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"What's going on? The king's arm, why doesn't it respond?"

Lu Ming was a little dazed, staring at the bronze box, waiting for answers.

"Perhaps, the arm of the King of Humanity is not far ahead, on the Qianqiu battlefield you mentioned. Maybe something happened that caused the arm of the King of Humanity to temporarily lose its sense."

Bronze Box Road.

"Can't you give a clear answer?"

Lu Ming was speechless.

"Please, I'm just a box!"

The box answered.

Lu Ming: "..."

"It seems that I can only stay on the Qianqiu battlefield for a while. The other parts of the human king's body will not really be on the swing battlefield, right?"

Lu Ming is a bit big, but he still hopes to be elsewhere.

But King Ren's arm lost its sense here, and he couldn't figure it out, so he could only stay here temporarily.

Putting away Renwang's arm, Lu Ming took out the map and looked at it carefully.

According to the information he got, Qianqiu's battlefield was very vast, and its territory was extremely huge. It was not known how many times larger than the previous Heavenly Star Continent.

The core place of Qianqiu Battlefield is a huge continent.

Around this continent, there are also some small continental fragments.

The Heaven Extinguishing Army and the Heavenly Palace each occupy a part of their territory, searching for resources, while fighting endlessly.

What made Lu Ming a headache was that he didn't know which side the area occupied by the Heaven Extinguishing Army was.

The map only shows that this is the Qianqiu Battlefield. As for the area occupied by the Heaven Exterminating Army and the Heavenly Palace, it is not marked at all.

If he rushed forward and plunged into the area occupied by Tiangong, wouldn't he have to finish playing.

Moreover, here is where the strong of the Origin Realm sits down, even if imitated with a large imitation technique, it will be seen through.

"Get closer first and watch from a distance!"

Lu Ming condensed his breath, ran the big imitation technique, concealed his breath and turned it into the breath of another Yan tribe, then slowly flew forward.

Soon after, some scattered continents appeared in front of Lu Ming.

These continents are very small and deserted, without any vitality.

Even Lu Ming felt the terrifying killing intent and suffocating aura on it.

The killing intent and evil spirits mixed, breaking through the void. Even if they were far apart, Lu Ming felt his scalp numb and his skin felt as uncomfortable as a needle stick.

"What a terrifying killing intent and evil spirit, is this the battlefield left by the war of the last era? After so many years, it is still so terrifying..."

Lu Ming was secretly surprised.

The last epoch is too far away from now. I dont know how many years have passed. In the past so many years, there was still such a terrifying killing intent and evil spirit. It is really hard to imagine that the last epoch participated in the war. What a strong man in the realm.

However, these small deserted continents did not destroy the heavenly army and the people of the heavenly palace.

Lu Ming continued on.

"That is..."

Suddenly, Lu Ming's eyes stared.

There was a continent ahead, but what shocked Lu Ming was that it was not this continent, but a weapon that passed through it.

It was a long spear, extremely huge, passing through the middle of this continent and stabbing out from the other side.

It can be seen that this spear has been decayed, with pits and dents on it, with many gaps, and no spirituality.

On top of the spear, there was a figure sitting cross-legged on it.

"No, it's the angel race!"

Lu Ming's pupils shrank suddenly.

Sitting cross-legged on the spear, his body was covered with a layer of holy light. This was clearly an angel clan, and Lu Ming would never admit his mistake.

At this time, the angel clan also saw Lu Ming.

"Human? It's not our side, take it!"

The angel clan master snorted coldly, and suddenly twelve wings appeared behind him. One flap of the wings turned into a white light and rushed towards Lu Ming at an astonishing speed.

This is a twelve-winged angel, placed among the angel family, that is the top talent.

The speed of the angel race was very, very fast. In an instant, Lu Ming was approaching, and the bright angel war sword slashed towards Lu Ming's eyebrows.


Lu Ming retreated violently, and at the same time took out the God of War Spear, and swept it out, sweeping on the Angel War Sword.


A violent roar sounded, and then Lu Ming's figure violently retreated backwards like a meteorite, spouting blood.

"God Lord Sevenfold!"

Lu Ming's face was very solemn.

The opponent is a divine lord with seven layers, and the key is a twelve-winged angel with very powerful combat power.

This person's combat power is not weaker than Ye Ling Tianshou.

Although Lu Ming broke through to the Divine Master Triple Level, he was not yet his opponent.

"The trivial gods and masters can actually block me."

The master of the angel race was also shocked.

Although he didn't use his full strength for the move he had just now, it wasn't something that the threefold existence of a divine master could stop.

This person is a terrifying evildoer.


The masters of the angel race shouted, the holy light burst into the sky, and burst out with all strength. Twelve angel war swords appeared in the sky, turning into thousands of sword lights, and slashed towards Lu Ming.

Lu Ming's face was solemn, and his figure kept retreating, avoiding the attacks of the sword light.

However, there is too much sword light, it is difficult to avoid them all.

Some sword lights can only resist head-on.

However, the opponent's strength was too strong for Lu Ming to fight against. After blocking some sword light, Lu Ming suffered a lot of wounds on his body and his injuries worsened.

"Don't fight, leave as soon as possible!"

In Lu Ming's mind, different thoughts flashed through.

This person's combat power is not weaker than the Yeling Tianshou, and even if he uses his original power, he cannot be the opponent's opponent.

Unless the king's arm is used.

But as soon as this thought appeared, it was cut off by Lu Ming.

where is this place? Obviously, it is the area of Celestial Power.

With the arm of the King of Man, Lu Ming beat me a thousand percent, and he could kill him with one punch.

But after using the arm of the King of Humans, his own strength will also be drained. If another master of the heavenly palace comes, he will be finished.

The best way now is to retreat, retreat as soon as possible, and get rid of this person.

However, the angels rely on angel wings and are very fast.

Lu Ming wanted to get rid of the opponent, but he couldn't do it for a while.

If this continues, not only will you not be able to get rid of the opponent, but if you are not careful, you will be killed by the opponent.

"Lu Ming, let me help!"

Cried the ball.

"hold on!"

Lu Ming said.

The goal of the ball is somewhat obvious. Many people know that Lu Ming has such a metal life as the ball. Once the ball is shot, the opponent will easily guess his identity.

Now the other party obviously hasn't guessed his identity.


The strong angel clan roared, and the thousands of sword lights converged on three terrible sword lights, slashing towards Lu Ming's three vital points.

At this moment, three lotus flowers suddenly appeared in the void.

The three white lotus flowers spun rapidly, blocking the three sword lights of the angel race.


The angel clan master shouted and looked in one direction.

In that direction, a stunning woman stepped into the air.

Xie Nianjun!

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