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Beams of sunlight shone through the mottled shade, tiny dust particles seemed illusory and unreal under the rays of the sun, adding touches of immortality in the vast forest.

Gu Mengmeng stood in a pool of water and stared at the man a step away from her.

He looked down in a condescending manner, like a deity. His black and lush hair casually fell on his back like inky clouds, resulting in an unique appeal.

Underneath the dashing eyebrows lay a pair of petal-shaped eyes, filled with an amorousness that would trap anyone senseless. An aquiline nose and red lips of moderate thickness showing a dazzling smile, although faintly, made Gu Mengmeng lose her mind, completely forgetting her current situation.

With a blank mind, she could only stretch one hand out to touch this elf-like man instinctively.

This was, perhaps, what was said to be blinded by looks.

The man looked at the small hand Gu Mengmeng stretched out to him and frowned faintly, not for anything else, but just a little angry at her lack of vigilance.

If the person that came was not him, would she also be standing in the water, dressing in some strange yet so provocative clothing and stretching out her smooth, white arm unguardedly like what was happening now? Just the thought of the possibility of other beasts looking at her in this state angered him inexplicably.

The anger came bizarrely and he did not even know what happened to him. But before he could react, he had already pulled the wet female out of the pool and into his arms.

She was so tiny that he could wrap around her in one arm. After holding her in his hand, it felt as though she was weightless.

According to legend, this lake belonged to one of the Five Elements, the messengers of the Beast Deity that was born every year would emerge in one of the Five Elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth randomly. It was said that the date of arrival of the new term of messenger was near, could it be her? But she was still so tiny, like a virgin

Would the Beast Deity send an underage female as a messenger?

While the man was lost in his thoughts, so was Gu Mengmeng in hers.

This man was so unbelievably handsome, a hundred times more handsome that the Prince Charming senior in the swimming club of her school.

Swimming club? Prince Charming senior?!

Thinking of that, Gu Mengmeng regained her composure immediately! Her body shot up and she started to glance around.

Oh my god!

She was clearly in the swimming complex practicing swimming while finding opportunities to run into Prince Charming senior, how did she end up here in just a change of breath?! The towering ancient trees here definitely did not resemble the swimming complex in school!

Realizing the unusualness of the little girl in his arms, the man tightened his grips and forced the girl that was still glancing around to notice him. If her clear and innocent eyes were not looking at him, he would feel very uncomfortable.

Gu Mengmeng turned and stared at the handsome man just inches away. Her hand was on her lap but she hesitated.

This must be a dream, she should be able to wake up once she pinches her thighs.

Once she woke up, this handsome man would definitely be gone, but if she did not, would she drown in the swimming pool?

Gu Mengmeng fell into a tough struggle between beauty and her life.

In the end, beauty won.

Gu Mengmeng grinned widely, took the initiative to put her small hands around the man’s neck and rested her head on it, before rubbing a few times to experience the skin texture of the handsome man. She found a comfortable angle and heaved a sigh of relief, said,

“Anyway, it is just a dream, it doesn’t hurt to be a little more uncouth.”

Man: “”

Gu Mengmeng raised her head in all seriousness and looked at the man in front of her closely. Like a lascivious landlord, she squinted her eyes and said, “For you, I am taking the risk of getting drowned. So A kiss would surely be acceptable?”

Man: “?!”

Gu Mengmeng noticed the man’s obvious look of refusal and smacked her lips. Putting her small hands on his cheeks with a snapping sound, she moved closer like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey and pecked him on the red lips.

Although he could have easily avoided her with his skills, he was unable to react in time and could only watch her tease him. He would have thrown her out and punished her ferociously like his usual bad-tempered self, but just looking at her slightly taunting and witty appearance, he felt an itchiness in his chest, as though it was being scratched by a cat. The feeling was very strange, like something was uncontrollably hitting his ribs aggressively, wanting to break out from his chest. Was this a sign of danger? But damn this feeling of liking it.

Vilely, Gu Mengmeng watched as the tip of his ear turned pink and the devil deep down in her heart felt great satisfaction. Holding back the strong urge to laugh, she patted the man’s shoulders and said, “Someone as handsome as you is unlawful itself. So, even if I kissed you, I would not be responsible.”

Man: “!”

Was he being teased by someone before getting ditched now?! What was he supposed to say during situations like this? Never had hie encountered scenarios like this before!

Having her little interest satisfied, Gu Mengmeng was delighted. Although the senior from the swimming club could not be considered as a Prince Charming compared to the man in front of her now, she still had to wake up. If she did not wake up now, she might not be able to wake up in the future.

So in all regrets, Gu Mengmeng waved her paws at the man that had just been molested by her and still did not recover from the shock. Silently composing a soundtrack for herself, she acted like a natural prodigal and amorously said, “Meeting me is your greatest misfortune. Forget about me and continue on with your happy life. Bye~”

Upon finishing, Gu Mengmeng pinched her inner thigh real hard.

“Hiss”It hurts!

Hurts?! Why would it hurt?!

