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"He is good." A smile crept on my face.

I was feeling elated and actually enjoying this fight. I have never thought I would feel this way in battle, this was the first time I felt enjoying a fight.

Belgor was running swiftly in a zigzag line. I conjure more fire balls to chase after him, leaving him without any time to attack. But to my surprise, he was able to get a fallen tree trunk that was in his way and hurled it towards me. I used my fire magic to push me away from where I was standing to evade the huge tree trunk.

When I landed on my feet, I was surprised that Belgor was in mid air, jumping on top of me. I was able to lift my sword up, just in time before his jaws landed on my head.

"Ah. F*ck." I cursed, seeing that I am in a difficult situation.

Luckily my fire armor was still in effect, because his claws were trying to bore its way in my legs and stomach. I heightened the intensity of my fire armor, setting my whole body ablaze. Belgor was enduring my flames a while ago, but now he cannot endure any longer and jumped away from me.

"Your flames are such a nuisance." Belgor growled.

"Well then, I am thankful for my flames. If not, I am afraid that my head was bitten off by you." I grinned.

"Hahaha, cheeky brat." Belgor seemed delighted with my remark.

I felt something trickle on my cheeks. When I wiped it with the back of my hand, I saw blood.

'It looks like his long fangs was able to scratch my cheek.' I thought.

Belgor growled and started to run towards me once more. I remembered some of the attacks of the azure dragon and tried to mimic them with my fire magic.

"Fire pillar!" I chanted.

I conjured fire pillars from the ground where Belgor was standing. He was hit by one pillar and rolled to the side.

"Fire arrows." I conjured fire arrows and let them fly towards Belgor.

Belgor was able to stand up and evade some of my fire arrows, but some was able to graze him. He roared in pain.


The lycans howled as seeing there leader get hurt by my attacks. Belgor heard his brethren's howl and it gave him some kind of courage. He stood up and faced me from a distance. I see him open his mouth wide, air was being sucked towards him.


With Belgor's roar, a strong tornado like wind came rushing towards me from his mouth. I was caught by surprise and did not have time to evade the upcoming tornado like wind. I braced my arms in front of me as defense.

The tornado hit my body hard and sent me flying. My body hit the trees from behind and it only stopped on a huge boulder. I coughed up blood from the impact my body had taken. My fire armor was able to burn away the trees that my body hit, but was not able to stop the force once it hit the boulder. I suspect that I had some internal injuries after hitting it.

With out any time to breathe, Belgor was running in full speed. I lifted my body that felt heavy, to evade the upcoming attack. He hit the huge boulder where I was at, and the force crumbled it to pieces.

'He is strong.' I smiled feeling excitement.

I was able to recover a little bit with the use of my white magic and opted to attack swiftly. I jumped high up using my fire to propel me up and was about to attack Belgor from above. He did not anticipate such an attack and was caught of guard. He tried to evade in the last second, but the tip of my sword was able to slash his left eye.


Belgor roared in pain. Blood gushed out of the wound on his left eye, it was now left useless.

"Surrender, and I will let you live." I said to him.

"I can still fight." Belgor said and launched at me once more.

Belgor only has his left eye now to use in this fight. This gave me an advantage in the fight.

"Fire pillars." I conjured many fire pillars in his way and he was still able to dodge them by instinct.

I can feel that my fire armor is also at its limit. I need to finish this fight before that happens.

"Fire bombs." I conjured many at once and dropped it onto him while still maintaining the fire pillars I made. This gave him little room to dodge.

"Agghh" I hear him groan in pain, being burned by the fire pillars while dodging the more powerful fire bombs.

While he was dodging my fire attacks, I propelled myself to make a fast surprise attack on his blind side. He was busy trying to evade my fire magic attacks that he only sensed my presence the last second.

I slashed him with my sword, feeling it make contact. But Belgor was still agile and swiftly jumped out of the way before I can deal more damage to him.

"Haahh haahh." I panted feeling the fatigue after such a fast paced battle. "You are quick on your feet." I complimented.

"And you are quick witted." Belgor praised. "I never felt so elated in battle until now."

"I feel the same." I replied with a grin.

"It looks like we are both in our limits." Belgor said, he was evidently trying hard just to stay up on his feet. "I will give my all in this last attack."

"Then I will also give my all to counter it." I replied.

I can also feel my fire armor starting to weaken. It will only last just a few minutes longer. And like Belgor said, he was going to give his all in the next attack. I can feel another immense power brewing around him. He opened his mouth wide, and the air was accumulating within.

'He is going to use that attack once more.' I thought.

I stayed calm and focused all my energy on the next attack I will make. What I need is to time my attack at the precise moment, not to early and not to late. His power comes from wind, and wind can either take the fire out if it is weak, and make it stronger if its strong.

Belgor was getting ready to unleash his last ultimate attack and I was ready to counter it with my own. By the time he released his attack on me, I was ready to counter it.

'Not yet. Not yet.' I was focusing on Belgor's attack that was going straight towards me. "NOW! Fire tornado!"

I focused all of the magic I have and conjured a massive fire tornado. It engulfed the wind tornado that Belgor unleashed and made my fire tornado even bigger. I used all of my power to contain the fire tornado and make it stable as possible.

"Aaaagghhh!" Belgor was trying all his might to not be swept away with the pull of my massive fire tornado but it was no use. He was sucked in and I saw him fly around getting burned.

I used every ounce of my power to navigate the massive fire tornado, not wanting the whole area to get burned. I tried to nullify the fire the best I can.

"Come on" I said, feeling the sweat roll of my forehead.

I did not wish for anyone in the vicinity to get hurt, I miscalculated the intensity of the wind tornado from Belgor. It took everything in my power to keep the fire tornado in control until I was able to nullify the fire.

"Haahh haahh haahh." I fell on my knees panting. It took all of my power to nullify such a massive fire tornado.

Not far from me, I saw Belgor fall. I got on my feet with my remaining strength and walked towards him. Once I arrived where he was, I saw his body has deep burns.

"He is still breathing." I saw his body still moving.

I kneeled in front of him and laid my hands on his thick black fur. His fur felt smooth to touch. There is still some ounce of magic remaining within me and I used my white magic to heal him. Fortunately, his body was also quick to heal, I did not need to use my white magic much.

"Atlantian, why did you save me?" Belgor groaned.

"I did not have any plans on taking your life in the first place." I replied. "All I need is a chance search the area and find what we are looking for."

"Even though I was planning to take your life you repay me with such kindness." Belgor tried to stand up. "You are similar to him in such a way."

"Him?" I asked in confusion.

"The first ruler of this continent. The one that bestowed power to humans that defeated us a long time ago." Belgor said. "I was just a pup when I saw him standing before my defeated father. He also said the same thing to him. But my father was prideful, he accepted his defeat and promised to live away from humans. But he did not accept the offer of that man to live alongside them."

"I see." I replied, knowing who the identity of the man he was talking about.

"Well I wonder" Belgor said while looking at me with scrutinizing eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"Hahaha I just thought that I am not my father. I will like to give you a chance to prove your worth, Atlantian." Belgor said. "I feel like you are to do great things in the future. And I would like to stand beside you when that time comes."

"That is comforting to hear. I am confident that I will not disappoint you." I said with a confident smile.

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