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His vitality had been fiercely consumed, and even if it was replenished by a Life Potion, it had already become a hidden injury which required a special potion to be compounded before he could cure it.

In addition, all the curses he had dispersed also left some hidden wounds. If he didnt heal himself as fast as possible, it would pose great trouble later on.

This was something tested through countless mages blood. After being cursed, no matter if they sensed the hidden wound or not, they had to treat the injury thoroughly.

But this battle wasnt without benefit. The fierce battle, coupled with his mana, vitality, mind and soul taking damage made the gate, that wouldnt shake even if the world ended, tremble.

This meant that it should be possible to advance to the Heaven Rank soon. He only needed to quickly find the opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank. And the best method was to seek a breakthrough in battle.

After having found a way to advance to the Heaven rank and break his perfect foundation, Lin Yun felt that todays battle was extremely valuable. Its just that this matter wasnt over, he had almost been cursed to death, and Lin Yun clearly wasnt someone with a good temper.

Using a bunch of materials from the Raging Flame Plane, Noscent, the Endless Sea, as well as two plants that only grew in the Abyss, he was able to compound a potion that looked like Lava.

That potion bottle was the Rebirth Potion that could only be compounded by Peak Artisans. Drinking it would regenerate anything, aside from the heart and brain.

And if he used another method to compound the solution, it would have a different effect. It would warm ones body and soul. Any damage to his vitality would be perfectly cured and the warmth would make his body even more perfect.

During the process, the warmth would raise his spirit and make his soul feel as if it had returned to his mothers womb, becoming even purer and more powerful.

Lin Yun could have already compounded this potion when he returned from the Abyss since he had already found the last missing ingredients.

But his vitality had been at its peak and he had perfectly reached the peak of the Archmage realm. It was useless at the time.

An intact item didnt need to be mended. Without damage, there was nothing to repair.

He prepared a large crystal bucket and poured the purest Mana Water from the Demiplane before adding the potion in the crystal bucket. In an instant, the Mana Water started boiling and the crystal bucket looked as if it contained some dense sticky blood.

After entering the bucket, Lin Yuns body was completely wrapped in the water. Wisps of black aura slowly shot out of Lin Yuns body before being purified by the scarlet liquid.

The tremendous lukewarm vitality slowly combed Lin Yuns body, and through the huge amount of vitality, it lifted Lin Yuns soul.

After three hours, the liquid inside the crystal bucket turned light gray and Lin Yun came out. His half white hair had already recovered and he was bursting with the vitality of a newborn baby.

Sensing the gate emitting terrifying pressure in the depths of his soul, Lin Yun felt that he could slightly push the gate, even if it was only to barely make it tremble.

But this was still a lot better than before. His foundation was too powerful and his magic path was too perfect. Perfect to the point of making him unable to break through the gate. This was good, but it was also bad.

Because he didnt know how long he would need to stay at the peak of the 9th Rank. Feeling some hope, Lin Yuns mood greatly improved.

Leaving the alchemy laboratory, Lin Yun instantly moved to the Mana Lake, just in time to see the Holysong Blood slowly blooming. Then, after the flower bloomed, it rapidly withered and three blood-colored seeds devoured the last bits of the flowers power. The bloody color slowly dissipated as they turned into three dark seeds that didnt look special in any way.

As for the Holysong Bloods branches and leaves, the blood color from the underside spread to the topside and dyed the leaves blood-colored. Those eighteen leaves turned completely blood-red and every tiny colored rune on top of them were different.

After collecting the three seeds, immediately planting them next to the Mana Lake and putting away the eighteen leaves, Lin Yun let out a faint sigh.

If the Holysong Blood had been refined into a Bloodsobbing Holysong Potion, he might have been able to get rid of Layford today.

But the Starry Sky College wouldnt have allowed him to get rid of Layford within their territory. Moreover, if that happened, he wouldnt have figured out the way to advance to the Heaven Rank today.

Figuring the way to advance to the Heaven Rank was the most important gain. As for Layford, there would be plenty of opportunities to deal with him in the future. As long as he advanced to the Heaven Rank and mastered Extraordinary Power, the other sides curses would be unable to break his defense.

He would compound the Holysong Bloods potion. The three seeds had just been planted, but their vitality was rapidly increasing and they would germinate sooner or later.

The mana next to the Mana Lake was definitely enough for the Holysong Blood to mature, it was impossible that they wouldnt germinate.