With tears in her eyes, Gu Mengmeng looked at the part on her thigh that had turned purple from the pinching and her brain stopped functioning again

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Chapter 567 Weep Weep Weep Mengmeng Im So Scared Chapter 568 Mengmengs Heart Is Leaning Towards Us Chapter 569 To Not Admit That One Has Received A Benefit Is The Most Disgusting Thing Ever Chapter 570 Are You Still Not Going To Fawn Upon The Emperor Chapter 571 Felt Both Depressed And Refreshed At The Same Time Chapter 572 Not Wearing Your Underwear Chapter 573 Ill Take You Away Chapter 574 As Long As You Explain To Me Ill Believe You. Chapter 575 You Still Have Logic After Being So Weak? Chapter 576 I Knew It Youre A Masochis Chapter 577 He Represents The Rules In The Beast World. Chapter 578 Was This A Silent Consent? Chapter 579 Distance Makes Ones Heart Grow Fonder And Haste Does Not Always Bring Success. Chapter 580 Do You Mind Being A Cougar? Chapter 581 I Wont Accept Any Reasons You Give For Not Loving Me. Chapter 582 Mengmeng I Can Still Accompany You For Another 10 Years. Chapter 583 Ellies Appearance Chapter 584 Dont Be Afraid Mommy Is Here To Save You Chapter 585 The Evolution Chapter 586 Dreamland? Beast Deity. Chapter 587 Do You Know What It Is Like To Fall In Love With Yourself? Chapter 588 Protection Mark Chapter 589 I Aged A Thousand Years Overnight Chapter 590 Why Would I Fear The Consequences Of The Mere Mating Contract? Chapter 591 Just You Wait Chapter 592 Ill Give My Mother Face And Not Haggle Over This With You Chapter 593 Congratulations Chapter 594 Lea Lets Mate. Chapter 595 : I Do Not Want To Regret Anymore Chapter 596 So Its Nice That It Wasnt A Dream Chapter 597 To Save Chixuan I Have To Find Cole Chapter 598 Ill Protect You Forever. Chapter 599 No Matter How Ugly You Are I Still Like You. Chapter 600 Snake I Like You. Chapter 601 Its Nice Meeting You For The First Time My Daughter. Chapter 602 Are You Being Sarcastic Towards My Stupidity? Chapter 603 I Didnt Lose You Even Until Death Chapter 604 Could Not Bear For Her To Suffer Chapter 605 What Damn Deity Are You? Chapter 606 Here My Fing Ass Chapter 607 Youre Really Slogging Your Hearts Out Chapter 608 Wrong Move Wrong Move Chapter 609 Is Your Heart Aching For Me Because You Cant Bear To Watch Me Work So Hard? Chapter 610 Shes Forcing Herself To Put On A Brave Front Chapter 611 You Lost Your Favor? Chapter 612 Who Can Force Me If Im Unwilling? Chapter 613 I Overheard You Speaking Just Now Chapter 614 Chixuans Tiny Wish Chapter 615 Are You Both Planning To Tear Sauder Apart? Chapter 616 He Said His Name Was Yoo Sijin Chapter 617 He Was Just A Conman What Is There To See? Chapter 618 Sorry Ah Yeon Im Late Chapter 619 Im Here To Look For Ah Yeon Not To Fight Chapter 620 Ha Theres Nowhere To Run Now Chapter 621 Beauty Trap? Chapter 622 Ashamed Of His Appearance Chapter 623 My Name Is Burke Chapter 624 Yo Great Minds Think Alike Chapter 625 One In A Million Chapter 626 My Female Should Be Dotted On Like That. Chapter 627 Water Will Enter Your Brain. Chapter 628 So Please Leave Stop Annoying Me. Chapter 629 Im Scared Ill Miss The Time When You Need Me Chapter 630 Day 14 Sunny. Chapter 631 Dont They Like The Esoterica? Ill Give Them The Esoterica Chapter 632 If We Dont Chapter 633 Better An Open Enemy Than A False Friend An Open Foe May Prove A Curse But A Fake Friend Is Even Worse. Chapter 634 Im Just Scared Of Your Affection Subsiding As My Beauty Withers Away Because You Wont Like Me Anymore After I Become Ugly. Chapter 635 You Dont Have To Understand Just Follow Her Instructions. Chapter 636 I Like You. Chapter 637 Are You Not Leaving With Me? Chapter 638 Im Not Dead Yet. Chapter 639 As Compared To You My Pain Doesnt Deserve To Be Mentioned. Chapter 640 Setting Off Back To Saint Nazaire Chapter 641 Just Let Her Do Whatever She Wants Chapter 642 Mum Do You Want To Consider Taking In A Few Partners Whose Brains Are Functioning Well? Chapter 643 Normal People Can Never Win A Lunatic. Chapter 644 Masochists Lunatics Chapter 645 Damn It Weve Been Surrounded. Chapter 646 Kanwu Is Missing Chapter 647 The Thing I Regret The Most In My Life Chapter 648 A Land Of Wailing And Despair Chapter 649 I Dreamed That You Died Chapter 650 Do You Want A Hug? Chapter 651 Educating Our Son Chapter 652 Hey Will You Teach Me? Chapter 653 This Is Not Gratitude Its A Reward. Chapter 654 Play It Along Chapter 655 If It Is You I Will Accept Anything Chapter 656 You Cant Get Envious Over This Kind Of Matter. Chapter 657 You Dont Earn A Living With Your Face But With Your Cheap Actions Chapter 658 Kanwu Apprenticing A Master Chapter 659 Jialue Battling Lea Chapter 660 Ill Repay What I Owe. Chapter 661 A Revolutions Coming Chapter 662 Go There And Lie Down Straight Chapter 663 She Cares For Him Now. Chapter 664 I Dont Know Whether To Say This Chapter 665 I Left My First Time For You Chapter 666 A Child Whos Blessed By The Beast Deity Chapter 667 Irreplaceable But Destructible Chapter 668 I Know How Selfish I Am. Chapter 669 Suffering A Double Loss Chapter 670 What If He Ruins You With His Stare? Chapter 671 Ill Only Acknowledge