. At this point in time, if we back off like this, even if it is sensible and logical, itll mean we have lowered our heads to the three Universal Civilizations. Well very likely lose our special guiding position among the Supers, which will be very difficult to regain in the future To the three Universal Civilizations, eradicating the Supers admiration and fantasy for the association will be a good result."

"Is the association really going to take the blame for Manison? Why not insist that this is the three Universal Civilizations framing us and is nothing but a lie, or could we say they were the ones who created it first and Manison only stole it?" Sun Hunter widened his eyes.

Han Xiao cut him off and said, "They have a ton of evidence in their hands. Itll be tough to push it back to them, and it might make our situation even worse. Also dont forget, in many peoples eyes, the civilizations can touch some things, but civilian organizations cant. Even if we claim the three Universal Civilizations created it first, they dont have to explain much. Plus, they can totally say that if not because the Mechanic Emperor had ulterior motives, why would he have stolen this technology? Its too easy to find such reasons."

Then, he paused before continuing. "The moment the Mechanic Emperor gave them this leverage, we were already in a dilemma. At this point, the matter has exceeded the verbal argument stage, and the public opinion is only an add-on. Either they step back, or we do; theres no way any of us can dodge the core of the issue by playing tricks. It all depends on if we protect Manison or not, or if we give them the technology Ill say this, we are going to protect Manison, and we are also not going to give up the technology to them. At most, well make what we do sound better in words."

They exchanged looks.

"What do we need to do now?"

"Ive already spoken to Manison about sending your troops in the Primeval Star River to the Mechanical Race territory to form a line of defense, stopping the three Universal Civilizations joint fleet. As for yourselves, stay here for now. Ill go to the Primeval Star River with the King. If a fight breaks out, then Ill bring you guys over to help." Han Xiao shook his head.

Hearing this, the others had nothing to say and left the room with a lot of things on their minds. They needed some time to digest the sudden changes.

Han Xiao leaned back in his chair, took out his communicator, and looked at what was going on online. The terror of the Virtual Mutiny Virus was carved deep in everyones heart. The entire galactic society was in a panic. Almost all the messages were scolding Manison for how ambitious he was and how what he did threatened the universe once again.

After the virus incident, Manisons reputation had been poor. His goal of developing this technology was clearly to weaponize it. Almost all galactic residents were terrified and furious.

Even Han Xiao was dragged into it. His act of destroying the virus core was doubted by countless people. Many people felt that if Black Star still had the same mindset as before, he should once again destroy or give the virus technology to the three Universal Civilizations. Otherwise, what he did back then might be an act of destroying the technology on the surface to avoid the three Universal Civilizations attention while working with Manison behind the curtains. "Tsk"

Han Xiao curled his lips and did not say anything. He then closed the tabs and called Manison.

Very soon, Manison appeared on the screen.

"Black Star, when will you be coming?" Manison cut to the chase.

"Wait for a while." Han Xiao said with a poker face, "Are you really not going to migrate the Mechanical Race?"

"No, leave them be." Manison was unconcerned.

" Wait for me to go over then."

Han Xiao did not want to say anything else to Manison. He ended the call, stood up, and left the room.

Over the next few days, the explored universe remained stormy. The three Universal Civilizations joint fleet advanced toward the Mechanical Race territory without hiding their movements at all, while the troops the association had in the Primeval Star River also started to gather around the Mechanical Races territory.

Fleets from Beyond Grade A organizations were stationed at half a days distance from the Mechanical Race territory around it, forming a spherical defense formation, and blocked all routes toward the Mechanical Race territory, allowing no one to pass. They did not hide their intention. They were clearly blocking the three Universal Civilizations joint fleets path.

At the same time, responding to the three Universal Civilizations announcement, the association also made an announcement to the galactic society.

"The association did not know about the Mechanic Emperor developing the Virtual Mutiny Virus before this and is now investigating it. As everyone knows, solving conflicts between Beyond Grade As and restraining the actions of Beyond Grade As are the purpose of the associations founding. If the Mechanic Emperor is found to possess the Virtual Mutiny Virus technology, the association will certainly take actions and ensure this technology wont damage the order of the galactic society.

"However, the association wont interfere with ones freedom to research and grow, nor does it agree with how all dangerous technology must be controlled by the three Universal Civilizations. If the Mechanic Emperor does indeed possess this dangerous technology, the association will restrain him and tell him to seal this technology up and never use it, ensuring the safety of the galactic society all the same.

