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Luo Xiaoxi stayed in the room and was nervous.

Although Lao Luo said that she would not object to her and Su Yicheng, she still had no bottom.

I don't know how long it took, the door was finally ringing, and Luo Xiaoxi ran over and slammed open the door. Maybe the action was too fast, and Su Yicheng's face passed a sigh of relief.

Luo Xiaoxi only reacted to himself too urgently, grabbed the hair: "You talked to my dad... finished?"

"The talk is over." After a pause, Su Yicheng said with a deep meaning, "I don't want you to wait too long."

Luo Xiaoxi stunned Su Yicheng, and he was forced to push him away. He went into the room sideways and closed the door very smoothly.

"What are you doing?" I...

When Luo Xiaoxis words were not finished, he was pressed to the wall by Su Yicheng. His cool lips were covered, and he kissed her eagerly and gently.

If Luo Xiaoxis feelings are not wrong, Su Yicheng seems to be... very happy.

Kiss De Luo Xiao Xi cheeks red, Su Yicheng released her, and the bottom of the open a smile: "Your dad agreed."

"..." Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Yicheng's eyes and did not speak.

Su Yicheng thought that Luo Xiaoxi didn't hear it clearly, and repeated it again: "Xiao Xi, your father agreed to our relationship."

Luo Xiaoxi has never seen such Su Yicheng.

He faded away from the calm and calm coat, like a big boy who got a loved one, happy with a pair of good-looking eyes shining, just like the farthest but brightest star in the night sky was in his eyes. .

It turned out that he was happy because of this.

Luo Xiaoxi thought, yesterday she took the initiative to find Su Yicheng's decision, there is nothing wrong. He did not despise her because of her initiative. On the contrary, he cherished her initiative and knew why she took the initiative.

She has been stubbornly determined that Su Yicheng has not been wrong for so many years. He knows her better than anyone.

Luo Xiaoxi picked up his toes and took the initiative to kiss Sus lips.

Su Yicheng took a half-second, and returned to God. The first time he was anti-customer, surrounded by Luo Xiaoxis waist, deeply immersed in her long-lost taste.

Taking into account that this is Luo Xiaoxi's family, when he can still control himself, Su Yicheng loosened her.

The color of Luo Xiaoxis cheeks is redder than before. The unnatural cough sounds: I want to go to see Jane after lunch, are you going?

Su Yicheng "hmm" sounded, with Luo Xiaoxi down the stairs.

After lunch, the two drove straight to the hospital, Su Jianan was a little bit, but the spirit is still good, watching TV.

Seeing Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi came together. Su Jianan knew that everything was solved. The mood suddenly improved a lot. He sat up and took an orange from the fruit bowl of the bedside table to Luo Xiaoxi: "My brother bought it yesterday. sour."

Luo Xiaoxi felt strange: "Are you not eating sour oranges?"

Su Jianan smiled and said: "Some people have a confused memory."

Luo Xiaoxi understood what, pouting, but could not hide the smile of the lips.

"You talk." Su Yicheng chose to flee the woman's gossip scene, "I am going to find Dr. Tian."

Luo Xiaoxi had Su Jianan regardless of Su Yicheng. He pulled a chair and sat down in front of the hospital bed. Only then did he notice that Su Jianans left hand was swollen, and his white hand was covered with pinholes.

She distressedly picked up Su Jian'an's hand: "Hang up the drip?"

Su Jianan lifted his right hand, and said with a smile: "The hand has come, it has no effect."

"That's what you still laughed at!" Luo Xiaoxi was distressed but unable to do anything. "A cold day, six or seven hours a day, how long can your other hand last?"

"Today I talked with Dr. Tian. I will use a stagnant needle tomorrow. My right hand will not be swollen." Su Jianan licked his head and comforted himself. "It doesn't matter if it is swollen. Anyway, now I can't even get out of bed. Almost Not at hand."

"You can get better soon." Luo Xiaoxi said at the bedside, "I still want to go shopping with you! Let's go to the children's clothing store and buy all the good children's clothes!"

Su Jianan looked out the window: "I try to hold back and not vomit."

In fact, she is also afraid of the ward. Even if she can't leave the hospital, it is always good to go out.

I dont know if its a bit of a drip, or Su Jianans desire is heard. In the next two days, her state is very good. Although she still vomits when she gets up in the morning, she will not stop spit, three meals and Sleep has also become normal, and for two days, her face is rosy.

On the third day, Su Jianan talked with Dr. Tian to let her go out and go back before dark.

"Yes, it is always bad for you and your child to be bored in the hospital." Dr. Tian took the stale needle for Su Jianan. "But don't mess around after going out, if you are tired, come back quickly."