The Master I Chose. Chapter 672 Arent I Your Hero? Chapter 673 Mother In Law Is Crying Chapter 674 Guard Against Fire Thieves And Bosom Friends Chapter 675 He Thrilled In The Torment Not The Killing Chapter 676 Lea Daddy Are We Playing Bondage Games Today? Chapter 677 What Should I Do? I Am Also At My Wits End. Chapter 678 Gu Mengmeng Invites Burke Chapter 679 Lea Loses Control Chapter 680 Dont Worry That Wont Happen. Chapter 681 He Is A Wolf A Pure Wolf. Chapter 682 Kanwus Mistake Chapter 683 Battle Debriefing Chapter 684 You Know Your Males Are Crazy Chapter 685 If Mengmeng Likes It I Can Accept It. Chapter 686 We Have Come To Fetch Her Home For Dinner Chapter 687 You Cant Even Tell Me A White Lie Now? Chapter 688 The Last Time Chapter 689 : I Am Gradually Losing Control Of Myself Chapter 690 Your Gentleness Just Makes Me Greedier Chapter 691 Hold Her Tightly Hold Tight Chapter 692 Xiao Meng I Love You. Chapter 693 I Might Need To Do Something Which Will Make You Sad Chapter 694 Are You Abandoning Me? Chapter 695 I Will Never Abandon You Chapter 696 Killing You Is Such A Small Matter I Can Do It Personally Chapter 697 I Gave You Your Chance Chapter 698 I Just Dont Want To Dirty My Hubbys Hands. Chapter 699 He Came Up With The Idea I Am Just The Muscle. Chapter 700 Can You Come Over To Let Me Hug You? Chapter 701 The Jealousy You Cause Makes Me Feel Very Blessed. Chapter 702 Are You Trying To Murder Your Lover? Chapter 703 I Believe My Mengmeng Will Bring Me Joy. Chapter 704 I Didnt I Really Didnt Chapter 705 I Regret It Now It Is Too Horrifying. Chapter 706 Personally Giving Rise To A Demon Fiend In The Beast World Chapter 707 Finally Home Chapter 708 Why Did You Not Want To Get Promoted? Chapter 709 The Master Of The Tribe Wants To Be A Tattletale? Chapter 710 I Heard That Bear Paws Are Very Delicious Chapter 711 Hugging My Female When I Am Not Around? Chapter 712 Is That How You Trick Your Father? Chapter 713 Dear Have You Taken Your Medicine Today? Chapter 714 In The End Its Because You Are Too Alluring Chapter 715 What Solution? What Conditions? Chapter 716 Cleanse Your Eyes Chapter 717 He Can Be Even More Vicious Than Me Just To Keep You By His Side. Chapter 718 Chapter 719 You Two Are Using Me As A Marriage Bait? Chapter 720 Everyone Has Their Own Dreams. Chapter 721 Chapter 722 Chapter 723 Chapter 724 Chapter 725 Chapter 726 Chapter 727 Chapter 728 Chapter 729 Chapter 730 Chapter 731 Chapter 732 Chapter 733 Chapter 734 Chapter 735 Chapter 736 Chapter 737 Chapter 738 Chapter 739 Chapter 740 Chapter 741 Chapter 742 Chapter 743 Chapter 744 Chapter 745 Chapter 746 Chapter 747 Chapter 748 Chapter 749 Chapter 750 Chapter 751 Chapter 752 Chapter 753 Chapter 754 Chapter 755 Chapter 756 Chapter 757 Chapter 758 Chapter 759 Chapter 760 Chapter 761 Chapter 762 Chapter 763 Chapter 764 Chapter 765 Chapter 766 Chapter 767 Chapter 768 Chapter 769 Chapter 770 Chapter 771 Chapter 772 Chapter 773 Chapter 774 Chapter 775 Chapter 776 Chapter 777 Chapter 778 Chapter 779 Chapter 780 Chapter 781 Chapter 782 Chapter 783 Chapter 784 Chapter 785 Chapter 786 Chapter 787 Chapter 788 Chapter 789 Chapter 790 Chapter 791 Chapter 792 Chapter 793 Chapter 794 Chapter 795 Chapter 796 Chapter 797 Chapter 798 Chapter 799 Chapter 800 Chapter 801 Chapter 802 Chapter 803 Chapter 804 Chapter 805 Chapter 806 Chapter 807 Chapter 808 Chapter 809 Chapter 810 Chapter 811 Chapter 812 Chapter 813 Chapter 814 Chapter 815 Chapter 816 Chapter 817 Chapter 818 I Will Cry If You Dare To Shrug Me Off. Chapter 819 It Is My Own Fault That I Cant Make You Like Me I Dont Blame You. Chapter 820 I Knew You Cant Bear To Let Me Fall Chapter 821 He Was Smiling At Her Mischief Chapter 822 No One Is Allowed To Touch My Hubby Again Chapter 823 Touching Someone Else In Front Of Me? Do You Think I Am Dead? Chapter 824 Mother In Law Misunderstands Chapter 825 If Only There Could Really Be If Only Chapter 826 If Torturing Him Would Make Her Happy Please Torture Him Then. Chapter 827 Doing Some Unmentionable Things Chapter 828 Dont Worry I Am Deaf. Chapter 829 If You Dont Want Me You Should Just Kill Me. Chapter 830 Didnt Even Get The Chance To Beg For Mercy Chapter 831 Chapter 832 Chapter 833 Chapter 834 Chapter 835 Chapter 836 Chapter 837 Chapter 838 Chapter 839 Chapter 840 Chapter 841 Chapter 842 Chapter 843 Chapter 844 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 845 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 846 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 847 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 848 We Have Always Been Different People Chapter 849 Chapter 850 Chapter 851 Chapter 852 Chapter 853 Chapter 854 Chapter 855 Chapter 856 Chapter 857 Chapter 858 Chapter 859 Chapter 860 Chapter 861 Chapter 862 Chapter 863 Chapter 864 Chapter 865 Chapter 866 Chapter 867 Chapter 868 Chapter 869 Chapter 870 Chapter 871 Chapter 872 Chapter 873 Chapter 874 Chapter 875 Chapter 876 Chapter 877 Chapter 878 Chapter 879 Chapter 880 Chapter 881 Chapter 882 Chapter 883 Chapter 884 Chapter 885 Chapter 886 Chapter 887 Chapter 888 Chapter 889 Chapter 890 Chapter 891 Chapter 892 Chapter 893 Chapter 