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The powerful turbulent flow of four elements came and went fast and fiercely.

In less than half a minute, all the turbulent flows of elements had disappeared. As a result, Zhang Tie and the other elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace reappeared in the sky above the camp of Dragon Teeth Army. They were still surrounded by the rigorous Dragon Teeth Army. However, Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu had already disappeared.

Zhang Tie advanced to the ground at once.

Just now, Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu drilled into the ground just right below the viewing platform. However, there was not any hole on the ground at all.

The other elders also landed beside Zhang Tie as they gazed at the earth with complex looks. Long Jiu Tian was infuriated as he fiercely punched at the ground, causing a huge pit.

“What method did Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu use just now?” Zhang Tie asked the other elders in a muffled voice.

“They were previously earth-level rarities of Earth-Treasures Department of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Shi Zhongyu’s sword is called Heavenly-Separation Sword while Xia Yangming’s item is Earth-River Vehicle…”

“I’ve never heard about that?”

“Because the two items have already lost in an accident over 7 decades ago!” Luo Yunshang watched the pit with deep fury and unwillingness. The other elders also revealed complex expressions.

“Can you make it clear?”

“The two rarities were gained by the former Dragon Emperor from the Mountain Ruins. Previously, the two items were collected in Dragon Emperor’s Pavilion. Later on, as the former Dragon Emperor didn’t come back for so many years and the two rarities were too eye-catching, elders determined to transfer the two rarities into a secret warehouse of Earth-Treasures Department through discussion for the sake of safety. A team of immortal generals was especially responsible for guarding them. Commoners could barely touch them. However, 7 decades ago, Earth-Treasures Department had an accident. The two rarities were stolen away. Besides, all the 60-odd immortal generals who were responsible for guarding the two rarities were killed…”

“Ah? That’s a big accident. But why I haven’t heard about it in Heavenly Square City?” Zhang Tie asked with a frown.

“This event was a big shame for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. We all knew that the two rarities were robbed away. However, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace had almost collapsed. For the sake of the fame of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, we kept this accident a secret. We could only investigate it secretly in vain. Over these years, we especially paid attention to the two rarities; however, we never saw anyone use them. We even thought that they had fallen in the hands of demons. Unimaginably, it was Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu who robbed them. It seems that the two people have long got evil intents and ambitions…”

“What’re the features of Heavenly-Separation Sword and Earth-River Vehicle?”

“Heavenly-Separation Sword is very powerful and sharp. Within 100,000 m, it could easily tear human-level outfits and one’s protective battle qi. It’s known as the conqueror of human-level outfits and protective battle qi. When the former Dragon Emperor gained Heavenly-Separation Sword, he barely used it because of its strong lethality. Earth-River Vehicle is used to travel into the ground. As long as it’s started, it would be able to traverse freely into the ground even faster than common immortal generals in metal wings. If you don’t block it before it enters the ground, even immortal emperors couldn’t catch up with it. Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu might have already traveled tens of thousands of meters into the ground by Earth-River Vehicle…”

‘As long as it enters into the ground, the ground would be the best shield. Also, high-level immortal generals could fly in the sky, nobody could fly into the ground. Even I could only travel a short distance inside the ground by some means. But I could never match the golden secret item.’

Zhang Tie nodded as he listened to Luo Yunshang’s explanation. After that, he took a look at the deep scar on his mace as he felt terrified of Shi Zhongyu’s strike using Heavenly-Separation Sword. “Now that Heavenly-Separation Sword is so powerful, why didn’t Shi Zhongyu kill all of us using it?”

“Although Heavenly-Separation Sword is powerful, it requires enormous battle qi to drive it. The former Dragon Emperor said that even supreme-level immortal generals could barely use it for a long period of time. Average fire immortal generals could barely brandish Heavenly-Separation Sword for 4-5 times. The Grand Dragon Emperor said Heavenly-Separation Sword was suitable for assassination. Instead of being used on the battlefield, it was more suitable for sneak attacks. On many occasions, people who used it should kill their enemy instantly before escaping away…”

“What about Earth-River Vehicle? How to drive it?”

“Earth-River Vehicle should also be driven by battle qi. But it doesn’t need too much battle qi. As long as the driver’s battle qi is not exhausted, he would be able to travel into the ground by Earth-River Vehicle constantly. Given Xia Yangming’s battle strength, he could at least travel for a few days by Earth-River Vehicle, during which period, he could even leave the territory of Dragon Emperor’s Big Domain or lurk somewhere or directly stay underground…”

After checking out the backgrounds of the two rarities, Zhang Tie instantly made a decision as he told those elders, “Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu betrayed Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. They even killed the immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for the two rarities. Their sins should never be forgiven. We should never let them go. Now that the two people have already exposed their real identities, they must have henchmen in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. During this period, elders, please go back to Dragon Emperor City and clean up the two people’s henchmen in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace so as to stabilize the overall situation facing Dragon Emperor Big Domain in case of other conspiracies of the two people. You could determine everything about Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace through discussion!”

“Ah, where are you going, Your Majesty?”

“Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu have already exposed their real identities. As they’re crystal clear about Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, if not eliminate them, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace would never be peaceful. Therefore… thank you so much…”

After exchanging a glance with each other, those elders bowed towards Zhang Tie together, saying, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty, we swear to take care of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for you…”

Zhang Tie nodded silently. Closely after that, he flew towards northwest after passing the large battle formation of Dragon Teeth Army.

