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"Hogging all nine main channels?!"

The others expressions changed at Bai Xiaolus words. Anger and shock soon surged in their eyes.

Even Zhou Yuans expression darkened. He had not expected the Sacred Race to be so greedy!

Guan Qinglong asked in a grave voice, "Can they really devour all nine main channels? Such a thing has never happened in the past."

Due to the laws of Guyuan Heaven, it required the power of nearly an entire heaven to subdue and capture one of the main channels.

Of course, they first had to stop all the other competitors.

For countless years, the nine heavens lived by the unspoken rule of one main channel per heaven, the only difference being who got the stronger or weaker main channels. Something as extreme as hogging all nine main channels had never occurred before. The nine main channels possessed a unique ego of their own that would instinctively resist something like that happening.

The others nodded one after another.

Bai Xiaolu slowly said, "It has indeed never happened in the past because the Sacred Race did not have the means, but now...they are clearly prepared."

Zhou Yuans heart shuddered. He gazed at the mysterious space-distorting array that connected the land and sky, and softly said, "Its that array boundary?"

Bai Xiaolu frowned deeply and said, "Qiankun Heaven managed to scout some information previously, and if memory serves me right, that boundary is most likely the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation. It was conceived by the Sacred Races Saint experts, and once set up, it has the terrifying power of devouring and digesting the land.

"They likely plan on using this boundary to suppress the nine main channels, capture them and send the ancestral qi into the four Sacred Race heavens.

"But from our information, that boundary shouldnt have been perfected yet. It seems that the Sacred Race may have intentionally fed us fake news in order to trick us."

Her expression was exceptionally ugly.

"No wonder Shengzu Heaven was relocating mystic ruins. They wanted to utilize the mystic ruins as nodes for the boundary

"Were late. Once the boundary is formed, it will connect the sky and land, distorting space to create an impassable wall. Were stuck outside...and can only watch them borrow the boundarys power to subdue the nine main channels and extract their ancestral qi."

Regret rose in Bai Xiaolus eyes. If she knew about this plan earlier, she would have informed the other heavens so that they could try and stop the Sacred Race together.

However, the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation was already set up, and they no longer had any way to turn the tables.

Around her, the faces of Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin, Chu Qing and the others also turned extremely ugly as they stared at the great boundary in frustration. It had not been easy for them to make it all the way here. The nine main channels were now right before their eyes, but had been completely cut off from them by the Sacred Race. Who would willingly accept this?

If the rest of the five heavens were to know about this, it might deal a fatal blow to their morale.

However, it was impossible to keep under wraps, because the boundary was just too...obvious.

There were already troops flying up the mountain behind them, shock and fear first coloring their faces when they saw the boundary, quickly followed by panic and loss.

Restlessness had already begun to spread.


While the five heavens forces were at a loss, a disturbance spread from the great array in the distance. Space warped, seemingly peeling away layer after layer as the silhouettes of mountains began to appear.

Several figures appeared on one of the mountains, looking towards the five heavens forces in amusement.

They had evidently sensed the five heavens arrival.

A figure appeared on one of the peaks in the great array, looking over with indifferent eyes.

Zhou Yuan and the others immediately locked onto this figure. Even from so far away, they could sense an indescribable feeling of danger from him.

He wore black robes and had placed his hands behind him. His eyes were as deep as the stars, giving off an immeasurable feeling. A faint golden glow seemed to be emitted from the slit between his eyes, making him appear more mysterious.

A pair of dragon and phoenix earrings hunt from his earlobes, gleaming with a strange light.

He seemed to smile as he stared at Zhou Yuan and the others, before a soft chuckle echoed across the area. "Friends from the five heavens, do you guys like the gift Ive prepared?"

Bai Xiaolu stared hard at the figure, grinding her teeth as she said, "Hes Jia Tu! Shengzu Heavens strongest sacred heaven pride!"

Zhou Yuans eyes widened slightly. This person gave him an extremely oppressive feeling. He could feel an almost solid threat even with his 4.3 billion Genesis Qi foundation.

No one replied to Jia Tus mocking question. Everyone merely continued staring at him with ice-cold eyes.

However, Jia Tu clearly did not seem to mind, or perhaps, he never once viewed any of them as worthy. After all, the Shengzu Heaven team he led had never participated in any battles with the other heavens. Although it was because they were preparing the great array, it might also indicate an indescribable disdain.

"You guys truly are a little boring." Jia Tu remarked due to their silence. "It seems that you guys have yet to lose all hope. Since that is the case, allow me to demonstrate for you guys again."

He softly chuckled as he extended his hands and clapped.


A tremendous change began to occur. Stars seemed to flutter deep in the great array as a giant black hole slowly emerged, giving off a boundless power.

Under this power, Guyuan Heavens core region heaved.

Zhou Yuan and the others could make out what seemed to be an endless sea. The sea was torn apart as ancestral qi rose from its depths. An indescribable power seemed to reach out, grabbing an invisible dragon.

In a giant desert plagued by sandstorms, the silhouette of an enormous yellow dragon struggled violently.

Mud churned wildly in a bottomless swamp, thrown about as if the entire swamp was being turned upside down.

A deep abyss was ripped open, ancestral qi rapidly rising from the darkness.


A total of nine locations in Guyuan Heavens core region were being smashed apart!

The nine main channels were clearly hidden within!

All nine main channels were currently being locked in place by the black hole in the sky. Ancestral qi rose from them, converging towards the black hole.

Shengzu Heaven was already beginning to subdue and extract the main channels!

The eyes of countless people from the five heavens nearly burst from their sockets, someone even howling in anguish and despair.

The situation was going out of control.

However, they were not the only ones who were affected. Even Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the others tightly clenched their fists, veins throbbing on their foreheads.

Bai Xiaolus head seemed to hang powerlessly from her neck. In the face of such despair, even she was at a loss. The mighty power pulsing from the great array made them unable to find the courage to even approach it.

Smiling from ear to ear, Jia Tu gazed at the rising despair before waving his hand as if chasing away ants. "Forget it, get lost. Dont think about the nine main channels anymore, and use this chance while were busy to find the remaining branch channels or mystic ruins. Hopefully, youll be able to make up for your loss a little."

He seemed to be pointing out a path for the five heavens out of pity, even if it was a pathetic option.

Bai Xiaolu and the others shook in anger. However, his words did have some effect. There were already some who were preparing to go search for any remaining ancestral qi. After all, if they couldnt have the meat, they would at least try to get a little soup.

This was a sign of giving up.

Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others watched with ugly expressions. However, they did not know how to stop this from happening.

The morale dropped impossibly low.

However, while even the five heaven elites were at a loss, Zhou Yuan suddenly walked forward.

He stared at Jia Tu from afar and slowly said, "Do you really want us to leave so badly? Or are you worried about something?"

Jia Tus smile receded slightly. His eyes narrowed as he stared at Zhou Yuan in a seemingly interested manner. "Oh? Worried that you five heavens ants might be able to cause some destruction?"

Zhou Yuan stared hard at Jia Tu. A long while later, his gaze shifted towards the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.

The Saint Rune rapidly spun in his pupils, making them appear rather mysterious.

At the same time, his calm voice rang out across the area, "You should be worried that there might still be some flaws in your yet to be perfected boundary."

Countless gazes from the five heavens looked towards Zhou Yuans figure as if suddenly understanding something.

The eyes of Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglon, Jiang Jinlin and the other super elite Heavenly Sun expert slowly widened as they stared in Zhou Yuan in disbelief.

On the peak in the great array, Jia Tus amused smile slowly began to recede.
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