"Know, thank you Dr. Tian." Su Jianan changed his clothes, and he was happy to go straight to the mall with Luo Xiaoxi.

Big New Year, the customers in the mall are embarrassed, this is exactly what Luo Xiaoxi means - this will ensure that no one will touch Su Jianan!

The two started from the cosmetics and jewelry counters on the first floor. When Luo Xiaoxi tried to wear a necklace, Su Jianan suddenly remembered one thing and looked calm.

Luo Xiaoxi poked her arm: "What happened?"

"This mall..." Su Jianan stopped talking.

Luo Xiaoxi also remembered, there is no such thing as "cutting": "This shopping mall is owned by Lu's. What do you care about? We will not give money! Besides, isn't the mall opening to welcome customers? I dont believe that Lus words will stop people from letting us go!

Su Jianan thinks about it too. Her ex-wife came to visit the mall. Lu Shaoyan said that he would not even hear about it, let alone he would know about it.

"Let's go!" Luo Xiaoxi found that the necklace was not suitable. Sorry to take it down to the shopping guide, and pull Su Jianan on the second floor. "Let's go see the clothes."

As a result, Luo Xiaoxi did not find any favorite, but instead helped Su Jianan find a shirt and handed it to Su Jianan: "Try?"

"Forget it." Su Jianan pointed to her stomach. "I can't wear it soon."

"Take him, such a good-looking clothes, can wear a few days is a few days!" Luo Xiaoxi called the shopping guide Miss to get the smallest yards, pushing Su Jianan into the fitting room.

After waiting for a few minutes, Su Jianan finally came out, but still wearing her original clothes.

"Not suitable." Su Jianan said.

Luo Xiaoxi knows what kind of clothes Su Jianan is suitable for. This shirt is worn on her body. She dares to pack the tickets. Ten thousand percent looks good, so she is puzzled: "Where is it inappropriate?"

Su Jianan compared the hand: "The size is not suitable. Cough... There is a place, the button can not be buckled..."

"The button?" Luo Xiaoxi first thought of the problem of the number of yards, but Su Jianan did not become fat, and the previous code number Su Jianan is just good.

Finally, Luo Xiaoxi's gaze fell on Su Jian'an's chest, which meant a deep smile.

Su Jianan stunned and took Luo Xiaoxi and left: "Go to another house to see!"

Looking at Su Jianan's unnaturally red face, Luo Xiaoxi's growing |: "Lou thin words credit?"

Su Jianan, Han Yan: "Little Xi, don't say it again!"

Luo Xiaoxi said to himself: "It turned out to be true. I thought that the argument was just a wretched male to make a cheating little girl."

Su Jianans forehead hangs down three black lines: Is it true that you shouldnt be very clear?

Luo Xiaoxi looked down at himself and said very innocently: "But... I have not changed."

Su Jianan spreads his hand: "I blame my brother?"

"Go!" Luo Xiaoxi's chilly "squeaky" sound, "because my innate development is enough! If we can still skyrocket, are you not living?"

"Luo Xiaoxi... You are enough!"

Luo Xiaoxi was happy to make a face, and the two went all the way to go forward, passing by the elevator, and saw two acquaintances without warning.

Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi.

They stood side by side and couldnt be overstated with their talents. The elevators slowly descended and they were getting closer and closer to Su Jianan.

Su Jianan is like being enchanted, and he can't move in place.

That night Lu Shaoyan got drunk and called her a phone call. After that, she never heard from him again.

Counting them, they actually didn't see it for less than half a month, but she felt as if she had been through a century.

Fortunately, Lu Boyan looks very good, just like the one she saw in the magazine before, noble and alienated, handsome but also cold, exuding a kind of chill that refuses people thousands of miles away, but still sultry.

Maybe with Han Ruoqiang, he can also live very well.

Su Jianan removed his gaze and rubbed his eyes hard. He pulled Luo Xiaoxi: "Let's go."

Luo Xiaoxi lived in Su Jianan: "Don't go!"

On the Internet, Lu Shaoyan and Han Ruoxi are all over the place. She doesn't believe it, but they stand side by side, seemingly to overthrow her unbelief.

If Lu Jianyan really forgot Su Jianan so quickly, she couldn't tear it up and he would tear Han Ruo!

Luo Xiaoxi walked a few steps to the front of the elevator, blocking Lus road and Han Ruoxis road. He smiled: "Lu, happy new year."

Han Ruoxis cold command: "Luo Xiaoxi, let go."

"I am talking to my boss." Luo Xiaoxi was originally a lot higher than Han Ruoxi, and she had a pair of hate highs. At this moment, it is a look down on Han Ruoxi's gesture. "Which onion?"