894 Chapter 895 Chapter 896 Chapter 897 Chapter 898 Chapter 899 Chapter 900 Chapter 901 Chapter 902 Chapter 903 Chapter 904 Chapter 905 Chapter 906 Chapter 907 Chapter 908 Chapter 909 Chapter 910 Chapter 911 Chapter 912 Chapter 913 Chapter 914 Chapter 915 Chapter 916 Chapter 917 Chapter 918 Chapter 919 Chapter 920 Chapter 921 Chapter 922 Chapter 923 Chapter 924 Chapter 925 Chapter 926 Chapter 927 Chapter 928 Chapter 929 Chapter 930 Chapter 931 You Butchered An Entire Tribe? Chapter 932 What Can You Offer In Return? Chapter 933 A Gamble Chapter 934 You Are Really Not Afraid Of Blasphemy Against The Beast Deity. Chapter 935 Seizing Things By Force Is My Way Chapter 936 Those Who Truly Wish To Help You Will Find Any Direction Convenient Chapter 937 Personally Create A Hell For Her Chapter 938 Am I Not Even Worth A Piece Of Fruit? Chapter 939 Shamelessly Self Righteous Chapter 940 We Are No Fools And Will Not Provoke Crazy People. Chapter 941 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 942 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 943 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 944 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 945 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 946 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 947 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 948 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 949 : Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 950 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 951 How Are They Different? Chapter 952 Evolution Chapter 953 What Would Happen To Me? Chapter 954 Ultra Level Super Training Chapter 955 Good Boys Call Them Uncles Chapter 956 My Hubby Looks So Handsome When He Is Jealous Chapter 957 The Most Powerful Local Boss Chapter 958 The Laws Of Zacharias Chapter 959 Calm Down Little Shit Chapter 960 No Such Need Shes Not My Type. Chapter 961 I Will Tell You If You Can Defeat Me. Chapter 962 Should We Destroy Them? Chapter 963 You Can Die In Peace Chapter 964 Zacharias Three Conditions Chapter 965 Miss I Dont Deal In Human Trafficking. Chapter 966 How Can I Give You My Own Male? Chapter 967 Are You Giving That Spot Over Your Heart To Him? Chapter 968 My Heart Aches So Badly. Chapter 969 Entering The White Mist Chapter 970 Peters Peculiar Vibe Chapter 971 She Was Sleeping With A 16 Year Old Teenage Wolf Chapter 972 Blood Red Vines Chapter 973 I Want To Save My Men Chapter 974 Mengmeng Dont Be Afraid I Am Here. Chapter 975 It Is My Fault For Failing To Protect You. Chapter 976 Why Didnt You Flee Then? Chapter 977 Aiyo Little Shit You Didnt Die Chapter 978 Did Your Father Give You Some Extra Pocket Money? Chapter 979 No One Can Stop A Fool From Seeking Death Chapter 980 You Finally Have Some Awareness On How To Behave Like A Female Chapter 981 Soul Of The Forest Chapter 982 Do You Intend To Accept That Fish? Chapter 983 Normal People Would Never Understand A Crazy Mans World Chapter 984 A Little Trick? Chapter 985 You Are Filthy Chapter 986 Seeking Revenge Chapter 987 What He Wanted Was To Destroy The Happiness Of Others. Gu Mengmeng Was Being Trapped On Both Sides By Cole. S Chapter 988 Chixuan Has Died? Chapter 989 In Exchange For You Chapter 990 Chixuan Gets Promoted Chapter 991 Ah Gu Are You Inviting Me To Come Along? Chapter 992 The Mark Has Changed Chapter 993 She Wanted To Snatch Chixuan Back Chapter 994 Who Will Protect You? Chapter 995 If My Female Needs To Cry She Can Only Cry In My Arms Chapter 996 My Son Is Such A Warm And Considerate Boy Chapter 997 I Am In A Bad Mood Come Placate Me Now Chapter 998 It Felt Good To Be Idolized. Chapter 999 At The Start Of Every Great Love Story There Must Be Someone Playing Punk Chapter 1000 Win Or Lose? Of Course We Won Chapter 1001 He Completely Satisfies All My Notions Of A Hero Chapter 1002 She Was Unwilling. Chapter 1003 From Now On Add Another To The Score Between Cole And Her. Chapter 1004 Please Dont Chapter 1005 I Am A Bad Mother Chapter 1006 Chixuan Awakens Chapter 1007 : Lets Discuss The Terms Chapter 1008 My Ah Gu Has Grown Up Chapter 1009 Mother Did I Forget Something? Chapter 1010 The Feeling Of A Fathers Love Chapter 1011 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1012 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1013 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1014 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1015 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1016 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1017 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1018 Killing Your Sister Because I Love You Chapter 1019 The Absolute Leader That Nobody Could Defy Chapter 1020 Hide It For Her Entire Life Chapter 1021 Plans For Zacharias Chapter 1022 Worried That He Will Be Taken Advantage Of Chapter 1023 Tell Her That Shes Free Chapter 1024 I Will Make Her Agree Chapter 1025 Young And Pretty Females Huh? Chapter 1026 : You Have Grown Up Now Dare To Push Me Huh? Chapter 1027 Now I Cant Live Without You Chapter 1028 Do You Have Violent Tendencies? Chapter 1029 If It Was That Two Brothers Cooperating The Other Rivals In Love