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Like waking up from a dream, Ben was transmigrated into a fantasy world; in a cruel forest, which was hell in itself.But, after fighting death many times, he finally came out of it and found a human town after 6 months. He also got to meet his 'family' of this world.But something was wrong with his body... Why was every woman attracted to him? And why their men thanked him even though he cucked them?Whatever may be the reason, its good for him, so he doesn't care.Why would he, when he can just **** almost anyone he likes?Embark on a lewd journey with BenWARNING: Just as the name suggests, this is a lewd wish-fulfillment novel. It also contains incest. So you have been warned.Note: 1. English isn't my first language.2. Don't take this story too seriously.3. No NTR, no r*pe.4. Pure wish fulfillment novel.5. A bit kinky.Discord: https://discord.gg/tpZUwe5cFT(Reference images added)TAGS: R-18, adventure, incest, transmigration, fantasy, netori, milf.

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