Han Ruoxi thinks ridiculous: "Luo Xiaoxi, have you forgotten that you are just a newcomer to the entertainment industry?"

"The old man in the entertainment circle, what do you want to say? I want to say that your old man's fingers can make me confuse?" Luo Xiaoxi disdainfully sneered, and compared to Han Ruoxi's middle finger, "Sister seconds. Its true that you cant mix it!

Han Ruoxuans face changed dramatically and stepped forward: Are you looking for something?

"I can find an onion something." Luo Xiaoxi gently flicked open Han Ruoxi, pointing to Lu Shaoyan, "I am looking for him!"

Luo Xiaoxis arrogance, Lu Jianyan has already been eccentric, and faintly said: Let me find something, lets talk.

Luo Xiaoxi instantly thundered: "You are really with Han Ruoqiang!"

"Artists have asked the boss's private life, I heard it for the first time." Lu Jianyan avoided the problem of Luo Xiaoxi.

Luo Xiaoxi almost mad: "Luo Jianyan, do you have any meaning! Even if you divorced Janian, I am not so guilty of grievances?"

Lu Jianyan was stunned, and Su Jianan foresaw that he was going to be angry. He went up to Laluo Xiaoxi: "Xiao Xi, let's go."

At this time, Han Ruoxi, who was pushed away by Luo Xiaoxi, suddenly pushed Su Jianan away: "Going? Not so easy, I teach her the rules in this circle!"

Su Jianan failed to stand still, took two steps and fell back -

"Jian An!"

Luo Xiaoxis face changed greatly, and Dan Fengs face was full of horror...

