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Basically, He Yu didn't end class early in get out of class on the weekend, but he was a little anxious today. He closed the computer and quickly unplugged the projector, carrying his bag and hurried out.

A student asked curiously: "Are you doing something today?"

In fact, it was quite obvious. He Yu taught them modeling classes for several sessions, basically wearing a hat. At first, some people wondered if she had shaved her head.

I used to be slow, but I always look at my mobile phone in class today.

Most of the students are gossiping, and when they are waiting for the elevator, they come up and ask, "Mr. He, you are so beautiful today."

This is a bit reluctant. The monkey spirit He Yu has been teaching for almost a year. How can she not know what virtues, she laughed, "You are also beautiful."

This kind of plastic exaggeration obviously can't mention He Yu's nature. She pressed the elevator and heard another question: "Yesterday Old Chen said that you have a situation."

There are only a few teachers in the training class that she works on the weekend, most of them are classmates who were in the school before, and they are all very familiar with them.

"Situation? What can I do, but he is going to get married by the end of the year, right?"

He Yu broke a news unkindly, and the students were shocked.

She watched the elevator reach the first floor with satisfaction, and a group of people rushed away.

She has something to do today. She has to have a meal at 11:30. The hotel is 40 minutes away from the training class by car. Now 10:30 is enough.

But she didn't expect the road conditions to change, and it was blocked for half an hour, waiting until the hotel entrance had already opened.

There were several calls from Shen You, and He Yu said that you reserved a place for me anyway, what's the matter with it.

Today is not to attend the wedding, said to participate in this kid's full moon.

Shen Yougan was married for two years and gave birth to a big fat boy this year. He harassed a group of people in the WeChat group, clamoring that full moon wine must come.

Others don't need to come, you He Yu and Liu Ci, you must come.


Because neither of these two have attended Shen Yougan's wedding.

He Yu had a project that year, and something went wrong with outsourcing. Finally, she went up on her own and did it day and night. Of course, she didn't catch up with Shen Yougan's wedding, because the project was in a hurry to make a movie, and there was not much time left.

Another point is that she didn't want to see Liu Ci, and felt embarrassed.

But I didn't expect Liu Ci to go.

She doesn't know if Liu Ci will come to her today. The person is also busy, but she is busy. The great writer, now the most popular TV series and Internet drama IP are her most famous, and there are also hot serials of new books. There are still many people in He Yu's class who are fans of Liu Ci. Occasionally, children call her at a party, and she still admires her when she mentions it. Although the draft is delayed, although it is not updated every day, the plot is too powerful and so on.

He Yu didn't say a word at this time, and he sighed that things are impermanent.

That gray-headed nerd back then was a great writer.

He Yu parked his car in the basement and arrived at the hotel venue, and Shen Youqian greeted him.

Shen Yougan has been like a day for ten years. Since he was a teenager, he has repeatedly failed in body management, but now he is a cheerful uncle. Fortunately, his temperament is fairly clear and he has nothing to do with greasiness.

"Brother, what the **** are you doing? Didn't you say you are late for a class in the morning?"

He Yu stuffed the red envelope into Shen Yougan's hand, "Come on, stop nagging, congratulations on being a father."

Shen Yougan accepted the red envelope and said, "You are welcome."

He Yu: "Then don't accept it."

The two of them knew each other well, and they were able to make a joke, and they just went in with jokes and jokes.

The table he arranged for He Yu was quite a lot of familiar faces, basically all of the same people back then.

He Yu found that there were two vacant seats. She picked one and sat down. Next to him was a woman in a pink dress. After looking at He Yu for a few times, she cautiously yelled, "Sister Yu."

He Yu tilted his head and felt that his eyes were a bit familiar. In addition to the kind of selfies he had seen in Moments, he also had other familiar eyes.

Nei Shuang, kind of a bit picky.

"Liu Yu?"

Shen Yougan poured a drink for He Yu, "I don't drink while driving. I don't drink alcohol."

He Yu glanced at him, "Otherwise?"

Shen You sighed, "Why is your attitude so bad?"

He Yu didn't bother to pay attention to him. He felt that this stutter would not stammer when he grew up, or his mouth was cheap. Shen You didn't want to talk with her, so he went on stage to preside over.

The reason why the man who became the father told the world was to show his son's photos on the big screen, full moon photos, and art photos.

But He Yu was not interested. The children were all the same. At first they were monkeys and then dumplings. How could this beauties and ugliness look like this full screen of lotus root festival.

This kind of occasion is also chatting with people. He Yu was always talking a lot. Since childhood, he didn't know how many times he had been punished to stand for talking in class, and he could talk a few words if he was not familiar with it.

Liu Yu is three years younger than her, got married last year, and now works in a cultural center.

"Where is your sister?"

The relationship between He Yu and Liu Ci is extraordinary, but it is limited to the group of old acquaintances in Yanxinglong Lane. Since the accident, the neighbors in the neighbourhood have also been separated from each other, and it is difficult to get together.

How alienated a lot of relationships are, even after careful recall, I can't remember the specific nodes.

It was so slowly that the people who used to be inseparable were taken apart, and finally they became like friends in the circle of friends. After all, I haven't seen them in seven or eight years.

"She seems to have gone to science and technology, and said that she is coming, but she probably won't be able to keep up."

Liu Yu loves to laugh very much. Compared with the dead face of Liu Ci, He Yu has always found Liu Yu to be a little more pleasing and sweeter. He calls his sister when he sees it, and then laughs out a pair of dimples. .

