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Introduction Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife

Warning: Smut and explicit content on some chaBeneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wifepters She does not even have a name from her previous life but managed to escape her lifelong confinement and end up transmigrate to the body of the waste daughter of a noble family. Does she mind? No. As long she gets her greatest desires. Freedom, treasures, and food. Crawling from nothing to keep her freedom, snatch all the treasures she desired, she has no choice but to grab the chance to take a wealthy husband. Will she be able to control him? Or will he control her? Husband: Afraid? Are you thinking of backing out of the bet after agreeing? Wife: Whose afraid?! I will make your treasury empty! Husband: Oh? You just need to warm my bed every night, the treasury will be yours... Wife:..... (considering the offer) ................................... Author's note: Disclaimer: Ongoing editing (Prioritizing to update everyday) Current Edit Status: Chapter 30 Thank you so much for checking out my story. This can be a long one so I am trying to update more than 2 chapters daily, though anything more is a bonus. This is also a stand alone story and the first book of a series, so rest assured, there will an ending. :-) Sorry in advance as well for some grammar issues. Still working on editing. (Filipino po ako so, English is not my first language. Pasensya na po!) Constructive and reasonable feedback and suggestions are fine too. Hope you guys enjoy! :-) Message me at discord: https://discord.gg/zwqxzjR ------- Chasing Wife Series Titles Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife Forgotten Sanity: Chasing the Undead Wife Broken Promise: Chasing the Sinful Wife Bridging Boundaries: Chasing the Fearless Wife

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