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After the Qiankun Sect and Nine Heavens Mystical Palace joined, the might of their faction grew increasingly stable. In the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, no other hegemonic powers existed outside of the three factions.

At this moment in the boundless starry space of the Heaven Vault, a strange scene could be seen. A gigantic golden-furred demon had its pores opened as it frenziedly absorbed the astral light from the constellations. Boundless amounts of astral light flowed into the demon’s pores, causing his body to glow as resplendently as the constellations, making it resemble an astral beast god.

Countless people in the Heaven Vault saw this scene. Qin Wentian stood at the boundary of the floating palace and glanced upwards. Beside him, Mo Qingcheng leaned against him, they were like an immortal couple. Right now, Mo Qingcheng’s cultivation base had also finally entered the heavenly deity realm. Although her talent was considered among the weakest out of Qin Wentian’s loved ones, she still cultivated for tens of thousands of years within the minor realms Qin Wentian created in the Heaven Vault. That, in addition to the innate advantage of cultivating here, finally made her comprehend her heavenly dao, allowing her to make a breakthrough to the heavenly deity realm.

She wasn’t the only deity who recently broke through. In truth, the situation here was like what the Qiankun Sect Leader and Nine Heavens Mystical Maiden had imagined. Heavenly deities were everywhere, the Heaven Vault really had an army of deities. If one didn’t enter the Heaven Vault to see this personally, they would never dare to imagine such a grand situation.

“Little Rascal is growing stronger and stronger.” Mo Qingcheng softly spoke. Everyone in the Heaven Vault was growing stronger but they were all okay with biding their time. They had time and could afford to wait. In the future, the Heaven Vault would only grow increasingly stronger.

“Mhm. Little Rascal can already absorb the dao from the various constellations. It’s rumored that in the legends, ancient heaven devouring beasts could even swallow the sun, moon and stars, it seemed that there’s some truth in that.” Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly. But at this moment, that gigantic golden-furred figure suddenly trembled. And it was trembling continuously.

“What’s going on?” Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed. Such a situation has never appeared before.

Had something happened to Little Rascal?

“Did something happen?” Mo Qingcheng asked.

“I’ll go and take a look.” Qin Wentian’s figure flashed as he flew through the air, soon arriving at the starry space. His body flew past Little Rascal’s gigantic figure and arrived at Little Rascal’s head area. Little Rascal had his eyes closed, his gigantic body was trembling as low-sounding roars were emitted from his mouth.

“No, no…” He kept shaking his head, the trembling of his body grew even more intense. Qin Wentian frowned, he placed his palm on Little Rascal’s face and infused strands of his energy into Little Rascal.

“NO!” A loud roar shook the space, even the constellations seemed to tremble under the intensity of his roar. When his giant saucer-like eyes opened, he finally saw Qin Wentian.

“Wentian.” Little Rascal called out softly.

“What happened?” Qin Wentian gently asked.

“I think I saw my parents.” Little Rascal spoke, his words causing Qin Wentian’s body to tremble. Little Rascal was a royal-blooded Heaven Devouring Beast and he met Mo Qingcheng in a chance encounter back in Azure Mystic. After that, he followed Qin Wentian because he was attracted by his blood but at that time, Little Rascal was already alone, he had no other companions or loved ones. It simply seemed that he was born alone with many unique abilities.

Once, he was also wondering who were Little Rascal’s parents were.

Could the parents of a royal-blooded heaven devouring beast be simple?

Demon gods were different from humans. Although bloodlines were important for humans, they could depend on post-natal cultivation to grow in strength. It was different for demonic beasts. Their bloodlines were the extremely important. For example, since Little Rascal was a royal heaven devouring beast, how could his parents be ordinary demonic beasts? They must definitely be immensely powerful demonic beasts as well.

“How did you see them?” Qin Wentian asked. Little Rascal was cultivating in here and didn’t leave the Heaven Vault. How did he see his parents?

“Earlier when I was cultivating, I was devouring the daos from the constellations. I seemed to have entered a dreamlike state and I saw my parents. They were the same as me and were devouring the constellations. At that instant, it felt like I traveled through time and saw my parents. They appeared in my memories.” Little Rascal’s eyes turned red, it was like he was extremely agitated. The scenes he saw in his mind kept repeating themselves.

“Did they leave anything behind that can allow you to know where they are now?” Qin Wentian asked.

“No but I’m sure something happened to them. When they were devouring the constellations, they suffered a backlash and were heavily injured. After that, a blurry figure appeared and attacked them. I wasn’t able to see what happened next.” Little Rascal grit its teeth as it roared. “Where are my parents? Who was that blurry figure? How could he actually attacked when they were injured? Truly despicable.”

“Devouring the constellations of the starry space…” Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. This was just too crazy. Little Rascal origins were actually so terrifying. All of a sudden, he thought of something but this conjecture seemed somewhat incredible. Would that really be real?

“Go and rest for now.” Qin Wentian spoke softly. Little Rascal nodded. His gigantic figure became small and soon turned into his usual puppy form with snow white fur, resembling an adorable pet as he leapt into Qin Wentian’s embrace.

Qin Wentian paced about, his eyes gleaming with sharpness. The words spoken by Little Rascal earlier made him feel an impulse to want to help and find out Little Rascal’s origins.

After returning to the floating palace, Qin Wentian told Little Rascal to rest first. He then headed to look for his father Qin Yuanfeng and his maternal grandfather Luoshen Chuan.

“Wentian, do you have some questions you want to ask?” Luoshen Chuan spoke.

“Grandfather, I once heard you telling me about some stories regarding the ancient godkings of the eight great regions. Ancient records have it that the godking of the Desolate Region had the title of ‘Huang’ (Desolate). He has no other names. Grandfather, you once told me that it’s possible Godking Desolate isn’t a human but a demonic beast, right?” Qin Wentian asked.

“The era of the eight godkings is simply too long ago. Many ancient records about them aren’t whole, there is too much information missing and no one can verify what was recorded. Everyone in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms only knows about the exact information which was passed down in ancient records. I once made a deep study about the Desolate Region’s history. From my conjecture, I feel it’s very likely that Godking Desolate is a demonic beast. I remember that I once flipped through a tattered-looking record that has information about some of the deeds of Godking Desolate. He could devour the sun and moon, pluck down the constellations and according to some clues, the original form of Godking Desolate might very well be the same as your demonic beast companion. Godking Desolate was also a heaven devouring beast.”

