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Chapter 581: 10,000 Year Old Buddhist Temple


The voice interrupted Su Zimo’s thoughts.

Someone was truly alive at the depths of the Dragon Burial Valley!

Su Zimo pushed the door open and walked out to see a young monk assuming a lotus position on a praying mat. The young monk’s palms were placed together before his chest as he chanted softly.

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

He thought that anyone who lived at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley would definitely be an incredible person. However, he had not expected it to be such a young monk.

The young monk before him should only be at Golden Core realm at most.

Although Su Zimo’s cultivation was gone, his eyes were still sharp.

Sensing something, the little monk stopped chanting and turned around.

His eyes were clear as water, as though they contained pure sincerity!

The little monk smiled gently and stood up, greeting with clasped palms, “Patron, you’re awake.”

Su Zimo walked forward and bowed. “I am Su Zimo. Thank you for your lifesaving grace, fellow Daoist.”

“You don’t have to do that, patron,”

The little monk smiled. “I’ve only brought you here because my master sensed you.”


Su Zimo’s tone was ladled with surprise.

It seemed like this little monk was not the only one at the bottom of Dragon Burial Valley!

Nodding, the little monk looked towards a gigantic hall not far away. “However, my master is currently in seclusion and will not see anyone for the time being.”

The doors were shut on a majestic hall not far away.

Su Zimo nodded and asked, “How long was I unconscious for?”

“A month or so.”

Su Zimo pursed his lips in silence, feeling a hint of bitterness in his mouth.

Because his cultivation was destroyed, his body’s healing capabilities had also decreased massively – he had not recovered entirely even after a month!

After a short moment, Su Zimo asked again, “May I ask when your master will come forth from his seclusion?”

“I don’t know,”

The little monk shook his head. “It can be tomorrow, it can be a year later, or even a hundred years later.”

“A hundred years”

Su Zimo chuckled bitterly.

Sensing Su Zimo’s disappointment, the little monk consoled him sincerely, “Patron, there’s no need to hurry. Time is fleeting and hundred years will pass by in the blink of an eye, like a divine steed crossing terrains.”

The little monk looked like he was younger than twenty.

Those words truly did not sound like they should be said by him and seemed odd.

The little monk continued, “Patron, if you find yourself getting bored, you can casually look through the sutras in the Sutra Chamber. Those Buddhist sutras contain a lot of knowledge and the secrets of the universe. Even a wise old person might not be able to comprehend the wisdom within fully.”

“Those sutras contain endless joy and time will pass by unknowingly once you’re immersed in them. A hundred years will pass by quickly.”

It was easy for the little monk to say that but Su Zimo truly could not gather his interest.

Embarrassed to decline the goodwill of the little monk, Su Zimo nodded with a smile and started surveying his surroundings.

The courtyard did not have many structures, only two.

One of them was the Sutra Chamber and the other was the majestic hall – there wasn’t even a meditation room.

This was an extremely simple and old temple.

Ancient and aged!

The only two structures looked like they were from a long time ago and had endured through the seasonal changes and the sands of time.

Two vegetable gardens were planted before the big hall, giving them some green food.

The main entrance of the old temple was extremely battered and creaked with the gust of the wind, as though it could fall over at any moment.

“Why is there such a strange old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley?”

Su Zimo had a lost expression.

For a moment, a thought seemed to have flashed through his mind.

However, Su Zimo’s mind was way too chaotic at that time and most of his attention was spent thinking of how to recover his cultivation. As such, he did not think much about that thought.

After a moment of standing still, Su Zimo turned around towards the entrance of the old temple.

There was truly nothing to be seen around the old temple.

Su Zimo wanted to head outside and check out what was at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

The little monk had a worried expression and could not help but remark, “Patron, you have yet to recover from your serious injuries. Don’t head too far out, it’s dangerous out there.”

“Thank you for your kind reminder, fellow Daoist. I’ll be careful.”

Su Zimo expressed his thanks with cupped fists before turning to head out.

The moment he stepped out of the old temple, he felt a chilling gust of wind breeze by and could not help but shudder.

Before him was a meandering valley with countless crushed rocks on the ground. The cliffs on both sides were filled with strange rocks.

It was dead silent throughout the entire valley!

Su Zimo frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before continuing ahead.

Although the little fox had a frightened expression, she still chose to tag along behind Su Zimo.

Su Zimo reared his head and looked up.

A fog surged above the valley.

10,000 years ago, when countless experts fought against one another, the remnant of their energies formed a region of chaos and interweaved above.

Any living being that was drawn into it would be shredded into a mist of blood!

Now that Su Zimo’s cultivation was crippled and he had lost every single method of ascending into the skies, it was easy for him to jump down from above, but impossible for him to return up.

Su Zimo realized that if he could not recover his cultivation, he would most likely grow old and exhaust his remaining lifespan at the bottom of this valley.

Yet, how could he recover his cultivation?

His Golden Core was already shattered into pieces and had dispersed entirely.

His dantian was now a leaking existence that could not be used to gather spirit qi.

There was no way for him to recover his Golden Core.

The only thing that he could recover was his Inner Core.

Although his Inner Core was lined with tears, it was still intact at the very least.

However, how could he recover it?

Su Zimo had not cultivated to the realm of being able to absorb the essence of the world. If he wanted to continue with his demonic cultivation, he would have to use up a large amount of lifeforce!

It could come from fresh meat, or rare treasures, or elixirs

However, apart from him, the little fox, the little monk and his master and two ordinary vegetable patches, there was nothing else at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

Without replenishment, it would be difficult to circulate the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, let alone recover his Inner Core.

Although Su Zimo sank into his thoughts, his footsteps did not stop as he continued walking forward instinctively.

After they passed a bend, the little fox suddenly stopped in her tracks and bit Su Zimo’s trunks, holding him back fervently.

Alarmed, Su Zimo snapped out of his thoughts.

Corpses were sprawled on the ground one after another before him.

Some of them laid horizontally, some of them sat on the ground while others were torn and distorted – they came in various shapes and positions.

The corpses strewn on the ground extended all the way to the edge of the valley with no end in sight.

Su Zimo realized that these corpses should have been buried here in the valley during that catastrophe 10,000 years ago.

Although 10,000 years had passed, those corpses were pristine and did not show any signs of decay!

In fact, Su Zimo caught sight of a perfect body among the corpses!

How frightening was that expert when he was alive?

These were people whose bodies have not decayed after 10,000 years!

Suddenly, Su Zimo sensed a scarlet glint shining from the corner of his eye and turned over to look instinctively.


His pupils constricted rapidly and his hairs stood on end!

A few drops of fresh blood were splattered on the walls around him.

Su Zimo merely took a single glance and felt a piercing pain surge through his eyes – his eyeballs felt like they were about to explode!

Which expert did that blood belong to for it to be this terrifying!

Even after 10,000 years, the splattered blood almost killed Su Zimo!

Right then, he felt an immense sense of danger jolt into his mind.

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