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Dressed As Cannon Fodder Abandoned By The Actor


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Introduction Dressed As Cannon Fodder Abandoned By The Actor

Gu Qingchi has become a cannon fodder, the author has not set a cannon fodder, so everything is random.Then he randomly arrived at a face with the best appearance in the full text.But this is of no use. Cannon fodder is cannon fodder. He has no sense of existence in his whole person. Everyone uses him as a background board.Now, the plot has reached the end, and he is about to be abandoned by the successful actor.Gu Qingchi’s eyes were full of tears: finally waiting for this day.Wife chasing crematorium text, cp is the actor Xie Luyu.Really beautiful in the flourishing age, the kind of c-place debut in this world that can rely on the face after the cannon fodder plot.*small theaterThe well-known actor’s love affair was exposed, and the fans killed him aggressively, and finally found that his colleagues were licking their faces.Sorry, I climbed the wall.*Regarding the raging scandal between the two.Xie Luyu responded: Now the tabloids are talking nonsense.Gu Qingchi responded: Nothing.Xie Luyu is eager to clarify: he has already obtained the certificate.Gu Qingchi hurriedly set aside: He was clearly divorced.Xie Luyu knelt down with a thump: I regret it now, very regretful.*Entertainment Pioneer: He is a treasure left by God on earth.No one refutedContent Tags: Broken Mirror and Reunion Entertainment Circle Chuanshu ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Gu Qingchi, Xie Luyu Supporting role: Others:One sentence introduction: I divorced on impulse, now I regret it- Description from Unknown

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