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Introduction Business Tycoon Vs. Drama Queen Star

[Black-bellied business boss vs. actress][High sweet giant pet, unmistakable, double clean 1v1]Luo Tiantian died to save Bai Yueguang, but when she woke up she traveled to the spoof novels of her girlfriends.The original body was plasticized into his own appearance by a good friend, replacing his identity, taking everything away, and being tortured for more than ten years.In order to avoid a miserable end, Luo Tiantian hugged the thigh of the biggest boss in the book.When she became popular overnight, the Internet was full of curses.She said that she had plastic surgery, played a big name, brought money into the group and had no acting skills, and was supported by the gold master…Before Luo Tiantian could respond, the heroine’s dog-licking men suddenly changed their style of painting.President Brother: “The Luo Family is her backer, Miss Luo Family does not need a sponsor.”Luo Tiantian black face: “Go away, don’t touch me.”The second brother of forensic medicine: “I guarantee with the personality of a forensic doctor that my sister is naturally beautiful and has absolutely no plastic surgery.”Luo Tiantian mocked: “Who are you?”Actor hero: “Tian Tian, you are my fiancee, how can you live with other men?”Luo Tiantian looked at the mentally retarded face: “You deserve it too?”…After returning home, Luo Tiantian became cute in a second.The boss looked at Luo Tiantian with a smile, “Orphan?”Luo Tiantian nodded her head innocently, “Yes, the dead father and mother die and the whole family, now I am the only one left.”The big man raised his eyebrows: “Fiance?”Luo Tiantian shook her head quickly, “No, no, no, this is definitely a rumor, I only have you in my heart.”…From then on, the thigh boss suddenly transformed into a spoiled wife.He looked at her affectionately, and said affectionately, “Children, you are highly poisonous and also an antidote.”- Description from MTL

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