Seeing Zhang Tie off, all the elders thought Zhang Tie was looking for the “old man” to deal with Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu. Therefore, they all became reassured. Then, they rushed in the sky at the same time and returned to Dragon Emperor City to clean up the henchmen of Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu…

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Chapter 790: A Nightmare Chapter 791: The Changes Chapter 792: A Disaster Across The Blackson Humans Corridor Chapter 793: Conference Chapter 794: A Confidential Task Chapter 795: The Smell Of Doomsday Chapter 796: The Unspoken Words Chapter 797: Breaking Through Kalay Mountain Range Chapter 798: Secondary Mutation Chapter 799: Leave And Return Chapter 800: The Reappearance Of Gorath Chapter 801: Being Trapped Once Again Chapter 802: A Fatal Strike Chapter 803: Showing All The Trump Cards Chapter 804: The Reversal Chapter 805: Goraths Shield Chapter 806: Prelude To Extermination Chapter 807: A New Strategy Chapter 808: The Capital City Of Sacred Iceland Kingdom Chapter 809: Preparation And Shock Chapter 810: Returning To Taixia Country Chapter 811: Bounty Hunters Chapter 812: The Notorious Alchemist Demon Chapter 813: Arriving At Youzhou Province Chapter 814: A Reunion Chapter 815: An Enchanting Night Chapter 816: Mothers Disease Chapter 817: A Grand Show Chapter 818: Killing Time Chapter 819: Call Up Chapter 820: The Conference Chapter 821: Creating A New Battle Skill Chapter 822: The Traveller Chapter 823: An Encounter By The Riverside Chapter 824: Count Long Wind Chapter 825: Why Not Replace Him? Chapter 826: Preparation For The Competition Chapter 827: A Shock Before The Battle Chapter 828: The Arrival Of Knights Chapter 829: Rules And Start Chapter 830: The Lion In Youzhou Province I Chapter 831: The Lion In Youzhou Province Ii Chapter 832: The Lion In Youzhou Province Iii Chapter 833: The Lion In Youzhou Province Iv Chapter 834: The Lion In Youzhou Province V Chapter 835: The Lion In Youzhou Province Vi Chapter 836: The Lion In Youzhou Province Vii Chapter 837: The Lion In Youzhou Province Viii Chapter 838: The Lion In Youzhou Province Ix Chapter 839: The Lion In Youzhou Province X Chapter 840: The Lion In Youzhou Province Xi Chapter 841: The Lion In Youzhou Province Xii Chapter 842: The First Clan In Youzhou Province Chapter 843: The Dean Of Supreme Court In Youzhou Province Chapter 844: Leaving Youzhou City Chapter 845: A Solemn Reception Chapter 846: Rapid Development Chapter 847: Purchasing Land Chapter 848: Reunion Of The Hit Plane Brotherhood Chapter 849: Current Situation Facing Hit Plane Brotherhood Chapter 850: Laying A Foundation In Youzhou Province Chapter 851: Ceaseless Troubles Chapter 852: On The Way Chapter 853: Reason Chapter 854: Theft Chapter 855: Jia Farmland Chapter 856: Treading As If On Thin Ice Chapter 857: The Far Ancient Immortal Moral Stele Chapter 858: Another Form Of Counter Attack Chapter 859: The Heavens Reaching Church Chapter 860: A Back Thrust Chapter 861: The Master Artisan Chapter 862: Another Breakthrough Chapter 863: Making Trouble Chapter 864: Washing Hands In The Gold Basin Chapter 865: Trampling The Old Dchebag To Death Chapter 866: Defeating The Heavens Reaching Church Chapter 867: The Second Arrival Of Commander Cheng Chapter 868: A Soldier Crossing The River Chapter 869: Bidding A Farewell Chapter 870: Mental Obstacle Chapter 871: Just Do It Chapter 872: Making A Compromise Chapter 874: Gayas Believer Chapter 875: A New Start Chapter 876: A Quarrel Chapter 877: Locking The Targets Chapter 878: Making An Arrangement In Whitesand Gulf Chapter 879: Excessive Chapter 880: Settling Down Chapter 881: Family Strategy I Chapter 882: Family Strategy Ii Chapter 883: Re Entering Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 884: New Fruits Chapter 885: Master Artisan Chapter 886: Arriving At Yingzhou Province Chapter 887: An Uninvited Guest Chapter 888: Breaking Off The Engagement Chapter 889: The Vengeance Of Gentleman Chapter 890: The Grim Monster Chapter 891: The Crisis Chapter 892: Being Lunatic Chapter 893: The Reappearance Of Zhao Yuan Chapter 894: Happiness And Misfortune Depend On Each Other Chapter 895: Returning To Fuhai City Chapter 896: Everything Is Like A Boat With A Short Canopy Chapter 897: Returning Home Chapter 898: Being Frank And Honest Chapter 899: Breaking The Mental Obstacle Chapter 900: At The Foot Of Coiling Dragon Mountain Chapter 901: The New Identity Of Zhang Tie Chapter 902: Zhang Ties New Plan Chapter 903: Arriving At Force Province Chapter 