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A servant girl of Duke Yongs Mansion reacted fast and hurried forward to stop Qin Yuru.

Countess Yong suddenly burst into tears. Youve made Sister-in-law suffer and kill herself, and now you even want to do the same to Yuru. How cruel you are! Oh, my poor sister-in-law! You married into a wolfs den No wonder you died at such a young age!

We caused Madam Dis death? Qin Huaiyong sneered and pointed the sword at Countess Yong. The cold light shocked Countess Yong so much that her face turned pale.

She knew Qin Huaiyong wouldnt stab her, but it was another thing when she faced the fierce sword.

Countess Yong went weak at the knees and almost fell down.

It was Qin Yuru who killed Madam Di. Ask her for the explanation you want! Qin Huaiyong shouted in a sharp tone.

Everyone present was shocked when they heard that.

Shao Wanru calmly glanced at Qin Huaiyong, who was about to lose his mind, and thought, Countess Yongs words made him burst into anger.

I was thinking about how to make Qin Huaiyong say it out, but now I dont have to!

Countess Yongs aggressive attitude is really a good helper!

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What are you talking about, Father? Qin Yuru was the one who came to her senses first. She couldnt believe that Qin Huaiyong would say that. But she had to pretend to be hurt at the moment.

According to her previous experiences, Qin Yuru had thought that Qin Huaiyong would finally stand on her side even if he found she did it. Just think about what I did to Shao Wanru in the past! He always turned a blind eye to them!

He knew what I did, but he pretended not to and stood on my side. He will be the same as he was!

His daughter will lose her life if other people know she killed her own mother! So, how can Qin Huaiyong want his daughter to die?

There must be something wrong!

After those words came out of his mouth, Qin Huaiyong regretted it. But he couldnt take them back because so many people had heard it, so he could only sneer, You burned Madam Di, didnt you?

Shui Ruolan swayed and almost fainted. She was so kind-hearted that she never thought of such a thing. Though there was no evidence to prove what Qin Huaiyong said, she believed it.

Dont be afraid, Aunt Shui! Qin Yuru wont harm you and Xuangeer. You will be fine! Shao Wanru supported her and said in a low voice.

Her voice was not loud, but Qin Huaiyong standing beside her heard it clearly in the eerie silence, and his heart immediately beat faster. An idea came to his mind.

Since Qin Yuru is not my daughter, Xuangeer will be my only child. I cant let Qin Yuru hurt Shui Ruolan or Xuangeer!

Qin Yuru is a vicious woman, so she must use her identity as my daughter to plot against Shui Ruolan and Xuangeer when I am out!

I am about to go to Xu State soon, so I have to deal with Qin Yuru before leaving the capital. Though that might disgrace me, at least I can protect Shui Ruolan and Xuangeer from Qin Yuru.

Qin Huaiyong considered it carefully and became less guilty than before. I must make it public that Qin Yuru is not my daughter, though it disgraces me by telling people that I was cheated on. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble in the future, let alone the fact that Grand Prince is involved.

Qin Huaiyong sensitively felt there were more secrets!

Anything relevant to the royal family is important!

Father, are you really going to abandon me because you have a son? Qin Yuru looked extremely sad and angry. She covered her chest with her hand and looked at Qin Huaiyong as if she couldnt believe that he was such a heartless father.

Brother-in-law, how can you be so cruel? No matter how bad they are, Sister-in-law is your legal wife, and Yuru is your daughter! How can you put all the blame on Yuru? How partial you are to your concubine! You spoil your concubine but ignore your wife! Countess Yong immediately helped Qin Yuru argue with Qin Huaiyong as she had a bad feeling in her heart.

She couldnt help thinking, Qin Huaiyong never showed such an attitude before. Whats wrong with him today? Was it really Qin Yuru who did it?

Countess Yong had never considered Qin Yuru a good person. She started to suspect Qin Yuru and couldnt help feeling a sense of fear when thinking of the fact that Qin Yuru had been her daughter-in-law for three years! The more she thought about it, the more she didnt want to take Qin Yuru back to Duke Yongs Mansion.

If I quarrel with her again one day, she might kill me and burn my body!

Brother-in-law? Do not call me Brother-in-law! Duke Yong, do you really think I dont know anything about it? You have hidden it from me for so long because you want me to take the blame, right? Well, well, well! Lets stop arguing and go to report it to the court! The lord mayor will investigate it! said Qin Huaiyong in a harsh voice with a livid and pale face. He didnt care about his reputation anymore.

Duke Yong got flurried after noticing something from Qin Huaiyongs words. He took a few steps forward and grabbed Qin Huaiyongs hand holding the sword. Brother-in-law, it will be a complete disgrace for us both if it is exposed to the public. Wed better discuss it slowly!

Discuss? About what? That you hid it from me to make me take the blame? Qin Huaiyong sneered. On thinking that he had treated Qin Yuru as his own daughter and doted on her in everything for so many years, he got so angry that his eyes turned red.