Luoshen Chuan spoke, “Naturally, these clues are what I’ve inferred. You won’t find them specifically stated in ancient records.”

“Wentian, did you discover something? Why are you asking these?” Luoshen Chuan was curious.

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian nodded his head. “Not long ago, Little Rascal was cultivating in the starry space of the Heaven Vault. From what he said, he seemed to have entered a dream-like state while he was cultivating and saw some memories regarding his parents. They were devouring the constellations and had suffered a backlash. After that, a mysterious person sneaked attack them and he couldn’t see anything more after that. Hence, I have some conjectures of my own. However, the timeline in reality doesn’t seem to match. Hence, I wanted to consult grandfather and father.”

“There’s no problems with the timeline.” Qin Yuanfeng spoke. “At the godking level, there are many methods available to them which are unfathomable to us. The Moon God created the Divine Mausoleum to plan for a return countless years later. If Godking Desolate really had descendants, it’s possible for them to be born countless years in the future as well, he must have used his dao to nurture the fetus.”

Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed. If this is the case, this might truly be possible.

“Who was the one who sneaked attack Little Rascal’s parents?” Qin Wentian softly spoke. If they could find the identity of the attacker, only then would it be possible for them to get their answer.

“If your guess is true and Little Rascal is the descendant of Godking Desolate, in that case, for the attacker who dared to do a sneak attack, his power level wouldn’t differ too much. It’s very possible that he is a godking as well.” Qin Yuanfeng replied. Luoshen Chuan nodded in agreement. Even for godkings who are injured, they weren’t characters heavenly deities could deal with.

“In that case, it’s very possible for the attacker to be one of the other known godkings. Yue Changkong might know some things.” Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed. Was his guess really accurate?

Right now, Little Rascal’s performance was more and more heaven-defying. If not, he wouldn’t dare to make such a bold conjecture.

In the western paradise, in an independent spacetime, there was a golden world filled with golden buddhic light. This buddhic light was like holy light, lighting up this entire golden world.

In this golden world, there actually was an incomparably gigantic figure there. This figure seemed somewhat illusory and not real, like it would vanish at anytime. Shackles formed from golden buddhic light bounded his body. Each part of his body seemed to be a lighted buddha lamp which chained together, forming a terrifying lock.

At this moment, a blurry figure suddenly appeared in the midst of the buddhic light. This figure was also illusory, its face couldn’t be seen clearly. However, this figure had his palms pressed together. Clearly, he was a buddhic cultivator.

After appearing in this spacetime. The buddha lamps on the gigantic figure turned towards him and began to channel the light they drained from the gigantic figure into his body causing the illusory figure to grow increasing corporeal.

“It has been so many years. Have you not returned to life yet?” That gigantic figure suddenly opened its eyes and spoke in an incomparably cold voice. Although he sounded weak, his voice was still filled with a terrifying aura.

“I shall plunder the heavenly daos you devoured back then bit by bit. One day when you have vanished completely, my dao shall grow closer and closer to reaching grand completion. In the future when I verify the pinnacle of my dao and transcend the nine heavens. You would be a part of that too.” The monk spoke lightly. His voice sounded ethereal and somewhat unreal.

“You think you can succeed? Through these countless years, I’ve already seen the future. The date of your destruction grows near.”

“So, to which era have you sent your son to?” That monk calmly interjected, his words causing the gigantic figure to tremble. After that, the gigantic figure mumbled, “My son?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it. He has already appeared. I didn’t expect you to have such a move in reserve back then. Sadly, everything you did would only serve my designs in the end.” The voice of the monk didn’t fluctuate. He continued to absorb the light from the lamps slowly and only left this spacetime after a long period of time. The gigantic figure suddenly let out an earth-shaking howl, like it had just suffered an intense provocation.

Has that era finally arrived? He really wished to go out for a look!