904: What Rolling Thunders Chapter 905: Arriving At The Earth Elements Realm Chapter 906: Receiving Another Crystal Plate Chapter 907: Zhang Ties Counter Attack Chapter 908: The Inscription On The Gravestone Of The Despicableexcerpt 1 Chapter 909: The Inscription On The Gravestone Of The Despicableexcerpt 2 Chapter 910: The Inscription On The Gravestone Of The Despicableexcerpt 3 Chapter 911: Leaving The Knights Tower Chapter 912: The First Abyss Chapter 913: Anus Boom Chapter 914: Partners Chapter 915: Samsara Chapter 916: The Power Of An Emperor Level Secret Method Chapter 917: Meeting Pandora Once Again Chapter 918: Familiar Strangers Chapter 919: Alluring Secret Items Chapter 920: Mountain Lifting Hermit Chapter 921: Becoming A Celestial Being Chapter 922: Golden Lotus Flowers Over The Magma Lake Chapter 923: Sects And Team Members Chapter 924: Encountering Demon Knights Chapter 925: A Destructive Strike Chapter 926: Being Extremely Awkward And Sincerest Chapter 927: The Demon Baron Chapter 928: An Accidental Encounter Chapter 929: The Hurricane In The First Abyss Chapter 930: An Emergency Chapter 931: The Crisis Chapter 932: A Mysterious Island Chapter 933: The Hieron Ruins Chapter 934: As A Lion Like A Dragon Chapter 935: A Bloody Battle In The Lobby Chapter 936: Womans Heart Chapter 937: Crossing The Lobby Of The Hieron Chapter 938: An Uninvited Guest Chapter 939: The Weapons Mountain Chapter 940: Pearls Of Silver Secret Items Chapter 941: A Weird Cloud Of Mist Chapter 942: An Aggressive Male Knight Of Tianlu Palace Chapter 943: The Conflict Chapter 944: A Condition Chapter 945: Breaking The Gate Of The Hieron Chapter 946: Enticing The Lions Off The Top Of The Main Peak Chapter 947: Making A Choice Chapter 948: The Wrestle Between Zhang Tie And The Demon Baron Chapter 949: An Unexpected Scene Chapter 950: Life Or Death Crisis Chapter 951: A Kid Before A Giant Chapter 952: Spare The Rat To Save The Dish Chapter 953: Divine Dominator Chapter 954: What A Righteous Man Chapter 955: An Insurmountable Mountain Chapter 956: The Tragedy Of The Demon Baron Chapter 957: You Cannot Die Chapter 958: The Discovery Chapter 959: Secret Warehouse And Purgatory Chapter 960: Another Trump Card Chapter 961: The Real Knight Chapter 962: Recovery Chapter 963: A Big Surprise Chapter 964: Starting The Bloody Sacrifice Furnace Once Again Chapter 965: You Were That Bear Chapter 966: Zhang Ties Playground Chapter 967: The Saber Quotbattle Wolfquot Chapter 968: Price And Achievements Chapter 969: Promoting To An Earth Knight I Chapter 970: The Raging Tide Chapter 971: Promoting To An Earth Knight Ii Chapter 972: Taking Full Advange Of The Demon Baron Chapter 973: Leaving The Hieron Chapter 974: The Lotus Flower Eyes Chapter 975: Meeting Young Sister Once Again Chapter 976: Partner Chapter 977: Treatment And News Chapter 978: Irresistible Beautys Love Potion Chapter 979: Tiewei Mountain Chapter 980: Reward Chapter 981: All Is Well Chapter 982: Being Well Known In The Black Armor Battlefortress Chapter 983: Lord Guangnans Mansion Chapter 984: Beauties Come And Go Chapter 985: The First Rays Of The Morning In The Cloud Chapter 986: Contact Chapter 987: Martyr Chapter 988: A Chance Encounter Chapter 989: A Barbarous Combat Chapter 990: The Tragedy Of The Shadow Demon Chapter 991: Being Ambitious And Embarrassed Chapter 992: Arousing A Shock Chapter 993: A Profitable Bet Chapter 994: Clarifying His Innocence Chapter 995: Cashing The Reward Chapter 996: Fire Dragon Bounty Territory Chapter 997: A Glimmer Of Dawn Chapter 998: The Reappearance Of Gorath Chapter 999: Iron And Blood Chapter 1000: Saving Liu Xing Chapter 1001: The Backbone Chapter 1002: Demon Suppression General Chapter 1003: The Problems Facing Taixia Country Chapter 1004: Large Battle Formations Chapter 1005: The Most Brutal Battle Chapter 1006: Knocking Out The Black Iron Demon Knight Chapter 1007: I Come I See And I Fight Chapter 1008: 1 Change Earth Knight Realm Chapter 1009: Being Gradually Outstanding Chapter 1010: A Surprise Chapter 1011: A Top Secret Chapter 1012: Returning To Lion Fortress With A Bumper Harvest Chapter 1013: Re Encountering Comrades In Arms Chapter 1014: Re Encountering Comrades In Arms Chapter 1015: A Bright Future And A Good Reputation Chapter 1016: Trouble Chapter 1017: Winning A Bet Chapter 1018: Friends Chapter 1019: My Airboat Chapter 1020: Holding Bones In Gold Coffin For The Name Chapter 1021: A New Variant Chapter 1022: Golden Invitation Card From Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1023: The New Look