"Also, the association strongly opposes the military actions the three Universal Civilizations are currently taking against Manisons people. This is an immoral act. The association hopes the three Universal Civilizations will remove their troops immediately and not escalate the issue. When the association completes the investigation, it will give the galactic society an answer. Theres no need for the three Universal Civilizations to interfere."

As soon as this announcement was made, it shocked the galactic society once again.

Many people originally thought the association would back away this time for sure; they did not expect them to be this firm.

Although the Beyond Grade A Association said that they were investigating, their attitude of not backing down was clear. They directly expressed the fact that this was an internal matter, and they would not let the three Universal Civilizations interfere. Plus, their point was sensible

The three Universal Civilizations can monitor things, so can we.

The galactic residents trusted the three Universal Civilizations more, but since the association claimed to ensure that the galactic society would not be damaged, though many had doubts, as onlookers who knew nothing about the truth, they could not accuse the association of having ulterior motives.

After all, the Beyond Grade A Association was no ordinary civilian organization, it had a certain authority. At the same time, the outside world could not find out if Manisons personal research was done with the associations support. Therefore, at least the reason the association gave made sense As for whether their monitoring would really work, words could not prove it.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance that was watching earlier jumped out again at the sight of opportunity, supporting the associations decision. They questioned on what grounds could one guarantee that giving the technology to the three Universal Civilizations would be safe and that it was just an excuse to rob the technology from others.

It was not weird for them to do this. The Super Star Cluster Alliance was probably the last group that wanted to see the three Universal Civilizations have the Virtual Mutiny Virus technology. If not because they were not in the position to, they would have suggested to be the third party to monitor this technology.

To countless galactic residents, the situation of the world changed way too rapidly. It felt like only yesterday when everything was peaceful, and suddenly, a war was about to break out.

When the intense atmosphere spread throughout the entire universe, the joint fleet of the three Universal Civilizations finally came into contact with the defense circle the Beyond Grade A Association had built up around the Mechanical Race territory.

Inside the bright night sky, the enormous joint fleet slowly advanced. The exterior defense circle outside the Mechanical Races territory was already in sight. The defense circle was formed by fleets, temporary fortresses, and portable satellite bases. From one look, it appeared to extend infinitely. Psionic protective shields were set up in a formation and formed an enormous protective shield, extending all the way out like a wall made of energy, dividing the two areas.

Inside the main fleets command room, Fleet Commander Simon Tagman stood in front of the porthole and stared closely at the defense circle that was getting closer.

He was a high-level military commander of the Federation of Light who was appointed as the main commander of this joint fleet.

The aide-de-camp looked at the radar and whispered, "Commander Simon, weve already reached their defense circle. Theyre blocking the way. Should we stop?"

Without even turning around, Simon calmly said, "Whats the order?"

"Surround the Mechanical Races territory."

"Is this the Mechanical Races territory?" Simon asked.


"Then why stop?"

"Understood!" The aide-de-camp took a deep breath and ordered in the communication channel with a deep voice, "All ships, continue to advance and get ready for battle. If anyone tries to stop us, fire at will!" The order was quickly passed down. Cannon barrels extended from the battleships of the joint fleet and aimed forward, ready to fire any time.

The front of the joint fleet gradually entered the attack range of the defense circle. The distance between the two sides kept reducing, and the atmosphere kept becoming more and more intense. Almost every crew member held their breath.


At this time, a remote projection suddenly appeared in the command room. It was a military officer of the combat command department.

"Order from above, all fleets stop advancing immediately."

"Stop." Simon raised his hand.

The aide-de-camp immediately passed the order down.

Very soon, the joint fleet slowly stopped only a short distance from the defense circle. The battleships at the front could almost see the crews of the other side through the portholes.

Seeing this, the atmosphere in the command room relaxed a little. Everyone was relieved.

Seemingly not surprised at all, Simon looked at the remote projection of the military officer and asked, "Any other orders from above?"

" Spread out, surround them, and standby. Wait for the results of the negotiation."

In the Mechanical Races territory, Manisons Lords Avatar looked at the remote surveillance screen and smiled.

"You guessed right. The three Universal Civilizations are not willing to start a war right away."

Han Xiao sat opposite him with his eyes narrowed and casually replied, "The three Universal Civilizations definitely did not send a fleet so openly here to start a fight. If they really wanted to attack the Mechanical Race territory, they would have used the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device long ago. Plus, your original isnt here, so attacking the Mechanical Race wont do much. This should be their last test."