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682 doomsday of the greencloud sovereign Chapter 683 omen of breaking through Chapter 684 celestial phenomenon realm Chapter 685 grand wedding Chapter 686 mysterious visitor Chapter 687 gift Chapter 688 promise of a lifetime Chapter 689 a new era Chapter 690 the first command Chapter 691 dreamworld constellation Chapter 692 the medicine sovereigns cultivation realm Chapter 693 almighty sealer Chapter 694 kill order Chapter 695 killing their way over in a grandiose manner Chapter 696 departure from grand xia Chapter 697 the silhouette in the shadows Chapter 698 a battle to seek death Chapter 699 no obstacle one cannot conquer Chapter 700 country bumpkin Chapter 701 rumors Chapter 702 death by suppression Chapter 703 wanting qin wentians death Chapter 704 treasures of the medicine sovereign Chapter 705 knocked down from their divine pedestal Chapter 706 visitors from the outside worlds Chapter 707 the immortal realms Chapter 708 the ignorant is fearless Chapter 709 scum Chapter 710 immortals descending from the skies Chapter 711 innate supremacy Chapter 712 the most beautiful tears Chapter 713 princess evergreen Chapter 714 connecting passage Chapter 715 peak of the ninth immortal mountain Chapter 716 myriad incarnations immortal king Chapter 717 endless slaughter Chapter 718 the remaining four Chapter 719 white robe immortal king Chapter 720 eastern sage accepting a disciple Chapter 721 bitter experience Chapter 722 he will regret this Chapter 723 taking on a master Chapter 724 the curtain falls Chapter 725 four great constellations Chapter 726 actions of the royal sacred sect Chapter 727 start of war Chapter 728 controlling a puppet Chapter 729 great combination formation Chapter 730 eruption of a single sword Chapter 731 disastrous casualties Chapter 732 the old sacred emperor descends Chapter 733 immortal han Chapter 734 swordsaint li mubai Chapter 735 fanatical old man Chapter 736 lifting the seals Chapter 737 imminent peril Chapter 738 tremble Chapter 739 end of an era Chapter 740 crossing over of the era Chapter 741 separation Chapter 742 eastern sage thirteen prefectures Chapter 743 initial visit to the immortal realms Chapter 744 immorseize residence Chapter 745 gambling match Chapter 746 start of the formation battle Chapter 747 combat prowess Chapter 748 leaving with reluctance Chapter 749 the remaining one Chapter 750 greed Chapter 751 tyrannical Chapter 752 heavenly talisman realm Chapter 753 taking on a master Chapter 754 heavenly talisman treasure tome Chapter 755 zhao yuyans determination Chapter 756 abduction Chapter 757 are you willing to take me as your master Chapter 758 overwhelming slaughter Chapter 759 arrival Chapter 760 demanding release Chapter 761 exchanging blows Chapter 762 ruthless Chapter 763 order of arrest Chapter 764 main city of the jiangling country Chapter 765 resonance of divine weapons Chapter 766 nine immortality bells Chapter 767 communication with the nine immortality bell Chapter 768 expulsion Chapter 769 bells reverberation Chapter 770 driftsnow inn Chapter 771 a poignant legend Chapter 772 crossing verbal swords Chapter 773 liven things up Chapter 774 retaliation Chapter 775 dominant attitude Chapter 776 mad sweep Chapter 777 a complete humiliation Chapter 778 driftsnow master Chapter 779 gathering of experts Chapter 780 using flesh and blood to refine a city Chapter 781 connecting with immortality through weaponsmithing Chapter 782 snobbish Chapter 783 law energy of the nine immortality bells Chapter 784 half disciple Chapter 785 slaying an immortal Chapter 786 unexcelled in this world Chapter 787 weaponized city Chapter 788 exposed Chapter 789 words that tremble the heart Chapter 790 startling transformation of the earth Chapter 791 terrifying ancient city Chapter 792 a storm descends Chapter 793 seven sword sect Chapter 794 combat against the seven sword elders Chapter 795 a character from the heavenly talisman realm Chapter 796 crisis Chapter 797 appearance of the ancient Chapter 798 unmatched magnificence through the generations Chapter 799 decimated through space Chapter 800 falling in love with an ancient Chapter 801 fellow sect members Chapter 802 tempering oneself in the combat region Chapter 803 two years Chapter 804 reject him Chapter 805 cloudheaven arena Chapter 806 driftsnows successor Chapter 807 unstoppable momentum Chapter 808 most dazzling Chapter 809 golden blazing divine falcon Chapter 810 the young war king Chapter 811 idlecloud immortal kings judgement Chapter 812 powerful Chapter 813 qin wentians madness Chapter 814 seven star swordsman Chapter 815 clash of the strongest Chapter 816 give and take Chapter 817 conclusion of the cloud prefectures selection test Chapter 818 spatial transference arrays of the prefecture manor Chapter 819 meeting an old acquaintance in emperor city Chapter 820 gusu tianqi Chapter 821 mini banquet Chapter 822 convene Chapter 823 the thirteen prefectures Chapter 824 eastern sage cliff Chapter 825 good fortune everywhere Chapter 826 immortals shadow Chapter 827 hundred immortals forest Chapter 828 kill our way back Chapter 829 absolute superiority Chapter 830 fighting against blackpeak Chapter 831 disdain to kill you Chapter 832 battle will Chapter 833 battle art Chapter 834 visit request cards Chapter 835 brutal rule Chapter 836 one palm Chapter 837 agm 837 who kills whom Chapter 838 intense killing intent Chapter 839 enraged Chapter 840 one against all Chapter 841 domineering counter attack Chapter 842 tempest Chapter 843 final battle Chapter 844 propping up the heavens and earth Chapter 845 mad group battle Chapter 846 complete annihilation Chapter 847 conclusion of battle Chapter 848 immortal banquet Chapter 849 two emperors green and white Chapter 850 why are you here Chapter 851 crossing verbal swords Chapter 852 chaotic competition Chapter 853 as many geniuses as clouds Chapter 