Of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory I Chapter 1024: The New Look Of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory Ii Chapter 1025: The Lengend Of Black Iron Hero Chapter 1026: Being Always Together Chapter 1027: Being As Boisterous As A Marketplace Chapter 1028: I Have My Own Consideration I Chapter 1029: I Have My Own Consideration Ii Chapter 1030: I Have My Own Consideration Iii Chapter 1031: An Epoch Making Invention Chapter 1032: The Iron Of Iron Dragon Sect I Chapter 1033: The Iron Of Iron Dragon Sect Ii Chapter 1034: Jinwu City Chapter 1035: An Assassination Chapter 1036: Saving His Father Chapter 1037: Concerns And Surprises Chapter 1038: The Tail Of The Culprit Chapter 1039: Reunion Of Brothers Chapter 1040: Drive Tigers To Kill Wolves Chapter 1041: The Mole Chapter 1042: Counterattack Chapter 1043: The Softest Place Chapter 1044: Zhongzhou Provincial Court Chapter 1045: An Earthshaking Case Chapter 1046: A Secret Underground Tunnel Chapter 1047: An Earthshaking Change Chapter 1048: Flames Of War In The Immortal Province I Chapter 1049: Flames Of War In The Immortal Province Ii Chapter 1050: Guests From Neighboring Provinces Chapter 1051: The Background Of Bloody Sea Chapter 1052: A Chance Of Reversal Chapter 1053: An Uninvited Guest Chapter 1054: Shocking Golden Eggs Chapter 1055: A Conflict Chapter 1056: Comparing Notes In The Valley Chapter 1057: Thunder Like Booms Chapter 1058: The Unrivaled Punch Chapter 1059: Im A Great Master Chapter 1060: A Myriad Of Stars Surround The Moon Chapter 1061: Enrolling Apprentices Chapter 1062: The First Apprentice Of Zhang Tie Chapter 1063: Putting In Dragons By Golden Brush Chapter 1064: Putting In Dragons By Golden Brush Chapter 1065: Over One Hundred Apprentices Chapter 1066: Towards Zhongzhou Province Chapter 1067: A Knot Chapter 1068: A Burning Village Chapter 1069: Kill And Save Chapter 1070: Ruins In The Bloody Flames Chapter 1071: An Achievement Chapter 1072: Visit And News Chapter 1073: Outdoor Disciples Chapter 1074: The First Lesson Chapter 1075: Active Dark Forces Chapter 1076: The King Roc Flapped Its Wings Chapter 1077: The Role Of Master Chapter 1078: Bright Enlightenment Sutra Chapter 1079: Marching Towards Pingsha Valley Chapter 1080: Being Frank And Honest Chapter 1081: Being Clear Minded Chapter 1082: The Ghost Region In The Future Chapter 1083: Black Tiger Palace Chapter 1084: The Amazing Ability Of Lotus Flower Eyes Chapter 1085: Goodbye Parent Puppet Worms Chapter 1086: Preaching Secret Skills Through Enlightenment Chapter 1087: Return Of The Thunder Hawk Chapter 1088: I Will Fly Higher Chapter 1089: A Bottleneck Chapter 1090: Old Monster Chapter 1091: Waiting Chapter 1092: Getting Hooked Chapter 1093: Targeting The Culprit Chapter 1094: A Painstaking Investigation Chapter 1095: Malicious Chapter 1096: Berserk Killing Intent Chapter 1097: Iron Punches Chapter 1098: Windfall Chapter 1099: Jumping Off The Running Train Chapter 1100: Insight Chapter 1101: What A Large City Chapter 1102: The Disease Of Uncle Zhong Chapter 1103: The Secret Of Great Wilderness Sect Chapter 1104: Saving People Chapter 1105: Peach Flowers In The Spring Wind Chapter 1106: The Golden Water River Chapter 1107: Average Life Chapter 1108: Working Out A Scheme Chapter 1109: Women Chapter 1110: Losing Life By One Sentence Chapter 1111: The Difference Chapter 1112: The Long Lost Fruit Chapter 1113: Detecting The Emperors Imperial City In The Evening Chapter 1114: The Mist In The Imperial Palace Chapter 1115: Loss And Gain Chapter 1116: Being Leisure Chapter 1117: Two Uninvited Visitors Chapter 1118: An Ally In Taixia Country Chapter 1119: Setting A Trap Chapter 1120: A Trouble Chapter 1121: Seeking For Death Chapter 1122: Meeting Han Clan Once Again Chapter 1123: A Fierce Battle Chapter 1124: Genuine Meeting Of Minds Chapter 1125: Dignity Chapter 1126: Gold And Power Market Chapter 1127: Sincere Friends Chapter 1128: Grand Elder Of Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1129: The Treasures Complex Chapter 1130: Overall Situation And Familiar Ones Chapter 1131: Familiar Ones From Ice And Snow Wilderness Chapter 1132: A Trade Chapter 1133: Knocking At The Door Of Allies Chapter 1134: Returning To Lord Guangnans Manor Chapter 1135: Train Of Thoughts Chapter 1136: Powerful Sacred Light Empire Chapter 1137: Ready For The Fight Chapter 1138: Being Hit By An Apple Chapter 1139: The Father And The Son Of Han Clan Chapter 1140: A Vicious Trick Chapter 1141: Lose At Sunrise But Gain At Sunset Chapter 1142: Detecting Euphonicmusic Lake In The Evening Chapter 1143: Abundant