What happened this time woke up Lin Yun. Not only did he have to compound a Bloodsobbing Holysong Potion as a backup, he also had to sort everything he had gained lately. Once everything was processed, he might be able to use something as a life-saving tool.

Once his injury was taken care of, Lin Yun departed. The Starry Sky Colleges alchemist gathering was a week later. Back in the Merlin Family, he had deduced the coordinates of the Reedpush Plate from that strange letter, and it wasnt far from Neverwinter City.

It was best to go to the coordinates to find the Reedpush Plate as soon as possible.

After leaving the Starry Sky College, Lin Yuns mana fluctuations and life aura instantly dissipated. If they didnt see him, they absolutely wouldnt notice Lin Yuns presence.

But Lin Yuns movement speed had become even faster. He would cross several-dozen-meters with a single step and the surrounding air seemed to be getting out of Lin Yuns way. He was extremely fast but didnt raise any gale, he was like a phantom.

As Lin Yun disappeared, some people chased after his tracks, but they lost him in less than an hour.

After getting rid of all the people tailing him, Lin Yun finally arrived at the coordinates.

There didnt seem to be anything special there, it was an ordinary mountain range, it wasnt tall nor short. There was a large number of trees within the mountain range, but there wasnt any particularly precious plants or minerals. Even the magic beasts within the mountain range were very sparse and at low levels.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at this mountain range. After flying a few dozen kilometers, he didnt sense anything different.

After checking a few times, he finally locked onto a five-kilometer-wide area. This was the place marked by the coordinates.

There were only two peaks not far apart within five kilometers, and there wasnt many plants on the mountains, they were made of pure granite.

Lin Yun spent three to four hours searching around the two peaks but didnt find a special location. He then started expanding the circle of his search using the middle point between the two peaks as a center, but he still didnt find anything special.

Everything in this area was normal, there was no natural resources and a Level 18 Fanged Tiger was the strongest magic beast within ten kilometers.

There was not a single human town within a few dozen kilometers, and according to the records of the Odin Kingdoms map, this place wasnt valuable to mages. There were plenty of prey for ordinary people here, but ordinary people didnt have the power to exploit this place.

In Noscent, most of the places actually didnt have special resources, or it would be better to say that they held no resources valuable to mages.

This kind of place was a desolate area, and as time passed, areas with dense vegetation like those would have many plants absorbing the mana within the air, slowly producing magic materials.

But looking at this place, Lin Yun frowned. The vegetation was very dense, but there were very few plants containing mana, and they were very inferior.

Moreover, this places mana was average. Although it was inferior to places with dense mana, it couldnt be said to be completely barren.

Lin Yun released his mana to sense the place and kept spitting out runes in the air and on the ground. He even started minutiously searching the air and expanding the surface progressively.

As long as there was something here, he would definitely find it. But he hadnt found any clue after five hours, he simply didnt find anything valuable, there was no trace of an entrance to a small plane, no trace of a ruin, no hidden thing.

The sky started turning bright as the first glimmers of dawn shone from the east, tearing through the darkness with irresistible power as the angle of the rays of sunshine slowly changed.

The sun slowly peeked out of the horizon, altering the angle of the rays of sunshine. As the sun rose, its light washed over the first peaks right side, and the second peaks left side.

The rays of sunshine illuminating the two peaks simultaneously became smaller and smaller as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. Ultimately, only a several-meter-wide ray of light could pierce through.

The radiances angle slowly tilted and shone on a forest, which had appeared strange to Lin Yun even though he hadnt found anything. At that instant, an illusory phantom gate appeared in the forest.

Lin Yun had arranged a lot of runes and immediately found something different.

In the dense forest, a phantom gate over three-meter-tall was erected on the ground. And this illusory gate didnt seem to have any effect on the surrounding light. Light passed through the gate, and branches shadows also passed through the illusory gate. Only faint mana fluctuations appeared.

The runes Lin Yun had set up to monitor the forest had immediately discovered that small difference.

After flying to the forest and discovering that ancient entrance, Lin Yun frowned. The entrance seemed broken, it was covered in cracks and many patterns had already been peeled off. Vines and moss were also growing on the gate, if it wasnt illusory, Lin Yun wouldnt feel like there was something wrong with it.

As he looked back at the changing angle of the sunlight rays, Lin Yun suddenly understood. This was a very ancient gate, it was a ruins entrance.