He hated Qin Yuru now as much as he tolerated Qin Yuru before!

However, at the moment, he hated Duke Yongs Mansion the most! If it werent for them, he wouldnt have been cuckolded for so many years!

He looked at Duke Yong with flaming eyes as if he were about to burn Duke Yong the next minute.

General Shui Ruolan reached out and wanted to catch Qin Huaiyongs sleeve.

But Shao Wanru tugged at her clothes, dropping a hint to her that she should not move.

Shui Ruolan hesitated for a moment and took her hand back. She realized they were talking about something secret, and it was almost uncovered, though she did not know what it exactly was.

Duke Yongs Mansion Madam Di and Qin Yuru Youre quite something! I am willing to put my dignity into my pocket to deal with these. So we dont need any more discussion! Qin Huaiyong shouted angrily.

Brother-in-law, lets talk about it! Duke Yong softened his position.

We are a family, Brother-in-law! Besides, nothing will be settled when you are in a rage. No matter what Yuru has done, she is your biological daughter. You dont want to see your biological daughter die, do you? Countess Yong also softened and persuaded.

Her words indicated she agreed with the statement that Qin Yuru killed Madam Di.

I didnt Mother! Qin Yuru was furious with a flush of hatred for Countess Yong growing in her heart. Though I am now one of the royal family members, I cant bear such a crime!

Come and see them off! Qin Huaiyong ignored them and said harshly.

A few strong servants came forward and intended to drive out all the people of Duke Yongs Mansion.

What do you mean, Qin Huaiyong? Duke Yong flew into a rage after being pushed by an old maid. He pushed the old maid away and angrily rushed over to Qin Huaiyong.

Well see each other in court! said Qin Huaiyong scornfully. As a military general, he attached great importance to reputation, but he did so less than a civil official.

What on earth do you want, Brother-in-law? How can we make a big deal out of this? Duke Yong became flurried and couldnt help softening his voice when realizing that Qin Huaiyong was seriously about to throw caution to the wind. Our two families have been in-laws for years. How can we make such a big deal out of this matter and become gossip for others!

Hes right, Brother-in-law! I apologize for my impoliteness just now because the bad news about my sister really shocked me! Please forgive us! Countess Yongs attitude softened, and there was even a smile on her face. But you shouldnt let Yuru take all the blame for her mothers death. She is just a woman, who will be forced into death if she bears the crime! said Countess Yong with a worried face.

It sounded like Qin Huaiyongs accusation would definitely make Qin Yuru die.

And thats what I want! I want her to die! Qin Huaiyong said scornfully and turned his back on them in case he would be pissed off by the couples evil faces and go forward to teach them a lesson. Send them out!

Hearing the same order from their master the second time, the servants of Qins Mansion no longer hesitated and began to expel Duke Yong and Countess Yong, forcing them towards the gate.

Although Duke Yongs Mansion bought lots of people, there were more from Qins Mansion. Everyone from Duke Yongs Mansion suffered and was driven out of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

Many busybodies were waiting at the gate for a scene of bustle. Duke Yongs Mansion didnt hide their track here from these on-lookers.

They burst into laughter when seeing Duke Yongs Mansions people were driven out in such a wretched way.

Duke Yongs Mansion has been keeping a bad reputation in the past few days!

Lets go! said Duke Yong at the gate of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, wiping away the tears from pain at the corners of his eyes. Then he angrily left for his mansion with everyone else from Duke Yongs Mansion.

I will submit a memorial to the emperor to accuse Qin Huaiyong of not giving equal treatment to his concubine and his wife so that Qin Huaiyong will understand that I am not a pushover!

After people from Duke Yongs Mansion left, Qin Huaiyong asked a servant to report the event to the yamen and then helped Old Madam Qin go back to her courtyard.

Everyone remained silent on their way back. They only made the sound of their feet stepping on the ground!

They felt so heavy in their hearts that they could hardly breathe.

With Qin Huaiyong walking on one side of Old Madam Qin, Shao Wanru lowered her eyes and went on the other side, helping Old Madam Qin walk. After they all got seated in the main room of Old Madam Qins courtyard, Shao Wanru said, Grandma, General Qin and Aunt Shui, now that there is nothing else for me to do, I am leaving!

Now it was time for the people of Qins Mansion to have a discussion. As an outsider, she should not stay!

Of course, Shao Wanru just stood on ceremony. She believed that Qin Huaiyong would ask her to stay!