Achievements Chapter 1144: Head Clan Chapter 1145: Immortal Farming Pavilion Chapter 1146: The Business Chapter 1147: Abandoning One Thought Chapter 1148: Folding Wings and Lowering Body Chapter 1149: Hard Work Paying Off Chapter 1150: The 15th Day of This Lunar Month Chapter 1151: Return Of Zhang Tie Chapter 1152: Frank Acceptance Chapter 1153: Making Arrangements Chapter 1154: Silent Battle Flames Chapter 1155: The Major Event was Coming Chapter 1156: A Fatal Plot Chapter 1157: Lighting the Battle Flames in Xuanyuan Hill Chapter 1158 Chapter 1159: Collisons between Powerful Ones Chapter 1160: Great Chaos in Xuanyuan Hill Chapter 1161: Starting Action Chapter 1162: An Ambush Chapter 1163: Arousing a Shock Chapter 1164: Second Kill Chapter 1165: Entering the Emperor's Imperial City Chapter 1166: The Fierce Fight Chapter 1167: Chasing After the Target Chapter 1168: Canglan Palace Chapter 1169: Fighting a Powerful Enemy at Full Efforts (I) Chapter 1170: Fighting a Powerful Enemy at Full Efforts (II) Chapter 1171 Another Secret Skill Of Bloody Soul Temple Chapter 1172 Breaking The Universe Chapter 1173 A New Start Chapter 1174 Old Slave Zhang Gui Chapter 1175 Elements Tunnel Chapter 1176 Spatial Change Chapter 1177 Counting The Booties Chapter 1178 Bloody Soul Sutra Chapter 1179 Skyrocketing Overall Strength Chapter 1180 Opportunity In The Chaos Chapter 1181 Arrangement Chapter 1182 Convergence Chapter 1183 Heading For Youzhou Province Chapter 1184 Welcome Back Chapter 1185 The Return Of Elder Mushen Chapter 1186 Politely Declining Chapter 1187 Foreign Affairs Agency Of Zhang Family Chapter 1188 Returning Home Chapter 1189 Boite Chapter 1190 The Reason Chapter 1191 Home Affairs Chapter 1192 Making A Promise Chapter 1193 Stealing Leisure Time From A Busy Life Chapter 1194 The Start Of Chaos Chapter 1195 The End Of The Leisure Days Chapter 1196 Coming To Embracing Tiger City In Disguise Chapter 1197 The Lunatic Chapter 1198 The Inquiry Chapter 1199 The Fall Of The Dark I Chapter 1200 The Fall Of The Dark Ii Chapter 1201 The Fall Of The Dark Iii Chapter 1202 The Fall Of The Dark Iv Chapter 1203 The Counter Measures Of Huaiyuan Palace Chapter 1204 Whose Choice? Chapter 1205 Rotating Chakra Ceremony Chapter 1206 A Shocking Phenomenon Chapter 1207 Different Thoughts Chapter 1208 The Grand Elder Of Huaiyuan Palace Chapter 1209 Being Dwarfed By Comparison Chapter 1210 The Halos Of Gentleman Chapter 1211 The Plot Of A Plot Chapter 1212 The New Layout I Chapter 1213 The New Layout Ii Chapter 1214 The New Fire Dragon Bounty Territory Chapter 1215 Xuantian Eighteen Mountain Peaks Chapter 1216 A Sharp Weapon Chapter 1217 An Unusual Night Chapter 1218 High Power Alcohol Production Base Chapter 1219 The First Myrmidon Chapter 1220 Fiery Oil Chapter 1221 Air Cavalry Type I Chapter 1222 Belief Chapter 1223 Being On The Right Track Chapter 1224 The Turmoil In Ewentra Archipelago Chapter 1225 Name List Of The Dead Chapter 1226 The Red Gloves Chapter 1227 Judgment Chapter 1228 A Long Rapid Flight Chapter 1229 Chief Pastors Chapter 1230 More Powerful Than A Shadow Knight Chapter 1231 Zhang Tie's Doubt Chapter 1232 The Secret Of The Terrifying Kinetic Energy Chapter 1233 An Attempt Chapter 1234 A New Road Of Cultivation Chapter 1235 The Initial Success Of Kinetic Energy Strike Chapter 1236 In The Name Of Dominator Chapter 1237 The Foodie's Paradise Chapter 1238 Returning To Sacred Iceland Kingdom Chapter 1239 A Reunion Chapter 1240 Chapter 1241 The Joss Of Ancient God Chapter 1242 Only The Great Hero Could Reveal His Original Look Chapter 1243 The Appearance Of A Powerful Enemy Chapter 1244 The Greedy Person Chapter 1245 Starting A Strike Chapter 1246 Camouflage And Idiot Chapter 1247 The Winner Chapter 1248 An Unbearable Load Chapter 1249 Truths And Lies Chapter 1250 Qianji Hermit Chapter 1251 Returning To Taixia Country Chapter 1252 The Great Catastrophe Facing Taixia Country I Chapter 1253 The Great Catastrophe Facing Taixia Country Ii Chapter 1254 A Live Military Drill Chapter 1255 Fiery Oil Incendiary Bomb Chapter 1256 Zhang Tie's Entertainment Chapter 1257 The Most Shameless Old Guy Chapter 1258 The Trump Card Of Fire Dragon Corps Chapter 1259 A Trade Chapter 1260 A Peaceful Family Will Prosper Chapter 1261 Virtuous Domestic Assistants Chapter 1262 Three Countermeasures Chapter 1263 Disruptions Chapter 1264 Brotherhood Chapter 1265 A Gossip In Zhang Mansion Chapter 1266 Separation Of Brothers I Chapter 1267 Separation Of Brothers Ii Chapter 1268 The Border Chapter 1269 The Fall Of The Dark I Chapter 1270 The Fall Of The Dark Ii Chapter 