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Chapter 526: Being A Person Can't Be Too Overbearing Chapter 527: I Don't Move You Move 1 Chapter 528: I Don't Move You Move 2 Chapter 529: In My Eyes You Are Like An Angel Chapter 530: Only Missing Her As His Girlfriend Chapter 531: I Admit I Like Him. Chapter 532: Fancy Chapter 533: Like The Difference Between Love And Love Chapter 534: He Is The One Who Can Protect Her. Chapter 535: I Am Willing To Let You Check Your Whole Body. Chapter 536: Meet Your Uncle's Knees Chapter 537: I Don't Want This Pot Chapter 538: Unbeatable Beauty Chapter 539: I Opened A Room And Solved It. Chapter 540: This Is Too Cheap 1 Chapter 541: This Is Too Cheap 2 Chapter 542: There Is No Cheaper Than The Bastard Chapter 543: Fall In Love With Wild Horses But No Grassland Chapter 544: This Is Preference Chapter 545: I Am Afraid That My Future Girlfriend Will Be Jealous. Chapter 546: I Like To See How The Enemy Is Frustrated. Chapter 547: Not All Stubborn Results Chapter 548: Then Let's Start With Shen Yuechuan. Chapter 549: I Dont Think About Su Jianan All The Time. Chapter 550: Sorry I Have To Be Happy First. Chapter 551: Actually You Have A Brother. Chapter 552: She Really Likes Shen Yuechuan. Chapter 553: Why Didn't You Do Bad Things In Your Life? Why? Chapter 554: Old Age 1 Chapter 555: In The Future I Will Take Care Of You 1 Chapter 556: In The Future I Will Take Care Of You 2 Chapter 557: I Am Not Afraid Of Getting Sick I Am Afraid To Leave You. Chapter 558: The Rest Of The Life Is Limited But Can Not Let Go Chapter 559: Jiang Yan Live 1 Chapter 560: Jiang Yan Live 2 Chapter 561: You Are Not Asking For Marriage? I Beg Chapter 562: This Wedding Is A Bit Special Chapter 563: If Tragedy Is Inevitable Chapter 564: Stupid I Am Pregnant Chapter 565: Newborn And Death 1 Chapter 566: Newborn And Death 2 Chapter 567: I Will Grow Old With Him Just Every Day. Chapter 568: Life Is Like A Play All Are Tragedies Chapter 569: The Last Thing That Can Help Lu Shaoyan Chapter 570: I Am Not A Cat Don't Tease Me. Chapter 571: That Day Just A Joke Chapter 572: Handsome Guys Are Scarce Resources Ready To Go Chapter 573: This Road Is Too Tortuous Chapter 574: He Has The Right To Choose Chapter 575: I Have A Joke And Want To Open It With You. Chapter 576: Resurrection With Blood 1 Chapter 577: Resurrection With Blood 2 Chapter 578: I Will Be Told You I Will Tell You. Chapter 579: Not Childish Cute Chapter 580: Its Just A Matter Of Willingness Chapter 581: Jane You Are So Dangerous. Chapter 582: Care Is Actually Very Cheap Chapter 583: I Forgive You Chapter 584: If You Can I Want To Accompany You. Chapter 585: Shen Yuechuans Vision Chapter 586: Su Jianan Waiting For Production 1 Chapter 587: Su Jianan Waiting For Production 2 Chapter 588: Su Jianan Waiting For Production 3 Chapter 589: Life Is Really Too Difficult Chapter 590: He Has Been In The Bottom Of His Heart Never Forgetting Chapter 591: Lu You Are Not The Right Style 1 Chapter 592: Lu Zong You Are Not Painting The Wind 2 Chapter 593: The Price Of Meeting New Life Chapter 594: She Is Your Wife You Decide Chapter 595: A Little Boy A Little Girl Chapter 596: Hello I Am Your Father. Chapter 597: Lu Xiyu Lu Xiangyi 1 Chapter 598: Lu Xiyu Lu Xiangyi 2 Chapter 599: Lu Shaoyan's Contrast Handsome 1 Chapter 600: Lu Shaoyan's Contrast Handsome 2 Chapter 601: He Must Be A Good Father. Chapter 602: Baby Is A Tempered Baby Chapter 603: Sold A Gift From Su Yicheng Chapter 604: The So Called Dazzling Wife Chapter 605: This Trick Me To Give Full Marks Chapter 606: You Are Challenging The Imagination Of Hollywood Screenwriters Chapter 607: Jane I Am Getting Married. Chapter 608: How Can It Not Hinder Lus Jealousy? Chapter 609: Iceberg Melted By The Sun Chapter 610: Not The Most Rogue Only More Rogue Chapter 611: Even Her Name Has Become His Weakness. Chapter 612: This Is The Opportunity To Solve Musquieu Chapter 613: Pick The Same Time Chapter 614: The Baby Is Not Afraid Of Falling Down In The Sky. Chapter 615: Muss How Do You Recognize Me? Chapter 616: Xu Youning Was Injured Chapter 617: Live To The Old Man To The Old Chapter 618: Have A Acquaintance No Knowledge 1 Chapter 619: Have A Acquaintance No Knowledge 