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As her thoughts reached this point, Gu Qingjiu came to a decision.

She would take a gamble!

In any case, there was this one chance, and it wasn’t as if she couldn’t dodge it.

Having made up her mind, Gu Qingjiu focused her gaze and concentration, sensing that location all around.

Of course, she didn’t lower her guard for other spots.

She gently pressed her thumb upon the trigger

And then

She abruptly pulled the trigger!

So what if that person heard the sound? She was gambling on the fact that the other party wouldn’t be able to guess who the bullet was aiming for!


At that instant, the bullet flew towards the participant who Gu Qingjiu guessed must be lying on their stomach. The person was indeed startled.

And by the time a certain bullet flew towards them, it was already too late for them to try to dodge it.



It appeared to be a painful hit, for that participant held a hand to their head and cried out loud.

To ensure exactness in the competition, all the participants wore protective gear to protect their eyes.

After all, this type of bullet could cause damage to their eyes, the most fragile part of the body. If one were hit on a clothed spot, it would cause momentary numbness, but it would still be a tad painful if it hit one on bare skin.


This sound came from all the officials present who were still awake.

It was already incredible enough for her to obtain four points consecutively.

And now, to think she took down five points?

Five points!

It was a rare feat in international competitions.

At present, Cruff was the only one who had achieved such a feat.

This young lass from China, who was taking part for the first time, actually took down five points!

On the points scoreboard, the China team which Gu Qingjiu belonged to had already gone up to the first place. Now, in mere moments, the disparity between first place and second place widened considerably.

With 14 points, China ranked first, and in terms of individual scores, Gu Qingjiu was also ranked first.

Ranked at second was, of course, the US team, with nine points.

It was that one point that Gu Qingjiu obtained the second time that allowed China to overtake them.

But this time, with the significant disparity in scores between them now, even if Cruff wished to overtake them, it wouldn’t be easy.

If he couldn’t eliminate Gu Qingjiu, then it was clear that unless he got a five-points, it wasn’t easy for him to close up the difference with Gu Qingjiu attacking other players simultaneously.

The officials felt it unbelievable how Gu Qingjiu determined this player’s location with several players present in that area.

Most importantly, they knew sharpshooters had incredible response abilities, so it was indeed not too easy for her to hit her target with the sharpshooter standing upright.

The player lying on their stomach was indeed the best choice.

But how did Gu Qingjiu realize the player was lying on their stomach?

They saw that when Gu Qingjiu came to the center; she was always under attack and didn’t have any time for observation. Furthermore, that player was some distance away from her, so how could she possibly discover that?

“Damn, damn, damn, damn!”

Nian Chusheng was so agitated that he didn’t know what to say. He hurriedly said to the official next to him, “Quick, quick, quick! Call Chairman Song!”

The official was a tad hesitant. “Chairman Song is sleeping.”

“Sleeping? How could he sleep with such a situation happening right now? Quick, wake him up and ask him to come over. I’m sure there will be fascinating action later! It’s not over yet!”

Seeing Nian Chusheng so agitated, the official had no choice but to call Chairman Song.

Nian Chusheng glanced at Helian Niancheng, who was in front and didn’t seem worked up seeing Gu Qingjiu obtain such high marks.

No idea if it was because he wasn’t Chinese or because he felt it was normal?


But just then, something even more stunning happened.

The China team and US team suddenly shot up five points each.

The China team now had 19 points, while the US team now had 14 points!

They showed the points in real-time. Even if two players were eliminated simultaneously, the points would jump by one point, three points, and one point. For the score to jump by five points all at once, it went to show that they obtained five points at one go.

Gu Qingjiu had gone into hiding after obtaining those five points earlier, and they could see that there was no action from her on-screen. So, she didn’t win these five points.

Where did the five points for the US team and China team come from?

Also, since when was it so easy to get five points?

It was already unbelievable enough for one five-points to be obtained in a single game, okay!

Coach, I want to snitch! Someone is throwing the game!

