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Xiao Yi was surprised: "Why do you think this way?"

Seeing that Nan Baoyi was aggrieved and couldn't answer, he pursed his thin lips and smiled for a moment, and said seriously: "I never thought about this. You can't have a child, and I have no complaints, let alone a little princess by accident?"

There is contentment in his eyes.

He shook Nan Baoyi's small hand and clasped her fingers carefully: "I am with Nan Jiaojiao, not to pass on the family, not to covet your family's wealth, let alone your appearance. I am with you, Just to be with you."

At this moment, the brutal emperor put down all his pretensions and tried his best to give his women a sense of security.

Listening to his confession, the anxiety that Nan Baoyi had hidden in his heart quietly disappeared.

She bends Danfeng's eyes, smiles sweetly, and puts on her tiptoes to embrace Xiao Yi's neck: "Second brother!"

The scent of hibiscus is full of flowers.

Xiao Yi hugged her back, sniffed her fragrance deeply, and couldn't help raising the corners of her lips.

The two were tired and crooked for a long time, and Nan Baoyi suddenly patted his head: "I'm here today, besides giving my second brother a writing brush, there is one more important thing!"


The patio veranda in the small pavilion is winding.

Nan Baoyi took Xiao Yi's sleeve corner and came to a stone cave outside the moon gate like a thief.

She peeped quietly into the courtyard. A middle-aged man in a snow-white suit was sitting behind the piano table with exotic grasses planted in the patio. He slowly flicked the strings, and the sound of the piano was low and low.

The breeze rolled up his wide sleeves and hair band, adding a touch of elegance and calmness, but he was weaker and thinner after all.

Nan Baoyi regretted: "Second brother, I can't imagine that your father turned out to be the young overlord who frightened the nations more than 20 years ago. He was born handsome, and he must have been majestic!"

Xiao Yi was unhappy: "You brought me here just to see my father? Look at him, it's better to look at me."

Nan Baoyi gave him an angry look: "What do you think?"

The two were arguing quietly, and footsteps came from across the patio.

Nan Baoyi hurriedly looked.

Emperor Shen came after all.

Yuchi Changgong followed behind her, with an unhappy expression on his face.

Empress Shen sat on the round stool, shaking her sleeves, her eyes on the piano case, sarcasm on her beautiful face: "I don't know, you can also play the piano."

Xiao Yu held down the strings.

The ending tone gradually closed, and he said: "The Xiao family is good at rhythm."

"So, you deliberately pretended to be Zhaonu to attract my idea in Fengxue Temple?" Shen Jiang sneered, "Don't look at how many catties you are, pretending to be him, do you deserve it?"

Behind the moon gate.

Xiao Yi whispered, "Pretending to be Zhao slave?"

In a few words, Nan Baoyi told the story of the Fengxue Temple by the river that day.

Xiao Yi: "So you suspect that the piano master back then was actually my father?"

Nan Baoyi nodded: "No one will hide things from a rival in love. With your father's dominance back then, if he wants to kill that piano master, he will destroy all his belongings, but he will keep that one alone. White fox mask, dont you think its weird? What's more, your father is also an extremely proud man. He can never win Queen Shens idea by pretending to be a rival."

Xiao Yi was silent.

If the piano master was the father, then why did he stage a scene of killing the piano master?

Is it worth making Shen Jiang hate him for more than 20 years?

In the patio.

The sunlight was dappled, and the vines on the wall bloomed with lilac flowers, and the shadows of the flowers fell on Xiao Yu's clothes, a kind of calmness after the years settled.

Xiao Yu met Shen Jiang's mocking face and smiled calmly, "Those pills are easy to use? Will it still hurt on the night of the full moon?"

Shen Jiang's expression changed slightly, his face seemed to be covered with frost and snow.

She quickly recovered and grinned: "Don't think you helped me, I won't hate you. Xiao Yu, you owe me too much!"

Xiao Yu seemed to mutter to himself: "Yes, I owe you too much..."

For more than twenty years, his attitude has always been such a concession.

Shen Jiang tapped his fingers, his tone was a bit impatient: "Nan Baoyi is used to talking nonsense, and it is ridiculous to say that you are Zhao slave! Xiao Yu, I will not allow you to play the piano again in the future, you are not worthy !"

Xiao Yu closed his eyes deeply.

The cyan eyelashes resembled smoke and drizzle, depicting unspeakable complex emotions on his face.

The hands on the strings tightened and tight, and he slowly opened his eyes, still smiling: "Okay."

He always has no temper.

Shen Jiang became angry for no reason.

Xu was so bored, she got up and left.

After a few steps, she suddenly turned around and took out the old white fox mask from her wide sleeves: "I ask you, why do you keep his things?"

Xiao Yu stared at the mask, silent for a long time.

Shen Jiang unhappy: "Xiao Yu!"

Xiao Yu laughed softly: "As a trophy, it has no other meaning."

Shen Jiang frowned angrily, his chest rose and fell so badly, he turned and left.

After a few steps, she bit her lower lip and stopped walking again.

She turned around, her delicate and sharp eyes fixed on Xiao Yu.

Queen Niangniang, do you think the piano master back then might be the emperor? He always wears a mask, and you have never seen his face...

Nan Baoyi's words came to her ears again, urging her to do something like a magic sound.

For more than 20 years, a bowl of contraceptive soup every month comes to mind.

After crossing the river, the bottle of blood-red medicine he gave was harsh, cruel, and gentle.

She stared at Xiao Yu's pale face, awkwardly, and suddenly stepped forward.

