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Note: Please read at least ten chapters before deciding whether or not this novel is worth continuing.----------[When realities overlap, will you be able to distinguish lies from truth?]A 14 year old boy who had suffered from harsh bullying all his life had been looking forward to high school. He saw it as a shining ray of hope, a way to escape from his past - a form of salvation. For years, he endured. For years, he suffered. All so that one day, he could break free from the chains of his past. That day was today - the day he would enter high school.Or at least, it was supposed to be.By a wicked twist of fate, his middle school schoolmates all happened to enroll in the exact same high school as him. He had tried to escape - to desperately free himself from their claws. But alas, he could not defeat the omnipotent entity known as fate.The bullying continued. It was just a repeat of middle school all over again. And so, the boy thought.He thought...if he couldn't escape from his old schoolmates...why not escape from this world altogether?[Welcome to Ascension: Online. Welcome, to a new reality.]This is the story of a victim turned assailant. Prey turned hunter. Weak turned strong.But perhaps, he may have gotten a bit more than he asked for...----------Discord server: TBADonate to support the author: https://paypal.me/cyclxne97----------Webnovel 2021 Spirity Awards Spring Contest Entry. Please support!----------Cover is not mine, I just added a glitch effect to it and some text. DM me on Discord for removal (Cyclxne#3415).

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