1271 Ice And Flames Chapter 1272 The Return Of Minling Swordsmanship Sect Chapter 1273 Xuanyuan Command Chapter 1274 Gathering Chapter 1275 An Enlightenment Chapter 1276 Gathering Ii Chapter 1277 Gathering Iii Chapter 1278 Strict Military Diciplines Chapter 1279 Arriving At The Base Chapter 1280 Human Heros Chapter 1281 Shoulder Heavy Responsibility Chapter 1282 The First Task Chapter 1283 Going On An Expedition Chapter 1284 Prey Chapter 1285 The First Achievement Chapter 1286 You Should Read More Books Chapter 1287 A Problematic Region Chapter 1288 Tracing Chapter 1289 A Delicate Trap Chapter 1290 Qianji Hermit's Countermeasure Chapter 1291 Being Trapped I Chapter 1292 Being Trapped Ii Chapter 1293 Destroying The Enemy One By One Chapter 1294 Fighting The Shadow Knight Chapter 1295 The Power Of The Emperor Level Sutra Chapter 1296 Aftermath Chapter 1297 The Secret Skill Break Chapter 1298 The Dungeon In Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1299 A Great Return Chapter 1300 A Terrifying Leap In Battle Strength Chapter 1301 Exiting Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1302 Seckill Chapter 1303 An Unrivaled Strike I Chapter 1304 An Unrivaled Strike Ii Chapter 1305 The Crisis Facing Xiangshan City Chapter 1306 The Overall Situation Facing The Theater Of Operations Chapter 1307 Damages And Clearance Chapter 1308 Achievements On The Way Chapter 1309 The City Of Knights Chapter 1310 The Real Defiance Chapter 1311 The Masters And The Apprentices Chapter 1312 Meeting Bai Suxian And Her Family Members Chapter 1313 Six Lords Of Taixia Country Chapter 1314 Conquering Bai Suxian's Family Members Chapter 1315 Fuma Chapter 1316 Being Hostile Openly Chapter 1317 Heavens Reaching Empire Chapter 1318 Weiji General Chapter 1319 A Bet Between Zhang Tie And Feng Cangwu Chapter 1320 Going To His Post Chapter 1321 The Solution Chapter 1322 Making Decisions Chapter 1323 The Principal Task Chapter 1324 Order Of Balancing Awards And Punishments Chapter 1325 Being Confident I Chapter 1326 Being Confident Ii Chapter 1327 Being Confident Iii Chapter 1328 Chapter 1329 Zhang Tie's Fundamental Forces Chapter 1330 The Decisiveness Of Jinwu Business Group Chapter 1331 Zhang Tie's Arrangement Chapter 1332 Ending Up The Secular Affairs Chapter 1333 Heavenly Craftsmanship City Chapter 1334 New Friends Chapter 1335 Road Chapter 1336 Leaving Heavenly Craftsmanship City Chapter 1337 Returning To The Theater Of Operations Chapter 1338 Quick Retribution Chapter 1339 Accidents Chapter 1340 Saving The Beauty Chapter 1341 A Chase In The Wilderness Chapter 1342 An Underground Crystal Cave Chapter 1343 Seeing Another Tower Of Time Chapter 1344 The Male's Frankness Chapter 1345 Bizarre Corpses Chapter 1346 A Dreamland Chapter 1347 Being Busy Chapter 1348 A Hot Kiss Chapter 1349 The Reason Chapter 1350 Just A Dream Chapter 1351 Independent Cultivation Chapter 1352 The Heart Of Stone Chapter 1353 Being Isolated By One Wall Chapter 1354 Smile In Peach Blossoms Chapter 1355 Promoting To Immortal Craftsman Chapter 1356 Exiting The Tower Of Time Chapter 1357 Abyss Dragon Lizard Chapter 1358 The Demeanor Of The Dominating Wife Chapter 1359 Returning To Kangzhou City Chapter 1360 Zhang Family's Heyday I Chapter 1361 Zhang Family's Heyday Ii Chapter 1362 Zhang Family's Heyday Iii Chapter 1363 Meeting Old Friends Chapter 1364 New Weaponry Chapter 1365 Going Back For Reporting On His Work Chapter 1366 A Countermeasure I Chapter 1367 A Countermeasure Ii Chapter 1368 Being A Matchmaker Chapter 1369 Arrival Of Fiery Dragon Corps Chapter 1370 The Large Scale War Chapter 1371 Near Weishui River Chapter 1372 A Rule On The Battlefield Chapter 1373 The Original Intention Of Zhang Tie Chapter 1374 Being The Vanguard Chapter 1375 Sword Singer Shocking The Battlefield Chapter 1376 The Ongoing Battle Chapter 1377 Great Casualties Facing Demons Chapter 1378 Fiery Battle Flames Chapter 1379 Spraying Blood Over The Sky Chapter 1380 Endless Annoyance Chapter 1381 The End Of The First Frontal Battlefield Chapter 1382 Giving No Concession Chapter 1383 Visiting Guo Hongyi Chapter 1384 Being Sentimental Chapter 1385 Making An Inspection Tour Chapter 1386 Giving Tit For Tat Chapter 1387 Being Gifted With A Secret Book Chapter 1388 A New Identity Chapter 1389 Registration Chapter 1390 Conquering No.1 Camp Of Air Cavalries Chapter 1391 The Journey Of Heart Chapter 1392 A Higher Fame Chapter 1393 Unbelievable Chapter 1394 Alarm Chapter 1395 Demons' Vicious Countermeasure Chapter 1396 Being Extremely Brutal Chapter 1397 Assassination Chapter 1398 Succor From Xuanyuan