She squeezed his jaw and put the mask of the white fox on his face regardless of--


Good night

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Chapter 446: Can Only Bite Her Neck In Pain Chapter 447: Nan Baoyi I Hate Poisoning You Chapter 448: Such A Beauty It's Better To Let Him Taste Sweet Chapter 449: Xiao Yi Is Really Angry Chapter 450: The Joy Of The Boudoir Is Something You Cant Appreciate At Nine Thousand Chapter 451: Minions Love Their Mothers Extremely Chapter 452: The Maid Whose Hands Were Chopped Off By The Power Minister In The Previous Life Chapter 453: Saying That I Haven't Touched A Woman I Was Just Lying Chapter 454: Who Put This Chain On For You Chapter 455: Nan Baoyi Snorted In Pain Chapter 456: I Will Live Through Midnight Chapter 457: I Will Accompany You To Overturn This Hell Chapter 458: She Picked Up The Hammer And Threw The Book Theory Into The Rubble Chapter 459: Brother Doesn't Bully Her It's Good To Bully You Chapter 460: I Often Feel That I Have Nothing To Love Chapter 461: He Was Rejected By Nan Baoyi Chapter 462: She Wants To Go To Xiao Yi's Room Chapter 463: I Like Nan Jiaojiao Especially Chapter 464: Say Pro Chapter 465: His So Called Likes Bothered Her Chapter 466: Brother I'm Paying My Debts By Myself. Chapter 467: Brother Xiao's Is Too Vigorous Chapter 468: Tell Her When She Is Not Married You Will Please Her Chapter 469: If You Don't Marry I Despise You Chapter 470: Xiao Yi Supported Chapter 471: If She Is A Married Woman Would You Still Marry? Chapter 472: Is It Forcing His Brother To Inherit The Line For Him? Chapter 473: Naive And Persistent But It Makes People Feel So Soft Chapter 474: He Admired Me For A Long Time Chapter 475: Do You Dare To Touch My Woman? Chapter 476: Orb And Li Chapter 477: Yeah Sister I Like To Commit The Following Chapter 478: Guess Who Was The Woman Who Died In The Ice Cellar Chapter 479: The Richest Man In South Vietnam Reached Chapter 480: Death In Previous Life Chapter 481: In The Previous Life Xiao Yi Was Marrying Me As A Bright Match Chapter 482: It Turns Out That She Died Because Of Xiao Yi Chapter 483: Isn't It Okay For The Minister? Chapter 484: Shi Ziye Came To Show Mrs. Liuhua? Chapter 485: Tears Rolled To Xiao Yi's Fingertips Chapter 486: Nan Baoyi Jumped Up And Slapped Xiao Yi Chapter 487: Xiao Yi Whispered: You Dont Have To Chapter 488: Nan Baoyi Is The Evil Spirit In The Hexagram Chapter 489: Enjoy The Taste Of Piercing Your Heart Chapter 490: Facing Xiao Yi She Gave Birth To A Little Resistance Chapter 491: How To Relieve Jiaojiao How To Come Chapter 492: Xiao Yi's Heart Is Tight Chapter 493: I Heard That When The Spring Flowers Bloom You Will Marry Cheng De Chapter 494: He Was Afraid That The Little Jiao Niang In Nanfu Would Cry Chapter 495: Nanmao Wants To Be The Head Of The Country Chapter 496: Xiao Yi And Chu Huainan Gave Birthday Gifts At The Same Time Chapter 497: This Old Man He Wants To Change His Son In Law Chapter 498: He Deliberately Pointed At The Girl One After Another Chapter 499: Wrist Cut Chapter 500: When Did I Bully You? Chapter 501: Xiaolang's Favorite Southern Lady Chapter 502: Xiao Yi Looked At Her: I Disagree With Retiring Chapter 503: Xiao Yi Lao Tzu Is Your Third Uncle Chapter 504: Does He Still Have A Face Now? Chapter 505: Miss Nan I Am Xiao Langs Sister In Law 1 Chapter 506: Miss Nan I Am Xiao Lang's Sister In Law 2 Chapter 507: Make Peace With Him Chapter 508: Lonely For You Is The Favor Of The South Vietnamese Royal Family Chapter 509: The Minister Of Power..isn't It Better Than History Books? Chapter 510: I Am Gu Chongshan And I Was Also A Prince Chapter 511: In My Life He Won't Marry Chapter 512: Hug Xiao Yi Tenderly Chapter 513: New Year's Eve Palace Banquet Chapter 514: Gu Chongshan Understands That She Doesn't Like Him Chapter 515: The Palace Banquet Has Changed Chapter 516: Is The Little Princess Crying For Loneliness? Chapter 517: Have You Blushed Have Your Heart Beaten Chapter 518: I Have To Hug My Thighs Brother Here Is Chapter 519: She Didn't Realize Her Desire For Xiao Yi Chapter 520: She Knelt On The Spot: Please Help Your Highness Again Chapter 521: At The Door Of The House I Was Kissed By The Minister Chapter 522: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 1 Chapter 523: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 2 Chapter 524: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 3 Chapter 525: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 4 Chapter 526: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 5 Chapter 