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One day, spatial rifts suddenly opened in space, and Earth was dotted with the entrance to other worlds. Through the rifts, magic power surged inside Earth, which led to the expansion of the world's land and the evolution of all races, along came a great advancement in technology.Humans started exploring boundless space, venturing into the stars with their spaceships for greater energy sources, forming alliances with different races, and colonizing numerous planets. Along the way, they further explored the evolution paths for their race. However, one day, the inevitable happened.Humans and Demi-Humans met their Arch Enemies, the Darkin!A war spanning multiple worlds and dozens of races began!Vincent is a young orphan born without special powers in a world where those with ability are privileged. However, he still trains in the new world's profession and his family's martial arts to grow strong, hoping to one day fulfill his dreams of ending the war and bringing peace to the world. A treasure with unthinkable uses gives him a chance to change his fate, but first, he must prove himself worthy of the name "Sangue!"With the mysterious treasure of his family, how far will he rise? Will his hopes for ending the war ever become a reality?

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