2 Chapter 620: Telepathy Of Twins Chapter 621: I Still Have An Unknown Number In My Life. Chapter 622: What Kind Of Is This 1 Chapter 623: What Is This 2 Chapter 624: God Like Brain Circuit Chapter 625: Man To Death Is A Teenager Chapter 626: Lu Boyan Image Big Rollover Chapter 627: Su Jianan Was Discharged Chapter 628: Baby We Are Going Home. Chapter 629: Lu Yanyan's Children's Room Chapter 630: Love Is The Hand That You Want To Touch But Retract Chapter 631: Xiao Yu's God Logic Chapter 632: I Am Just Handsome I Am Not Jealous. Chapter 633: Not Happy At One Time Chapter 634: Full Of Hope The Worst Plan 1 Chapter 635: Full Of Hope The Worst Plan 2 Chapter 636: Are You Leaving? Chapter 637: Their Hatred The Morning Paper Is Wonderful Chapter 638: Excited Open To Chapter 639: Is The Love For Shen Yuechuan Fake? Chapter 640: Looking At Her It Is Very Beautiful Chapter 641: I Teach You To Protect Yourself Not To Talk Back Chapter 642: Shen Yuechuan What Happened To You? Chapter 643: Is The Condition Worsened? Chapter 644: Hundreds Of Unhappy Love Stalks Chapter 645: Taste The Deepest Despair Lose The Biggest Face Chapter 646: Nima The Beautiful Are Clouds Chapter 647: She Is Not Enough To Make Me Feel A Sense Of Crisis Chapter 648: Love Enemy Premature Death Chapter 649: Visually Something Big Is Going To Happen. Chapter 650: No Answer Is The Best Answer Chapter 651: Misunderstandings Cannot Be Tolerated Chapter 652: Are You Walking With Me Or Are You Going With Him? Chapter 653: Don't Let Me See You Hurt Her. Chapter 654: Gentle But Three Seconds Chapter 655: I Can Only See You 1 Chapter 656: I Can Only See You 2 Chapter 657: A Serious Jealous Chapter 658: Behind The Effort Its Hard Work Chapter 659: Full Moon Wine Love Rivals 1 Chapter 660: Full Moon Wine Love Rivals 2 Chapter 661: Jane You Can't Let The Enemy Arrogant Chapter 662: Will You Still Love Me When You Meet Ten Years Later? Chapter 663: He Doesn't Like Others Blame Me? Chapter 664: I Don't Fight With You You Can Grab Chapter 665: Dead Girl I Am Your Brother. Chapter 666: See You Look Good Accept You As My Brother. Chapter 667: She Is The Only Girl He Likes. Chapter 668: Just Adapt A Few Times Just Fine. Chapter 669: If Someone Commits Me A Palm Pia Fly Chapter 670: The Other Party Is Very Satisfied And Kissed You 1 Chapter 671: The Other Party Is Very Satisfied And Kissed You 2 Chapter 672: The Truth Of Communication 1 Chapter 673: The Truth Of Communication 2 Chapter 674: Xiao Yulu Filling Chapter 675: Dont Hide I Saw It. Chapter 676: This Tm Really..is Love Chapter 677: Shen Yuechuan You Tortured Her To Die. Chapter 678: Tell You A Bad News Chapter 679: This Is My Girlfriend Chapter 680: Not Love So Not Gentle 1 Chapter 681: Not Love So Not Gentle 2 Chapter 682: Xiao Yus Distress Chapter 683: Don't Be Afraid I Am Coming. Chapter 684: Only Wayward This Time Chapter 685: Shen Yuechuan In Her Room? ? ? Chapter 686: You Hit Me? Cry For You Chapter 687: Some Feelings Can't Be Controlled 1 Chapter 688: Some Feelings Can't Be Controlled 2 Chapter 689: Because I Am Content I Am Not Sad. Chapter 690: Hurt Each Other Love Each Other Chapter 691: In Fact Its Just A Partnership. Chapter 692: Let Them Pay The Price Chapter 693: Evolved Into A Sister In Law Chapter 694: Shen Yuechuan You Don't Want To Get Married 1 Chapter 695: Shen Yuechuan You Don't Want To Get Married 2 Chapter 696: Also Said That You Don't Like Me? Chapter 697: If You Rely On You You Must Start With Your Home. Chapter 698: I Will Definitely Not Let You Be Satisfied. Chapter 699: Do Not Sleep How To Lie? Chapter 700: You Feel Like Being Chased. Chapter 701: You Are Willful Others Pay The Price Chapter 702: Cohabitation? This Is Wang Fried. Chapter 703: And.. Let's Break Up. Chapter 704: Shen Yuechuan Are You Lying To Me? Chapter 705: The World's Third Odd Brain Circuit Chapter 706: Get Into Trouble Chapter 707: I Won't Believe You Chapter 708: Xiao Yu Was Framed Chapter 709: Shen Yuechuan You Can't Be So Selfish 1 Chapter 710: Shen Yuechuan You Can't Be So Selfish 2 Chapter 711: At The Same Time Appear In The Two Places The Soul Is Out? Chapter 712: Xiao Yus Car Accident Chapter 713: He Knows Everything But He Still Does Something Wrong. Chapter 