Would Have Zero Chance. Chapter 1030 How Could One Reborn Without Nirvana? Chapter 1031 Running A Fever Chapter 1032 I Will Definitely Return This Favor. Chapter 1033 Something Which I Never Dared To Wish For Even In My Dreams Actually Came True. Chapter 1034 Those Television Shows Werent Lying Chapter 1035 Hubby Your Father Is So Cowardly. Chapter 1036 Habit Was A Scary Thing Chapter 1037 Deserter Chapter 1038 I Am Here Overseeing Things What Do You Have To Be Scared Of Chapter 1039 Mother In Law Thinks You Are Cute Chapter 1040 Between Us Is There Still A Need To Say Thank You? Chapter 1041 Turbulent Winds Precede A Raging Storm Chapter 1042 You Should Always Hide Your Weaknesses Behind Your Back Chapter 1043 : Would You Believe Me If I Deny It? Chapter 1044 I Will Be Dead If You Dont Save Me Chapter 1045 The Tables Have Turned Chapter 1046 Who The Heck Is This Bloom? Chapter 1047 I Will Grant Your Wishes As Asked. Chapter 1048 He Asked You To Live On Your Life Chapter 1049 Come At Me If You Dare Chapter 1050 Now Do You Still Think That This Lynx Is Innocent? Chapter 1051 Shouldnt You Express Your Gratitude Towards Me? Chapter 1052 If Youre Not Satisfied Come On And Challenge Me. Chapter 1053 Only I Can Create Trouble For Ah Gu. Chapter 1054 I Dont Like Overly Clever Females Chapter 1055 Theres An Outstanding Ability Called My Mother Is Gu Mengmeng Chapter 1056 Took Away The if Only And Left One Result Behind Chapter 1057 Little Shit Youre Here. Chapter 1058 There Would Not Be Another Daughter In Law Like Her Right? Chapter 1059 My Rule Is Not Allowing My Sons To Suffer Losses Chapter 1060 Im Scared To See Her Smile At Me I Can Neither Possess Her Nor Can I Forget Her Chapter 1061 Ha Female Are You Looking Down On Me? Chapter 1062 Female Your Nickname Is fake. Chapter 1063 I Treat You As My Opponent But You Want To Become My Little Father Chapter 1064 Elvis You Dont Have A Conscience Chapter 1065 No Way Dont Mention This Again. Chapter 1066 Greed Was Mans Basic Nature Chapter 1067 Lea Do You Not Love Me Anymore? Chapter 1068 No Kindness Or Evilness Is Involved Theres Only You. Chapter 1069 When Youre By My Side I Never Envy Anyone Before Chapter 1070 He Had Just Wanted To Steal A Kiss Chapter 1071 You Cannot Hide From Her Forever. Chapter 1072 Should Have Had A Trial Marriage Chapter 1073 I Only Held Back As I Was Afraid You Wont Like It. Chapter 1074 Auretin Was Not Eating? Chapter 1075 Put This Life Of Yours On Tab With Me For The Time Being. Chapter 1076 Those Two Would Never Give The Slightest Bit Of Leeway To Any Male Chapter 1077 An Innocent Man Will Be Targeted Just For Possessing A Valuable Treasure Chapter 1078 It Was Suicide To Snatch Food From A Tigers Mouth. Chapter 1079 The Mouth May Lie But The Body Did Not. Chapter 1080 I Advice You To Yield Chapter 1081 Gu Mengmeng You Are My Elder Chapter 1082 Young Master Chixuan Chapter 1083 I Will Hold You Until You Feel Like Getting Up Chapter 1084 Stop Acting Like You Are An Honest Girl Being Forced Into Prostitution Alright? Chapter 1085 Wilderness Version Of A Washing Machine Chapter 1086 Little Shit You Should Really Lose Some Weight. Chapter 1087 I Want To Return To The Ocean Chapter 1088 Sea Salt Chapter 1089 I Like Your Pettiness Chapter 1090 Are You Really Consenting To Me Mating With Her? Chapter 1091 Gu Mengmeng Was More Benevolent Than Him Segment 2 Chapter 1092 If Youve Any Drama You Want To Act Out Please Do So Quickly Chapter 1093 Who Do You Want To Punch? When Are We Going? Chapter 1094 You Finally Believed That I Love You Chapter 1095 Touching The Lotus In The Pond Chapter 1096 Im Leaving. Chapter 1097 Gu Mengmeng Pestering Lea For Children Chapter 1098 Lets Not Do It Then Chapter 1099 The Bottom Line That Cannot Be Crossed Chapter 1100 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1101 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1102 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1103 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1104 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1105 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1106 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1107 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1108 Dont Be A Coward Just Give Birth Chapter 1109 I Hid Something From You Guys Chapter 1110 Dont Give Birth Were Not Giving Birth Chapter 1111 Bring Me Along Or Kill Me. Chapter 1112 The Simplest Solution Is For You To Not Get Pregnant Again. Chapter 1113 They Had Stopped Seeking Trouble But Trouble Continued To Plague Them. Chapter 1114 I Have Never Known Him To Be Soft Spoken When Speaking Against Me Chapter 1115 Never Knew This Bird Had Another Side To Him. Chapter 1116 Good Girl Let Me Stick Close To You For A Bit. Chapter 1117 You Will Have To Find A Male From The Bird Tribe To Be Your Partner Then Chapter 1118 Gu Mengmeng Refused To Accept It Chapter 1119 This Stance Something Deviant Was In The Air Chapter 1120 Male Vultures Were So Handsome That Even Lea Was Worried Chapter 1121 A Demoness Easily Seduced By Lust Chapter 1122 Joshua Seeks A Meeting Chapter 1123 Joining Saint Nazaire As A Witch Doctor