This had already become the center of the storm, and the attention of the entire universe was focusing on the situation here. He had arrived not long ago. He and Manison were the only Beyond Grade As there at the moment.

"Although theyve made up their minds, theyre sadly not decisive enough." Manison shook his head.

Han Xiao glanced at him and said, "Things have become like this because of you. Dont you have anything to say?".

" What are you trying to say? You want to get off the boat now?" Manison paused.

"Nothing, but now that Im backing you up, at least act like the one whos being helped."

"Humph, what a strange thing to say. Do you like to see me put down my pride that much?" Manison was not in a bad mood now, so he did not mind it. "Alright, help me settle this matter, please."

Han Xiaos eyes moved subtly and glanced at the interface. He then grinned faintly for a short instant.

He slowly stood up.

"Lets go. Its time for me to meet my old boss."

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Chapter 870 Manisons Interes Chapter 871 Business Snatching Mid Version Chapter 872 Banquet And Reques Chapter 873 S Grade War Hire Chapter 874 Isolation Chapter 875 Unable To Crack The Chapter 876 Great Mechanic Han In Seclusion Do Not Disturb Chapter 877 The Mysterious Individual Watching The Players Chapter 878 Suspicion Chapter 879 End Of The Penalty Chapter 880 Thanks Arcane Church Chapter 881 Whereabouts Chapter 882 Meeting Second Chain Mission Completed Chapter 883 Breaking The Ice And Setting Conditions Chapter 884 Probing And Surprise Chapter 885 Brewing Influence Rising Waves Chapter 886 Borrowing Strength Chapter 887 Troops Established Chapter 888 Future Dynasty Ruler Chapter 889 Esgods Preparation Chapter 890 Mission Triggered Chapter 891 Plan And Meeting Chapter 892 Upgraded Esgod Chapter 893 Appearance Chapter 894 Key Variable In The Operation Chapter 895 Success Return Chapter 896 Talent Upgrade Chapter 897 The Fall Of Esgod Even Chapter 898 Impac Chapter 899 Popularity And Recognition Chapter 900 Eternal Power Source Chapter 901 Clue On Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy Chapter 902 Evolutionary Totem Chapter 903 Transformation Chapter 904 Ames Invitation Chapter 905 Floating Dragons Warning Chapter 906 Exchanging Blows Chapter 907 Interes Chapter 908 Old Friend Chapter 909 Half A Year Chapter 910 Ultimate Mechanical Engineering Chapter 911 Opening Of The Pro League Chapter 912 Warning Chapter 913 Entrapmen Chapter 914 Top Eigh Chapter 915 Surging Currents Chapter 916 High Grade Mechanical Sense Chapter 917 Indestructible Body Chapter 918 Finals Chapter 919 Prospect And Version Update 1 Chapter 920 Prospect And Version Update 2 Chapter 921 Level 300 Chapter 922 Meeting Chapter 923 Old Fox And Lobbyists Chapter 924 True Colors Chapter 925 Hilas Farewell Chapter 926 First Phase Of Development Chapter 927 Flickering World First Chain Mission Completed Chapter 928 Required Knowledges Gathered Chapter 929 Preparations Complete Construction Begins Chapter 930 The Prototype Plan Of Three Great Calamities Chapter 931 Trouble Surfaces Chapter 932 The Capacity Of A Beyond Grade A Chapter 933 Black Stars Tour Chapter 934 You Are Truly Bold Chapter 935 I Will Harvest Crops With A Sickle In My Hands Chapter 936 Dealing With Sorokin Chapter 937 Feidin Being Lucky Is So Troublesome Chapter 938 Meeting An Opportunity Even When Shopping Chapter 939 Scheme In The Dark Chapter 940 Chaos Chapter 941 Interference Suppression Chapter 942 Want To Escape? Do You Think Thats Possible? Chapter 943 Favor And Attitude Chapter 944 Box Of Enticemen Chapter 945 Heart