714: Everything Is For Xiao Yu Chapter 715: Don't Want To See Him Tell Him To Go Chapter 716: I Will Be A Signal Chapter 717: What Have You Done Chapter 718: If You Come Back You Are Not Allowed To Go. Chapter 719: Tune In Shenchuan Chapter 720: I Am Not Afraid Of Anything. Chapter 721: Shen Yuechuan Is Jealous Chapter 722: I Have To Take A Shot You Bite Me. Chapter 723: The Truth Surfaced Chapter 724: To Be A Person To Distinguish Between Good Food And Right And Wrong 1 Chapter 725: To Be A Person To Distinguish Between Good Food And Right And Wrong 2 Chapter 726: What Happened To You I Have The Ability To Come Back Chapter 727: Do Not Move The Manual Foot Do You Move Your Mouth? Chapter 728: I Know Let's Go. Chapter 729: Oh I Love You. Chapter 730: Like You Earlier Than You Thought Chapter 731: Being Powerless You Need To Hold Chapter 732: Luo Xiaoxi Pregnancy 1 Chapter 733: I Don't Want Happiness I Want You. Chapter 734: Hope From Muske Chapter 735: Let You Know What Is Real Arrogance Chapter 736: I Call You A Lot You Are Not Awake. Chapter 737: Another Person's Best Chapter 738: The Value Of Justice Chapter 739: Aning You Become Kind. Chapter 740: Not The Most Unlucky Only More Unlucky Chapter 741: Fate Like Reunion Chapter 742: As Long As You Have Been So Active Chapter 743: Mussault Is Out Of Control Chapter 744: Do You Still Want To Go Back? Chapter 745: Mu Seven You Are Poisoned Chapter 746: A Logically Singular Girl Chapter 747: In Case What Do I Want To Do With You? Chapter 748: Xu Youning Escaped? Chapter 749: Xu Youning I Gave You A Chance 1 Chapter 750: Xu Youning I Gave You A Chance 2 Chapter 751: Muss You Fouled Chapter 752: You Are Sweet Chapter 753: Seven Brothers Go Back Soon. Chapter 754: Ok? Mussie Likes Her? Chapter 755: One Thing Chapter 756: Yes This Is Very Big Boss. Chapter 757: To Xiao Yu Has Been Enchanted Chapter 758: Prelude To The Wind And Rain Chapter 759: Flash Floods Public Opinion Pressure Chapter 760: Qin Han Appeared Chapter 761: We Really Love Each Other Chapter 762: Shen Yuechuan's Transfer Paradox Chapter 763: Everything Is Willing To Give You Chapter 764: Don't Let People Bully You Chapter 765: Xiao Yu's Life Experience 1 Chapter 766: Xiao Yu's Life Experience 2 Chapter 767: There Should Be Firecrackers Here. Chapter 768: I Thought It Would Take A While. Chapter 769: Some Car Accidents Not Accidents Chapter 770: You Really Know Mussaud. Chapter 771: Like Children? We Have A Few More Chapter 772: Abusing The Dog World Strength Players Chapter 773: Uh Huh Its Just A Shame. Chapter 774: He Has No More Excited Reaction To You? Chapter 775: Don't Worry We Are All Chapter 776: Our Happiness We Have Our Own Appearance 1 Chapter 777: Our Happiness We Have Our Own Look 2 Chapter 778: You Ning What Are You Holding Us? Chapter 779: Xu Youning Chapter 780: Rehabilitation Execution Plan Chapter 781: Do You Want To Be Satisfied Again? Chapter 782: Jane Is Only Crazy About Me. Chapter 783: Hey What Are You Doing? Chapter 784: Shen Yuechuan Let's Get Married. Chapter 785: I Beg You Don't Fall Asleep Like This. Chapter 786: Hey You Have An Important Task. Chapter 787: Moved To Runaway Chapter 788: I Want You Now I Want 1 Chapter 789: I Want You Now I Want 2 Chapter 790: Even When The Air Is Redundant Chapter 791: I Look Good Or The Magazine Looks Good? Chapter 792: Family Members Chapter 793: Don't Care Too Much About Other Men Chapter 794: Xiao Yan Has Clues? Chapter 795: Insidious Too Sinister 1 Chapter 796: Insidious Too Sinister 2 Chapter 797: Waiting For Xu Youning To Vote For The Net Chapter 798: This She Bet Chapter 799: Contact Muss Chapter 800: Admit That I Am Childish Will You Come To See Me? Chapter 801: Dangerous Situation Suitable For Ridicule Chapter 802: Xu Youning Accepts The Task Chapter 803: Not A Temporary Intention It Is A Long Term Plan Chapter 804: Another Kind Of Two Person World Chapter 805: Xu Youning Is Pregnant Chapter 806: She Wants Children Chapter 807: Musquis Is Coming. Chapter 808: Xu Youning I Regret It 1 Chapter 809: Xu Youning I Regret It 2 Chapter 810: Xu Youning I Have To Fix It Chapter 811: You Are At Any Time One Corpse And Two Lives Chapter 812: Mu Boss You Are A Dead Loyalty Chapter 813: I