527: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 6 Chapter 528: Yi Sheng Yi Shi: The Big Wedding 7 Chapter 529: Xiaolang And Jiaojiao Are Evenly Matched Chapter 530: Xiao Yi Mutely: Jiaojiao Help Me.. Chapter 531: Little Jiao Niang Is So Beautiful I Just Want To Hide It And Watch It Alone Chapter 532: Concubine Jiang Chapter 533: The Little Girl Is Fierce And Beautiful Chapter 534: Who Dares To Smash Her Place I Will Kill Her Chapter 535: The Little Girl's Face Showed Abnormal Flushing Chapter 536: And Xiao Yi As A Husband And Wife Chapter 537: Nan Baozhu Really Wants To Slap Him Chapter 538: I Am The Young Master Of The Guogong Mansion In Dayong Town Chapter 539: Slap Him Chapter 540: How To Avoid Being Pregnant Chapter 541: She Pulled Ning Wanzhou's Robe And Pants Down Chapter 542: I Dont Know That Jiaojiao Is So Happy About Her Boudoir Chapter 543: As Expected Of My Son I Really Know How To Play Chapter 544: Nanjia Girl I Remember Everything Chapter 545: Jiaojiao Met Gu Chongshan Tonight? Chapter 546: I Didn't Know That I Was Kidnapped Chapter 547: Specially Prepared Medicated Diet For Jiaojiao That Is Easy To Conceive Chapter 548: How To Repay The Concubine Chapter 549: Nine Thousand Year Old Baby Chapter 550: Gu Chongshan You Turned Out To Be The Crown Prince Of The Northern Wei Dynasty Chapter 551: Nan Baoyi Is So Afraid Of Being Killed Chapter 552: Nanjia Girl You And I Are Born Together Chapter 553: Xiao Yi Jealous Chapter 554: Dislike Her Dirty? Chapter 555: Nan Baoyi I Pity You Chapter 556: Husband Will You Put The Fish Out? Chapter 557: Second Brother You Are Worthy Of Me Chapter 558: Cry For The Marriage Of The Two Lives Cry Affectionately And Mispay Chapter 559: I Want You Alone And Serve As A Minister Forever Chapter 560: Past And Present He Has Always Protected Her Chapter 561: Deep Imprisonment Chapter 562: Play All The Torture In Xichang On You Chapter 563: The Emperor Died Chapter 564: Nan Baoyi: I Have It Chapter 565: Was Played By Two Sisters And Applauded Chapter 566: She Bowed Her Head With Difficulty And Chose To Surrender Chapter 567: She Knew That Xiao Yi Was Ambitious Chapter 568: I Can't Be Your Father Chapter 569: I Want To Marry Her If I Save My Life Chapter 570: Her First Time So No Dignity Chapter 571: Sister I Am Willing Chapter 572: Your Concubine Chapter 573: She Didn't Mean To Hook Him Chapter 574: Nanjia Girl Is It Comfortable? Chapter 575: Tonight Your Highness Is The Crown Prince Of The Northern Wei Dynasty Chapter 576: The Only Possibility Is That The Princess Sister Is Not Dead Chapter 577: The Third Unspoken Love Poem Chapter 578: I Know That He Is Prince Dayong Xiao Daoyan Chapter 579: I Have To Wait For Xiao Yi To Wash Her Feet Chapter 580: Licking The Dog Licking The Dog Licking To The End Nothing Chapter 581: It Hurts So Much Jiaojiao Call Me Chapter 582: Nanyan Xiaochan Chapter 583: Little Fish Like Rouge Chapter 584: I Won't Be Naive With You Chapter 585: The Emperor Sells Meat In The Street Chapter 586: Promised To Sleep With Him Chapter 587: You Can Only Sleep With Her Chapter 588: She Will Die Miserably Chapter 589: She Has Never Lost Since Marrying Xiao Yi Chapter 590: Nan Jiaojiao I Want To Take Your Heart Chapter 591: I Just Want To Pet Jiaojiao Into A Little Girl Chapter 592: Maybe Her Girl Will Be Beaten Chapter 593: The Days When The Four Princes Were Treated As Group Favorites Chapter 594: Nan Jiaojiao Had Better Not Go Out Of The Wall Without The Red Apricot Otherwise.. Chapter 595: Jiaojiao Seems To Run To The West Room A Lot Chapter 596: At The Rollover Scene Nan Baoyi Feels Sour Chapter 597: Tentatively Kicked Xiao Yi With His Feet Chapter 598: Your Second Brother Can't Hold It Chapter 599: Xiao Yi Successfully Led The Fashion Trend Chapter 600: Jiaojiao Put It On It's Definitely Beautiful Chapter 601: He Is Drunk Chapter 602: It Hurts Chapter 603: Please Die At Nine Thousand Years Old Chapter 604: Xiao Yi Hooked His Lips And Smiled Extremely Arrogant Chapter 605: I Just Dare Not Dare To Touch It It's Really Suffering Chapter 606: I Want To Make Her Happy Chapter 607: Gave Nan Yan A Slap Chapter 608: How Could I Not Love You Chapter 609: You Fried Nan Baoyi What Are You Doing? Chapter 610: Is The Second Brother Jealous? Chapter 611: Where Is Nan Baoyi? Chapter 612: Goodbye Gu Chongshan Chapter 613: Dare Not Look In His Eyes Chapter 614: She Had Never Loved Xiao Yi At That Time Chapter 615: The Name On The Marriage Certificate Is Not Xiao Daoyan Chapter 616: From The Beginning It Was Just You And Me Chapter 617: Break Her Hand And Hamstrings Chapter 