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Looking at the bowl of porridge, a sneer appeared on Yun Qianyus face.

Did Yun Qianxue finally make a move? Pity, its too childish.

After some thinking, Yun Qianyu asked Hua Mei, "who went to get breakfast today?"

"Young miss, it was Qiu Chan."

"Ask for her now," Yun Qianyu wanted to see if the girl named Qiu Chan had been involved in this matter. If the girl was involved in it, she would not let her go.

Hua Mei didnt ask anything. Immediately she went and got Qiu Chan.

"Young miss, this servant is here."

Qiu Chan was a very beautiful, tall, and slender servant. She seemed very polite and didnt dare to look at Yun Qianyu much.

"Was it you that brought the breakfast?" Yun Qianyu stared at Qiu Chan coldly as she asked her.

Qiu Chan looked up quickly and nodded, "Yes young miss, it was Hua Mei who asked Qiu Chan to bring it over. Is there something wrong young miss?"

As Yun Qianyu looked at Qiu Chans eyes she noticed that she seemed calm and truthful; not at all flustered.If Qiu Chan knew something she wouldnt be this calm.

Qiu Chan didnt get involved in this matter.

Yun Qianyu ignored Qiu Chans question but commanded her, "Go get Nanny Jia."

"Yes, young miss."

Qiu Chan was at a loss. She didnt understand what Yun Qianyu was doing.

Not only her, but even Hua Mei couldnt figure out what Yun Qianyu wanted to do. When Qiu Chan went out, Hua Mei asked in a soft voice, "Young miss, whats the matter?"

Shaking her head gently, Yun Qianyu didnt answer Hua Mei but only looked at the door.

Since Nanny Jia had suffered in the hands of Yun Qianyu previously, she became more obedient now. Immediately, Nanny Jia came to see Yun Qianyu.

This time around, Nanny Jia did not dare to act tough. Immediately when Nanny Jia saw Yun Qianyu, she cried bitterly and pleaded, "Young miss, this servant has done wrong. I will never do this again. Please give me a chance."

Ill get my revenge after escaping you!

Sitting at the table, Yun Qianyu spotted the slight change in Nanny Jias expression. Yun Qianyu sarcastically sneered but remained calm.

"Nanny Jia, its not that I dont give you face. You did cross the line previously, how could a servant teach the host how to act? But since youre a servant under the old madam, I cant punish you too severely right? Get up."

After hearing Yun Qianyus words, Nanny Jia became relieved. She sneered and thought,at least youre smart, you little bitxh. But its too late now, Ill surely come back for revenge.

Yun Qianyu didnt catch Nanny Jias sneer, instead, she reached for the bowl of porridge and put it in front of Nanny Jia.

"Here, a reward."

Punishment and reward. This little bitxh has some tactics. She is definitely much smarter than the second miss. HmmmIf only she was born in the belly of madam Liu Shi.

After a sigh, she nodded politely and then began to eat the bowl of porridge.

Anxious, Hua Mei looked on as Nanny Jia consumed the food that was meant for Yun Qianyu.

Hua Mei wanted to speak out but received a glare from Yun Qianyu. In the end, Hua Mei didnt say anything.

After finishing the porridge, she wiped her mouth and said, "Its good, very delicious."

However, just after saying that, her head began to hurt and the bowl fell out from her hand.

Holding her head, Nanny Jia cried out, "My headit hurts so much."

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