Liu Ci is born with a mismatch with the word laugh. It may also be that the facial nerves are not the same as others. Normal laughter is a bit difficult. In some situations, it is necessary to sell a laugh, so you can pull out the laughter and not laugh.

Occasionally, He Yu brushed Weibo and saw others count the top ten commercial writers. Eight out of ten were men, and only two were the second.

One is Liu Ci, the other is Chilian.

Because the debut time is similar, although the direction of specialization is different, it does not affect others to compare the two together.

Liu Ci is not good at writing emotional lines, her specialty is supernatural suspense, and there are very few female protagonists, and her first point of view is male.

Chi Lian is a complete romance writer. It's not wrong to change her book into an idol drama hit. They are obviously in different fields. I don't know why they are always compared together.

Chi Lian's family is in good condition and she looks good, but sometimes the only female pillar of the platform party at the end of the year did not communicate, but it made people taste unusual.

It is rumored that Liu Ci and Chi Lian have emotional disputes, and it seems that Chi Lians current boyfriend is Liu Cis ex-boyfriend.

Of course, this is what He Yu listened to the students. She has no interest in asking the people at the center of such gossip who are her old acquaintances.

Even a little bit distracted. After all, Liu Ci is indifferent and ruthless, and seeing her having emotional disputes with others is nothing short of thunder.

She has lived as a Shi Guanyin since she was a child, and she did not show too much shyness of girls throughout her teenage years. Of course, it is not that no boys have liked her, but what is going on, He Yu is still unclear after so many years. .


He Yu took a sip of coconut milk, "She's too busy."

Liu Yu hasn't seen He Yu for many years. They are all in the same city. I don't know why I can't touch them. I forgot how to add it on WeChat. It's been a few years.

He Yu doesn't post to Moments, but she is very diligent when she likes, and she will be satisfied immediately if she wants to like.

"How about the younger two in your family?" The question was about the youngest twins in the Liu family.

"I just went to university, the school next door is pretty good."

Liu Yu smiled. The children in Liu's family have inner double eyes, very similar eyes. He Yu looked and looked again, as if to recall his small hair.

Liu Ci also doesn't like the circle of friends. If He Yu is the new year's change, she will be the half-year change, and the post is work-related.

You can send it if you don't.

I havent seen him for too many years. He Yus understanding of Liu Ci still comes from the Internet. Occasionally, which drama is broadcast, there will be interviews. As the original author of the hottest, Liu Ci will attend, and the same glasses at the bottom of the wine bottle will be taken off. Wearing invisible, the slightly raised inner pair is exposed, and people with myopia are always easy to squint, squinting from time to time, like a cat.

"That's good."

He Yu yawned. Her hair is not long, and the front is fine, but the part that hangs down to her neck is uneven, but looking messy, she is very energetic and contradictory.

She chatted with Liu Yu, and the dishes were served twice. Liu Ci answered the phone and called to her sister.

He Yu's chopsticks paused and then picked up the vegetables casually.

Liu Yu stood up, "My sister is here."

There were twelve people at a table, and one seat was still available. He Yu realized that he seemed to be sitting in Liu Ci's seat.

It didn't take long for Liu Yu to come with Liu Ci.

He Yu pretended to raise his eyes carelessly, but just met Liu Ci's eyes. It was clear that the other party was no longer wearing the small glasses under the wine bottle back then, but He Yu felt that the person was still the same. Wearing an off-white shirt, there is a light pink embroidery pattern in the pocket, a black pleated skirt, and pointed shoes.

"Come on, old friend."

He Yu pulled the stool next to it out, patted it, and said to Liu Ci.

Liu Yu didn't notice the undercurrent surging between her sister and He Yu, but she was quite moved.

After all, He Yu and Liu Ci from Yanxinglong Alley were inseparable back then. Everyone knew that He Yu was missing and was looking for Liu Ci. Liu Ci followed He Yu wherever he went. Liu Yu naturally couldn't get together because they were a few years old, so they could only lie down at the window to watch He Yu ride Liu Ci to school, Shen Yougan followed behind and shouted He Yu you slow down.

Her sister speaks few words, and has always been a silent person.

Only standing with He Yu, Liu Ci seemed alive.

Just like now, there was still some cold Liu Ci just now, and when he saw He Yu, he obviously twitched the corners of his mouth.

I haven't seen it for too many years. She tried her best to put on a decent smile. It was obvious that she had practiced very well these years, but at this time it seemed to be back in the past.

He Yu looked at the person sitting next to him, and naturally poured coconut juice on him. It took half a cup before he remembered, "You didn't drive by yourself, right?"

Liu Ci said, "The assistant sent me here."

Her voice was not as brisk as He Yu, but rather low.

He Yu said, "Then this cup belongs to me, you drink the bar."

Liu Ci glanced at her, looked at He Yu's short hair with some personality, looked at her raised sideburns, looked at the rings on her ears, looked at the shiny ear diamonds on her ear bones, and said.

The cup of coconut milk poured back into He Yu's cup.

Liu Ci watched the wine rush into the glass, she seemed to only hear the noise in the noisy scene.

Unlike He Yu, this is the first time she has seen each other in many years. There is no intermediate buffer in the photo, like the girl who was still a little young and fast-forwarded and turned into the present look.

With a full glass of wine, the willow side hesitated to speak again and again, and He Yu smiled at Liu Ci.

With a big smile, he said, "Can you?"

This sentence was provocative and a little naive, Liu Ci nodded and gave another hum.

This scene is a bit familiar, like that year, that month, that day, that afternoon.

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