Its not that he couldnt find it before, there simply wasnt an entrance until the light of the sun fell down.

This technique was very popular among powerhouses of the late Nesser Dynasty and the 3rd Dynasty. Some relatively secret ruins used this method.

It was either moonlight or sunshine, the entrance would only be revealed when it was hit at a certain angle, or at a certain time. Unless that condition was accomplished, the ruin would remain sealed and no entrance could be seen.

For the ruins entrance to appear, the external conditions had to match the ruins requirements.

After finding the entrance, Lin Yun calmly waited. Half an hour later, the rays of sunlight that passed between the two peaks slowly adjusted until they finally fell right on top of the phantom gate.

The rock atop the illusory gate turned into crystal and absorbed the power of the sunlight. The sunlight then spread through the entire gate like a wave.

In a few seconds, the entire stone gate congealed into a solid gate and a faint wisp of mana fluctuations appeared on the gates surface.

Lin Yun rapidly chanted an incantation and law runes slowly entered the entrance. After a few seconds, a halo appeared in the gates empty center and a layer of light membrane enveloped the gate. A different aura could be felt from the other side of the light membrane.

He cautiously raised a shield and then summoned a Rock Puppet as a pathfinder before following it in.

This method of cracking the ruins entrance was too easy for Lin Yun. He didnt need to know the secret code set up by the original owner and only needed the operation principle of this gate to open it easily.

After stepping through the membrane, an ancient and silent aura assaulted his senses. It seemed that this space had been deserted for countless years and the air felt as still as death itself.

Upon entering, a wide main path spread before him, it was over a hundred-meter-wide and looked liked it had been made out of glass. It was reflecting the crystal-like radiance and there were many runes motionless within. These runes and patterns hadnt been activated for a very long time.

Both sides of the road ended in several-hundred-meter-tall cliffs which joined up to completely seal the place.

Walking on the main path, only the footsteps of Lin Yuns Rock Puppet could be heard. He walked for no less than thirty meters when breaches opened on both walls and dusty puppets walked out of them. The puppets scarlet crystal eyes suddenly shone.

It took less than a second for them to recover from their inert state and for mana fluctuations to appear on these puppets bodies.

The ten puppets emitted mana fluctuations at the peak of Level 39.

In an instant, two of the puppets had their arms transform into four long blades and they suddenly appeared in front of the Rock Puppet. Only afterimages could be seen as 8 two-meter-long blades slashed at the Rock Puppet and turned it into a pile of broken rocks.

At this time, the dust congealed on the lusterless blades fell off, revealing a pitch-black halo covering the blades and a thick sharp aura.

The other eight puppets were all 2.5-meter-tall, six of puppets were melee puppets while four were casting puppets whose bodies were covered in enchanted magic patterns. The puppets all walked out of their holes one after another and their scarlet crystal eyes attentively watched Lin Yun while flickering with a dangerous light.

Shock flashed in Lin Yuns eyes.

They are all Peak Level 39 puppets. Moreover, from these puppets mana fluctuations, they have plenty of mana and seem to be in their peak state.

Lin Yun usually wouldnt care about ten peak level 39 puppets, it wouldnt take more than five seconds to take care of one in a duel.

But this was an unknown ruins and this was merely the entrance of the ruins. Strictly speaking, it couldnt be considered as having entered the ruins. Only the weakest existences guarded this kind of place.

This was usually the case for everything unless it was an important Planar Path, which would be guarded by formidable existences.

They were just like the guards of the Merlin Family Manors entrance. Lin Yun couldnt remember their names, but the strongest was a Great Swordsman.

Often, the students of the Merlin Familys school would be sent to guard the gates of the Merlin Family Manor after making a mistake. These people were Great Mages at best.

Judging from the type and construction style of the portal, as well as its opening method, this ruins has been built during the late Nesser Dynasty or during the peak of the 3rd Dynasty.

And ruins of that period mostly used arrays and puppets to guard the entrance, some even used magic beasts.

But the puppets guarding the entrance were clearly the weakest existences within those ruins. The entrance clearly wasnt an important location in the ruins.

The guards of this entrance were a bunch of peak level 39 puppets with abundant mana. They were comparable to the Great Swordsmen and Great Mages doorkeepers of the Merlin Family.

There was no need to think how strong the existences within the ruins would be. There was definitely many puppets that awakened wisdom inside, or other dangers.