Sucking Demon Chapter 946 Level 300 Promotion Chapter 947 Divine Throne Mechanic Chapter 948 Causing Trouble Chapter 949 High Profile Action Chapter 950 Showing Oneself Entering The Scene Chapter 951 Mechanical Deity Chapter 952 Crazy Beating Chapter 953 Shattered Mentality Chapter 954 Behind Every Tank Is The Willingness To Sacrifice Chapter 955 Undercurrents Move Once Again Chapter 956 Education Plan Chapter 957 The Mechanic Emperors Counter Chapter 958 Neros Campus Lifestyle Chapter 959 Forceful Infiltration Chapter 960 You Know Everything That I Know? Chapter 961 Manison Is Truly A Good Man Chapter 962 Gains And Losses Chapter 963 I Wont Suffer A Loss Chapter 964 Theme Of The Era Chapter 965 Perfect Mechanical Sense Chapter 966 The Second Exploration Phase Chapter 967 Changing The Tracks Of Destiny Chapter 968 Shadow Of The Exploration Era Chapter 969 Familiar Face And Exchanging Fire Chapter 970 Taking Out Unknown Technology Chapter 971 Spacetime Splicing Technology Chapter 972 Nero A Non Tanky Mechanic Doesnt Have A Soul Chapter 973 Master Thief Chapter 974 Arranging It Clearly Chapter 975 Mission Generated Chapter 976 Great Director Han Chapter 977 The Concept Of Superimposed Mechanical Senses Chapter 978 No Retrea Chapter 979 Certainties And Uncertainties Chapter 980 Settlemen Chapter 981 Interrogation And Wish Chapter 982 Proof Of Leadership Chapter 983 Mastermind Chapter 984 Punishmen Chapter 985 Migration And Clue Chapter 986 Deity Assassinator Gold Grade Par Chapter 987 Primeval Star River Mechanic Emperor Chapter 988 Decisive Action. Chapter 989 Record It In The Little Book Chapter 990 Go For Wool And Come Back Shorn Chapter 991 Galaxy Calendar: Year 729 Chapter 992 Incoming Storm 1 Chapter 993 Incoming Storm 2 Chapter 994 The whore Of The Beyond Grade As Chapter 995 Exchange Three For One? Chapter 996 Tricky Question Chapter 997 A Simpletons Killing Move Chapter 998 Storm Rises And Falls Chapter 999 Return Accepting The Battle Chapter 1000 Goddess Of Death Chapter 1001 First Battle Victory Chapter 1002 Spectate Chapter 1003 Double Beyond Grade As Chapter 1004 Face Chapter 1005 Trounce Chapter 1006 The Hidden Bloody Rule Chapter 1007 Meeting Chapter 1008 Version Star Chapter 1009 Online Chapter 1010 World Server Start Of Revenge Chapter 1011 Im Going To Beat You Up. What Are You Going To Do About It? Chapter 1012 The First Shot In The Flickering World Chapter 1013 What A Good Man Chapter 1014 Picking Up The Old Profession Chapter 1015 The Great Mechanic Hans Control From Behind The Curtain Chapter 1016 Gorutans Provocation Chapter 1017 Pinnacle Tier Pugilis Chapter 1018 Confrontation Chapter 1019 Shortened Lifespan Dark Clouds Chapter 1020 Dont Blame Your Brother For Not Having Values Blame Your Wife For Being Too Alluring Chapter 1021 The Rise Of The Players Chapter 1022 Demons Chapter 1023 The Burning Soul Of A Whistle Blower Chapter 1024 Jumping Ship Chapter 1025 Milkmaids Promotionlife Replenishmen Chapter 1026 Leek Field Expansion Chapter 1027 Gods Trait Transformation Chapter 1028 The King And The Emperors Cape Chapter 1029 The Dynastys Plans Chapter 1030 Movements Of The Competitors Chapter 1031 Tough Path Of Evolution And Appearance Chapter 1032 The Oriole Chapter 1033 Secret Master I Have Never Seen Someone This Unlucky Chapter 1034 Duel Chapter 1035 Beat Up My Teammate Chapter 1036 Buy One Get One Free? Chapter 1037 Gauds Headache Chapter 1038 Recruitmen Chapter 1039 Esgods Destined Arch Enemy Chapter 1040 Esgod Raising Plan And Universal Treasure Creator Chapter 1041 Targeting Chapter 1042 Reappeared Shady Trick Chapter 1043 Ill Put Up A Strong Front