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On the raised rock, there is a fire lotus.

The magic medicine that can be produced in such an environment is definitely not trivial.

Lu Ming flew over and discovered that it was a source-level magical medicine.

Of course, it is just an ordinary source-level magic medicine, not a top-level source-level magic medicine.

The top source-level magical medicine is not so easy to appear.

Lu Ming took it off and moved on. Behind him, Lu Ming would find raised rocks from time to time. Of course, not every raised rock had magical medicine growing on it. In fact, he could only encounter it occasionally.

During this period, some people competed with Lu Ming, who was settled by Lu Ming at will.

Killing in this place hardly leaves any traces, and after killing it, throwing it into the sea of flames will not even leave any dust.

"Huh? It's a big piece of rock, like a mountain."

Lu Ming suddenly saw a raised rock in the ocean of flames ahead, but the raised rock was too big, just like a big mountain.


Suddenly, there was a roar from the top of that big mountain, there was divine light shining, and a few lights and shadows were constantly blasting against each other.

Someone is fighting!

Lu Ming's figure flashed, and he approached the rocky mountain silently.

"I discovered this body lotion first..."

One of them roared, it was an old man, with the cultivation base of the late origin.

"What do you find, those who are able live in it, if you have no ability, it means that this pool of body lotion is not for you."

The other person sneered. He was a brawny man who appeared to be in his thirties, who also existed in the late Yuan Dynasty.

Beside the strong man, there was a young woman who was obviously with the strong man. The two joined hands, and the old man who was pressing was at a disadvantage and kept backing away.

The old man was furious, but also helpless.

Practitioners are like this, strength is respected, without strength, even if they encounter treasures, they have to go back empty-handed.

The conversations between several people were low voices at first, and they didn't spread out, for fear of being heard.

But at this moment, the old man showed a cruel color and suddenly shouted: "Here is a pool of body lotion..."

The sound was like thunder, spreading far away.

The existence of the late Essence, running the power of Essence, roaring, can easily spread hundreds of thousands of miles away.

Lu Ming heard it for the first time.

"The body lotion... the body lotion that legend has it that can cleanse and evolve the body?"

Lu Ming's eyes lit up.

Having spent so many years in the Cangqing Divine Realm, it was not for nothing. Lu Ming had read many ancient books and knew the records of many strange and precious treasures.

There is no record of these rare and precious treasures in the Primordial Alliance, but there is no shortage of Cangqing Divine Realm.

Body lotion is an extremely precious, extremely rare essence of heaven and earth. If the practitioner absorbs and refines it, it can transform the physical body.

If the amount is large enough, even practitioners in the Origin Realm can cultivate into a catastrophe in advance.

The robbery body can only be possessed by the quasi-xian who has survived the immortal calamity. If the origin realm's existence is cultivated into the robbery body in advance, then the confidence when crossing the immortal robbery will be greatly increased.

Even if it is a quasi-celestial existence, it will be jealous, and it will be of great use.

Immortal robbery, but there are nine layers.

The stronger the body, the better.

Before, someone had obtained a chance in the heart of the first universe, and became a robbery body, that is, enough body washing liquid was obtained.

"The body lotion, I'm going to order it."

Lu Ming suddenly accelerated and rushed to the rocky peak.

Lu Ming's current physical body had reached the culmination of a heavy robbery, but he was stuck and encountered a bottleneck. Even in the place where the immortal was buried, he was unable to break through for a long time.

But as long as there is enough body washing liquid, his physical body will be able to transform again and step into the double robbery in advance.

In that way, his combat power will be stronger, and it will be easier when crossing the Immortal Tribulation later.

From the old man who guards the tomb, he learned a lot about the level of Crossing the Immortal Tribulation.

The stronger the power of the origin, the higher the level, the more terrifying the power of the immortal robbery.

Although the benefits will be greater after you get over, but if you can't get over, everything will stop.

Only oneself is strong enough to survive the immortal catastrophe.

The physical body is very important.

"You,,, damn..."

Hearing the old man yelling, the man and woman were furious.

There are a lot of masters who have entered here, and this loud roar will definitely attract other masters. Once a master at the pinnacle of origin comes, they will lose their share.

"Kill him, then take the body lotion away and leave here."

Young woman drank.

The two men and the strong man attacked frantically, wanting to kill the old man in a short time and take away the body lotion.

The old man's face was hideous and crazy, and he tried his best to resist, delaying time as much as possible.

He can't get it, and the other party can't even expect it.


The old man was hit, half of his body exploded and almost fell.

The brawny man and the young woman wanted to smash the old man completely, but suddenly their expressions changed, stopped, and looked to the right.

I don't know when, a young man appeared on the right.

The young man is burly and slender, with long hair flying, and his eyes are like stars. It is Lu Ming.

Seeing someone coming, the old man flew back and took a distance.

"It's only late in the origin."

The brawny man and the young woman swept away Lu Ming, and found that Lu Ming was only a cultivation base of the late origin, and he was relieved immediately.

The two of them would still be afraid that Lu Ming would not be the same.

"Boy, get out of the way, body wash is not something you can use."

The brawny man drank coldly, and then gave the young woman a voice message. He stopped Lu Ming and told the young woman to quickly collect the body lotion.

"The body lotion is mine."

Lu Ming opened his mouth, stepping out in one step, and he was about to rush to the top of the mountain.

"court death."

The brawny man shouted angrily and banged his fist towards Lu.

This punch was a source technique, extremely fierce, and wanted to kill Lu Ming with one punch.

The masters of the late origins used the origin spells, and the power is not unreasonable, but it is a pity that it is nothing in front of Lu Ming.

Lu Ming stretched out a big hand and grabbed it in the air. A huge palm was formed, with five fingers like five spears, and grabbed it at the brawny and young woman.

The terrifying power made the complexion of the brawny man and the young woman change wildly.

As soon as Lu Ming took action, they felt a fatal crisis and knew they had encountered a terrifying enemy.

The brawny man roared, and the young woman roared, followed by shots, hitting a strong blow.

But in front of Lu Ming, it was not enough.

With a big hand, the attack of the two collapsed, and the destructive power enveloped the two of them.


The strong man and the young woman cried out in horror for mercy.

However, Lu Ming was unmoved.

Just now, the strong man had clearly acted murderously. He wanted Lu Ming's life as soon as he shot his hand. Now that he sees his loss, he asks for mercy. Is this a cultivator so good?


The big hand grabbed it mercilessly, the strong man and the young woman screamed, their bodies exploded, and their body and spirit disappeared.

Not far away, the old man watched with cold sweat.

He knew how strong the pair of men and women were. He was much better than him, but when he met Lu Ming, he was vulnerable and was killed in a second.

Lu Ming was also in the late Origin, just like him, but the gap was too big.

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