854 staring at all in arrogance Chapter 855 wild sweep Chapter 856 unimaginable battle Chapter 857 divine falcon light Chapter 858 jun mengchens crisis Chapter 859 one punch man Chapter 860 detoxified Chapter 861 top twenty Chapter 862 recruit Chapter 863 frost queen mo wen Chapter 864 savage attacks Chapter 865 fellow sect brothers on the battle platform Chapter 866 trampled Chapter 867 gu zhantian dodges the fight Chapter 868 unending battle Chapter 869 eight eliminated Chapter 870 one punch again Chapter 871 top ten Chapter 872 test for the top ten Chapter 873 ranked last Chapter 874 intentionally targeting Chapter 875 end of the second test Chapter 876 the last battle Chapter 877 proving themselves worthy Chapter 878 qin wentians arrogance Chapter 879 clear sky worldly diagram Chapter 880 dongsheng tings intentions Chapter 881 fighting against hua taixu Chapter 882 my heart remains the same Chapter 883 destined to rank 4 Chapter 884 clash of the supreme Chapter 885 you are not a match for me Chapter 886 is this enough Chapter 887 bestowing treasures Chapter 888 taking on a master Chapter 889 confronting an immortal emperor Chapter 890 thousand transformations emperor lord Chapter 891 intention of the heavenly talisman realm Chapter 892 city of ancient emperors Chapter 893 heavenly talisman realms rewards Chapter 894 different worlds Chapter 895 heading to the city of ancient emperors Chapter 896 gathering place of geniuses Chapter 897 immortal ascension rankings Chapter 898 group battle Chapter 899 ranker on the immortal ascension rankings Chapter 900 lost game Chapter 901 dogged pursuing Chapter 902 xiao lengyue Chapter 903 joining the xiao sect Chapter 904 twin stars Chapter 905 underground palace Chapter 906 ancient emperor yi Chapter 907 gods hand Chapter 908 giant palm Chapter 909 comprehending the abstruse Chapter 910 comprehension completed Chapter 911 stone monument in the emperor palace Chapter 912 oracular chant of the great dao Chapter 913 not trusting Chapter 914 final deadline Chapter 915 making a move Chapter 916 the supremely powerful gods hand Chapter 917 heavenly mystic mirror art Chapter 918 fighting against the 4 ranker of the immortal ascension rankings Chapter 919 joint attack Chapter 920 fighting side by side Chapter 921 slaying an immortal emperors descendant Chapter 922 a battle between female chosens Chapter 923 heavy injuries on both sides Chapter 924 confession Chapter 925 underworld mountains Chapter 926 encountering danger Chapter 927 release her Chapter 928 attacking the xiao sect Chapter 929 tyrannical sweep Chapter 930 brahma heavenly emperor Chapter 931 showdown of the strong Chapter 932 complete domination of xiao lengyue Chapter 933 top ranker of the immortal ascension rankings Chapter 934 nanfeng yunxis joining Chapter 935 gathering at the underworld mountains Chapter 936 mysterious character Chapter 937 the ancient emperors in the coffins Chapter 938 slaughter out a path of blood Chapter 939 nine grand inheritances Chapter 940 an unparalleled character Chapter 941 golden body Chapter 942 casting a physique Chapter 943 the one who wants to wear the crown has to first bear its weight Chapter 944 mo xie Chapter 945 battle against mo xie Chapter 946 the first Chapter 947 establishment of mo xies physique Chapter 948 seizing the inheritance Chapter 949 shattering immortal foundation Chapter 950 six tiers three grades Chapter 951 beaten back Chapter 952 changes to the immortal ascension rankings Chapter 953 apology Chapter 954 the arrogant que tianyi Chapter 955 que tianyis terror Chapter 956 overwhelming strike Chapter 957 enraged eastern sage immortal emperor Chapter 958 tripartite confrontation Chapter 959 tyrannical zi daoyang Chapter 960 great battle in the underworld mountains Chapter 961 strongest battle states Chapter 962 injury Chapter 963 kill list Chapter 964 chaotic battle Chapter 965 antiquity city Chapter 966 greater demons Chapter 967 the ancient city beneath the stars Chapter 968 sacred luminance Chapter 969 perfect transformation Chapter 970 ancient path of stars Chapter 971 the hardest trial Chapter 972 divine statue Chapter 973 commotion in the city of ancient emperors Chapter 974 eve before the grand battle Chapter 975 battle of the supreme Chapter 976 irresistible force Chapter 977 boiling with anger once again Chapter 978 warring against the 1 ranker of the immortal ascension rankings Chapter 979 domineering qin wentian Chapter 980 zi daoyang fleeing in defeat Chapter 981 shocking change to the immortal ascension rankings Chapter 982 zi daoyangs death Chapter 983 reappearance of the black robes Chapter 984 line between life and death Chapter 985 evergreen immortal empire Chapter 986 marquis manor Chapter 987 acting to kill Chapter 988 qingers rage Chapter 989 dominant qinger Chapter 990 princess changping Chapter 991 father and daughter Chapter 992 provocation with words Chapter 993 lesson Chapter 994 voices in the royal palace Chapter 995 written invitation Chapter 996 banquet Chapter 997 crown prince yang an Chapter 998 violent rage Chapter 999 clashing against immortal foundation Chapter 1000 yang ans killing intent Chapter 1001 one sword Chapter 1002 qin wentians name Chapter 1003 seclusion Chapter 1004 violet emperors demand Chapter 1005 phenomenon in the sky Chapter 1006 memory Chapter 1007 qin yuanfengs story Chapter 1008 courting humiliation Chapter 1009 two powerful demon immortals Chapter 1010 battle sword sect in the immortal realms Chapter 1011 domineering stance Chapter 1012 qin wentian immortal Chapter 1013 qin wentians exhortation Chapter 1014 life and death unknown Chapter 1015 return of the monarch Chapter 1016 hunted by the entire world Chapter 1017 traitor Chapter 1018 heaven and hell Chapter 1019 the most dangerous place Chapter 1020 reunited Chapter 1021 qin wentians anger Chapter 1022 sleepless night Chapter 1023 little rascal showing its might