And Make You Cry Chapter 1044 Exposing Ones Fangs Chapter 1045 Undercurrents Chapter 1046 Enemy Spotted Chapter 1047 Forced Attack And Acting Chapter 1048 Movements Chapter 1049 Cultural Talen Chapter 1050 Oscar Winner Chapter 1051 Main Bodys Arrival Chapter 1052 Explosion Chapter 1053 I Black Star Am Not Cheating Chapter 1054 Retrea Chapter 1055 Silver Shadow Uber Chapter 1056 The Roo Chapter 1057 A Vip Chapter 1058 Dust Settled Chapter 1059 Impac Chapter 1060 The Godlike Battle Chapter 1061 Reward Chapter 1062 Plan And Birthday Chapter 1063 In Order To Save The Universe I Have Decided To Become.. Chapter 1064 An Overly Difficult Mission Chapter 1065 The Wolf Is Besieged And Annihilated Chapter 1066 Concession From The Dynasty The Universe Celebrates Chapter 1067 An Offer You Cant Refuse Chapter 1068 Extortion Chapter 1069 Confession Chapter 1069 Confession Chapter 1070 The Dark Lords Targe Chapter 1071 The World Of Secondary Dimensions Chapter 1072 Milestone: Void Conqueror Chapter 1073 Encounter Chapter 1074 New System From The Holy Light Particle Chapter 1075 Escaping From The Tigers Den Into The Wolfs Nes Chapter 1076 An Organization That Should Not Have Appeared In This Era Chapter 1077 Holy Accord And Primordial Ones Chapter 1078 Underworld And Heritage Chapter 1079 Rich Reward Chapter 1080 Are You Here To Steal My Harvest? Chapter 1081 Milestone And Representative Chapter 1082 Return Chapter 1083 Exchange And Formation Chapter 1084 Associations Impact And Holy Light Hos Chapter 1085 Perfect Host And Bait Chapter 1086 The Definition Of A Qualified Second In Command Chapter 1087 Made Friends Chapter 1088 Holy Accords Pain Chapter 1089 Black Star Cup Chapter 1090 Announcemen Chapter 1091 Making It Clear Chapter 1092 Opening Chapter 1093 Tide From Afar Chapter 1094 Pandoras Box Chapter 1095 Fifth Stage Of The Gods Trait Transformation And The Butterfly Effect Chapter 1096 Disturbing Ones Fate Chapter 1097 Sorry Part Does Whate Chapter 1098 There Must Be A Traitor Chapter 1099 Interfering With Reality Latent Crisis Chapter 1100 Prematurely Triggered Disaster Even Chapter 1101 Accumulation Chapter 1102 The Undercurrents Within Different Parties Chapter 1103 The Sickle Is Accurate A Leek Every Slice Chapter 1104 Cancer Of The Universe The Catalyst Of Disaster Chapter 1105 Conspiracy? Chapter 1106 Intimidation Chapter 1107 Filling The Flaws Of Science With Superstition Chapter 1108 Great Machinery Sage Chapter 1109 A Secret Only One Person Knows Chapter 1110 Countermeasures Chapter 1111 Manison: I Lack A Sense Of Security Chapter 1112 Trap And Pursuit Chapter 1113 Confrontation And Negotiation Chapter 1114 The Choice Of The Era Chapter 1115 Twin Gods Advent Chapter 1116 The Full Firepower Of The Strongest Mechanic Chapter 1117 You Pay To Win I Cheat We All Have A Bright Future Chapter 1118 A Just Cause Enjoys Abundant Support Chapter 1119 Poaching People Chapter 1120 Snatching Manisons Treasure Chapter 1121 Special Consultant Chapter 1122 Changes And Announcements Chapter 1123 Damaged Blueprint Chapter 1124 Spy Chapter 1125 Information About The Sanctum Chapter 1126 Stuarts Peace Prize Chapter 1127 Prophecy Chapter 1128 No Such Person Found Chapter 1129 High Dimensional Information Form Chapter 1130 Questioning And Information Chapter 1131 Im Leaving Her To You Chapter 1132 Plenary Meeting And Provocation Chapter 1133 Confrontation Chapter 1134 That Must Be A Fake Black Star Chapter 1135 People It Is Our Turn To Save The Army Chapter 1136 This Is Love Chapter 1137 Die Mechanic Emperor Chapter 1138 Players Not Causing Trouble Have No Soul Chapter 1139 Compliments From The Big