Am Very Good At Technology You Will Not Hurt. Chapter 814: Don't Be Afraid Take You To See Dad. Chapter 815: Was Caught By Muske Chapter 816: What Tricks Do You Have? Chapter 817: Xu Youning Let's Talk Chapter 818: Without Me Can You Get Pregnant? Chapter 819: If Not Because I Love You 1 Chapter 820: If Not Because I Love You 2 Chapter 821: Three Souls And Seven Scorpions Are Handsome Chapter 822: I Like You More Than Sugar. Chapter 823: Enjoy The Tiger And Enjoy It 1 Chapter 824: Enjoy The Tiger And Enjoy It 2 Chapter 825: What Do You Say I Dont Do Much Chapter 826: Have Me What Are You Afraid Of? Chapter 827: I Won't Hurt You Anymore. Chapter 828: Mu Mu Was Kidnapped Chapter 829: I Made It You Are A Bad Person Chapter 830: I Like Your Reaction To Jealousy 1 Chapter 831: Then Can I Still Be Jealous Every Day? 2 Chapter 832: This Rogue Is A Bit Handsome 1 Chapter 833: This Rogue Is A Bit Handsome 2 Chapter 834: This Rogue Is A Bit Handsome 3 Chapter 835: Forgive Half The Other Half Will Work Hard 1 Chapter 836: Forgive Half The Other Half Will Work Hard 2 Chapter 837: Xu Youning Do You Want To Marry Me? Chapter 838: Wuli Is A Cosmetic Fan Chapter 839: Kangrui City Is Looking For Trouble Chapter 840: Last Time.. Ate It? Chapter 841: I Am A Baby. Chapter 842: Such Feelings Are So Good. Chapter 843: I Will Always Protect My Baby. Chapter 844: Do You Have A Purpose Of Unable To Describe? Chapter 845: The So Called Sealing Fee Chapter 846: Who Is Not A Baby Chapter 847: Hey Do You Want To Try? Chapter 848: Its Me Who Wants To Live With You For A Lifetime. Chapter 849: How Do You Swear People Without A Dirty Word? Chapter 850: This Time You Must Bet Chapter 851: Now I Only Want You : Appropriately Prefer Musquito? Chapter 853: I Want To Eat Ready Made Chapter 854: Xu Youning Go Check With Me. Chapter 855: Check The Results Chapter 856: Love Is A Knife Chapter 857: Come Let Me Give You A Shock Chapter 858: You Give Me Something To Eat? 1 Chapter 859: You Give Me Something To Eat? 2 Chapter 860: Hate You More Comfortable Than Loving You Chapter 861: Can You Talk About Health? Chapter 862: Let's Calm Down Chapter 863: No Meat Only Braised Pork Chapter 864: Shen Yuechuan Discovered The Plan Of Chapter 865: Muss You Are Staying Up Late Chapter 866: You Are The Man I Have Ever Seen The Most Aa Chapter 867: Xu Youning Promised To Marry Chapter 868: I Didn't Expect You To Be Like This. Chapter 869: Mu Lao Please Open Yourself In The Right Way. Chapter 870: Full Of Routines Chapter 871: Need Me To Prove It In A Special Way? Chapter 872: Musquieu Is Still Very Good For You. Chapter 873: This Pot Xu Youning Does Not Back Chapter 874: Lost Contact Accident 1 Chapter 875: Lost Contact Accident 2 Chapter 876: I Will Come Back Unscathed Chapter 877: Su Jianan's Last Goodwill Chapter 878: Mu Mu Knows The Truth 1 Chapter 879: Mu Mu Knows The Truth 2 Chapter 880: See The Upgraded Version Of The Color Forget Friend Chapter 881: Will You Miss Me Can You See Me Again? 1 Chapter 882: Will You Miss Me Can You See Me Again? 2 Chapter 883: Tell You Xu Youning Wants To Marry Me. Chapter 884: Exchange One For One Chapter 885: Aunt Youning Goodbye 1 Chapter 886: Aunt Youning Goodbye 2 Chapter 887: You Finally Admitted Chapter 888: Kangrui City Has Mastered The Initiative Chapter 889: Mu Mu Lie Help Cover 1 Chapter 890: Mu Mu Lie Help Cover 2 Chapter 891: I Am A Stunt Baby 1 Chapter 892: I Am A Stunt Baby 2 Chapter 893: Zhou Hao Suddenly Injured Chapter 894: I Am Very Disappointed With You. Chapter 895: Received Weekly News Chapter 896: This Account Is Calculated By Kangrui City. Chapter 897: Be Possessed By Love Chapter 898: Is It A Mori? Chapter 899: Drill A Good Trap Chapter 900: Inflicts 10000 Damage To A Single Dog Chapter 901: Hurt Each Other Until The World Is Full Of Love Chapter 902: Your Reaction Is Very Honest Chapter 903: Thin Words Let Me Help You Chapter 904: Because I Love Each Other So I Am Right. Chapter 905: Death Mail 1 Chapter 906: Death Mail 2 Chapter 907: Mussaud Is Crazy Chapter 908: Xu Youning Crush Your Thoughts 1 Chapter 909: Xu Youning Crush Your Thoughts 2 Chapter 910: The So Called Fertilizer Water Does Not Flow Outside The Field Chapter 911: There Is No Chance 1 