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"Shi Ziye, Shi Ziye..."

Xianglu gently put down the high-quality Songyan ink ingot in her hand, and just prepared to report to her master, but found that he was wandering.

Since Da Shi Zi Ye woke up a few days ago, the frequency of this distraction has increased.

The delicate and weak call brought Li Qingyan's attention back. She glanced at the well-thought-out incense dew around her. She was wearing a double bun. Her face was a young girl who had not yet grown up, but her face was tight and serious. , Looked a little mature and prudent.

At this time, there was a trace of worry in her eyes.

Even though it has been here for a while, Li Qingyan is still not comfortable with the antique style of open-out wood carvings everywhere, and he is not quite comfortable with it. Everywhere there are a bunch of little maidservants following.

Li Qingyan sighed, why did she wear it?

Fortunately, I went through a novel that she just gave a bad review.

The novel by Li Qingyan Chuanjin is a "Shuang Wen of the Great Heroine Through the Rebirth" of a website that has recently become popular

"The Rebirth of the Empress".

In the book, the heroine "Jin Xiangjun" was originally the new ruler of the country, but she was assassinated and stabbed to death by her subordinates just a few days after sitting on the throne. Fortunately, she was reborn, but she was reborn in a new patriarchal dynasty. .

Not to mention the changes in the big environment, Jin Xiangjun has also reborn a father who doesnt hurt, his mother doesnt love, was bullied by his sister, and his servant mocked the second-hand concubine of the Changping Hou Mansion. Later, naturally she will no longer be a poor little bullied, but her identity in this life is, after all, a concubine. Therefore, Jin Xiangjun has to act carefully and protect herself, just as she gradually wins over her elders. Huanxin, let her bullying sister humiliate her in front of her elders from time to time, exposing her gloomy thoughts, and when she was gradually disliked by her elders, the heroine's golden finger was finally delivered to the door.

Jin Xiangjun is actually the long-lost youngest daughter of Nan'an Junwang!

Since then Jin Xiangjun has embarked on her Su Shuang life.

Because of being a female emperor in his previous life, Jin Xiangjuns relationship between men and women is not like that of women of this era, and he follows the moral and ethical relationship of only one husband. Therefore, this novel uses Jin Xiangjun with the high-quality men attracted by her. It is famous for the relationship that is constantly arranging and chaotic. Of course, more readers come here to watch Jin Xiangjun and those high-quality mens hot and enthusiastic **** scenes. Therefore, this novel is also characterized as a certain website. 18 banned meat.

The reason for Li Qingyan's negative comment is that the heroine Jin Xiangjun in the book was too cruel to the "Changping Houfu Second House" who adopted her as a concubine in the later period.

In fact, although the book is written from Jin Xiangjuns perspective, her sister-in-law, mistress, and adoptive father in the Hou Mansion were indifferent, oppressive, and disdainful to her, but because of this, the entire "Changping Hou Mansion Second House" was wiped out. Even though the chickens and dogs raised by the back kitchen were killed, Li Qingyan still felt a bit overdone. You must know that some of the maidservants were little servants, but due to the pressure of the master, I had to say Jin Xiangjun.

But in the description of the heroine in the book, she felt that that period was a shame and a stain in her life. All that was bad for her, whether intentionally or not, had to pay a price.

But who would have thought that as soon as Li Qingyan gave a bad review on her front foot, she wore the back foot into this book.

She couldn't help but wonder, could this author still be psychic?

I don't know how my body is in reality. If there is any accident, her crying mother will definitely summon Lord Long.

Thinking of not knowing when to go back to meet her mother, Li Qingyan felt melancholy again. Growing up in a single-parent family, she was independent early, and her mother was naturally cute and soft. Therefore, Li Qingyan was more mature and considerate than her peers, and took care of the emotions of others. Therefore, Li Qingyan was very popular and had a strong natural affinity.

However, Li Qingyan is not too worried about her mother, after all, she still has a "bad" brother who can accompany her mother.