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Chapter 423 The Old Friend Nanny Fangs Daughter Chapter 424 The Evidence That Qin Yuru Lied About Her Age Chapter 425 The Crime Of Deceiving The Emperor And Being An Impostor Chapter 426 Chaos Another Parent Chapter 427 Yes Or No? Check Chapter 428 Being Mighty You Schemed It Chapter 429 Pressing On At Every Step In An Aggressive Way Chapter 430 Everything Was Thoroughly Exposed Chapter 431 The Proof Without Proven Ability Chapter 432 Pointing At His Biological Daughter With A Sword Chapter 433 The Best End Result And The Naturally Formed Hostile Parties Chapter 434 Women Were So Scary Chapter 435 Getting Married? There Was No Need To Hurry Chapter 436 The Snatch Chapter 437 Speed Is Precious In A War Hurry Up Chapter 438 Sarcastic They Were Blood Related Chapter 439 Stained Clothes Could Not Be Worn Chapter 440 Mighty Ruian Great Elder Princess Chapter 441 The Investigation Of The Third Branch Chapter 442 The Seed Of Suspicion Chapter 443 The Truth In The Carriage Chapter 444 The Witness Could Be Handed Over To Someone Else Chapter 445 Was She Waiting Or Hiding In Her Dream? Chapter 446 What Did Duke Xing Mean? Chapter 447 The Shield Should Be Alive First Chapter 448 A Sincere Apology? Chapter 449 A Secret Meeting In The Mid Lake Pavilion At Midnight Chapter 450 Fire Against Water Chapter 451 The So Called black Under The Light Chapter 452 The Most Crucial Part Of It Chapter 453 Madam Dowager Came Aggressively To Denounce Ning Qingshan Chapter 454 Painstaking Efforts Chapter 455 Forced To Make Her Exit Chapter 456 Discuss With Grandma And Tell Her The Truth Chapter 457 Being Known For Talents Or Filial Piety Which One Was Better? Chapter 458 Exchange A Jade Pendant For A Jade Pendant Chapter 459 Looking For A Concubine Named Xiurong Chapter 460 I Have People And I Can Help You Chapter 461 A Weak Mind For Life Chapter 462 Prince Zhou Who Must Pick More Assistants Chapter 463 Be Tough And See What Would You Do? Chapter 464 Guarantee Will Your Body Get Better? Chapter 465 Leaving Temporarily And Entering The Monastery Chapter 466 Going Into The Palace Again Duke Xings Mansion Lost Chapter 467 The Willful Empress Dowager Chapter 468 The Pattern Of The King Couldnt Be Seen Chapter 469 The Rush Cushion That Knocked Over A Hall Chapter 470 Young Master Zhang Has An Eccentricity Of Collecting Chapter 471 The Evil Nun Bullied Others To Infuriate Others Chapter 472 The Key Point Was Who Gained The Benefits Chapter 473 Hes Gone To Complain Chapter 474 Qin Yuru Is Married Chapter 475 The Woman Who Wanted To Get The Imperial Throne Chapter 476 Lost In The Unchangeable Fate Chapter 477 Who Was Whose Shield? Chapter 478 There Were Differences Between Two Lives Chapter 479 The So Called Old Friend Who Was There To Meet Shao Wanru. Chapter 480 Jealous Prince Chen Chapter 481 A Blind Meeting In The Nunnery Chapter 482 Let Us Wait Slowly Im Not In A Hurry Chapter 483 Old Friends Of Years Chapter 484 The Wrong Place Found Chapter 485 The Scenery Picture Sent To The Empress Dowager Chapter 486 A Box Unnoticed In The Dark Corner Of The Quiet Room Chapter 487 A Silence Room Two People Seizing It Chapter 488 A Person Bringing Bad Luck The So Called Relative Chapter 489 The Old Maid With Special Intentions Chapter 490 The Longevity Lock From The Old Madam Chapter 491 We Meet Again After More Than A Year Chapter 492 I Think She Can Marry No One Chapter 493 Ministry Of Justice Entered Into Yuhui Nunnery Chapter 494 Meet The Past Enemy Again Chapter 495 The Woman Who Ran Away From Her Wedding Chapter 496 Did The Former Emperor Have A Posthumous Child? Chapter 497 Going Too Far Old Madams Gift Chapter 498 Bring Buddha Offerings To The Mountain Chapter 499 Eight Pairs Of Silver Bracelets Chapter 500 A Stained Delicate Album Of Painting Chapter 501 Give A Dog A Bad Name And Hang Him Chapter 502 Remedy Qinger Going Down The Mountain Chapter 503 The Album Of Painting That Couldnt Be Sent Up The Hill In Time? Chapter 504 Someone Who Was Forced To Escape From The High Wall Chapter 505 Asking For The Picture Album For The First Time Chapter 506 Using Dirty Tricks To Get The Picture Album Chapter 507 Changed A Piece Of Paper? So What? Chapter 508 The Idea Of Sister Getting Married Together