618: The Tail Finger Scratched His Palm Chapter 619: This Hate Lasts Forever Chapter 620: Someone Once Loved Her Across The Years And Mountains Chapter 621: Be His 33rd Concubine Chapter 622: Serve As A Slave Chapter 623: How Can I Marry You Off Chapter 624: Does She Regret It? Chapter 625: Sister Nan Is A Blessed One Chapter 626: She Missed Her Second Brother So Much Chapter 627: Xiao Yi Coming Back Chapter 628: The Sharp Blade Pierced Chu Huainan's Left Eye Suddenly Chapter 629: You Still Adore Her Chapter 630: What Can I Do If I Can't Ask For It? Chapter 631: Xiao Yi Came With A Knife Chapter 632: Xiao Yi Canonized Himself As Regent Chapter 633: Xiao Yi Smiled And Kissed Her Eyebrows Chapter 634: Jiaojiao Want To Chapter 635: Not Allowed On My Couch Chapter 636: This Is Too Shameless Chapter 637: Give Her To Xiao Yi Chapter 638: Song Rou Insists To Be More Beautiful Than Her Chapter 639: Not As Beautiful As Nan Baoyi Chapter 640: Xiao Yi's Desire To Survive Is Bursting Chapter 641: A Letter From Zhuzhu And Xiao Gongye Chapter 642: She Punished Xiao Yi To Kneel At The Foot Of The Bed Chapter 643: The Little Jiao Niang I Married Myself Must Be Spoiled On Her Knees Chapter 644: Jiaojiao Really Greedy Me Chapter 645: It's Not As Rich As An Enemy Country It's Better To Rule The World Chapter 646: Let Jiaojiao Experience The Feeling Of Being A Minister Chapter 647: The Moderate Version Of The Minister Chapter 648: Dont Blame Others For Treating You Like A Beast Chapter 649: I Don't Have That Habit Chapter 650: Second Brother Can Also Thrush? Chapter 651: Matte This Guy Only Knows Matte Chapter 652: The World Is Yours But You Are Mine Chapter 653: For The Rest Of My Life I Will Only Be Loyal To Nan Jiaojiao Chapter 654: Jiao Yan Jiao Chapter Chapter 655: There Was Only One Thought In Xiao Yi's Mind: He Was Done. Chapter 656: Xiao Yi Who Was Punished For Kneeling Felt Sour In His Heart Chapter 657: Can't Move. Chapter 658: The King Decided To Accept His Zen Position Chapter 659: I Am The King Of Yong And I Will Be The Leader Chapter 660: There Are Splendid And Magnificent Mountains And Beautiful Women Chapter 661: Let Xiao Yi And Nan Baoyi Get Out Of Shengjing Chapter 662: Next Change Me To Protect You Chapter 663: Before Marriage I Started To Speak For My Husband Chapter 664: Nan Baoyi's Heart And Lungs Chapter 665: Second Brother Chapter 666: The Death Of Chu Huainan Chapter 667: Tomorrow Ask The Second Brother To Come Out Chapter 668: Don't Fierce Him He Can Talk To You All Night Chapter 669: The Shen Brothers Come To Shengjing Again Chapter 670: Killed Nan Baoyi And Nan Yan Chapter 671: Empress The Great Dragon Shen Chapter 672: Her Second Brother Her Husband Chapter 673: You Guys Killed Nan Jiaojiao? Chapter 674: Your Sister Has Amnesia Chapter 675: Good Sister Where You Are It Is My Home Chapter 676: Nan Baoyi Is Frightened Chapter 677: I Will Protect My Sister I Will Be Nice To You Chapter 678: If You Can't Protect Her Don't Marry Her In The First Place Chapter 679: The Trendy Southern Hat Chapter 680: King Yong Xiao Daoyan Chapter 681: I'm Sorry I Lost Nan Jiaojiao. Chapter 682: Nan's Grandson In Law: Xiao Yi And Ning Wanzhou Chapter 683: His Death Is The Handwriting Of All The Family Chapter 684: Xiao Yi Felt That The Voice Was Familiar Chapter 685: I Am Your Husband Chapter 686: Xiao Yi Deserves To Be The Most Expensive Duck Chapter 687: Where's The Love Of Sisters? Chapter 688: This Duck Seems To Be Very Patient With Her Chapter 689: Why Didn't Nan Jiaojiao Go To Heaven? Chapter 690: Xiao Yi Feels Complicated Chapter 691: Husband Really Loves Her So Much Chapter 692: Husband Are You Moved? Chapter 693: Xiao Yi Get Up And Work Chapter 694: This Account She Remembered Chapter 695: She Didn't Know Her Husband Was The Prince Chapter 696: Why Not Let Her Get Close To Nan Baozhu Chapter 697: This Kind Of Sister Can't Count On It Chapter 698: Is He Really Our Father? Chapter 699: She Must Like Him Chapter 700: Willing To Let Her Be A Concubine Chapter 701: The Pain Of Losing A Child Chapter 702: Sister's Memory Has Been Restored Right? Chapter 703: Slapped Her Chapter 704: I Want To Find Nan Jiaojiao Chapter 705: Second Brother Why Don't You Come And Take Me Home? Chapter 706: Jiaojiao'er Let's Stop Xiao Yi Okay? Chapter 707: She Begged: Little Father In Law Will You Let Me Go Home? Chapter 708: I Will Do What You Find Dirty Chapter 709: So You Want To Abandon Me? Chapter 710: Want To Marry Chapter 711: Kissed Nan Baoyi On The Cheek Chapter 712: Really Tempted Chapter 713: Brother Are You Here