After thinking about modern things, Li Qingyan now faced the situation squarely.

And Ren Li Qingyan couldnt think of it. She was not dressed as a stubborn female heroine, or a stumbling female partner that hindered the heroines advancement in the book, or a passerby on the street, let alone. Men of all kinds who are entangled with the heroine in the same book.

Instead, they became the "white moonlight male partner" of the heroine in the book!

The point is, it's still a male partner who "disguise herself as a man"!

This male duo named "Li Qingyan" attracted Li Qingyan to read this book because of the homophone of his own name. However, in the latest chapter Li Qingyan just finished reading, "Li Qingyan" did not know that he was the female in the book. Which man of the Lord was jealous and made "he" jump off the cliff to death.

Didn't reveal it to death, "he" is a daughter? !

This caused Li Qingyan, who had just passed through, to be frightened.

This was not mentioned in the book, but it was imprinted in the memory of "Li Qingyan", and Li Qingyan who passed through naturally inherited this memory.

Li Qingyan was originally the son of Changping Houfu, and he also had a twin sister, who is truly homophonic with Li Qingyan and looks exactly the same. Except for the two parents, no one can tell.

Although based on what Li Qingyan has learned, fraternal twins cannot look exactly the same, but it is estimated that the author did not check the information carefully and wrote the setting in the book, so the world in this book also defaulted to this setting, and there was a follow-up. develop.

When the two of them were five years old, the Dongxiang Nuan Pavilion where Li Qingyan lived suddenly suffered water, and the fire was in the study room where Li Qingyan and Li Qingyan were staying at that time.

In the end, the two siblings rescued only one person.

The other was buried in a sea of flames, and his bones became ashes.

The fire was extremely weird, but the reason could be investigated carefully. It turned out that a young man was overworked and accidentally knocked over the oil lamp in the study, and the young man was also buried in the flames. There is no way to verify the authenticity of the facts.

In the memory of the original body, there are even more strange places that confirm the weirdness of this fire.

After entering the study with her brother, she drank a cup of tea. Then she lost her memory. When she was awake again, the sky was full of sparks. Thanks to Li Qingyan, she protected her behind and blocked most of the fire. Up her.

As for why Li Qingyan was recognized as Li Qingyan and became the first son of the Hou Mansion, apart from the fact that her hair was messy and she was wearing Li Qingyan's clothes, it was Chang Pinghou and his wife's decision.

That is, Li Qingyan's parents.

This is based on the background of the title inheritance of the Dayan Dynasty described in the book. The titles assigned by the relatives and heroes are all hereditary by the eldest son, and the descendants of other collateral families are not eligible for inheritance.

But there is another exception, that is, the direct line has no children, and the family can be presided over by the family clan. From the descendants of the side line, choose to adopt and adopt a descendant and record it under the name of the direct line.

In the current generation of Chang Ping Hou, in addition to Chang Ping Hou is a direct descendant, he also has three brothers, all of whom have children.

However, Chang Pinghou himself was disabled due to his early days on the battlefield.

Now if the news of the "childless family" comes out, there must be people from all quarters who are eyeing the position of the first son of the Hou Mansion.

Both Changping Hou and his wife knew that there was a problem with this fire. How could the forces that killed their son be brought to a high position?

There is another reason. Chang Pinghou is a filial son.

At that time, when Li Qingyan and Li Qingyan were in the study, Chang Pinghou's mother, the old lady of the Hou Mansion, rolled her eyes in fright and lost her breath.

On weekdays, the old lady loves and respects the grandson of Li Qingyan the most. Although she also loves Li Qingyan a lot, the granddaughter who will marry out is not in the flesh of her grandson. If she knows that it is Li Qingyan who died, it is estimated that the old lady will really pass. NS.

As Chang Ping Hou thought, during Madam Chang Ping Hous illness, the old lady who was lying on the same bed told me that after Li Qingyan had survived, the unconscious old lady seemed to feel something, and within a few days, she became sober. Come.