Chapter 509 Pushan Nun Was Strange Chapter 510 Grandma Or Old Madam? Chapter 511 Surprise Met Younger Brother Again Chapter 512 Shao Yanru Couldnt Get Back The Silence Room So She Chose To Live In The Main Room Chapter 513 The Intimate Conversation Between The Elder Sister And The Younger Brother Chapter 514 Unreasonable Shao Jieer Chapter 515 An Incident Happen In The Midnight Chapter 516 Horror She Only Had One Chance Chapter 517 The Incident Became Significant Chapter 518 A Premeditated Invitation Chapter 519 A Private Letter Sent By A Friend To The Mountain Chapter 520 The Most Considerate Big Sister Chapter 521 An Unexpected Change At The Hall Chapter 522 Shocked Who Is The Real Fifth Miss Shao? Chapter 523 Two Letters Sent One After Another Chapter 524 Big Sister Did You Have Fun In The Hall? Chapter 525 Lets Go For An Exploration Chapter 526 Are You Willing To Join Me In The Game? Chapter 527 Remedy Foot Injury Chapter 528 When Shao Yanru Was A Child Chapter 529 Prince Chen Show Up Openly Chapter 530 I Want To Eat Longevity Noodles Chapter 531 The Jealousy Coming From Next Door Chapter 532 Treat Different People Differently Chapter 533 Can Your Father Rule The Country? Chapter 534 The Purpose Of Going Back Specially Chapter 535 Evil Spirits Or Evil Things? Chapter 536 Increasingly Weird Another Person Chapter 537 Recommend Someone To Settle The Problem Chapter 538 Look For The Longevity Lock Again Chapter 539 Qinger Who Is Simple And Obedient Chapter 540 Come Up The Mountain Together To Make Trouble Chapter 541 Vicious And Selfish? Chapter 542 The Truth About Taoist Priest Xiushui Chapter 543 Is What He Saw In His Dream Real? Chapter 544 Pick A Fight Directly Osmanthus Honey Chapter 545 Separate And Go Different Ways After Going Down The Mountain Chapter 546 Weird Whos The Owner Of The Carriage Watching Them? Chapter 547 Tough Great Elder Princess Chapter 548 What Does Prince Xin Mean? Chapter 549 Changed A Coachman Chapter 550 Forceful Visit To Find Trouble Chapter 551 Madam Of Duke Xing Restrains Her Anger And Keeps Silent Chapter 552 Shao Yanru A Girl With Kindness And Tolerance Chapter 553 Leave After Acting Improperly Chapter 554 Get The Fidgets And Have An Attack Of His Old Illness Chapter 555 Arent You Afraid Of Me? Chapter 556 The Hidden Intention Of Doctor Qi Chapter 557 Couldnt Be Recognized Who Was Shao Yanru? Chapter 558 The Topic Misled By The Servant Girl Chapter 559 A Pair The One Hurt Face And The One Hurt Hand Chapter 560 A Painting Drawn By Pushan Nun Chapter 561 Jealousy Two Kinds Of Ointment Chapter 562 A Reckless Girl Chapter 563 They Are Gone? A Small Hall Attracting Little Pilgrims Chapter 564 Deliver Dinner To His Beloved Girl In A Hurry Chapter 565 Did The Girl Really Fall Or Deliberately Fall? Chapter 566 Mo Qiuyi Who Had Changed Her Clothes Chapter 567 Suspicion Ulterior Motive Chapter 568 The Seduction Of The Evil Taoist Priest Chapter 569 Quarreled Because Of Different State Of Minds Chapter 570 Who Is The More Suited To Be Blamed On? Chapter 571 Distinguished The Bloodline In The Court Chapter 572 Would You Hate Me If You Were Him Chapter 573 Offer The Steamed Rice Out Of Gratitude? Chapter 574 A Mess Chapter 575 The Maids Sent By Qi Tianyu Chapter 576 Enjoy The Scenery Of The Maple Forest Chapter 577 Identify The Prettier One Chapter 578 One Mentioned His Identity Implicitly While The Other One Was Artificial Chapter 579 Two Fighting Old Maids Chapter 580 Report To Ministry Of Justice Or Capital Officials Chapter 581 Partners In Doing Evil Seem To Be A Good Couple Chapter 582 Three People Go To Enjoy The Scenery Together Chapter 583 Fall Into The Trap And Deliberately Provoke Suspicion Chapter 584 Using The Minor Force To Win Energetically And Deal With It Chapter 585 Truth Becomes Fiction When The Fictions True Chapter 586 Come To Put On A Show On Purpose Chapter 587 Think She Has Succeed In Her Scheme And Bribe Qinger Chapter 588 Try To Get Close To Qinger Without Being Noticed Chapter 589 Keep The Door Unlocked Im Also Going Out For A Walk Chapter 590 The Maids Good For Nothing Relatives Chapter 591 Each Has Herhis Own Plan Chapter 592 2 The Imperial Physician Comes Chapter 593 The Secret Behind The Two Bottles Of Ointment Was Exposed Chapter 594 Have To Go Down The