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Anna's POV:

Mona started dressing my wound, and I stand still like a statue and closed my eyes to resist the pain when she is cleaning it with the spirit. The pain is so horrible, but it is far better than the pain I take when Mark is doing his fight to catch the attacker. He is safe; we all are safe, what I need other than this. I feel relieved, and I can easily take this surgical spirit pain, but in order to control my scream, I am diverting my mind by thinking about Mark; I am visualising his smile and his care towards me. In-between my thoughts, I sense Mark wrapped his hands around my waist from my back and pulled close to him and snuggle me by leaning his chin on my shoulder.

I feel like flying in the sky in his snnugle; I didn't open my eyes, and I sense Mona is applying some ointment and closing the wound with a bandage. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Mona with my smiling face, she immediately came close to me and caressing me by pinching my cheeks gently with her hands and immediately hit on Mark's head where his chin is still on my shoulder.

Mark: You are jealous, Mona...

Mona: May I know why I am jealous?

Mark: You are jealous because my girl is taking the treatment without a cry.

Mona: I am not jealous; you should be shamed by looking at her.

(Mona immediately turned to me excitedly to tease Mark.)

Mona: You know Anna, he will cry like a baby when I dress up his wound.

Mark: Hello, I didn't cry...

Mona: Let me show you, Anna.

(By finishing her words, she takes the knife again to tease Mark. Mark immediately hide my back and making me as a hurdle to Mona to not reach him.)

Mark: Tom, I will give you an award for bearing my sadistic friend...

(We all laughed and I feel eternally happy by looking at Mark's smiling face. After a few seconds, Mona is taking the injection and filling it with the medicine. My heartbeat skips for a second by looking at the injection. I should not trouble Mona by saying no to injection; she has lots of work to do with her patients. I act like casual, but I am getting the flashes of my terrible past, I can hear the echo of the evil smile of my hostel warden. I closed my eyes to not look at the needle and speedily thinking just happened scenes how Mona and Mark tease to each other to divert my mind, but my heartbeat is raising for the thought of injection.

After a few seconds, instead of needle pain, I feel a kiss on my lips; I know it's Mark; he is kissing me intensely, and in the next second he pulled me close to him by holding my waist and kissing me deeply. This time I didn't hesitate in his kiss before everyone; instead, I am enjoying his essence to make my mind free from the needle. He holds my waist and giving me the breathless kiss. After a few seconds, he paused our kiss slowly.

"Anna, I am with you, and no one dares to touch you, ok?"

I nodded my head as ok, but still closed my eyes. He again kissed me gently on my lips by sucking them intently and paused, "You are strong, brave girl Anna, I love you so much..."

The moment I heard I love you from him all my fears go far away, and my mind is filled with Mark's love, I immediately said, "I love you, Mark."

By finishing my words I immediately wrapped my hands around his shoulders by raising on my tiptoes, and we both are kissing deeply, he is rubbing on my back to make me stabilise and giving to me the love through his kiss. I am happy and accepting his kiss, and I have still closed my eyes and enjoying his kiss.

After a few seconds of our deep kiss I heard Mona's fake cough, I get into reality that we are at the hospital and immediately try to stop the kiss, but Mark didn't let me go away and kissed me a few more seconds and left slowly. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Mark; he is smiling by looking at me, and Mona again coughed by looking at us, I immediately move towards Mona and show my hand to give an injection. Mona smiled at me briefly and pinched my cheek gently in a teasing way and said, "I gave the injection, Anna."

I am shocked and immediately hugged Mona for her painless treatment.

Mark: Hello, where is my credit?

I am the one who helped to Anna when you are giving the injection, but you take all the credit and stolen my hug...

(I looked at Mark with my smiling face.)

Mona: I have a right to take Anna's hug...

Tom: I have a right to take your hug, Mona...

(Tom came close to Mona to give a hug by opening his hands, Mona immediately blushed and hugged Tom gently and looked at us...)

Mona: I think I should start my treatment for your gift...

(We all laughed and Mona looked at Mark.)

Mona: Go... Go... Go...

Both of you go to the home and continue your kissing and hugging.

Mark: I want to stay here until he gets consciousness.

Mona: Mark, I gave anaesthesia dosage for 12 hours; he doesn't get awake in between so both you and Anna go to the home and take some rest. The moment he got consciousness, I will definitely make a call, and both of you can join Tom's interrogation and Anna, take this ointment and apply on the wound before you go to bed.

(Mark immediately holds the ointment and keep it in his pocket.)

Tom: Yes, Mark, it's safe if both of you go to home.

(I immediately hold Mark's hand to convince him to go to the home and he looked at me.)

Anna: Mark, let's go to home or else I will give you BDSM punishment...

(Suddenly Tom and Mona laughed loudly, and Mark looked at me in shock and came close to me and closed my mouth. I understand I spell out something wrong. Mona immediately patted on my head and said, "he deserves BDSM punishment, Anna. Give it to him until he cries."

By finishing her words, she immediately ran into the emergency room to give treatment to them. We said our goodbyes to Tom and left the hospital and started in the car to reach the home. But my mind is still struck at the thought of BDSM, I don't know what it is, but I heard when Mona warned Tom, and I used the same thing to Mark, but all of them laughed at me, and Mark closed my mouth to not to speak again. So it might be not a good word to speak out, so I stay quiet, but I feel embarrassed to ask Mark about it.

In-between my thoughts, I heard Mark's chuckle when he is driving. I lay my head on his hand and asked him, "Why are you laughing?"

Mark: By looking at your confusion face, anyone will laugh, Anna.

(He can only explain to me what BDSM means, so I asked him directly without any shyness and hesitation.)

Anna: Mark, is BDSM is a bad word?

Why all of you laughed at me?

(Mark looked at me with his sharp eyes and again continued his driving by looking at the road.)

Mark: BDSM is an erotic practice in sex, Anna.

(The moment I listened to him I am shocked and opened my mouth, but I want to know what exactly it is. So I asked him again.)

Anna: What exactly it means Mark?

(Mark takes a long breath to explain to me.)

Mark: Do you have any idea about Dominance and Submissive?

(I strike my head as no.)

Mark: Well, BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission.

So, coming to Bondage, Sexuality and erotica are an important aspect in bondage but are often not the end in itself. And the most common tools used in bondage are ropes, cuffs, bondage tape etc.

Anna: Tools?

(I didn't understand why tools are involved while doing sex, by listening to me Mark smiled a bit and continued his explanation.)

Mark: Yes, Anna, these tools will be used by the active partner by tieing his/her partner to gain pleasure.

Anna: This a kind of torturing, right?

Mark: No, Anna, sadism doesn't include init; it's a mutual agreement between the partners to lead a happy sex life. Bondage can also be used for purposes other than sexual foreplay; for example, it may be used in erotic tickling or for sexual teasing after blindfold your eyes.

(the moment I hear blindfold my eyes, I got the visual when I play a blindfold game with Alex, how Mark kiss me intensely and tickles me with pleasure. Actually, I liked it a lot and all my senses enhance when I blindfolded and enjoyed his kiss more intensely. Maybe I may like the B in BDSM...)

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