Home Fantasy: Start Rewarding 100 Consecutive DrawsChapter 1

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"System, are you there?"

This was Lu Chuan's 18,973 inquiries.

"Telled you how many times, as long as you don't ask me to borrow money, I'll always be there! Forced to talk all day, endlessly, it's really bad for you to stand on a host like you for eight lifetimes!"

An impatient voice sounded in my mind, followed by a series of Zuan greetings.

Lu Chuan was very helpless. Other people's systems needed to be given, regardless of whether they could eat, drink or serve. His own system was just a dad, and it was still inferior.

Since it fell on me two years ago, this system has done nothing but sleep.

Except for the broken sword that he could buy for two taels of silver at a smithy at first, none of the other hairs were given.

I can't say I can't ask, I'll scold in a hurry.

"It doesn't matter if you don't give something, anyway, post a mission? Is it equivalent to exchange? If I do the mission, you give rewards. The rewards don't have to be too good, you can protect yourself!"

Lu Chuan is really powerless to complain. This system is so weird, it's useless to say all the good things, the whole stingy iron cock.

"Equal exchange? Still doing tasks? Am I your dad? Want to get used to you?"

The system's words didn't make Lu Chuan angry. He got used to it for two years.

However, I dont know what happened. Today, Lu Chuan seems to be ill. After hearing the systematic curse, his brain twitched, and he opened his mouth and called out: "Dad!"


After the words came out of his mouth, Lu Chuan was a little confused, and the cursing system somehow stopped the swearing.

after that

[The lottery system is open!

[Congratulations to the host for winning ten consecutive draws!

Lu Chuan: "???"

Lu Chuan: "!!!"

The voice in his mind made Lu Chuan startled for a while, and then he was ecstatic.


[Congratulations to the host for winning ten consecutive draws!


[Congratulations to the host for winning ten consecutive draws!


[Congratulations to the host for winning ten consecutive draws!


Lu Chuan shouted so that his throat was almost hoarse, and then he stopped to rest.

Anyway, as long as you call Dad, you can get ten consecutive draws.

Thinking of this, Lu Chuan couldn't help tears in his eyes. He knew it was so easy, why he was scolded for two years.

"By the way, how should I draw the lottery? Is there no hint?"

Lu Chuan murmured, and then a translucent wheel suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Just want it? It's really convenient!"

There are three layers of roulette, with the word "Quenching Body" displayed in the middle, and the number "100" below, which should represent Lu Chuan's current cultivation level and the number of draws.

The second layer is divided into five areas equally, namely magic treasures, cheats, pill, seals, and sundries.

As for the third layer, there are a lot of dense patterns. Lu Chuan didn't understand it after watching it for a long time.

"I called Dad so many times, only 100 draws?"

Lu Chuan whispered, and when the lottery system was turned on, a stream of information also appeared in his mind, letting him understand the rules of the lottery.

In addition to calling dad, you can also get lottery times by completing tasks and killing people.

Depending on the difficulty of the task, the number of prize draws may vary. If you kill someone, you need to accumulate progress. You can redeem the draw when the progress is full.

The maximum number of lottery draws is one hundred times.

The level of the lottery fluctuates according to your own cultivation level. The higher the cultivation level, the better the draw.

The rules are simple, the main thing is to look at the face.

"It's been two years. After two years of rolling eyes in this ghost place, I'm finally turning over."

Lu Chuan burst into tears with excitement. Two years ago, he crossed over to this hapless ghost. He wanted money without money, status and status, and was poisoned by people who were jealous of his qualifications.

Except for the name of one of the three major clans in Snow City, the fifth young master of the Lu Family, the gangster is almost like a ghost, slaves and guards, anyone can bully him.

Lu Chuan also secretly investigated, and finally targeted the second wife of the Lu family.

It's just that with his status and status, if you want to deal with the second lady, it is idiotic, you can only suppress the hatred in my heart.

But the bad days have finally come to an end. With a start to Dad, the system is spoiled, and it won't take long for him to avenge himself!

"Wait, everyone who has hurt me, don't think about it!"

Lu Chuan gave a grinning grin, cleared up his mood, and immediately started the draw.

[Congratulations on winning a bottle of Body Tempering Pill!

[Congratulations to draw a bottle of Washing Essence and Cutting Sui Dan!


Ten bottles of pill appeared in front of him, nine of them were Body Tempering Pills and one bottle was Washing Essence Pill.

Body Tempering Pill: A supplementary pill suitable for body tempering period, ten pills per bottle.

Wash the essence and cut the marrow pill: temper your physique, improve your qualifications, ten pills per bottle.

"Good stuff!"

Needless to say, Body Tempering Pill, this is an essential medicine in the body tempering period, and it can greatly accelerate the speed of cultivation. The market price is relatively stable.

But washing the essence and cutting the marrow pill is not the same, it is properly priceless.

Not only has the effect of body tempering pill, but also can improve the qualifications. At the highest time, it once fetched one million taels of silver.

The current price has dropped significantly, but it takes one hundred thousand taels of silver to buy one, and you have to go to Danfang to book in advance.

"By the way, my qualifications..."

Lu Chuan murmured, this body was poisoned two years ago. Although it was lucky to save its life, the green qualification that was originally ranked third among the seven red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple levels also fell to the lowest red level.

As a result, the hapless guy hurriedly attacked his heart, and died before he even got up. Lu Chuan was in vain.

"Even if your qualifications are low, it will definitely work if you pile up such a large amount of pills!"

Lu Chuan thought to himself that a data panel suddenly appeared in front of him.

Name: Lu Chuan

Lineage: Human

Repair: one layer of quenching body (distance to the next level 0)

Qualification: Red level (Aura absorption rate 10)

Technique: Canglong Jin (Medium Yellow Grade, Aura Utilization Rate 150)

Skills: None

"Sure enough, it's rotten."

Lu Chuan sighed, then opened the bottle, took out the washing essence, and put it into his mouth.

It doesn't matter if you have poor aptitude, it doesn't matter if you have a low cultivation base, so many pills will be over.

The pill was transformed into a mass of spiritual energy to nourish the body and quickly changed his aptitude.

The level of washing essence and cutting marrow pill is not high, and its effect is very limited, but Lu Chuan's aptitude is really bad at home, only two unexpectedly increased his cultivation base and aptitude by one level.

[The repair base is upgraded to the second level of body quenching!

[Qualification upgraded to orange level!

Ignoring the prompt sound in his mind, Lu Chuan poured all the remaining eight wash essence pill into his mouth.


The rich spiritual energy exploded suddenly, and the power of the medicine turned into a torrent to stir inside the body, shocking Lu Chuan and trembling all over.

Almost a stick of incense time passed, Lu Chuan opened his eyes and found that his attributes had changed dramatically.

Name: Lu Chuan

Lineage: Human

Repair: four layers of quenching body (distance to the next level 75)

Qualification: Yellow level (Aura absorption rate 40)

Technique: Canglong Jin (Medium Yellow Grade, Aura Utilization Rate 150)

Skills: None

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