Chapter 912: No Chance 2 Chapter 913: Xu Youning's Choice Chapter 914: Huge Reversal Chapter 915: Prepare To Fight The Storm Chapter 916: Seven Brothers Seem To Kill You Ning Sister Chapter 917: Unfortunately You Have No Chance Anymore. Chapter 918: This Time It Is His Own Hands. Chapter 919: No Truth Chapter 920: Tell The Truth Of Kangrui City Chapter 921: Next Big Bet Chapter 922: Explain Time To Chapter 923: Please Don't Be A Child Chapter 924: Lying In The Trough Lu Boyan Is Too Fast Chapter 925: If Something Goes Wrong There Must Be A Demon 1 Chapter 926: If Something Goes Wrong There Must Be A Demon 2 Chapter 927: No Matter The Secretary I Am In Charge Chapter 928: Xu Youning This Is My Last Kindness. Chapter 929: Good Abuse Baby Is Crying Chapter 930: She Is More Important Than Lus Life. Chapter 931: Always Bystanders Chapter 932: No Need To Go Down The Room Is Very Good 1 Chapter 933: No Need To Go Down The Room Is Very Good 2 Chapter 934: Its Amazing For Me. Chapter 935: Change The Way To Exercise Chapter 936: Use Your Strength In The Right Place Chapter 937: This Child After All Is Regrettable Chapter 938: Good News And Bad News Chapter 939: I Cant Wait To Kill Her. Chapter 940: Seven Brothers Are Crazy Chapter 941: Dad Why Don't You Protect Me? Chapter 942: Su Jian'an's Discovery Chapter 943: Less Talk Do More 1 Chapter 944: Less Talk Do More 2 Chapter 945: Eat A Dumpling To Celebrate Chapter 946: Committed Reward Chapter 947: You Are My Most Beautiful Accident Chapter 948: People Are More Popular Than People Chapter 949: Mutual Suspicion Guessing Each Other Chapter 950: Secret Everywhere Accidentally Dig A Glimpse Chapter 951: Muske's Narcissism Chapter 952: Mu Lao Da I Am Not Yu Ning. Chapter 953: You Laugh Too Ugly Or Cry. Chapter 954: Tonight There Is A Good Show. Chapter 955: Give You A Luo Xiao Xi Style Disdain 1 Chapter 956: Give You A Luo Xiao Xi Style Disdain 2 Chapter 957: Muss You Will Kill Me 1 Chapter 958: Muss You Will Kill Me 2 Chapter 959: Muss You Will Kill Me 3 Chapter 960: Kangrui City Was Arrested Chapter 961: Aiming At Her Head 1 Chapter 962: Aiming At Her Head 2 Chapter 963: Aiming At Her Head 3 Chapter 964: Aiming At Her Head 4 Chapter 965: Su Jianan Filthy Muss Chapter 966: Xu Youning Choose A Method Of Death 1 Chapter 967: Xu Youning Choose A Method Of Death 2 Chapter 968: Muske's Conspiracy 1 Chapter 969: Muske's Conspiracy 2 Chapter 970: Eat Dried Shrimp Or Wife? Chapter 971: Kangrui City Suspects Xu Youning Chapter 972: Fate Has A Dead End Chapter 973: When You Go Say Goodbye To Me? Chapter 974: Killing Xu Youning 1 Chapter 975: Killing Xu Youning 2 Chapter 976: More And More Dangerous 1 Chapter 977: More And More Dangerous 2 Chapter 978: A Veritable God Assist Chapter 979: Killed Xu Youning 1 Chapter 980: Killed Xu Youning 2 Chapter 981: Xu Youning What Happened To You? 1 Chapter 982: Xu Youning What Happened To You 2 Chapter 983: My Seven Brother's Kidney Is Okay? Chapter 984: Secretary You Ning Is Sick Chapter 985: Xu Youning's Disease Chapter 986: Crisis 1 Chapter 987: There Is A Blood Clot In Her Brain 1 Chapter 988: There Is A Blood Clot In Her Brain 2 Chapter 989: The Child Is Still Alive 1 Chapter 990: The Child Is Still Alive 2 Chapter 991: He Is The Last Resort Of Xu Youning Chapter 992: Scared The Baby Must Be Born In Advance Chapter 993: Tell Me I Don't Love You Enough. Chapter 994: Its Time To Make You Petless. Chapter 995: Please Help Me Protect Her. Chapter 996: Xu Youning Starts To Act Chapter 997: The Doctor Is About To Arrive Chapter 998: Sometimes You Can Only Pay Attention To Me. Chapter 999: Unexpected Sudden Chapter 1000: You Have To Be Like A Lettuce Chapter 1001: I Feel That I Earned 1 Chapter 1002: I Feel That I Earned 2 Chapter 1003: Wife Or Su Jianan Chapter 1004: I Don't Want You To Stay Here Anymore. Chapter 1005: Xu Youning Doubts Muske 1 Chapter 1006: Xu Youning Doubts Muske 2 Chapter 1007: Auston Was Pitted Chapter 1008: Shen Yuechuan Prepares For Surgery Chapter 1009: I Have Not Changed My Mind. Chapter 1010: Crisis Xu Youning Distress 1 Chapter 1011: Crisis Xu Youning Distress 2 Chapter 1012: Crisis Xu Youning Distress 3 Chapter 1013: I Like You So Much. Chapter 1014: Will You Meet Muss? 1