Sudden joys and sorrows were mixed, but the old lady didn't break down in the end.

But Li Qingyan, who survived, did not complain about this. Her life was bought by his brother. She lived well as his brother and shouldered the responsibility of his brother. She should bear it, so that she was innocent and innocent. All of a sudden, she became more cold-hearted, just like her brother.

However, Li Qingyan in the book did not complain, and Li Qingyan who passed through the complaint was very serious.

It's hard enough to pretend to be an ancient lady, but also to pretend to be an ancient son, isn't this killing her?

And this ancient son brother was also attracted by the heroine in the book.

Speaking of it, I don't know whether the "Li Qingyan" in the book is kind, or the heroine "Jin Xiangjun" in the book is too easy to be emotional.

"Jin Xiangjun" is a concubine of Changping Hou's second house, and the disguised Changping Hou Shizi "Li Qingyan" shouldn't have overlapped.

But when the heroine of the book came to give the piano to Li Qingshan, the daughter of the Changping Hou Erfang who was studying at the Houfu Womens School, somehow, one of the strings was broken. Li Qingshan became angry on the spot and didnt give the book at all. The female protagonist shows mercy, causing the other ladies in the room to joke frequently.

This situation fell in the eyes of the passing by "Li Qingyan". "Li Qingyan" did not like the sisters at home and took the initiative to solve the problem for the heroine in the book, and promised to give Li Qingshan a guqin. In the book, the heroine went back to receive more punishment.

For "Li Qingyan", this incident was just a small matter that was forgotten in the blink of an eye in her busy life.

But for the heroine "Jin Xiangjun" in the book who had just reborn at that time, it was undoubtedly the first time he felt kindness and help in a strange dynasty.

Since then, Jin Xiangjun has taken care of Li Qingyan and has become the white moonlight in her heart.

It is also because of this intention that although the heroine Jin Xiangjun in the book destroyed the second room of Changping Hou, he did not touch the foundation of Changping Hou Mansion.

Li Qingyan did not forget her final ending in the book, but was killed by an unknown mysterious person.

Although the author didn't mention who it was, based on the plot reasoning and reader comments, it is most likely to be on Jin Xiangjun's men.

Therefore, other book-wearers must either please the heroine of the book, or go against the heroine of the book, but she has to guard against being liked by the heroine of the book?

Li Qingyan: emmmmmm

However, Li Qingyan was not lucky. The node that passed through happened to be that Jin Xiangjun had already obtained the golden finger and was claimed by the Nanyang County King to go back. However, she did not know how long it had been since she helped Jin Xiangjun.

In other words, the current Li Qingyan has been remembered by Jin Xiangjun.

Moreover, her body had been in a coma for several days before she passed it through. It was heard that the horse fell off during a trip and bumped her head.

This sounded like a "long-planned murder" plot, and Li Qingyan, who was already very nervous, couldn't help but feel cold.

Although it is possible to go back after death, this kind of thing with no definite answer makes Li Qingyan give up the idea of living, which is impossible at all.

It seems that she must not only be careful not only to prevent the heroine in the book from liking, but also to guard against the mysterious forces that secretly want to take her life.

Thinking of this, Li Qingyan had another headache.

It's so difficult to live well!

She moved her gaze from Xianglu to the "Lianshi Paper" on the desk in front of her, which was white as suet jade.

I sighed in my heart, the cold and frosty face seemed to become more severe, so that the fragrance on the side silenced unconsciously.

My master's temper is really getting colder.

Li Qingyan, who was so distressed that she wanted to listen to a cross talk and relieve her boredom, but couldn't find the video, but she didn't know what the little maid beside her thought.

She frowned, raised her pen suddenly, dipped it in the ink that had just been ground by the perfume, closed her hand, and wrote a word on the "Lianshi Paper"


Just wait and watch the changes.

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