Chapter 1024 putting away the ancient weaponized city Chapter 1025 battle Chapter 1026 reinforcements from the star river association Chapter 1027 threat of an immortal king Chapter 1028 surround and kill Chapter 1029 immortal sense of the thousand transformations emperor lord Chapter 1030 manipulator behind the scenes Chapter 1031 immortal war Chapter 1032 might of the white robed immortal king Chapter 1033 deepflames death Chapter 1034 emperor lords suggestion Chapter 1035 invitation from afar Chapter 1036 southern phoenix city Chapter 1037 attending the banquet Chapter 1038 holy successor Chapter 1039 infamous Chapter 1040 three clans of the southern region Chapter 1041 assisted battle Chapter 1042 jiang clans might Chapter 1043 easily qualified Chapter 1044 heading to the ancestral lands Chapter 1045 tree leaves of the parasol tree Chapter 1046 phoenix wings Chapter 1047 ancient roads to nirvana Chapter 1048 grand battle between dragon and phoenix Chapter 1049 the final battle Chapter 1050 variable Chapter 1051 clash of the strongest Chapter 1052 are you in love with him Chapter 1053 words of the ancient phoenix Chapter 1054 arrival from all parties Chapter 1055 dominant challenge Chapter 1056 nanfeng yunxi exits seclusion Chapter 1057 nanfeng jiyue Chapter 1058 god hand mountain manor Chapter 1059 gathering of the three great ancient clans Chapter 1060 immortal emperors from all locations Chapter 1061 mystical ancient mountain Chapter 1062 changes in the situation Chapter 1063 stepping into the ancient mountain Chapter 1064 desire to kill Chapter 1065 to lure Chapter 1066 who is the one at the end of the rope Chapter 1067 dongsheng tings doomsday Chapter 1068 execution Chapter 1069 nobody knows Chapter 1070 the servant of ancient emperor yi Chapter 1071 emperor yis old residence Chapter 1072 ancient emperor palace Chapter 1073 ying tengs intentions Chapter 1074 enormous bronze gate Chapter 1075 violent beating Chapter 1076 saint lord Chapter 1077 battle saint tribe Chapter 1078 treasury Chapter 1079 exiting the mountain Chapter 1080 the immortal emperors attitude Chapter 1081 fighting ying teng Chapter 1082 departure of the immortal emperors Chapter 1083 peak grade mission from the heavenly talisman realm Chapter 1084 throbbing undercurrents Chapter 1085 suicide Chapter 1086 participating in the war Chapter 1087 ye qing Chapter 1088 hundred thousand strong armies in battle Chapter 1089 battlefield Chapter 1090 Battle Chapter 1091 Berserk Battle Formation Chapter 1092 Invitation Chapter 1093 Commanding An Army Chapter 1094 Ferocious Tigers Of The Army Chapter 1095 Determined To Battle Chapter 1096 Divine Ape Battle Formation Chapter 1097 Retreating After Success Chapter 1098 Skymist Immortal Empire Chapter 1099 Taishan Immortal King Chapter 1100: Skymist Hai Chapter 1101: Dispute Chapter 1102: Tyrannical Chapter 1103: Establishing Dominance Chapter 1104: Madman Chapter 1105: Unparalleled in Battle Chapter 1106: Surrealism Law Energy Chapter 1107 Paragon Sword King Chapter 1108 Immortal Realms Adjudication Chapter 1109 Invincible Sweep Chapter 1110: Enraged For Her Sake Chapter 1111: Beauty Like That Of A Portrait Chapter 1112: Life Tougher Than The Heavens Chapter 1113: Do You Want To Marry Qinger? Chapter 1114: Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy Chapter 1115: Earthquake Level Commotion In The Entire Immortal Realms Chapter 1116: Unstable Situation Chapter 1117: Beiming Youhuang Chapter 1118: Sacred Academys Quota Chapter 1119: Unparalleled In The Immortal Realms Chapter 1120: Immortal Sea Chapter 1121: Using Ones Flesh As A Boat Chapter 1122: The Immortal Sea Is Not A Sea Chapter 1123: Power Of The Buddhist Path Chapter 1124: Art Of Truth Chapter 1125: Overwhelmingly Tyrannical Physique Chapter 1126: Royal Faction White Eye Chapter 1127: Trouble Making Ancestor Chapter 1128: Sky Connecting Realm Chapter 1129: Jia Nantian Chapter 1130: Monk Bujie Chapter 1131: Holy Maiden From The Snowdrift Sage Hall Chapter 1132: Implicated Chapter 1133: Intense Vengeance Chapter 1134: Convene Chapter 1135: A Domineering Strike Chapter 1136: Opening Of The Sacred Academy Chapter 1137: 3000 Seats Who Can Take The Lead? Chapter 1138: No One Can Take The Lead Seat Chapter 1139: Dao Lecture In The Starry Sky Chapter 1140: Breakthrough After Enlightenment Chapter 1141: Lead Seat Chapter 1142: Intense Battle Against The White Tiger Race Chapter 1143: Violent Battle Chapter 1144: Feasting On White Tiger Meat Chapter 1145: White Tiger Race Forced To Flee In Defeat Chapter 1146: Recognized By All Chapter 1147: Shameless Monk Chapter 1148: Be My Female Slave Chapter 1149: Torment Chapter 1150: Im Already His Woman Chapter 1151: Sacred Land For Demons Chapter 1152: Terrifying Blood Droplets Chapter 1153: Path Of Invincibility Chapter 1154: 24th Year Mark Contending For The Lead Seat Again Chapter 1155: Heaven And Man Who Stands Higher? Chapter 1156: Simultaneous Appearance Of All Four Sacred Academies Chapter 1157: Arranged Battle In The Sacred Academy Chapter 1158: The Three Princes Chapter 1159: The Arrogance Of Huang Youdi Chapter 1160: Six Colored Emperor Glow Chapter 1161: Battle Against Huang Youdi Chapter 1162: Humiliation Chapter 1163: Misunderstanding? Chapter 1164: New Name On The Supreme Might Rankings Chapter 1165: Sage Child Li Yufeng Chapter 1166: Stonebell Rampart Chapter 1167: Toyed With Chapter 1168: Commotion In The Sacred Academy Chapter 1169: Famous Overnight Chapter 1170: Bell Chimes Into Longing Chapter 1171: Chaotic Situation Chapter 1172: Monks From The Askheart Temple Chapter 1173: Invincible Huang Shatian Chapter 1174: Great Chaotic Battle Chapter 1175: Bloodsoaked Glory Chapter 1176: Qin Wentian Has Fallen? Chapter 1177: Return Chapter 1178: Ranked On The Supreme Might Rankings Again Chapter 1179: The Miserable White Eye Chapter 1180: Fight Against The Thundergods Child Chapter 1181: Entering The