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Introduction Beauty And The Bodyguard

Raws -  When an S-class elite, assassin-raised captain of a special ops suicide squad comes home from a high-stakes Africa mission, he finds himself offered something that could potentially set him up for life- a curious assignment that he could use to finally exit his days of war and slaughter.Then placed into a high-school setting, Lin Yi is tasked by the chairman of a top-tier multi-billion company with bodyguard duty for non-other than his own daughter, a certain little Miss of said high-school.His enemies, once ranging from drug lords, mafia bosses, political figures, and national leaders, are soon replaced with spoiled kids who happen to have rich papas and mamas, and Lin Yi finds his intense expertise and high-threat skillset misused and very underwhelmed...But he does get a harem cast as diverse as his old enemies, so Lin Yi decides that, for the sake of messing around with girls as an invincible entity in a down-leveled environment, leaving his bloody and death-filled war days behind is something he'd definitely want to strive for. Original Synopsis:An assassin of legend returns to the cities, fueled with a new calling and a higher purpose- to hit on girls and protect the school beauty!"I'm her bodyguard, so don't get too close... I wouldn't want the Miss getting jealous again." Please Note:It starts off a bit slow, but it's a nice different read- the beauty and the bodyguard don't meet until a couple of chapters in, so keep that in mind! It starts picking up at like chapter eleven and gets really good starting around chapter twenty, I promise. Alhough, if you're looking for Xianxia stuff that's not gonna happen anytime soon... It's mentioned at chapter twelve but you'll need to get to somewhere around the hundred chapter mark for that aspect to start coming into focus.Enjoy :D Take a look here if you're interested in supporting me and the novel ;)bab glossarybab patreonbab votings

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