To Participate In The Recruitment? Chapter 714: Nan Jiao Jiaoyan Surprised Four Chapter 715: In The End He Still Disliked Him Chapter 716: Nan Jiaojiao Is So Reluctant To Bear Him? Chapter 717: Even If I Can't Marry I Will Never Live With You Chapter 718: Recommend Nan Jiaojiao As A Female Officer Chapter 719: Ning Wanzhou Hugs Nan Baozhu Chapter 720: Nan Baoyi Smiles: So Pitiful Chapter 721: Not Only Is It A Poisonous Tongue But Also Doesnt Feel Pity For Xiangxiyu Chapter 722: What A Hypocritical Girl She Is Chapter 723: Jiaojiao Will Not Be Wronged By Marrying Chapter 724: Xiao Yi This Man Is Very Dogged Chapter 725: Shen Yichao's Wedding Chapter 726: Please Dont Mention Anything Like That In The Outer Room Chapter 727: Its Just My Heart But It Hurts A Bit Chapter 728: My Old Relationship With Shen Xiaolangjun Is Unforgettable Chapter 729: Ah Ah Ah Xiao Yi Do You Want To Be Shameless Chapter 730: Its A Whipping Let Her Bear It A Little Chapter 731: Brother And Han Yanliang Are Too Close Chapter 732: His Little Princess Is Going To Go On A Blind Date Chapter 733: Sister It Won't Be Cold When I Hold You Chapter 734: Nan Yan's Face Is Crooked Chapter 735: Shameless Dog Men And Women Chapter 736: The King Couldnt Ask For Her Chapter 737: Are You Ashamed To Cry Like This? Chapter 738: Xiao Yi Picked Up The Medicine And Drank It All Chapter 739: Did You Seduce Brother Deliberately? Chapter 740: This Palace Likes That Your Majesty Will Not Want To Live Or Die Chapter 741: For The Sake Of Sisters Love My Sister Helped Me With The Crime Chapter 742: Entering The Palace: First Seeing Shen Jiang Chapter 743: Xiao Yi Is Gentle: Do You Want Your Brother To Help You? Chapter 744: Fingering Her Hands Extremely Dirty Chapter 745: Not To Bring Guilt To The Little Girl Chapter 746: People In The World Dont Love Him Only Nan Jiao Loves Him Chapter 747: Are You Xiao Daoyan's Little Princess? Chapter 748: The Fox Must Be Seduce Brother Chapter 749: And He Is A Perfect Match Chapter 750: A Beautiful Girl Followed Xiao Yi Chapter 751: I Fell In Love With Him At First Sight Chapter 752: Full Of Admiration For Nanjia Jiaojiao Chapter 753: No Matter How Desperate He Is He Will Not Ask Ghosts And Gods Chapter 754: Let The Girl Hold Him And Cry Chapter 755: The Second Brother Is Going To Defend Her Like A Jade Chapter 756: Lovesickness Chapter 757: Who Are You Scolding? Chapter 758: The Real Cause Of The Nightmare Chapter 759: He Died Because Of You In His Previous Life You Are His Nemesis Chapter 760: Is Jiaojiao What Jiaojiao Calls Business? Chapter 761: Please Respect Yourself Chapter 762: Everyone Knows You Are Not Worthy Of Him Chapter 763: Don't You Think So Much About Me? Chapter 764: Various Previous Lives 1 Chapter 765: Various Previous Lives 2 Chapter 766: Various Previous Lives 3 Chapter 767: Various Previous Lives 4 Chapter 768: Various Previous Lives 5 Chapter 769: Go Tell Him That She Is Willing To Respond To His Love Chapter 770: This King Is Willing To Bow To Her Chapter 771: Nan Jia Jiaojiao Considered Top Grade Chapter 772: Second Brother Is My Flower Chapter 773: Can People Live Without Heart? Chapter 774: You Are Chained In The Yard By A Mob Chapter 775: Nan Baoyi Met The Emperor For The First Time Chapter 776: Di Ji Plans On The Day Of Her Wedding Chapter 777: Big Marriage Forced The Palace Chapter 778: What She Asks For Is Nothing But Justice Chapter 779: A Girl Kneeling In A Pool Of Blood Like A Trapped Beast Chapter 780: Xiao Daoyan Robbed The Guilty Officials The Crime Is Not To Be Blamed Chapter 781: Nan Jiaojiao You Are The Cleanest Card Chapter 782: As Long As She Looks Back..he Still Wants To Marry Her Chapter 783: She's Dreaming Again Chapter 784: Raise Xiao Daoyan Chapter 785: Xiao Yi Has Tender Eyes Chapter 786: Punishment For Him Chapter 787: Wash It Up And Send It To Her Chapter 788: For Fear Of Ruining His Little Girl Chapter 789: In This World Do You Have Someone To Love With Your Life? Chapter 790: Xiao Yi Pressed Her Against The Wall Chapter 791: Your Cousin Is A Concubine But You Want To Marry A Slave Chapter 792: Nan's Daughter Has No Reason To Be A Concubine Chapter 793: Shen Yichao Has No Heart I Have Chapter 794: What Kind Of Treatment Does Boss Han Get At Shen's House? Chapter 795: Did Brother Fancy Cold Smoke? Chapter 796: My Sister Is Going To Marry Ning Wanzhou Chapter 797: Do You Want To Bid With The Main Hall? Chapter 798: Let Ning Wanzhou Be My Son In Law Of The Zhao Family Chapter 799: Sisters Thank You Too Insincere Chapter 800: I Will Be Gentle Good Sister Chapter 801: Second Brother I Don't Understand Chapter 802: Slapped Nan Baoyi Chapter 803: He Deceived Nan Jiaojiao More Body Chapter 804: Nanda Take Care Of Your Family Chapter 805: Nanjia Ranked Top Grade Chapter 806: After Rebirth I Became A Powerful Minister 1 Chapter 807: After Rebirth I Became A Powerful Minister 2 Chapter 808: Nan Jiaojiao Is Cute And Gentle I Like It To Death Chapter 809: We Jiaojiao Are Also Loved By A Husband Chapter 810: I Introduced My Eldest Brother To You As A Husband? Chapter 811: Put Marriage On The Agenda Chapter 812: Among Us There Are Traitors Chapter 813: Second Brother What Do You See? Chapter 814: Nan Baoyi Admires Xiao Yi's Five Body Throw Chapter 815: I Really Want To Blow Up Xiao Yi's Dog Head Chapter 816: Am I Unable To Support You? Chapter 817: Cold Smoke Do You Want To Be Shameless? Chapter 818: He Must Prevent Han Yanliang From Being With Brother Chapter 819: General Shen Do You Like Boss Han? Chapter 820: At That Moment She Was Jealous Chapter 821: Why Refuse To Be My Concubine? Chapter 822: Han Yanliang Is The Woman I Adore Chapter 823: For Nan Jiaojiao I Am Willing To Go To Hell Chapter 824: Past And Present Do You Regret It Later? Add More Monthly Pass Chapter 825: Even If You Sink To Hell I Will Fish You Up Chapter 826: Previous Life: Nan Jiaojiao Don't Be Afraid 1 Chapter 827: Previous Life: Nan Jiaojiao Don't Be Afraid 2 Chapter 828: Beacon Opera Princes 1 Chapter 829: Beacon Opera Princes 2 Chapter 830: Beacon Opera Princes 3 Chapter 831: Beacon Opera Princes 4 Chapter 832: She Was Beaten Chapter 833: I Just Beat You And What Is It? Chapter 834: Lonely Wish To Rule The World Chapter 835: Nan Baoyi's Cheeks Burst Red Chapter 836: Whether You Are Glorious Or Down I Will Stay With You Chapter 837: So You Are Such A Nan Xiaowu Chapter 838: Zhuzhu Is Home To Be Married Chapter 839: Where Is She Married She Is Clearly A Jackal Tiger And Leopard Chapter 840: Nan Jiaojiao I Helped My Rival Today Chapter 841: Her Night Of Ecstasy Chapter 842: Indulge With Me I Want Revenge On Them Chapter 843: I Would Like To Recommend Pillow Seats Chapter 844: Nan Baoyi Muttered: Sven Scum.. Chapter 845: Beaded Wedding Dress Chapter 846: Sister Is His Prey Chapter 847: Pregnant Chapter 848: Reluctant To Marry Sister Chapter 849: Such Shen Jiang Makes Her Strange Chapter 850: I Will Take My Life To Protect The Little Grandpa Chapter 851: Xiao Yi's Heart Is Throbbing Chapter 852: Are You Doubting This Palace? Chapter 853: She Likes The Warmth This Teenager Brings To Her Chapter 854: Second Brother Has The Heart To Kill Her Chapter 855: What Comes To Mind Is Always Cold Smoke Chapter 856: Shen Yichao What Are You Chapter 857: Brother Please Fulfill Me And Han Yanliang Chapter 858: She Doesn't Care About Shen Yichao Anymore Chapter 859: Master Will Be Jealous Chapter 860: Don't Let These Dog Men Spy On Her Chapter 861: Happy For Me Chapter 862: Can't Give Her A Seat In The Main Room Chapter 863: Think Of A Way To Solve The Problem Chapter 864: You Are Indispensable Chapter 865: Visit Me Chapter 866: King Yong Will Worship On His Behalf Chapter 867: The Second Brother I Really Want To Marry Chapter 868: He Is The New Zhen Guo Gong The New King Of Northern Xinjiang Chapter 869: When He Comes She Feels Relieved Chapter 870: Her Peace Clerk Chapter 871: Jiang Suihan's Wedding Chapter 872: Don't Let Anything Wrong With The Woman Chapter 873: Where Did The Thin Skinned Little Girl Before Chapter 874: Take Back Brother Take Back The Cold Smoke Chapter 875: Inherited All Their Tenderness Chapter 876: Shen Yichao What Exactly Do You Want To Do? Chapter 877: Insert This Dagger Into Queen Shens Heart Chapter 878: Uncle Four Emperors Broke The Relationship Between Father And Mother Chapter 879: Shen Yichao's Expression Doesn't Look Good Chapter 880: In My Life I Will Never Cry For Men Chapter 881: I Feel So Attached To Her Chapter 882: I Have To Take Care Of Us Tonight Chapter 883: Xiao Sui Is An Ancestor Chapter 884: Is She Not Trustworthy? Chapter 885: Take Me Out Of The City To See King Yong Chapter 886: Seeing The Second Brother It Is Inevitable To Be Excited Chapter 887: A Veteran Love Scene Like Your Second Brother Chapter 888: Step On His Body To Become Famous Chapter 889: A Cold Life Experience Chapter 890: Beg To Marry Chapter 891: Not Only Lost Innocence But Also Lost Dignity Chapter 892: We Nan Jiaojiao Turned Out To Be.. Chapter 893: Boss Han Who Do You Really Love? Chapter 894: Her Second Brother Is Definitely Not A Man Like Taishou Yin Chapter 895: Nan Jiaojiao Is The King's