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Chapter 638: Heading To The Uk International Competition Venue Chapter 639: International Competition Venue Competition About To Begin Chapter 640: Cruffs Confidence Chapter 641: Direct Eye Contact Chapter 642: Joint Attack Chapter 643: The Competition Starts Flat Map Chapter 644: Viewing From All Directions Chapter 645: Capability Chapter 646: Halfway Through The Competition Chapter 647: Accurately Judging The Direction In Which Opponent Was Dodging Chapter 648: Not As Exciting As I Have Imagined Chapter 649: Points Chapter 650: The Competition Ended! Chapter 651: Go Back and Analyze Together Chapter 652: Hard to Get Over It Chapter 653: Prize-Giving Ceremony Chapter 654: I Will Definitely Become Your Nightmare Chapter 655: Stopping Him In His Quest For Three Consecutive Wins Chapter 656: Untitled Chapter 657: Untitled Chapter 658: Untitled Chapter 659: Untitled Chapter 660: Untitled Chapter 661: Untitled Chapter 662: Untitled Chapter 663: Untitled Chapter 664: Untitled Chapter 665: Untitled Chapter 666: Darned Pervert Performing Acrobatics? Chapter 667: Buying A House Chapter 668: Property Viewing Chapter 669: To Think He Would End Up In This State Chapter 670: An Angry Man Is An Irrational Man Chapter 671: Because He Couldnt Hold Himself Back Chapter 672: Finally Devoured Her Chapter 673: Happened Naturally When Conditions Were Ripe Chapter 674: The End Of Summer Break Chapter 675: Returning To School Having A Meal Together Chapter 676: Ellas Matter Chapter 677: Nationwide Shooting Competition Chapter 678: An Easy Win Chapter 679: Clinched Nationwide Champion Chapter 680: The Reason He Was Exiled Chapter 681: Treat Chapter 682: The Siblings Meet Chapter 683: Like Eating A Mouthful Of Dog Food Chapter 684: No Blood Ties Chapter 685: Dont Interfere In This Matter Chapter 686: Cant Run Away From What Was Destined Chapter 687: Finish Off The Yu Family Once And For All Chapter 688: Did Brother Propose? Chapter 689: Untitled Chapter 690: Untitled Chapter 691: Untitled Chapter 692: Untitled Chapter 693: Untitled Chapter 694: The House Deed Is In Her Name Chapter 695: Untitled Chapter 696: Untitled Chapter 697: Untitled Chapter 698: Untitled Chapter 699: Untitled Chapter 700: Untitled Chapter 701: Charlotte Chapter 702: Grand Daughter In Law Chapter 703: Untitled Chapter 704: Untitled Chapter 705: Untitled Chapter 706: Untitled Chapter 707: Untitled Chapter 708: Untitled Chapter 709: Untitled Chapter 710: Untitled Chapter 711: Untitled Chapter 712: Untitled Chapter 713: Untitled Chapter 714: The Most Anticipated Fight Chapter 715: The Female Competitor Who Was In Danger Chapter 716: Taking Advantage Of Anothers Difficulties? Chapter 717: This Was Then Taking Advantage Of Others Difficulties Chapter 718: The Change In Ps Chapter 719: Extreme Dodging And Shooting Chapter 720: Sick Intuition Chapter 721: Trust Only Your Intuition Chapter 722: Someone Is Throwing The Game Chapter 723: Old Enemy Cruff Chapter 724: Competition Discussions Chapter 725: Should Opt For The Safer Method Chapter 726: Rainingem Chapter 727 Chapter 728: The Pressures Of The Shooting Association Chapter 729: Just Look At Whose Wife It Is Chapter 730: Sudden Accidentyin Ruoyi Got Injured Chapter 731: The Worried Yin Ruoyi Chapter 732: Encountered The King Of Beasts Once More Chapter 733: Stalemate Chapter 734: The Situation One Most Didnt Wish Happen Happened Chapter 735: It Was Destined That He Wouldnt Be Able To Escape Chapter 736: Hes The Second Sheng Ming? Chapter 737: The Fated Duel Chapter 738: An Impossible Shot Chapter 739: Cruff Who Was Enraged To The Max Chapter 740: A Most Glamorous Turnaround Victory Chapter 741: Now That She Had Grown Up Chapter 742: This Person Isnt Anxious About His Marriage Still Chapter 743: Ferociously Slapped In The Face Chapter 744: Competition Ended Obtained Victory Chapter 745: Now He Finally Didnt Feel Ashamed Towards His Country Chapter 746: The Most Blissful Moment Was Seeing Him Spread His Arms For Her Chapter 747: Chairman Song Visits Yin Ruoyi At The Hospital Chapter 748: America Already Left Chapter 749: I Want To Thank You Chapter 750: For The Glory Of Everyone Chapter 751: Moving Houses Chapter 752: Untitled Chapter 753: Be The Flower Girl Chapter 754: Preparing To Lay Her Cards On The Table Chapter 755: Strikingly Different Responses From Each Parent Chapter 756: Whats Wrong With Their Identity Chapter 757: Tell The Truth And You Will Receive A Lighter Sentence Chapter 758: Youre Here To Help Me Deepen The Grudge Chapter 759: Niancheng Is Here Chapter 760: As If Closing A Transaction Chapter 761: Caught Red Handed Chapter 762: Last Student Gathering Chapter 763: Untitled Chapter 764: Class Monitor Chapter 765: Classmate From Back Then Chapter 766: I Have A Boyfriend Chapter 767: Who Is This Girl Chapter 768: Envious And Shallow Discussions Chapter 769: Fate Liked To Play With People