Boss Chapter 1140 This Bstard Has No Virtue Chapter 1141 New Blueprint And World Tree Progress Chapter 1142 Flawless Deduction Chapter 1143 Purpose And Partnership Chapter 1144 Butterfly: Can You Not Make Me Flap My Wings Every Day? Chapter 1145 The Third Sanctum And Awakening Project Chapter 1146 Presenting Honors And Difficulties Chapter 1147 Only Interested In Causing Sensational News Chapter 1148 The Participation Requirements Of The Three Universal Civilizations Chapter 1149 Eve Of The Incident Chapter 1150 Anti Trust Regulations Main Storyline Of Counterfeiting Chapter 1151 Little Kid Soro Youve Revealed Yourself Chapter 1152 The Worrying Cancer Of The Universe Chapter 1153 Arrangements Chapter 1154 Dilemma Of The Silver Revolutionary Chapter 1155 Chess Player Chapter 1156 Nation Saving Plan Chapter 1157 Soul Swapper Chapter 1158 Parasitism And Sudden Change Chapter 1159 Destinys Childs Prophecy Chapter 1160 Dragon Emperors Inverted Scale Chapter 1161 Finding A Needle In A Haystack Is Where We Excel Chapter 1162 Unlucky Modo Chapter 1163 Clues Chapter 1164 Lockdown And One Step Ahead Chapter 1165 Encounter And Confrontation Chapter 1166 Shaken Manison Chapter 1167 7 Felon Chapter 1168 Crushed Chapter 1169 I Might Not Have Earned A Lot But You Definitely Lost A Ton Chapter 1170 Anyone Can Be The Mechanic Emperor Chapter 1171 This Cannot Be Called A Betrayal Chapter 1172 Origin Of The Soul Swapper Chapter 1173 Triple Provocation Chapter 1174 Arriving At The Frontlines Chapter 1175 Overwhelming Army Chapter 1176 This Is The Technology You Have Missed Chapter 1177 Infiltration Chapter 1178 Objectors Chapter 1179 Impeachment Chapter 1180 Assassination Chapter 1181 What A Fcking Genius You Are Chapter 1182 You Are Only At The First Layer But I Am Already At The Fifth Layer Chapter 1183 Disqualified Chapter 1184 A Wise Assassin Is Not A Good Assassin Chapter 1185 National War Chapter 1186 The Tears Pugilists Are Shedding Are All The Water Damage Their Brains Suffered When They Choose Their Class Chapter 1187 Black Star I Have Mastered Your Ways Chapter 1188 Thats Not How The Script Was Written Chapter 1189 Thanks Little Soro For The Assist Chapter 1190 Promotion Chapter 1191 Skyrocketing Attributes Chapter 1192 Gods Trait Transformations Secrets An Extreme Mission Chapter 1193 A Strange Dimension Chapter 1194 Mobile War System Chapter 1195 Unbelievable Discovery S Ranked Hidden Mission Chapter 1196 The Pursuing Soldiers Chapter 1197 Cosmic Treasure Loses Effectiveness Chapter 1198 Secret News 1 Chapter 1199 Secret News 2 Chapter 1200 Problem Chapter 1201 Technology Treasure Start Of Operation Chapter 1202 Sanctum Revivals And Misdirection Chapter 1203 Assault Chapter 1204 Successor Chapter 1205 A New Calling Chapter 1206 Return Chapter 1207 Finals And Reorganization Chapter 1208 Birth Of A Reign Chapter 1209 Interviews And Predictions Chapter 1210 Oathkeeper Returns Chapter 1211 Revived Primordial Ones Chapter 1212 Oathkeeper: Im Stunned Chapter 1213 Intention To Cooperate Chapter 1214 Times Have Changed Chapter 1215 Old Trick Chapter 1216 Confidence Destruction Lesson Chapter 1217 Elderly Killer Chapter 1218 Flames Of War Gauds Movements Chapter 1219 Esper Ability Rebirth Chapter 1220 Speculation Chapter 1221 Release Chapter 1222 Deception Is The Way Of Wars Chapter 1223 Choice Chapter 1224 Muddy The Waters Chapter 1225 Speculation And Attack Chapter 1226 Stop Acting. I Know Who You Are Chapter 1227 I Am Starting To Feel More And More Like A Villain Chapter 1228 Sorokins Confusion Chapter 1229 The Thief Calling The Cops Chapter 1230 Werewolf Becoming The Detective Chapter 1231 