Mountain Chapter 595 A Quiet And Modest Maiden Is A Gentlemans Good Mate Chapter 596 The Principal Maid As A Scapegoat Chapter 597 Wen Xichi Got To Act Chapter 598 The More Intense The More Fake Chapter 599 The Consequences Of Pushing Too Hard Chapter 600 Meet An Old Acquaintance Chapter 601 Another One Intending To Make Use Of Qinger Chapter 602 Turn Qin Yurus Trick Against Her Two Carriages Chapter 603 Its Not The First Miss Shao But The First Miss Qin Chapter 604 A Private Meeting With Qiu Yu Both Of Them Harbor Their Own Intent Chapter 605 Shao Yanru Finds That Everything Goes Wrong Chapter 606 Place The Changxing Grass By The Road Again Chapter 607 Tell Me The Next Time When You Want To Go Downhill Chapter 608 The Uprooted Grass Chapter 609 Concern And Deceit Chapter 610 - Confrontation Chapter 611 - One of Them Says and Shows Her True Features, While the Other One Hears Outside! Chapter 612 - A Fight between Two Shrews, Who Wins? Chapter 613 - The Incident Becomes Significant Chapter 614 All The Matters Were Connected Chapter 615 - Did Grandma Hand in Memorial Before? Chapter 616 Does Qin Yuru Intend To Restore The Relationship? Chapter 617 A Piece Of Delicate Jade And A Piece Of Rubble Chapter 618 Visit With Her Injured Face After Something Big Chapter 619 Come With More Than One Intention Chapter 620 Shao Yanru In A Panic Chapter 621 Cad And Ingrate Chapter 622 Guest Coming From The Back Door Chapter 623 Brother And Sister Made An Evil Plan Chapter 624 One Step Late Making The Evil Old Woman Angry Chapter 625 Who Does Shao Yanru Call For Aid Chapter 626 Borrow The Officers From The Ministry Of Justice Chapter 627 A Lock Which Has Been Used For Three Years Chapter 628 Make Concessions In Order To Gain Advantages Leave Her No Chance To Defend Herself Chapter 629 Sister Holding Out An olive Branch Chapter 630 Walking Out Overtly Chapter 631 Call Me Prince Chen Chapter 632 Very Solid Gold Bracelets Chapter 633 The Red Sachet Hanging At The Bedside Chapter 634 A Retreat In Fear Chapter 635 Sending A Few Pairs Of Bracelets To Duke Xings Mansion Chapter 636 The Empress Dowagers Imperial Decree Chapter 637 Bet The Hope On Which Of Them Chapter 638 Nightmare In The Snow Chapter 639 Met His Demand Chapter 640 The Life Saving Kindness Falling From The Heaven Chapter 641 The So Called Fetus Poison Chapter 642 Bullied Piaoyun Courtyard Chapter 643 The Supervisor Old Maid Transferred In The Same Position Chapter 644 Send The Servants Away Simply And Rudely Chapter 645 Princess Zhou In The Last Life Chapter 646 Two Sides Of A Coin Chapter 647 Discover A Small Note In Her Meal Chapter 648 The Heir Of Duke Xing Chapter 649 Beaten Twice For No Definite Reason Chapter 650 Does She Really Fall Sick Or Pretend To Be Sick? Chapter 651 Honored Consort Shus Invitation Chapter 652 Where Are The Gifts From? Nail The Lie Chapter 653 The Invitation With An Evil Intent From The Imperial Palace Chapter 654 Swindled A Medicine Bottle With A Familiar Smell Chapter 655 Ill Have To Trouble You With Something Chapter 656 Again She Said She Just Heard Of It Chapter 657 Visited The Palace Together Chapter 658 Has Any Childhood Sweetheart Been Waiting For You? Chapter 659 Each With Her Own Plan Who Would Get What She Wants? Chapter 660 Her Falling Into The Water Was An Accident So Was The One Saving Her Chapter 661 Get Away Chapter 662 Guards Come To Stop Her Chapter 663 Do You Think Im Fool? Chapter 664 Evil Vent Chapter 665 Substituted Without Protest Chapter 666 Amazing Seeing The Beauty Again Chapter 667 Substituted A Daughter Of Non Lineal Descent For The Daughter Of Lineal Descent Chapter 668 Where Was The Lost Cup? Chapter 669 Went Back To The Mansion In A Hurry And Called For Doctors Chapter 670 Breaking Off Whose Male Offspring? Chapter 671 The Crazy Madam Of Duke Xing Chapter 672 The People From The Palace Are Cold Hearted Chapter 673 Prince Chen Took An Opportunity To Advice Chapter 674 Let Her Go To The Monastery To Cultivate In Seclusion Chapter 675 Acting One Step Ahead Is The Second Uncle Amiable? Chapter 676 If You Dont Assume The Responsibility Who Else Will? Ruer? Chapter 677 Fanglan Embroidery Shop Came Again Chapter 678 Whose Family Had So Much Power Chapter 679 Nice To Meet Old Family Members Chapter 680 The So Called