Woman Chapter 896: Brother Return The Smoke To Me Chapter 897: Tonight He Is Different From Usual Chapter 898: I Want To Say Something But I Cant Say It Chapter 899: G Chapter 900: Tell Her To Know The Fate Of Being Separated From Others Chapter 901: It Turns Out That All Her Teasing Is Just Acting On The Spot Chapter 902: But She Was Slapped In The Face Chapter 903: She Followed The Second Brother Because She Liked It Chapter 904: From Now On I Will Follow Him In Life And Death Chapter 905: Her Many Years Of Secret Love And Joy Chapter 906: No Matter How Bad It Is That's His Brother Chapter 907: Good Girl Does Not Serve The Second Husband Chapter 908: Unless I Give Up I Will Never Pursue You Chapter 909: What A Promise Like The Sea Chapter 910: Shen Xiaolangjun Is Never The Only One Who Holds Chess Chapter 911: Shen Yichao Slapped Her With A Slap In The Face Chapter 912: Shen Yichao Go To Hell Chapter 913: The Most Regrettable Thing In This Life Is To Meet You Chapter 914: His Little Girl Is Still Waiting For Him To Come Home Chapter 915: What Does It Feel Like To Be Liked By The Wicked? Chapter 916: Shen Family Tree Will Never Be Engraved With His Name Chapter 917: I'm Mean I'm Shameless But It's All Because Of You Chapter 918: From Now On She Will Also Protect The Second Brother Chapter 919: Old Iron Bumps Are What You Can Call Chapter 920: From Now On You And I Will Live And Die Together Chapter 921: Besides Obeying Me What Can You Do Chapter 922: She Remembers This Is The Hair Band She Wore When She Was Young Chapter 923: You Have To Consider The Matter Of Marriage Chapter 924: The Second Elder Brother Who Doesnt Believe In Ghosts And Gods Actually Wants To Bow Chapter 925: His Preference Is So Blatant Chapter 926: It Turns Out That The White Clothes In The Hexagram Is Not Me Chapter 927: So Love Will Disappear Right? Chapter 928: She Loves Ayan Passionately Innocent Chapter 929: Nan Baoyi What Is Your Heart? Chapter 930: Nan Situ Is Clearly Messing Around Chapter 931: Greed For Power Reverse Black And White Full Of Lies Chapter 932: Send You Back To Jinguan City Chapter 933: Xiao Daoyan Is Owed Chapter 934: The Second Brother Teaches Me To Write Another Word Okay? Chapter 935: Nan Jiaojiao I'm Leaving Chapter 936: Little Girls Love To Act Like A Baby Just Like When They Were Young Chapter 937: The One Who Has No Fertility Is Lu Yan Chapter 938: After Parting That Night I Miss You So Much Chapter 939: How Stupid The Prince Of The Famous Shen Family Is Chapter 940: It's Hard For That To Die Chapter 941: She Is An Unfavored Cousin Chapter 942: So That He Will Be So Devoted To You Chapter 943: Kick Her Out Chapter 944: I Can't Kneel For A Girl Chapter 945: She Raised Her Head And Kissed His Thin Lips Chapter 946: I Have A Baby Chapter 947: Marrying Her Is Just A Stopgap Chapter 948: Ben Wang Refused To Answer This Question Chapter 949: Shangyang Palace Chapter 950: Every Night And Night Think About Him Chapter 951: It's Been Three Years And He Still Refuses To Forget His Jiaojiao Chapter 952: Are You Cheap? Chapter 953: How Hurt And Wronged She Should Be Chapter 954: Nan Xiao Was Confused And Cheated On Others.. Chapter 955: What You Want I Have Already Offered With Both Hands Chapter 956: Dignified Emperor Israel Serves People Chapter 957: Second Brother Goodbye Tonight.. Chapter 958: Nan Jiaojiao She Wanted To Do It For Him.. Chapter 959: My Palace Vaguely Dreamed Of Him Again Chapter 960: An Affectionate Glance At Xiao Yi Chapter 961: He Raised The Little Girl's Hands Above His Head.. Chapter 962: Can't Look Back Can't Look Back Chapter 963: Proclaim Oneself Emperor Chapter 964: Arrange A Decent Death For The Queen Chapter 965: I Came To Chang'an To Support Her Chapter 966: Shen Yichao Will Kill Her Chapter 967: If You Like Me Just Say It Openly Chapter 968: The Little Girl's Mouth Is Too Sweet Chapter 969: Yuchi Changgong Love This Palace Chapter 970: I'm Afraid Xiao Yi Won't Give Her A Rightful Position Chapter 971: You Can't Let Her Down Chapter 972: She Is There I Can't Wait For A Moment Chapter 973: Shen Yichao I Am Pregnant Chapter 974: ? Never Looked After A Little Girl Chapter 975: Humiliated My Sister So Much Chapter 976: ?in My Whole Life I Can't Fall In Love With Another Man Chapter 977: ?a Familiar Kiss Fell On Her Lips Chapter 978: ? Make Him Crazy Chapter 979: My Child Takes My Last Name Chapter 980: Postpartum Care Chapter 981: Their Baby Is Born Chapter 982: You Can't Get Her Chapter 983: ?you Can At Least Be A Concubine Chapter 984: ? The Queen Thought You Won? Chapter 985: Come To My Bedroom At Night Chapter 986: I Want To See The Second Brother Chapter 987: Xiao Yi Was Tight Chapter 988: ? Empress Shen's Past Chapter 989: If The Piano Master Back Then Was The Emperor Chapter 990: Why Does It Have To Be The Second Brother? Chapter 991: But Still Remember My Little Cousin Chapter 992: Only Gave Birth To A Little Princess Can My Second Brother Blame Me? Chapter 993: I Owe You Too Much Chapter 994: ?gu Chongshan Is Supporting Her Chapter 995: You Can't Catch Her Like This Chapter 996: Sisters Walk Together All Their Lives Whoever Gets Married First Is A Dog Chapter 997: You Have To Think Carefully About The Harem Chapter 998: ?if The Second Brother Dislikes Just Say It Chapter 999: ?he Refuses To Give In Even If It Is A Concubine Chapter 1000: ? He Has Endured For Two Full Years Chapter 1001: ?i Can't Bear To Be Separated From You Anymore Chapter 1002: ?xiao Yu Is Zhaonu Chapter 1003: ?brother Have You Ever Thought Of Killing Him? Chapter 1004: ?shen Yichao's Wedding Chapter 1005: ?the Empress' Past Chapter 1006: ?she Doesn't Believe That Shen Yichao Will Be So Affectionate Chapter 1007: Nan Baoyi Why Bother To Kill Me Chapter 1008: ?aunty You Killed Your Nephew Chapter 1009: ? He Thinks Is Poor Hate Is Not Poor Chapter 1010: ? Treat Her In Every Way And Make You Regret It Chapter 1011: The Blood Stained His White Clothes Chapter 1012: ?the Cage Chapter 1013: Xiao Daoyan Was Beaten Into That Ghost Chapter 1014: ?shen Jiang Has Gray Hair Chapter 1015: ?she Doesn't Want To Share With The Second Brother Chapter 1016: ? Nan Jiaojiao She Is Also My Little A Chou Chapter 1017: ? Shen Yichao Is Not Easy To Die After Thousands Of Years Of Scourge Chapter 1018: Why Should She Be Buried With Shen Jiang? Chapter 1019: ?want To Give You My Life Chapter 1020: The Man Nan Jiaojiao Met Chapter 1021: ? Learned Your A Niang's Temper Ten Percent Chapter 1022: ? His Heart Is Unwilling Chapter 1023: ? Staying Here Is His Only Way Of Atonement Chapter 1024: ?don't Want To Owe Too Much Favor To Nine Thousand Years Old Chapter 1025: ? What Kind Of Friendship Is Between You And Me? Chapter 1026: ? Her Childhood Wish Has Finally Come True Chapter 1027: The Identity Of Nan Baoyi As A Sinner Is Not To Be Feared Chapter 1028: ?come To Pick Jiaojiao Into The Palace Chapter 1029: ?good Son In Law Are You Going Back Home To Visit Relatives? Chapter 1030: ? What's Going On Feeling Good Chapter 1031: He Didn't Know That Nan Jiaojiao Was So Passionate Chapter 1032: The Little Cousin Has Some Performance Skills Chapter 1033: Nan Baoyi Has Assembled The Strongest Team In Chang'an City Chapter 1034: ?second Brother Always Opens The Back Door For Me I Will Be Very Upset Chapter 1035: ?she Is Full Of Eyes Her Heart Is Full Of Chapter 1036: ?it Turns Out That It Was Me Who Was Defeated. Chapter 1037: ?i Am Better Than Her Chapter 1038: ?the Art Of Witchcraft Chapter 1039: ?the Place Where Nan Jiaojiao Is Is Xiao Yi's Home Chapter 1040: ? She Was So Frivolous Chapter 1041: ? Jiaojiao'er Doesn't Cry Chapter 1042: Xiao Yi Take Good Care Of Nan Jiaojiao Chapter 1043: ?my Shoulder Is Never A Display Chapter 1044: ?the Position Beside Him Can Only Belong To Her Chapter 1045: The More He Looks The More He Likes It Chapter 1046: ? Nan Baoyi Is Really An Eyesore Chapter 1047: ?i Am Extremely Grateful To Xindi And Nan Baoyi Chapter 1048: ?like A Little Lover Broke Up Chapter 1049: She Likes To Be Evil Chapter 1050: He Wants To Have A Dress Made By Nan Jiaojiao Chapter 1051: Does He Like You? Chapter 1052: I Never Want To See Him Again Chapter 1053: The Little Girl In His Arms Is His Love In This Life Chapter 1054: The Crown Prince Must Know His Life Experience Chapter 1055: Xiao Daoyan Is Cruel And Shameless Chapter 1056: Keep Her It Will Be A Disaster Chapter 1057: Involved In His Jiaojiao And Nephew He Should Die Chapter 1058: I Don't Deserve To Live Well Neither Do You Chapter 1059: Tender To Death Chapter 1060: They Are Ridiculous But They Match Chapter 1061: I Am Here Do You Dare To Kill Me? Chapter 1062: I Didn't Expect General Shen To Have This Habit Chapter 1063: Obviously I Want To Marry But It's Like A War Book Chapter 1064: This Time You Can't Take Me Chapter 1065: In Every Prayer Beads There Are Her Ashes Hidden Chapter 1066: Brother In Law Went Back Alone Its Lonely To Blame Chapter 1067: Big Wedding Part 1 Chapter 1068: Big Wedding Part 2 Chapter 1069: Xiao Yi Refused Her Cruelly Chapter 1070: Second Brother I Dont Want To Die I Dont Want To Die.. 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