Chapter 1124 Leas Test Chapter 1125 I Have Masochistic Tendencies And Only For You. Chapter 1126 Domestic Violence Is A No No Chapter 1127 The Forgotten Maya Chapter 1128 Her Fox Was So Cunning But She Liked It. Chapter 1129 : A White Lotus Among Skanks Chapter 1130 An Overly Dramatic Actress Beside Me Chapter 1131 Teasing Mandy Chapter 1132 I Like You Of Course I Like You Chapter 1133 Gu Lectures On Swindling Again Chapter 1134 I Will Have To Dispute This To The End Chapter 1135 My Mengmeng Is The Best Chapter 1136 Gentlemen This Is As Far As I Can Help You Guys. Chapter 1137 Ostracizing Maya Chapter 1138 Let Her Experience The Wrath Of The16 Valued Females Chapter 1139 There Is No Smoke In A Womans Battlefield Chapter 1140 You Think You Are So Great Just Because You Can Fly? Chapter 1141 First Experience Of Drinking Chapter 1142 Call Me Daddy Chapter 1143 Story Of Two Drunkards Chapter 1144 I Could Taste Him Chapter 1145 Romantically Flattering Chapter 1146 Who Was On Top And Who Was Below Chapter 1147 Abusing Me After Taking Advantage Of Me Chapter 1148 I Must Be Crazy To Shout At You. Chapter 1149 Forget Everything Chapter 1150 How Are You Going To Make It Up For Me Hmm? Chapter 1151 I Like You. Chapter 1152 All Ambiguity Broke Into Pieces On The Floor Chapter 1153 The Son Of Heaven Called Him To Come But He Refused To Get On The Ship And Claims To Be An Chapter 1154 Blasphemy Against The Deities Chapter 1155 : Which One Do You Want First? Chapter 1156 I Want To Become Someone Thats Compatible With You. Chapter 1157 The Female Beauty Pageant Chapter 1158 Mayas Pregnant Chapter 1159 Why Are You Acting Indecently In Broad Daylight? Chapter 1160 Eat Me Up? Arent You Scared Your Teeth Might Be Chipped Off? Chapter 1161 I Can Only Please You When I Am Good Looking. Chapter 1162 Im A Female Why Do I Need To Become Prettier? Chapter 1163 Extreme Urgency Desire Excitement. Chapter 1164 After Not Seeing You For A While I Missed You Like Crazy Chapter 1165 Now I Want To Kiss You. Chapter 1166 Psychotic Eccentric Auntie Chapter 1167 Why Do I Feel So Shamelessly Detestable? Chapter 1168 Nothing Can Be Done Chapter 1169 Infuriated Beast Kings Enhanced Deitys Punishment Scales Chapter 1170 Battle Of Wits Between Two Foxes Chapter 1171 You Are My Master Chapter 1172 Who Is The Guide? Chapter 1173 Just A Little Envious Of Him Chapter 1174 Darkness Under Light Chapter 1175 Bi An Chapter 1176 Started With Admiration Ended At Stove Chapter 1177 An Utter Scumbag Chapter 1178 Visiting Son In Laws Chapter 1179 Testing Chixuans Attitude Chapter 1180 Can I Bring My Hubby Back? Chapter 1181 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1182 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1183 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1184 : Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1185 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1186 Chapter 1186 Chapter 1187 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1188 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1189 Old Friends Chapter 1190 Heard That You Were Going To Leave Me Behind And Go Have Fun On Your Own? Chapter 1191 A Cold Blooded Animal Like You Talking To Me About Conscience? Chapter 1192 Is There Anything In This World I Cant Do? Chapter 1193 At The Very Least They Wont Kill Each Other Chapter 1194 When Are You All Coming Back From This Trip? Chapter 1195 Give Me A Kiss And It Wont Hurt Anymore. Chapter 1196 How Do You Plan To Punish Me? Chapter 1197 Youre Finally Awake Chapter 1198 I Was Giving Him A Friendly Smile. Chapter 1199 Mengmeng Youre So Mean. Chapter 1200 Picnic In The Desert Chapter 1201 Bi An Was A Name That Could Not Be Mentioned Here Chapter 1202 Just Like His Father Chapter 1203 She Had Sent Me Here To Find You Chapter 1204 Did She Encounter A Psychopath? Chapter 1205 There Will Be Meat For Us If We Follow Uncle Bi An. Chapter 1206 They Will Soon Find Out Whose Food Are They. Chapter 1207 One Either Takes The Role Of A Hunter Or A Prey Here. Chapter 1208 : Hey Are You Lonely? Chapter 1209 Became A Demon In All The Slaughtering Chapter 1210 His Thousand Years Was A Holocaust Called Awaiting Chapter 1211 Weve Reached The Date Of Return Bi An Is Here. Chapter 1212 Not Leaving A Tint Of Dirt In The Beast World Chapter 1213 I Will Allow Anyone To Cut Open My Heart Other Than You? Chapter 1214 Gu Twomeng Im Scared Of You. Chapter 1215 : Did I Kill Someone? Chapter 1216 I Cant Do Without You You Have To Stay With Me Chapter 1217 Birth Of The Wolf King Chapter 1218 We Are Finally Like A Normal Clan Chapter 1219 Kill Me If You Want Eat Me If You Want Chapter 1220 Its Rare For Little Xuan To Be Filial Chapter 1221 I Heard That You Care A Lot About Me Seems Like Its True Chapter 1222 You Cannot Beat Me Because You Are Not Ruthless Enough Chapter 1223 Let Me Do Those Dirty Tasks Chapter 1224 How Do You Intend To Thank Me? Chapter 1225 : I Dont Like People Threatening My Mother Chapter 1226 I Miss You So Much Chapter 1227 Lord Wolf King Is Not To Be Provoked Chapter 1228 I Like The Way You Call Me To Your Side Chapter 1229 Gu Mengmeng I Have Something To Discuss With You. Chapter 