Continuing Serving Her Chapter 681 Greetings Uncle Chapter 682 Dust On The Painting Not On The Words Chapter 683 One Step Faster Chapter 684 Prince Xin Who Was In A Hurry To Meet A Beauty Chapter 685 Be Jealous And Send A Servant Girl Chapter 686 One Never Loses Anything By Sending Gifts Chapter 687 Despite Any Harm That Might Be Done To My Health Chapter 688 A Doctors Sympathy For His Patient Chapter 689 Concubine Gu Conducted Black Box Work To Change The Census Register Chapter 690 Learned From The Same School? Chapter 691 Reckoning A Plot Three Years Ago Chapter 692 If Anyone Dares To Hurt You I Will Make Him Pay With His Blood Chapter 693 Wang Shengxue Shows Up At Midnight Chapter 694 The Accident Outside The Palace Gate He Breaks His Leg Chapter 695 The Same Traces The Emperors Doubt Chapter 696 A Stroke Of Luck Falls In Commandery Prince Qings Lap Chapter 697 The Third Madam Once In Power Chapter 698 Carelessly Present Evidence In Front Of Her Chapter 699 Make A Choice Chapter 700 The Ring Dropped In The Snow Chapter 701 Anxious And Kind Hearted Doctor Qiu Chapter 702 Meet Wang Yishu Again Chapter 703 Have They Had Any Family Affection For Her? Chapter 704 Rip Down The Veil Of Tenderness Chapter 705 Hard To Tell Who Frames A Case Against Whom Chapter 706 If Fifth Sister Stays Ill Also Stay Chapter 707 Doctor Qiu Has Been Taken Away Chapter 708 A Shrewd Concubine Chapter 709 The Corpse Seemed To Come Back To Life At The Funeral Chapter 709 - The Corpse Seemed to Come back to Life at the Funeral! Chapter 710 Three Years Ago Three Years Later Chapter 711 You Frightened Me Chapter 712 An Emerald Bead That Caused Trouble Chapter 712 - An Emerald Bead that Caused Trouble Chapter 713 - Commandery Prince Qing Is in Power Chapter 714 - An Etiquette Instructor from the Imperial Palace Chapter 715 - A Bolt of Cloth Incites Her into Action Chapter 716 Nanny Xi Comes To Stir Up Trouble Chapter 717 She Wants To Stay In The Piaoyun Courtyard Chapter 718 Companys Humiliation Chapter 719 It Is Not An Exaggeration To Say That They Are Old Enemies Chapter 720 Nanny Yu Do You Really Want To Know? Chapter 721 She Can Be My Concubine Chapter 722 Prince Zhous Desire Chapter 723 The White Powder Sent From The Imperial Palace Chapter 724 She Intends To Drag Nanny Zheng To Her Side Chapter 725 Something Serious Happens To Madam Chapter 726 Nothing In The Ancestral Hall? Chapter 727 The Drug Chapter 728 The Deal Before Death Chapter 729 Oops I Also Have A Quick Tongue Chapter 730 Help Chapter 731 - Honored Consort Shu Died in the Palace Chapter 732 - Court Draft Chapter 733 - She Was Destined to Marry the Emperor Chapter 734 - The Pavilion Where She Had Lived in Her Previous Life Chapter 735 - Who Is Lay Buddhist at Weiyu Pavilion? Chapter 736 - Those Memories That Had Been Missing Chapter 737 - She Saw Shao Yanrus Confidant from Her Last Life Again Chapter 738 - Its the Protective Talisman I Just Got. This Is for You! Chapter 739 - She Was Offered Another Protective Talisman Chapter 740 - She Did It for Miss Wang! Chapter 741 - The Former Concubine Wang Chapter 742 - Miss Wang Complained to Chu Liuyue Chapter 743 - She Made a Protective Talisman Just in Case Chapter 744 - Her Test Failed! Chapter 745 - Each One Had a Different Idea Chapter 746 - Drag Everyone into the Mire Chapter 747 - Many Disgusting Blisters On the Face Chapter 748 - Is She Allergic or Victimized? Chapter 749 - Who Is Behind the Scenes Chapter 750 - Youll All Be Kicked out the Palace! Chapter 751 - The Mixed Poison from the Xu State Chapter 752 - The Problem in the Talisman Is Exposed! Chapter 753 - Driven out of the Imperial Palace Chapter 754 - Its Too Late to Realize the Truth! Chapter 755 - The Painter Madam Ou Chapter 756 - How to Deal with Wang Yuxin? Chapter 757 - The Hiding Palace Maid Chapter 758 - Weve Met Several Times, Your Highness! Chapter 759 - Fail to Continue the Conversation! Chapter 760 - Jealousy! Jealousy Drives Her Crazy! Chapter 761 - Exchanging a Simple Requirement With a Difficult One Chapter 762 - The Pledge of Allegiance That One Had to Take Chapter 763 - Brothers Came Together Chapter 764 - The Rules of the Imperial Palace Chapter 765 - Making Waves, Unwilling to Give up Chapter 766 - Truth Obtained Through Eavesdropping Chapter 767 - You Eavesdrop on Me, I Eavesdrop on You Chapter 768 - The Hints Are Confusing Chapter 769 - Well-prepared to Wait for Prince Yue Chapter 770 - The Idea of Making the Maple Leaf Collage Chapter 771 - She Didnt. I Did! Chapter 772 - Shao Yanru, Being Dragged Down, Is Innocent? Chapter 773 - Consecutive Falls Chapter 774 - Kind and Generous. She Is Acting? Chapter 775 - Two Princes Fought for a Woman Chapter 776 - Self Saving, the Key Move of Shao Yanru! Chapter 777 - A Misunderstanding Is Better Than Bad Intent Chapter 778 - The First Miss Shao Who Escaped Death Chapter 779 - Its You, Not Us! Chapter 780 - Bribe the Eunuch with Evil Intentions Chapter 781 - Everything Happened Just Right in Time Chapter 782 - A Palace Maid Who Knew How to Seize Opportunities Chapter 783 - Duke Xings Way of Rescue Chapter 784 - A Letter Robbed Halfway Chapter 785 - A Few Words Are Missing Chapter 786 - None on Duty in Imperial Institute of Medicine Chapter 787 - The Insensitive Chu Liuxin Chapter 788 - A Strong Smell of Medicine Chapter 789 - Imminent Disaster as His Majesty Is In Chapter 790 - The Secret About the Medicine Bowl Chapter 791 - Whos the Mastermind Behind All of This? Chapter 792 - Shuqis Death Chapter 793 - Bring Her into the Palace! Chapter 794 - Why Am I Just a Secondary Consort Chapter 795 - What Big Brother Is Coming for? Chapter 796 - He Wanted to Get Shao Wanru! Chapter 797 - Unsaid Candidate Chapter 798 - Chu Liuxin Blocking the Way Chapter 799 - Forced to Grow Up Chapter 800 - The Relationship Between Pushan Nun and Shao Yanru? Chapter 801 - I Heard You Have Another Daughter? Chapter 802 - Your Highness, I Heard Youre Looking for Some Calligraphy Chapter 803 - Holding Hands for the First Time, Finally! Chapter 804 - Fifth Miss Shao, Can I Have a Word with You? Chapter 805 - Throwing Out Such a Big Bait Chapter 806 - The Anxious Wen Xichi Chapter 807 - The Considerate Grandmother and Granddaughter Chapter 808 - Finally Engaged Chapter 809 - You Shall Be Treated as a Deserter if There Is No Contract Chapter 810 - A Promise from Three Years Ago Chapter 811 - The Daring Duke Xings Mansion Chapter 812 - Old Madam at a Disadvantage Chapter 813 - I Wont Return the Child I Raised Chapter 814 - Fifth Sister, Help Me! Chapter 815 - The Trade Between Second Branch and Third Branch Chapter 816 - Encountering the Acquaintance of Last Life Chapter 817 - The Miss of Minister Zhao Chapter 818 - The Smooth-Talking and Clever Miss Zhao Chapter 819 - I Didnt Have Any Dowry and Would Never Return to You! Chapter 820 - Touched by the Identity as the Legitimate Daughter? Chapter 821 - The Pain Cant Be Cured? Chapter 822 - Go There Again Tomorrow Chapter 823 - Who Is in Charge, the Mother or the Son? Chapter 824 - An Old Friend in the Mansion Chapter 825 - Knew This or Not? Chapter 826 - Quarrels Beginning Due to the Most Ordinary Courtyard! Chapter 827 - Fifth Sister Did Nothing Chapter 828 - Hit the Wrong Target Chapter 829 - Thats the Reason Why She Was So Nice to Me? Chapter 830 - Ghost Shadows in the Midnight Chapter 831 - Second Sister Did Something Wrong? Chapter 832 - The Unconscious Master and Servant Chapter 833 - You Dare to Do That, Second Sister? Chapter 834 - A Vision of Eternity Chapter 835 - Confessions Full of Flaws Chapter 836 - Unwilling to Act Like Sisterhood Chapter 837 - Good Cop and Bad Cop Chapter 838 - Unexpected Protection from Prince Chen Chapter 839 - An Inopportune Infatuation Chapter 840 - Wheres the Original Craftsman? Chapter 841 - Annul the Marriage? Chapter 842 - Go Ahead and Cry! I Am Here for You Chapter 843 - The Duke Shows Up! Chapter 844 - She Almost Believed It Chapter 845 - Yan Xis Marriage Chapter 846 - A Strange Servant Girl Chapter 847 - A Fated Relationship Chapter 848 - Shao Huaans Wedding Chapter 849 - Only Sweet Pastries! Chapter 850 - Big Trouble During the Wedding Chapter 851 - Two Drunk Princes Fight Chapter 852 - Could You Come With Me? Chapter 853 - Grandmother, Lets Tell Them the Truth! Chapter 854 - Why Cant It Be Me! Chapter 855 - Did You Drug the Drink? Chapter 856 - Go to Piaoyun Courtyard and Ask for Help Chapter 857 - A Life-and-Death Quarrel in the Bridal Room Chapter 858 - Dukes Mansion Was Demoted Into Marquiss Mansion Chapter 859 - A Scheming Bride Chapter 860 - Who Can Have the Token? Chapter 861 - The Situation in the Palace Chapter 862 - Everything Is Settled; Summoned to the Palace Chapter 863 - Two Imperial Consorts Provocation Chapter 864 - The Flattery Backfires Chapter 865 - Do You Want Me to Keep It for You? Chapter 866 - Three People Walking Together Chapter 867 - Be Careful of Villians, Childe Yan Chapter 868 - Old Madam With Irrational Conduct Chapter 869 - Trampling on Others Reputation Chapter 870 - The Hypocritical Eldest Young Madam Chapter 871 - Enter the Mansion of the Prime Minister Again Chapter 872 - A Picture of Her in the Last Life Chapter 873 - Shao Wanru Was the Woman in His Dream? Chapter 874 - Second Miss Zhao Retaliates for Her Sister Chapter 875 - The Familiar Hua Sheng Appears in Her Dream Chapter 876 - Forced to Apologize Chapter 877 - The Truth in the Unpleasant Past Chapter 878 - What a Pretentious Woman! Chapter 879 - Shao Wanrus Wedding Comes Chapter 880 - Happiness Is to Wait for Her to Grow Up Chapter 881 - Wen Xichis Obsession at the Wedding Hall Chapter 882 - The Lost Memories Chapter 883 - Bathe Together? No Good! Chapter 884 - Desire Chapter 885 - Is It a Sweet Wedding Night? Chapter 886 - Go to Visit the Elders Chapter 887 - The Beautys Origin Is Humble, Isnt It? Chapter 888 - Replaceable Concubines and Indispensable Empress Chapter 889 - The Mysterious Consort Chapter 890 - Feeling Nervous, She Wanted to Say Something but Stopped Chapter 891 - The Ambition of Becoming an Imperial Consort for Two Reigns Chapter 892 - Gentleness, My Everything Is Yours Chapter 893 - Princess Chen Does Not Make Concessions Chapter 894 - The First Visit to the Brides Parents Home Chapter 895 - Who Was Proposed? Chapter 896 - Whos Behind Shao Jieers Unusual Behavior? Chapter 897 - The Girl After Yan Xi Chapter 898 - Wang Shengxue Must Have Ulterior Motives! Chapter 899 - Malicious Scheme Chapter 900 - Reluctance to Say Goodbye and Gem Bracelets! Chapter 901 - Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 902 - Are You Going to Renege on Your Promise? Chapter 903 - Hide the Treasure Chapter 904 - Dong Xiuers Birth Father Chapter 905 - Excited! The Sowed Seeds Chapter 906 - Who Attacks Whom Chapter 907 - Overflowed with Resentment Chapter 908 - Just Go and Tell Grandma! Chapter 909 - Losing Money or Making Money? Chapter 910 - Make Trouble in Her Own Shop! Chapter 911 - Old Madam Was Shocked Chapter 912 - Crazily Make Trouble Chapter 913 - Question! It Would Be Suppressed? Chapter 914 - Confidence! It Has Always Been My Kingdom! Chapter 915 - Help! The Master Behind the Scene Chapter 916 - Palace Maids Who Teach Chapter 917 - Prince Zhou Capitalized on Prince Yues Disasters Chapter 918 - Duke Yong Was Driven into a Dead End Chapter 919 - The Heir of Duke Yong Lost His Title Chapter 920 - The Punishment Is Over Now Chapter 921 - Entrusted with the Care of Princess Chen Chapter 922 - The Emperor Is Partial Chapter 923 - Go Back to Marquis Xings Mansion; Chu Qing Pays a Visit Chapter 924 - Elder Sister Gives the Marriage Up to Younger Sister Chapter 925 - Refused to Echo with Them Chapter 926 - A Mysterious Mansion Chapter 927 - The Mercenary Wei Dahai Chapter 928 - Panic, Caused A Mess! Chapter 929 - Came Across Zhaoyi Di Chapter 930 - Empress Dowagers Intention Chapter 931 - Protection and Extension of Love Chapter 932 - Obey the Order to Fight Chapter 933 - Old Madam Was Speechless Chapter 934 - The Mother and Son Have to Make a Concession! Chapter 935 - The Introspection with Huaguang Temples Abbot Chapter 936 - Rebirth Defies Heaven! Chapter 937 - My Princess Is Still Young Chapter 938 - Two Suspicious Palace Maids Chapter 939 - Evidence Is Unnecessary for Me Chapter 940 - Never Let Go! Chapter 941 - Shao Jieer Enters Commandery Prince Qings Mansion Chapter 942 - Madam Dis Final Resort Chapter 943 - Unbearable Truth Chapter 944 - The Recognition Isnt As Simple As It Looks Chapter 945 - I Cannot Resist Chapter 946 - Duke Yongs Mansions Punitive Expedition Against Qins Mansion Chapter 947 - Break Off Relationship! Chapter 948 - Shed All Pretense of Cordiality Chapter 949 - Ask for Help Chapter 950 - Appeal to the Imperial Court Chapter 951 - The Crafty Grand Prince Didnt Recognize Qin Yuru! Chapter 952 - A Secret Date of Two Intimate Lovers