Immortal Rock Chapter 1182: Qingcheng Enters The Sacred Academy Chapter 1183: Wentian I Missed You Chapter 1184: Qinger And Qingcheng Chapter 1185: Demons And Devils Joining Forces Chapter 1186: Rage Of The Sacred Academy Chapter 1187: Priestess And Devil Child Chapter 1188: War In The Sky Connecting Realm Chapter 1189: Jun Mengchens Humiliation Avenged Chapter 1190: Judgement Devil Chapter 1191: Qin Wentian Exits The Sky Connecting Immortal Rock Chapter 1192: Shattering The Stonebell Rampart Chapter 1193: Fighting Against Six Powerful Experts Chapter 1194: Supreme Attack Chapter 1195: Gigantify Chapter 1196: Flames Of Revenge Chapter 1197: Meeting Each Other Chapter 1198: Finish Them Chapter 1199: None Is A Match For Him Chapter 1200: Continuing Moving Forward Chapter 1201: Intense Vengeance Chapter 1202: Disciples Of Matriarch Ji Chapter 1203: Killing Huang Youdi Chapter 1204: How Many Tears Can One Shed In A Lifetime? Chapter 1205: Huang Shatians Return Chapter 1206: Facing Huang Shatian Chapter 1207: Who Isnt Qualified? Chapter 1208: Qin Wentian Vs Huang Shatian Chapter 1209: Strike Of Destruction Chapter 1210: The Enraged Sacred Academy Chapter 1211: Three Years Chapter 1212: The Last Dao Lecture Chapter 1213: The Commotion After Exiting The Sacred Academy Chapter 1214: Returning Home Chapter 1215: Reality Chapter 1216: Lin Shuais Wedding Chapter 1217: Underestimation Chapter 1218: Conflict Chapter 1219: Complete Shock Chapter 1220: Might Influence Power Of His Status Chapter 1221: Visit From Immortal Kings Chapter 1222: The Wind Rises Chapter 1223: Eternal Evergreen Tree Chapter 1224: Emperor Ranked Battle Chapter 1225: White Emperor Chapter 1226: Appearance Of Emperor Yu Chapter 1227: Determining The Battlefield Chapter 1228: Gathered At The Devils Entrance Chapter 1229: Cruelty Of The Myriad Devil Islands Chapter 1230: Blackstone Devil Sect Disciple Chapter 1231: Replace Chapter 1232: Devil General Chapter 1233: Abandoned Chapter 1234: Ranking Battle Of The Devil Generals Chapter 1235: Lu Xuejia Steps Out To Battle Chapter 1236: Domineering Words Chapter 1237: The Third Ranked Devil General Chapter 1238: Loser Chapter 1239: Massacre Chapter 1240: The New Third Ranked Devil General Chapter 1241: Direct Attendant Relays An Order Chapter 1242: Third Princess And First Devil General Chapter 1243: Agm 1243 Teasing The Princess Chapter 1244: Battle Against The First Devil General Chapter 1245: Qin Wentian The First Devil General Chapter 1246: A Princess Or A Devilish Female? Chapter 1247: Fallen Devil Region Chapter 1248: The Black Jiao Devil King Chapter 1249: Thoughts Of The Devil King Chapter 1250: No Fortune To Enjoy A Beautys Favor Chapter 1251: Immortal Devil Transformation Chapter 1252: Elder Sister Of The Devilish Third Princess Chapter 1253: Chaotic Royal Rumble Chapter 1254: Invitation From All Powers Chapter 1255: Four Devil Nests Chapter 1256: Celestial Devil Lodge Chapter 1257: Ba Xiao Chapter 1258: Xin Yus Hesitation Chapter 1259: Xin Yus Worries Chapter 1260: Lofty Or Lowly Chapter 1261: What An Irony Chapter 1262: Xia Devil King Chapter 1263: Activate The Battle Formation Chapter 1264: Highly Recommended Chapter 1265: So Weak Chapter 1266: Old Chai Chapter 1267: You Can Only Die Chapter 1268: Storm Chapter 1269: Huang Shatians Pride Chapter 1270: Start Of Battle Chapter 1271: Huang Shatians Capabilities Chapter 1272: Frantic Battle Chapter 1273: Clash Of Demon Level Geniuses Chapter 1274: Old Xia Devil Kings Opinion Chapter 1275: Rejecting The Reward Chapter 1276: Retreat Route Chapter 1277: Three Great Devil Kings Chapter 1278: Killing Devil Kings Chapter 1279: No Regrets Chapter 1280: Seeking An Audience With The Devil Emperor Chapter 1281: Meeting The Vast Sky Devil Emperor Chapter 1282: Devil Army Chapter 1283: Forcing Old Xia Devil King Onto The Path Of Death Chapter 1284: Death Comes Chapter 1285: Killed Chapter 1286: Devil Mountain Chapter 1287: Arrival From The Devil Mountain Chapter 1288: Yulong Shengtu Imperial Dragon Saint Chapter 1289: Another Person From The Devil Mountain Chapter 1290: A Single Strike Should Already Be Sufficient Chapter 1291: Strange Young Man Chapter 1292: Island Of Ten Thousand Devils Chapter 1293: Immortal Devil? Chapter 1294: Ascending The Devil Mountain Chapter 1295: Fighting His Way Up Chapter 1296: Shamelessness Is Also A Kind Of Talent Chapter 1297: Seven Supreme Devil Halls Chapter 1298: Sacred Ground Of The Devil Mountain Chapter 1299: Child Of Darkness Chapter 1300: Anger From Embarrassment Chapter 1301: Identity Of The Priestess Chapter 1302: Meeting Each Other Again Chapter 1303: Entering the Saint Devil Hall Chapter 1304: Within The Saint Devil Hall Chapter 1305: Another Gate Chapter 1306: Inheritances? Supreme Devil Halls? Chapter 1307: Challenging The Throne Chapter 1308: An Ultimate Technique Of The Devil Path Chapter 1309: Expulsion Chapter 1310: Fighting Huang Shatian Again Chapter 1311: Huang Shatian Defeated Chapter 1312: Someone Better Who Outshines You At Every Turn Chapter 1313: Questioning The Devil Experts Of The Devil Mountain Chapter 1314: Apology Chapter 1315: Fetching Bai Qing Chapter 1316: Cultivating On The Devil Mountain Chapter 1317: The Ending Is Set Chapter 1318: Unexpected Result Chapter 1319: Betrothal Chapter 1320: His Fame Shaking The Entire Eastern Immortal Region Chapter 1321: Sparring In The Royal Palace Chapter 1322: Lofty Aspirations Chapter 1323: Assassination Chapter 1324: Voice Of The Evergreen Immortal Emperor Chapter 1325: Capturing All Chapter 1326: Evergreen Immortal Emperors Suggestion Chapter 1327: Not Returning Until He Reaches Immortal King Chapter 1328: Darknorth Immortal Dynasty Chapter 1329: Wan Clan Of Skyflame Chapter 1330: Wan Miaoyan Chapter 1331: Zhiyin Chapter 1332: Saint Child And Princess Chapter 1333: Minor And Major Characters Chapter 1334: Wisdom Chapter 1335: Melodramatic Plot Chapter 1336: Interesting Matter