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Reincarnator - Chapter 411: Metamorphosis (2)


Howling, the giant beasts charged forward.

The beasts were in such a frenzy that they charged ahead in a straight line, crushing everything in their path.

Towards Neoreim, the center of the Neropa Unions territory.

How energetic.

K-Merrow Nell chuckled coldly as he looked at these beasts.

He had come to block an alien from trespassing deeper inside but since K-Ukatan Pael had already gone in, it should be fine.

Soon the other aliens would catch up and go in as well.

These giant creatures were the real issue.

If these things demolished the entire Neoreim, thered be no point to their efforts even if they got rid of a few flies.

Since everything they had underground would come to a halt.

This meant that until they finished their project using the Relic

Until they killed that annoying fly and took the other Relic in his hand

He had to buy some time.

Enough for Adelaia Ron in the sky.

Lets see Lets see how tough you guys really are.

K-Merrow Nell raised his right hand.


As K-Merrow Nell lifted his hand, the symbols around his entire body, not just his neck, started to shine.


A bright light that could instantly burn ones eyes to a crisp exploded before his body.

Not from a ship or a weaponized satellite but from the small body of a single being.

The explosive light caused all the surrounding metal alloys to melt away like ice cream under a hot summer sun.

And that ray of light, which had turned the city into a sea of lava with a single shot, struck the giant mountain-sized beast in the distance.


The resulting explosion emitted countless times more energy than the energy that melted the city just now.

The capital, which had started turning dark with the setting sun, was once again covered in light.

A small being had flipped night and day upside down.

And then


the Haetaras pained bellow rang out.

He could tell that the beasts had taken on a lot of damage since he had succeeded in making them cry out. Earlier, they had maintained their silence despite the attacks from the Miprosky-level weapons. However


K-Merrow Nells expression wasnt optimistic.

I couldnt pierce through it.

Despite the powerful attack, hed barely managed to melt the surface of the beasts skin.

And the damage was already being regenerated at a speed visible to the eye.


He had to buy time against these seven beasts.

His efforts were almost futile.

Hed imagined that a single wave of his hand would leave their legs broken, their muscles and skin shredded apart.

Only then would his strength have meaning and he could effectively buy them time with ease.

But it looked like these monsters werent simple either.

He had managed to stop one momentarily and divert its attention but that was it.

He was unable to stop it in its tracks or cause it to run away.

Annoying, I cant understand how these things came into being.

K-Merrow Nell thought to himself as he continued to look at the beasts opening their mouths at his direction.

Up until this point, they had used their science and technology to build up their civilization and conquer others.

Seeking to understand everything, so they could control it.

This was their pride as citizens of Angkara.

But look at this.

From the sudden appearance of the mysterious aliens, to the being who had given them strength, and now even these mountainous beasts.

But before he could finish his thoughts


the beasts mouth exploded with a powerful energy ray heading towards him and the city of Neoreim.

It was easy to see that the ray was stronger than his own attack had been.

A proof of how much energy it had devoured.

How dare you?!

That beam could easily erase half of Neoreim if it was left alone.

He couldnt let that happen.

K-Merrow Nell raised his hands to block the ray.



he unleashed an energy ray even larger than the last, aiming for the beasts attack.

In order to protect the city and to disperse the attack before it hit them.


The outer areas of the city started melting just from the radiation of these attacks.

The metal residential areas melted away like a snowy field under intense heat.

But even the melted sea of lava was soon thrown into the air and then disintegrated by the explosion that followed right after.

Unveiling the giant object located below the metallic sea of lava.

Another layer of a metal alloy.

Despite the intense amount of energy that had melted everything above it, this metal alloy had maintained its shape perfectly.

Although it was starting to heat up as well, it seemed to be countless times more powerful and durable than the outer layers since it could withstand the attacks.

It covered a large area around the center of Neoreim.

An area that was dozens of times larger than the capital itself was encased in this strange metal alloy.

Of course.

The outer layer only existed to deceive Pompeion.

But the thing below it was much more important than the capital of Neoreim.

This was why they had to conceal it so well.