1230 Sandys Marriage Of Alliance Chapter 1231 I Am Already Having Wild Thoughts. Chapter 1232 : Scumbag? Non Existent. Chapter 1233 A Mothers Worth Depends On Her Daughter Chapter 1234 Daji Chapter 1235 Hedes Child Wife Chapter 1236 Youre Not Allowed To Carry Her Home. Chapter 1237 Kiara Chapter 1238 You Can Play With These Two Daughter In Laws First Chapter 1239 Let Jialue Blow A Black Whistle For You Chapter 1240 Who Do You Want The Winner To Be? Chapter 1241 Two Heads Are Better Than One Chapter 1242 Who Would Dare To Force The Two Sons Of The Beast King To Be Partnered? Chapter 1243 Do They Intend To Mate Sandy To Death? Chapter 1244 : It Is My Honor To Be Scolded By You Chapter 1245 Your Smile Is So Scary I Must Have Done Something Wrong. Chapter 1246 She Was Backed By The Messenger Of The Beast Deity Herself Gu Mengmeng Chapter 1247 I Really Feel Very Upset. Chapter 1248 The Great Messenger Herself Will Personally Train You You Should Feel Grateful Chapter 1249 Lea You Need To Quickly Get Promoted. Chapter 1250 A Small Matter Like Dying Just Leave It To A Beast Pet Like Me. Chapter 1251 A Late Night Chat Chapter 1252 Visitor With Ill Intentions Chapter 1253 A Bird Has Come Chapter 1254 Gregory The Vulture Chapter 1255 You Are Unable To Ascend The Motou Mountain Range Chapter 1256 What Better Time Than Now To Bank On The Name Of Her Father? Chapter 1257 Who Was Going To Cry? Humph Chapter 1258 He Is Just A Bird Beast How Could He Not Like You? Chapter 1259 There Will Come A Day When You Will Beg Me For A Favor. Chapter 1260 That Young Chap Jialue Is Very Capable Chapter 1261 Are You Two Trying To Make Me Die From Laughter So That You Can Take Over My Legacy Chapter 1262 : Dont Do Anything That Will Make Xiao Mengs Imagination Run Wild Chapter 1263 Who Dares To Snatch My Hubby I Will Destroy Him Chapter 1264 Lea Go Think Of A Solution Chapter 1265 Young Master Asked Us To Deliver These Grapes Chapter 1266 The Two Faces Of Gu Mengmeng Chapter 1267 He Would Never See Her Again After 10 More Days Chapter 1268 Nine More Days Chapter 1269 Eight Days Left Chapter 1270 Destined To Be Lonely For An Entire Lifetime Chapter 1271 Con A Wife Back Home Chapter 1272 Mengmengs In Danger Chapter 1273 Countdown: Six Days Left Chapter 1274 Cleaning Up The Portal Chapter 1275 Ill Take Responsibility Chapter 1276 The Damn Bird Who Dont Know Chalk From Cheese Chapter 1277 Envy Jealousy And A Desire To Go Crazy. Chapter 1278 After Experiencing Warmth He Would Naturally Fear Cold Chapter 1279 First Meeting With Father In Law Chapter 1280 Love At First Sight Faithful For Life Chapter 1281 Father Have You Gone Mad? Chapter 1282 : I Will Break Your Leg If You Dare Plead For Him Chapter 1283 You Know? What Do You Know Chapter 1284 Let Me Suffer The Pain For You For Once Chapter 1285 Just Bear With It. Chapter 1286 Practical Lesson In Childbirth Chapter 1287 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1288 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1289 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1290 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1291 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1292 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1293 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1294 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1295 She Still Yearned For Family Relations Chapter 1296 You Killed A Prominent Figure Chapter 1297 Trick Me Again Like This And I Will Kill You. Chapter 1298 You Have Learned How To Bully Snakes Chapter 1299 Grateful That You Are Able To Come Back Chapter 1300 Liberating Him Chapter 1301 Farewell Gift Chapter 1302 : Little Shit Dont Upset The Harmony Within My Family Chapter 1303 My Little Shit Is So Reliable Chapter 1304 Old Bachelor Falls In Love With Some Female Chapter 1305 Ghost Marriage With Wang Xiaoxin? Chapter 1306 You Must Fly Very Far To Catch A Melotti Chapter 1307 Too Heavy A Burden. Chapter 1308 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Chapter 1309 Kanwu Level Up Chapter 1310 : I Seized The Stray Beasts Camp Chapter 1311 A Self Invited Guest Chapter 1312 Miranda Chapter 1313 Luckily You Believe Me Chapter 1314 Why Did They Call You Ah Ya? Chapter 1315 : You Once Liked Her? Chapter 1316 I Have Been Maintaining My Virginity For You Chapter 1317 The Reason I Am Afraid Of Being Abandoned By You Chapter 1318 I Will Only Treat You Nicely Chapter 1319 Being The Slut Yet Still Keeping A Pure Image Chapter 1320 So Long As It Did Not Trouble You I Do Not Care About Others Chapter 1321 Because She Is Shameless Chapter 1322 As The Rightful Daughter It Was Her Privilege To Rely On Her Fathers Name To Oppress Others Chapter 1323 I Have A Certain Eccentricity Chapter 1324 Surrogate Pregnancykeep The Child And Kill The Mother. Chapter 1325 Didnt Cole Tell You I Have A Bad Temper? Chapter 1326 : Is It Such An Unpardonable Crime To Like You? Chapter 1327 I Was Too Greedy. Chapter 1328 : It Feels Great To Pretend To Be Snakes Stepfather Chapter 1329 Cool Guys Dont Look At Explosions Chapter 1330 We Are So Getting Drunk Tonight Chapter 1331 Fill It Up For Me Chapter 1332 Gu