Werewolf Detective Chapter 1232 Master Of Tempo Chapter 1233 Dust Settled Chapter 1234 The New Ruler Chapter 1235 Inheritors Of The Underworld Chapter 1236 A Path Never Thought Of Before Chapter 1237 Sorokins Big Plan Chapter 1238 Inspection And Conclusion Chapter 1239 Sorokins Senses Chapter 1240 Sorokins Bizarre Adventure 1 Chapter 1241 Sorokins Bizarre Adventure 2 Chapter 1242 Sorokins Bizarre Adventure 3 Chapter 1243 Holy Accord: We Are Serious About Acting Chapter 1244 Suppressed Chapter 1245 Welcome To The Underworld Chapter 1246 Confession And Doubts Chapter 1247 Consumed Chapter 1248 Galaxy Calendar Year 780 Chapter 1249 Forty Years Chapter 1250 Headstrong Chapter 1251 Age Of Black Star Chapter 1252 Enter Chapter 1253 The Third Sanctum 1 Chapter 1254 The Third Sanctum 2 Chapter 1255 Fourth Round Mission And Second Revival Chapter 1256 Provocation Chapter 1257 Intimidation Chapter 1258 Test And Welcome Chapter 1259 Youngsters Times Have Changed Chapter 1260 Times Have Changed Chapter 1261 Response Of The Three Universal Civilizations Chapter 1262 Mechanical Divinity Chapter 1263 Undercurrents Move Once Again Chapter 1264 Feidins Card Adventure Trigger Chapter 1265 Snatched Chapter 1266 Travelling Feidin Chapter 1267 Pre Judgment Chapter 1268 All Heroes In The World Enter My Squad Chapter 1269 Activation Chapter 1270 Black Stars Era Chapter 1271 The Art Of Managing Leeks Chapter 1272 Progress And Accident Chapter 1273 Traitor Chapter 1274 Negotiations Chapter 1275 Im The True Mechanic Emperor Chapter 1276 Achieving Nirvana Chapter 1277 Continuous Benefits Leek Harvesting Skill Chapter 1278 Sanctions Chapter 1279 Meetings And Backups Chapter 1280 Withdrawal And Conditions Chapter 1281 Gains Without Risks Chapter 1282 Entering The Black Marke Chapter 1283 Would You Like Another Brother In Law? Chapter 1284 Aurora No Feidins Adventure Records Chapter 1285 Shocking Origins Chapter 1286 World Trees Shadow Chapter 1287 One Arrow Chapter 1288 Guild Crusade Chapter 1289 Lawless Chapter 1290 Traitor? Chapter 1291 Impact And Stand Chapter 1292 Villain And Background Chapter 1293 Black Star Decides How Peaceful The Galaxy Is Chapter 1294 Memory File And First Unique Talent Chapter 1295 The Second Key And Invasion Operation Chapter 1296 Siege Chapter 1297 Change Chapter 1298 Argument Chapter 1299 Arriving Storm Chapter 1300 Storm Chapter 1301 Negotiation Chapter 1302 Challenge Chapter 1303 Thrashing Chapter 1304 Something New Chapter 1305 Intense Battle Chapter 1306 Gods Chosen And The Incredible Church National Treasure Chapter 1307 Defeat Chapter 1308 Change Chapter 1309 A Gamble Chapter 1310 Truth Chapter 1311 Negotiation And The New Stage Chapter 1312 Awaken Chapter 1313 Ahead Chapter 1314 Reaction Chapter 1315 Movement Chapter 1316 Destinys Childs Prophecy Chapter 1317 Dispute Chapter 1318 Establishment And Setting Off Chapter 1319 Nothing To Hide Chapter 1320 Determined Chapter 1321 Secret And Pursuit Chapter 1322 Guerrilla Warfare Chapter 1323 Using Force To Break Tactic Chapter 1324 Escape And Fear Chapter 1325 Cause And Effect Chapter 1326 Interlude Chapter 1327 Navigation Chapter 1328 Discovered Chapter 1329 Interception Chapter 1330 Public Announcement And Response Chapter 1331 Scheming Against The Enemy Chapter 1332 Encounter And Adjustment Chapter 1333 Assemble Chapter 1334 Intelligence Advantage Chapter 1335 The World Trees Strongest Chapter 1336 Battle Chapter 1337 Battle 2 Chapter 1338 Battle 3 Chapter 1339 Advanced Mutually Assured Destruction Chapter 1340 Troublesome Chapter 1341 Victory Chapter 1342 If You Have Milk Youre A Mother Chapter 1343 Fertile Underworld