But despite all their efforts, this second layer also seemed like it wouldnt hold out for long.


The energy from K-Merrow Nells and the beasts attacks was continuously burning through the layer and burrowing deeper within.

The heat created from their attacks was constantly searing through the alloy plates.

And above this



giant monsters stomped through the debris and were heading closer to the city.

K-Merrow Nell frowned and spread his hand out behind him.

At the same time





the barely-breathing Dragon God Soldiers felt their hearts explode and they screamed.

K-Merrow Nell took in all the energy flying into his body as he exchanged glances with K-Ukatan Pael in the distance, a single thought in his mind.

Hurry, Pael. There isnt much time left

If this continued, he wasnt confident that he could hold the Haetara back.

In the worst-case scenario, they might have to give up on all their plans so far and use the Relics on those monsters instead.



K-Merrow Nell looked at the seven monsters approaching him and he raised his hands to them once again.


Another blinding explosion of light lit up the outskirts of Neoreim once more.



A tremendous amount of heat descended from above and covered the underground area.


What the hell? Whats going on?

Dammit! Whats the union doing?!

The countless people whod been living in the underground area started to run around in a panic as they screamed.

The backbone of the Union, the B-Levels, the well-treated A-Levels as well as the top-quality N-Levels.

The flames of catastrophe descending from above were heedless of whoever burned in its path.

The area was filled with the smell of smoke and burning corpses.

And in the middle of it all, Hansoo and Kiriel were still running downwards.


A single word came to mind when Hansoo looked at the Relic in his hands.

The heat wasnt just from the collision outside.

It was also from the one shouting far behind him.

You damn rat! If you dont come out then Ill melt everything!


Family head, K-Ukatan Pael, who was ignoring all the citizens just to find him.

Hansoo spoke quietly to Kiriel.


Kiriel nodded.

God What happened?

Kiriel sighed.

Every time they grew a bit stronger, even stronger enemies appeared.

How were they supposed to beat enemies that could burn the world and destroy cities?

This is so unfair.

She had felt it in the 4th and 5th Zones but there truly were too many powerhouses in this world.

Hansoo chuckled at Kiriel.

Dont be so anxious. Its only been two years since you became strong after all.

Thats true, but Ugh.

Kiriel nodded.

Those words were indeed true.

These people had spent thousands of years building up their civilization and technology.

On the other hand, they had gained the strength to smash apart their giant starships within the span of two years.

If the two parties were compared side by side, then they themselves were a much more unfair existence.

And Hansoo is even worse.

Kiriel thought to herself.

Its only been a few months since he woke up but he was already much stronger than her.

If he had a bit more time, he couldve easily destroyed everyone here.

...Wait, cant we just do that?

...Cant we just run away and come back after we become stronger?

One month.

Kiriel was confident.

One month was more than enough for Hansoo to become a 4-Star Transcendent.

Although every part of the world was closely monitored by these people but they had the teleportation skill.

Plus these people would eventually start a war with each other, so they wouldnt have time to worry about her and Hansoo.

If they ran away with her skill and came back stronger in a month, they could easily smash apart the heads of those guys above.

Her current power was the only thing inferior after allher mastery over her skills was already quite proficient.

And they could run away right now since they hadnt located her and Hansoos position yet.

But Hansoo shook his head.

I...I dont know how many memories Ill lose if I do that.

And the defenses around the Relic would become much tighter as well.

They needed to finish it here and now.

I dont want to use my last resort, but

He might have to.

Since he wasnt the one that would end up miserable.

Ugh, someone like me truly deserves to go to heaven.

Hansoo felt the Relic in his hand and spoke to Kiriel.

Were here.

The Relic inside his hand was squirming and vibrating intensely.

It was right below them.

After checking the coordinates

Hansoo encased his leg with one of the thirteen shadows and slammed it down onto the ground.


The secondary layer of plates had somewhat maintained their shape against the family heads and the Haetara. But with Hansoos attack, the metal alloy started to collapse.

Like a pit of sand.

Deep into the wide hole.


Bright circuits entered Hansoos vision as something started to resonate with the Relic in his hand.

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