Mengmeng Gets Drunk Chapter 1333 That Little Bitch Wabei Chapter 1334 A Guardian Within The Winds And Snow Chapter 1335 Going Into Heat Collectively Chapter 1336 There Is No Such Thing As Loyalty In Snow Foxes Chapter 1337 Elvis Gets Affected Chapter 1338 Gregory To The Rescue Chapter 1339 On Gregorys Back Chapter 1340 Its No Feat Dont Mention It Chapter 1341 I Dont Eat My Partner Chapter 1342 Its Easy To Be Indebted But Difficult To Repay Chapter 1343 Love Of The Sky Chapter 1344 Non Disturbance Is Also A Form Of Gentleness Chapter 1345 A Sudden Fall Out Chapter 1346 Its A Disgrace To Act Cute But Very Effective Chapter 1347 Just Cant Rid Ourselves Of That Evil Guy Chapter 1348 Forcing Ones Way With The Threat Of Suicide Chapter 1349 How Heartless Are You? Chapter 1350 Your Indulgence Will Lead To Her Eventual Downfall Chapter 1351 You Are A Little Liar Chapter 1352 : So Painful That I Dont Want To Live Anymore But Am Unable To Die. Chapter 1353 Looks Like I Guessed Right Chapter 1354 No Lack Of Wings Over Here Chapter 1355 Sorry Thank You. Chapter 1356 Its All Your Rotten Idea Chapter 1357 Ah Gu Welcome Back Chapter 1358 Congratulations On Becoming The Beast King Chapter 1359 Ninth Brothers Idea Matches My Thoughts Chapter 1360 I Have Been Waiting For You All Along Chapter 1361 Why Did He Not Agree? Chapter 1362 Disgusting Why Am I Part Of The Snow Fox Clan? Chapter 1363 I Am Not Afraid Of Pain And Death But I Am Afraid Of Losing You Chapter 1364 - Join Me In My Tyranny Chapter 1365 - My Eyes Are Going Blind Chapter 1366 - You Really Spout A Lot Of Bullshit Chapter 1367 - Seducing My Man In Front Of Me? Chapter 1368 - Cole, Kneel Down Chapter 1369 - Go On, Continue Weaving Your Lies Chapter 1370 - I Will Be The Scapegoat Chapter 1371 - And If I Refuse To Leave Chapter 1372 - Luring Cole Into Their Trap Chapter 1373 - What In The World Are Those Little Rascals Planning To Do? Chapter 1374 - The Ten Greatest Punishments Of The Qing Dynasty Chapter 1375 - Sending Miranda Away Chapter 1376 - Endless Good Fortune In Love Chapter 1377 - Mum, Were Back. Chapter 1378 - : Do You Hope That Ill Win Or Lose? Chapter 1379 - Because I Am Immune To Punches Chapter 1380 - Mother Is Gone In A Blink Of An Eye! Chapter 1381 - Coles Real Motive Chapter 1382 - Key of the Beast King Chapter 1383 Chixuan Knows Everything Chapter 1384 Im Afraid Of Being Killed By Partners After Saying It Chapter 1385 Id Rather Disappoint Others Than Let Others Disappoint Me. Chapter 1386 Record This Score Down We Shall Settle It Later On Chapter 1387 Chaos During The Offering Chapter 1388 Isolate The Snow Fox Clan Chapter 1389 Marriage Union Of 16 Tribes And Wolf Clan Chapter 1390 None Of The Birds Are Good Things Chapter 1391 You Are My Mother And Not Some Great Messenger. Chapter 1392 : Just Stay At Home And Be Our Mother. Chapter 1393 You Want Me To Sell Myself? Chapter 1394 The Snow Fox Tribe Finds An Alternative Way To Save Themselves Chapter 1395 An Old Affair Cannot Compete With A New Love A First Love Is Not As Good As A Long Term Companion Chapter 1396 : Impossible I Already Made It Very Clear. Chapter 1397 What? Are You Feeling Regretful? Chapter 1398 I Wont Stop You From Getting New Partners In Future Chapter 1399 : You Two Want To Have An Affair And Hook Up With My Bosom Friend? Chapter 1400 What If One Day You Got Tired Of Me Chapter 1401 I Cant Bear To Chapter 1402 I Have Nowhere To Go If I Leave You Chapter 1403 Spare Me Chapter 1404 I Wont Stop Until You Get Pregnant Alright? Chapter 1405 How Dare You I Will Never Forgive You Chapter 1406 : Number One Terrible Friend Sandy Chapter 1407 You Alone Is Enough Chapter 1408 Despite Her Best Efforts She Forgot About Sandy Chapter 1409 He Can Count Himself Lucky Chapter 1410 Serves You Right For Dying Due To Your Incapability Chapter 1411 Refuse A Toast To Drink A Forfeit Chapter 1412 Help Your Female To Sleep Chapter 1413 While Xiao Meng Is Asleep Do Something For Me. Chapter 1414 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1415 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1416 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1417 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1418 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1419 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1420 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1421 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1422 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1423 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1424 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1425 Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me Chapter 1426 Daddy Why Are You Making Things Difficult For Your Daughter. Chapter 1427 He Is Not My Man Chapter 1428 I Feel Like I Have Defiled A Decent Lady Chapter 1429 Wouldnt She Be Harming Him Chapter 1430 : Take A Risk Chapter 1431 I Am Unwilling To See You Suffer Not At All. Chapter 1432 Even You Want To Rule Earth? Chapter 1433 Even If You Want To Harm Someone It Wont Be Him Chapter 1434 Who Are You Calling Fake? Chapter 1435 Its All My Fault For Putting My Precious Mengmeng In A Spot.