Chapter 1337: Unable To Tolerate Any Longer Chapter 1338: If He Doesnt Die Your Entire Clan Shall Be Annihilated Chapter 1339: Everyone Shudders Chapter 1340: Too Late For Regrets Chapter 1341: Sorrowful Chapter 1342: Good Friends Chapter 1343: Darknorth Immortal Mountain Chapter 1344: Forbidden Ground Chapter 1345: A Land Of Death Chapter 1346: Despair Chapter 1347: Pei Qing Chapter 1348: Ancient Battlefield? Chapter 1349: Mysterious Man Stone Tablet Chapter 1350: Monstrously Terrifying Expert Chapter 1351: Distance Of A Single Step Chapter 1352: The 7th Astral Soul Chapter 1353: Cultivation Chapter 1354: Undying Scripture Chapter 1355: Exit Chapter 1356: Return As An Immortal Emperor Chapter 1357: Shocking Everyone Chapter 1358: House Arrest Chapter 1359: Ive Never Met Someone So Shameless Before Chapter 1360: We Are A Match Made In Heaven Chapter 1361: Who Is More Shameless Than Who? Chapter 1362: Comparing Cultivation Speed? Chapter 1363: Who Is The More Domineering One? Chapter 1364: Worrying Situation Chapter 1365: The Great Roc Rises With The Wind Chapter 1366: Segregation Of Cultivation Realms Chapter 1367: Sparring Chapter 1368: Conversation Chapter 1369: Immortal King Army Chapter 1370: Retreating To A Single Prefecture Chapter 1371: Tenderness Chapter 1372: Pill Concoction Banquet Chapter 1373: Working Hard Only For His Sake Chapter 1374: Rare Immortal Pill Chapter 1375: Competing For Number One Chapter 1376: You Dont Need To Speak Ever Again Chapter 1377: Who Is The One Bullying With Force? Chapter 1378: Wanting To Bear The Weight? Tell Me How Can You? Chapter 1379: Enraged For The Sake Of Mo Qingcheng Chapter 1380: Imminent War Chapter 1381: Soul Slaying Devil Saber Chapter 1382: Paragon Sky Roc Chapter 1383: Personal Disciple of Eastern Sage Chapter 1384: Who is he? Chapter 1385: Eastern Sage Personally Arrives Chapter 1386: Showdown Chapter 1387: Four Sacred Creatures Battle Formation Chapter 1388: Prepared for the Final Battle Chapter 1389: Immortal King Tuoba Chapter 1390: Great War Chapter 1391: Assassination from the Void Chapter 1392: Sons of the Eastern Sage Chapter 1393: The Third Immortal Emperor Chapter 1394 Making Excuses Chapter 1395 Fall Of A Major Power Chapter 1396 The Curtain Falls Chapter 1397 Violet Emperors Suggestion Chapter 1398 Comparing The Past And Present Chapter 1399 Lure Chapter 1400 Capture Chapter 1401 Eastern Sages Humiliation Chapter 1402 End Of Crisis Chapter 1403 Uncle Black Appears Chapter 1404 Towering Rage Chapter 1405 Little Rascals Signal Chapter 1406 Skybreak City Chapter 1407 Enemies Everywhere Chapter 1408 King Of The Desolate Mountains? Chapter 1409 Royal Factions Of The Desolate Mountains Chapter 1410 The Terrifying Demon Races Chapter 1411 Domineering Kill Chapter 1412 Commotion In The Desolate Mountains Chapter 1413 Demongod Mountain Chapter 1414 Shocking Change To The Desolate Mountains Chapter 1415 Phoenix Bone Relic Chapter 1416 Gathering Storm Chapter 1417 Chapter 1418 Journeying Up The Demongod Mountain Chapter 1419 The Kind Hearted Roc King Chapter 1420 Path Of Ascension Chapter 1421 The Ordinary Roc That Kills Roc Kings Chapter 1422 Demongod Palace Chapter 1423 Breaking Out Of The Siege Chapter 1424 Peak Of The Demongod Mountain Chapter 1425 Bloodline Ability: Burning Rebellion Chapter 1426 Even More Shameless Chapter 1427 Improving By Leaps And Bounds Chapter 1428 He Was That Roc? Chapter 1429 Voice Of The Southern Phoenix Matriarch Chapter 1430 You Guys Can Come At Me Together Chapter 1431 Tyrannical Chapter 1432 I Will Destroy It With A Slash Of My Saber Chapter 1433: Old Devil Duotian Chapter 1434 Falling From The Sky Chapter 1435 Grand Recovery Pill Chapter 1436 Chu Qingyis Attitude Chapter 1437 Lu Yanxue Chapter 1438 Persuasion Chapter 1439 Beg Me To Leave Chapter 1440 Terrifying Existence Chapter 1441 Just A Single Sword Chapter 1442 Wishes Chapter 1443 Blackmetal Emperor Sect Chapter 1444 Holy Maiden Of The Blackmetal Emperor Sect Chapter 1445 Malicious Intentions Chapter 1446 Remnant Powers Of Eastern Tomb Chapter 1447 Making A Move Chapter 1448 Blackmetal Sword Emperor Chapter 1449 Domineering Blackmetal Sword Emperor Chapter 1450 Complete Annihilation Chapter 1451 Holy Sages Will Chapter 1452 Comprehending Holy Will Chapter 1453 Might Of The Holy Will Chapter 1454 Collapse Of The Eastern Tomb Chapter 1455 Chaotic Stone Forest Chapter 1456 Undying Body Chapter 1457 Tyranny Of The Demonic Beasts Chapter 1458 Chapter 1459 Competing Chapter 1460 Slashes Of Saber And Sword Chapter 1461 Moving Out Chapter 1462 A Storm In The City Of Ancient Emperor Chapter 1463 The Era Has Changed Chapter 1464 Massacre Chapter 1465 Tyrannical Sword Migh Chapter 1466 Intent To Kill Chapter 1467 Chaotic Battle Among Immortal Kings Chapter 1468 Killing Five Powerful Immortal Kings Chapter 1469 Fighting Zi Daolong Chapter 1470 Determined To Kill Chapter 1471 Rage Of The Violet Emperor Chapter 1472 Xu Qingyao Chapter 1473 Taking Liberties Chapter 1474 Disbelief Chapter 1475 Who Wants To Kill Me? Chapter 1476 Disregarding Everything Chapter 1477 Unexcelled Majesticness Chapter 1478 Tyrannical Voice In The City Of Ancient Emperors Chapter 1479 Chapter 1480 Surrounded By Powerful Enemies Chapter 1481 Grand Battle Against Huang Jiutian Chapter 1482 Supreme Crown Prince Chapter 1483 Asura Prison Chapter 1484 Defeat Chapter 1485 Bad Intentions Chapter 1486 Qin Wentians discipline Chapter 1487 Thirty Years Chapter 1488 Already Matured Chapter 1489 Return To The City Of Ancient Emperors Chapter 1490 Face Slap Chapter 1491 Tyrannical Words Chapter 1492 Scared Off By A Single Sentence Chapter 1493 Arrival Chapter 1494 Fighting The Supreme Crown Prince Once Again Chapter 1495 Double Layer Combat Chapter 1496 Slaying The Crown Prince Chapter 1497 Jun Mengchens Path Chapter 1498 Comprehending Dao Element Chapter 1499 Void Beasts Chapter 1500 Great Storm Chapter 1501 Battle Erupts Chapter 