Fortress Chapter 1399 Leaving Air Cavalry Regiment Chapter 1400 Zhang Tie's Return Chapter 1401 Asking For Resignation Chapter 1402 Regaining Freedom Chapter 1403 Being Hot Blooded Chapter 1404 Being Determined Chapter 1405 A 10000 Miles' Rush Chapter 1406 Zhang Tie's Trap Chapter 1407 A Merciless Feast Chapter 1408 The Baptism Of Deity Chapter 1409 The Earth Shaking Birth Of King Roc Chapter 1410 Being A Shadow Knight Chapter 1411 A Shock Chapter 1412 The Fight For Honor Chapter 1413 Killing The Shadow Demon Knight Chapter 1414 What A Rare Chance Chapter 1415 Bloodline Awakening Chapter 1416 Trap After Trap Chapter 1417 Unexpected Booties Chapter 1418 Five Elements Rings Chapter 1419 The Rainbow Chapter 1420 The Bloody Pledge Of The Demon God Chapter 1421 Fighting The Heavenly Demon Knight Chapter 1422 Killing The Heavenly Demon Knight Chapter 1423 A Legend Chapter 1424 So What Even If It Withered Chapter 1425 Waking Up From A Long Dream In The Moonlight And Limpid Stream Chapter 1426 Waking Up Again Chapter 1427 The Current Situation Chapter 1428 A Competition Between Women Chapter 1429 The Surname Xuanyuan Chapter 1430 Crown Prince Changying Chapter 1431 Crown Prince Changying's Hospitality Chapter 1432 In Gradual Recovery Chapter 1433 A Heavy Gift Chapter 1434 Traveling To Peach Mountain Chapter 1435 Old Friends Chapter 1436 The Same Person Chapter 1437 Fates Chapter 1438 Making An Arrangement Chapter 1439 Zhang Tie's Plan Chapter 1440 An Invitation Card For National Banquet Chapter 1441 Arrival Of Zhang Tie's Family Members Chapter 1442 Domestic Affairs Chapter 1443 An Unexpected Trouble Chapter 1444 Counterattack Chapter 1445 The Free Time Of The National Banquet Chapter 1446 The Focus Of The Ball Chapter 1447 End And Start Chapter 1448 Ambassadors' Visit To Qianji Manor Chapter 1449 Fiery Oil Fiery Oil Chapter 1450 Returning Home Chapter 1451 Welcome Back Chapter 1452 Tittle Tattle Chapter 1453 Leaving Fiery Dragon Bounty Territory Chapter 1454 Airport Chapter 1455 Down To Earth Chapter 1456 A Serene Land Chapter 1457 Having Hundreds Of Millions Of Followers Chapter 1458 Bloody Sacrifice Chapter 1459 Surprise And Bitterness Chapter 1460 A Plan Chapter 1461 The Sacred Fruit Chapter 1462 The Consciousness Of Universal Laws Chapter 1463 Another Shock Chapter 1464 A Shocking Experience Chapter 1465 A New Achievement Chapter 1466 A Family Member Chapter 1467 Nostalgia Chapter 1468 In The Old Mansion Of Zhang Family Chapter 1469 The Death Of Zhang Haitian Chapter 1470 Big Terror Chapter 1471 A Multitude Of Guests Chapter 1472 Disposal Chapter 1473 Responsibilities Chapter 1474 Top Glory After Death Chapter 1475 The Arrival Of Senior Sister Apprentices Chapter 1476 End Of The Funeral Ceremony Chapter 1477 A Fatal Trap Chapter 1478 Soul Leave Chapter 1479 Launching The Strike Chapter 1480 The Night Of Blood And Flame Chapter 1481 The Devil In Zhang Taixuan's Heart Chapter 1482 Puzzle Chapter 1483 The Real Intention Chapter 1484 Waiting For The Culprit Chapter 1485 Shocking Youzhou Province Chapter 1486 Whose Trap Chapter 1487 Traps Chapter 1488 Oncoming Chapter 1489 The Cruel Truth Chapter 1490 New Targets Chapter 1491 A Shocking News Chapter 1492 Go Die Chapter 1493 As Lonely As The Ocean Chapter 1494 Returning To Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1495 A Reunion Chapter 1496 The Arrangement Chapter 1497 Sincerity Chapter 1498 Zhang Tie's Answer Chapter 1499 Zhang Tie's Trickery Chapter 1500 Being Troubled Chapter 1501 The Action Chapter 1502 The Couple Chapter 1503 The Late Beauty Chapter 1504 Zhang Tie's Grief Chapter 1505 Zhang Tie's Vengeance Chapter 1506 Zhang Taixuan's True Thought Chapter 1507 Zhang Tie's Decision Chapter 1508 The New Start Of The Two Brothers Chapter 1509 Flying Cloud City Chapter 1510 Living Well Chapter 1511 New Life Chapter 1512 Zhang's Jinwu Palace Chapter 1513 The Middle Character Chapter 1514 Zhang Tie's Ambition Chapter 1515 An Accidental News Chapter 1516 The Powerful Rival Chapter 1517 The Reform Of Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1518 Zhang Tie's Overall Plan Chapter 1519 Imperial Alliance Chapter 1520 Arriving At South Border Chapter 1521 Encountering An Understanding Friend Chapter 1522 Lord Guangnan Chapter 1523 You're The One For Me Chapter 1524 A Piece Of News Chapter 1525 Fairy Vassal Chapter 1526 Dongtian Chapter 1527 An Encounter On The Way Chapter 1528 The Perilous Land Chapter 1529 The Entry Chapter 1530 An Urgent Situation Chapter 1531 Be Forthright Chapter 1532 The Power Of Reputation Chapter 1533 Setting A Rule Chapter 1534 The Huge Full