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Introduction Divine Demon Pet Evolution System

This world is full of wonderful creatures.There is a golden-winged roc bird that shatters a huge mountain with one claw, and there are also giant kunks that dominate the ocean.Humans evolved from ignorance. Because of their incomparable talents, humans began to tame demon pets, using demon pets to form a special profession, demon pet master!The demon is the spirit of all things, the vast world is dominated by countless demon kingdoms, and the top demon can turn the universe upside down, and the palm of the hand picks the stars.People, although small, have unlimited creativity.Humans do not have the power to reach the sky, but they can rely on the demon pet to contend with the laws of the world and seize the true spirit of the world!Wu Chen got the super god evolution system and embarked on the path of the demon pet master.- Description from MTL

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