He wanted to open the Natural Demiplane to let Xiuban fight these puppets, but just as the crack of the Planar Path appeared, a wisp of formidable interference appeared and the Planar Path couldnt be opened.

But he could feel that he could instantly return to the Demiplane if he wished.

Lin Yun frowned, but he could no longer feel the interference and didnt have much time to think. Those six tall and sturdy puppets were already rushing over while the four casting puppets magic patterns were already shining.

He took out his Draconic Staff and released a Four Element Shield before immediately spitting out law runes. A wheel shadow appeared behind him and a dense elemental aura spread out like a tide.

Lin Yuns body also turned four-meter-tall as he used the Ice Fire Elemental Incarnation. The surface of the hundred-meter-wide path was filled with flames while a layer of frost appeared above.

The six fierce sword puppets surrounded Lin Yun and kept slashing at his body with great coordination. Every second, Lin Yun would have to resist attacks of the blades enchanted with Sharpness and Magic Penetration and coming from four different directions. This was the strongest method against a mages shield.

Lin Yun kept flickering within the sea of flames, continuously charging towards those four casting puppets. They were all casting ray spells and the concentrated Flame Rays and Frost Rays were tightly following him.

The six sword puppets were also pursuing him closely. Lin Yuns gaze turned cold as he kept releasing flames before continuously flashing in the sea of flames.

These puppets coordination was too good, their battle system seemed to be made of an entire set. The six sword puppets were always maintaining their maximum battle effectiveness while those four casting puppets ray spells would always make up for the gaps in the sword puppets movements. Even when the sword puppets gained a small advantage, these ray spells would immediately follow to coordinate.

After the Four Element Shield resisted a few ray spells, Lin Yun gave up his plan to release his full fighting power. If he did, these ten puppets would be turned into scrap metal within twenty seconds, but who knew what would await him further in.

Moreover, these puppets had abundant mana. Lin Yun couldnt understand how they could still have so much mana after such a long period of time.

Destroying these puppets was a bit unfortunate, but understanding this matter was more important. This might be troublesome if he met a Heaven Puppet who still had abundant mana later on.

Those four casting puppets spells were all comparable to single-target 8th Tier Spells, and this was due to their large amount of mana being compressed and increasing the spells power.

Lin Yun kept flickering for three minutes. His surroundings had already turned into a sea of flames and the temperature had already risen to its peak. The flames distorted the air and made everything look faint. And in the sky, those ice clouds were still lowering the temperature. It was as if a sea of frost was floating above their heads.

Extreme heat and extreme cold being so close to each other made the temperature go berserk where they collided. Mana fluctuations became even more chaotic and Lin Yuns Ice Fire Elemental Incarnation unconsciously turned into a Fire Elemental Incarnation before he hid his body among the flames.

The puppets had no other choice but to pause after having lost Lin Yuns trail and not being able to sense his mana fluctuations. They unconsciously patrolled within the sea of flames, but the temperature of the sea of flames kept rising and slowly heated a puppets body until it was flaming red.

The six sword puppets were all flaming red, but the edge didnt deform. The edge was flickering with a silver radiance and didnt seem afraid of melting.

After burning for three minutes, Lin Yun suddenly chanted a hurried incantation and the surrounding sea of flames seemed to have met some terrifying attractive force. It was completely swallowed by the Book of Mantras within three seconds and the sea of frost above poured down in torrents.

The ice power submerged the ten puppets simultaneously. The puppets who had been burned by the flames until their bodies were flaming red suddenly received this low temperature attack. This made many of their parts malfunction and cause their bodies to stiffen.

And as they simultaneously suffered from this state, they all burst with mana in order to try to recover from this stiff state. Many parts of their bodies were different, some were no good and couldnt handle the sudden change in temperatures.

Being burnt at high temperature for a bit before being instantly cooling down was the same as completing a tempering, it instantly created problems with the puppets components. Even as mana washed over the influence of the extreme cold, they couldnt completely recover from their stiffness within a short period of time.

But at this time, the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun let out a flood of runes. The vivid runes turned into lifelike slender Mana Hands which suddenly rushed out.

Dozens of Mana Hands simultaneously fell on those ten puppets and moved like blurs, rapidly revolving around the puppets for a few seconds.

The frost slowly dissipated and the ten stiff puppets exploded into piles of components falling on the ground.

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