Moons Gate Chapter 1535 Weird Similarity Chapter 1536 Zhang Ties Doubt Chapter 1537 The Hot Topic Chapter 1538 The Gathering Of All Knights Chapter 1539 Heavenly Knights Chapter 1540 Overwhelming Chapter 1541 Thinking Through Chapter 1542 Zhang Tie's Help Chapter 1543 What Should Human Knights Do Chapter 1544 Zhang Tie's Insistence Chapter 1545 Concession Chapter 1546 Trickery Chapter 1547 Conspiracy Chapter 1548 Featured Means Chapter 1549 The Opening Of The Full Moons Gates Chapter 1550 Entering The Gates Chapter 1551 Trick In Trick Chapter 1552 A Rarity Chapter 1553 The Scramble Chapter 1554 Coalition Chapter 1555 The Coming Crisis Chapter 1556 The Fall Of A Celestial Chapter 1557 The Power Of The Two Snakes Chapter 1558 A Fatal Trap Chapter 1559 The Chaos Chapter 1560 Troublemakers Chapter 1561 Zhang Tie's Choice Chapter 1562 The Sage Level Knight Of Great Wilderness Sect Chapter 1563 Karma Chapter 1564 The New Head Of Great Wilderness Sect Chapter 1565 A Super Wonderful Performance Chapter 1566 Elder Sanguang Chapter 1567 Kind And Evil Chapter 1568 Zhang Tie's Return Chapter 1569 A Big Bet Chapter 1570 Within The Sage Level Realm Chapter 1571 The Spirit For Spirit Chapter 1572 A Long Talk Between Zhang Tie And Yun Zhongzi Chapter 1573 The Unexpected God's Will Chapter 1574 The Far Ancient Classic Chapter 1575 It Would Be Fine If There's No Greater Realm Chapter 1576 Gold Sage And Silver Sage Chapter 1577 The Method Of Owner Authentication Chapter 1578 Mutation Of Gold Sage And Silver Sage Chapter 1579 The Return Of Zhang Tie's Power Chapter 1580 The Perfect Result Chapter 1581 Winning People's Hearts Chapter 1582 Zhang Ties Explanation Chapter 1583 Class I Towers Of Time Chapter 1584 Sharing The Achievements Chapter 1585 A Perfect Partner Chapter 1586 Fair Chapter 1587 The Changing Situation Chapter 1588 The Completion Of A New Castle Chapter 1589 Granting Honor To Hebrews Chapter 1590 Beliefs Chapter 1591 The Dongtian Of Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1592 The Gathering Chapter 1593 Being Unhappy Chapter 1594 The Sadness Of Departure Chapter 1595 Double Edged Sword Chapter 1596 Returning To Youzhou Province Chapter 1597 O'laura's Thought Chapter 1598 A New Height Chapter 1599 The New Look Of Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1600 Uninvited Guests Chapter 1601 Breaking Out A Contradiction Chapter 1602 The Couple's Common Ideal Chapter 1603 Black Invitation Cards From Top Three Sects Chapter 1604 The Crisis Chapter 1605 A Nightmare Chapter 1606 Zhang Tie's Arrangement Chapter 1607 The Discussion In Stars Picking Pavilion Chapter 1608 Zhang Tie's Decision Chapter 1609 Family Members Chapter 1610 The Arrival Of Qingming Chapter 1611 The Royal Princes Sincerity Chapter 1612 Returning To Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1613 Fiery Lotus Roots Chapter 1614 Ice And Fire Chapter 1615 A Bizarre Capacity Chapter 1616 Zhang Tie's Confidence Chapter 1617 Preparation Chapter 1618 The Stimulative Of Xuanyuan Wuji's Death Chapter 1619 A Long Distance Raid Chapter 1620 Datang City Chapter 1621 Fame Chapter 1622 Talents Pavilion Chapter 1623 Lord Fairysea Chapter 1624 Paying A Secret Visit To The Third Prince's Mansion Chapter 1625 A Semi Sage Knight Chapter 1626 Time Flies Chapter 1627 The Gods Will Chapter 1628 The Gathering Chapter 1629 A Special Affection Chapter 1630 In The Prince's Mansion Chapter 1631 A Long Rainbow Chapter 1632 Zhang Ties Supporters Chapter 1633 Fear Chapter 1634 New Elders Of Iron Dragon Sect Chapter 1635 Enlightenment Chapter 1636 The Great Blessing Method Chapter 1637 Entering The Ring Chapter 1638 A Quarrel Chapter 1639 Stay Calm Chapter 1640 The Hunt In Dragon Tiger Mountain Chapter 1641 Killing Xuanyuan Wuji Chapter 1642 Don't Fear Vision Being Blinded By Clouds Chapter 1643 The Dragon In The Sky Chapter 1644 A Bizarre Land Chapter 1645 Questions Chapter 1646 Couldn't Go Back Chapter 1647 Motian Realm I Chapter 1648 Motian Realm Ii Chapter 1649 Applying For Immortal Generals Chapter 1650 In The Immortal Palace Chapter 1651 Zhang Ties Questions Chapter 1652 Recruitment Through A Bloody Pledge Chapter 1653 Joining Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace Chapter 1654 Playing With Fire Chapter 1655 Heavenly Square Building Chapter 1656 The Reason Chapter 1657 Gotta Get A Drink Tonight Chapter 1658 Start Chapter 1659 A Fast Move Chapter 1660 Deputy Head Chapter 1661 Changes Chapter 1662 The Divisions Of Motian Realm Chapter 1663 Thats Great Chapter 1664 Early Month Chapter 1665 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