1502 Saber Sword Immortal King Appears Chapter 1503 Arranged Battle Chapter 1504 Massacring The Three Demon Races Chapter 1505 Experts At The Peak Chapter 1506 Gathering Chapter 1507 Arrogance Chapter 1508 Fighting Jia Huangtian Chapter 1509 Saber Sword Immortal King Qin Wentian? Chapter 1510 This Seat Is Qin Wentian Chapter 1511 Immortal Devil And Demon Chapter 1512 Winning Every Battle Chapter 1513 Hunter Chapter 1514 Contending For The Buddha Dao Chapter 1515 Unrivalled In The City Of Ancient Emperors Chapter 1516 Calamity Chapter 1517 Annihilation Of A Race Chapter 1518 The Dao You Cultivate Becoming A Dao Element Chapter 1519 Facing The Calamity In His Stead Chapter 1520 Evergreens Anger Chapter 1521 Conveying A Message Chapter 1522 The Secret Of The City Of Ancient Emperors Chapter 1523 Attitudes From All Around Chapter 1524 Surrounding The Imperial Palace Chapter 1525 So Beautiful That It Hurts Chapter 1526 Asking For Her Hand In Marriage Chapter 1527 A Historic Moment Chapter 1528 Judgement Day Chapter 1529 Killing An Emperor Chapter 1530 Crazy Battle Chapter 1531 Hair Turning White In An Instant Tears Of Blood Chapter 1532 Bizarre Chapter 1533 Heaven Defying Opportunity Chapter 1534 Upper World Chapter 1535 Crafty Old Man Chapter 1536 Explanation Chapter 1537 First Arrival At The Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms Chapter 1538 Nine World Palaces One Realm Chapter 1539 Frogs In A Well Chapter 1540 Mine Chapter 1541 Encountering A Ghost? Chapter 1542 Qin Wentians Astral Soul Chapter 1543 The Legendary Grand Bandit Chapter 1544 Favor Chapter 1545 Excellent Creature Chapter 1546 Number One Beauty In Heavenly City Chapter 1547 Generous Treatment Chapter 1548 Daughter Of The Night Empyrean Chapter 1549 Bandit Qin Wentian Chapter 1550 Attack Chapter 1551 Threaten The East Strike At The West Chapter 1552 Vixens Victim Chapter 1553 Stirring Dance Chapter 1554 Ten Years Chapter 1555 Rumor And Plan Chapter 1556 Youhuang Is In Trouble? Chapter 1557 Attempt To Kill Chapter 1558 Trap Chapter 1559 Sculpture Chapter 1560 The Cold Lake Chapter 1561 Entering The Emperor Palace Chapter 1562 Unrivalled Chapter 1563 Prisoner Chapter 1564 The Empyreans Methods Chapter 1565 Lifire Empyrean Chapter 1566 Lifire Jail Chapter 1567 New Governor Chapter 1568 Tough To Even Advance A Single Step Chapter 1569 What Crime Are You Guilty Of? Chapter 1570 Iron Blooded Methods Chapter 1571 Soul Slaying Needle Chapter 1572 The Five Governors Chapter 1573 Formations Grandmaster Chapter 1574 Yan Clan Chapter 1575 Breaking Formation Chapter 1576 Challenge Chapter 1577 Rising Fame Chapter 1578 True Gate Of Sealing Chapter 1579 Recruit Chapter 1580 Di Tians Ambitions Chapter 1581 Challenge And Auction Chapter 1582 Creating Trouble And Divine Weapon Chapter 1583 Complete Loss Of Face Chapter 1584 Expansion Of The Emperor Pavillion Chapter 1585 Xia Hou Complicating Matters Chapter 1586 Lifire Empyreans Attention Chapter 1587 Conspiracy Chapter 1588 Ruthless Method Chapter 1589 Scandalous Rumors About The Governors Manor Chapter 1590 Purple Moon Immortal Emperor Chapter 1591 Reversal Of Situation Chapter 1592 Nibblesun Mine Chapter 1593 Great Commotion In The Northern City Regions Chapter 1594 Blood Flowing Dying The Ground Red Chapter 1595 State Of Mutual Hostility Chapter 1596 Tyrannical Governor Chapter 1597 Under The Light Chapter 1598 The Skies Of The Northern City Regions Are Changing Chapter 1599 Head On Clash Chapter 1600 Prison Visit Chapter 1601 Emperor Pavilion Expanding Into The Northern City Regions Chapter 1602 Jialan Clans Invitation Chapter 1603 Jialan Qiuyue Chapter 1604 Suing For Peace Chapter 1605 News From Beauty Xiao Chapter 1606 Throwing Herself Into His Arms Chapter 1607 Lifelong City Chapter 1608 Peak Powers Of Lifelong City Chapter 1609 Seed Of Love A Budding Heart Chapter 1610 A Governor Of Lifelong City Chapter 1611 Sword Sage Astral Soul Chapter 1612 Knocked Off His Divine Pestedal Chapter 1613 Lifelong Saint Hall Chapter 1614 The Nine World Palace Lords Chapter 1615 Red Dust Immortal Palace Chapter 1616 Di Tian Participating? Chapter 1617 Eyes Of Sealing Chapter 1618 Seeking To Suffer Chapter 1619 One Step Away From The Top Ten Chapter 1620 Domineering Suppression Chapter 1621 Top Three Chapter 1622 Getting Stronger The More Powerful His Opponent Is Chapter 1623 The Realmlords Reward Chapter 1624 Battle Between The World Palaces Chapter 1625 The Miserable Lifire Palace Chapter 1626 Seeking Permission To Fight Chapter 1627 Five Consecutive Victories Chapter 1628 Invincible Posture Chapter 1629 Questioning Chapter 1630 Change In Attitude Chapter 1631 Palace Lords Of The Gemini Palace Chapter 1632 Conflict Chapter 1633 Summons Chapter 1634 Settling Scores Chapter 1635 Tyrannical Di Tian Chapter 1636 Conclusive Evidence Chapter 1637 Rise Of The Emperor Pavilion Chapter 1638 No Fortune To Enjoy The Grace Of Beauties Chapter 1639 News From Youhuang Chapter 1640 Jialan Monarchs Death Chapter 1641 Suspicion Chapter 1642 Not Qin Wentian? Chapter 1643 Taotie Mine Chapter 1644 Mystical Ancient Mountain Chapter 1645 Difference In Opinion Regarding The Dao Chapter 1646 Someone In The Sword Abyss Chapter 1647 Fighting An Empyrean Chapter 1648 Comprehended Chapter 1649 Nearing The Truth Chapter 1650 The Palace Lords Decision Chapter 1651 Do You Know Your Crime? Chapter 1652 Acting Against Yin Qiu Chapter 1653 Each Having Their Own Schemes Chapter 1654 A Storm Is Coming Chapter 1655 Arrival Chapter 1656 Head On Opposition Chapter 1657 One Betrayal After Another Chapter 1658 The Victor Shall Be The King Chapter 1659 The Situation Is Already Set? Chapter 1660 Direct Clash Chapter 1661 Lifire Clone Chapter 1662 Lifire Empyreans Terror Chapter 1663 The Changed Skies Of The Lifire Palace Chapter 1664 Successor To The Lifire Palace Lords Position Chapter 1665 Who Is The Successor? 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