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Yin Ruobing looked up at Jiang Yi listlessly. Very faintly, she said, "I won't die. Just listen to me and find a clean house!"

"Okay, okay, okay!"

Jiang Yi nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. He turned a few corners around the nearby street and found an empty house. He quickly flew toward it and used his Rainbow Soul Spear to kill the zombie soldiers outside. The ancient ring on Yin Ruobing's hand lit up and the Willing Heart Shield shot toward the door, blocking it off.

Jiang Yi looked at the door, surprised. He said, "We're not far away from She Fei. Ruobing. Should we run a bit further? If he comes after us, ah I'm to blame for being so useless."

"No matter how far we run, he would still be able to find us."

Yin Ruobing retrieved a recuperation medicine and swallowed it. She shook her head bitterly. "I activated the Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation, so my body will keep releasing the same fragrance. She Fei would be able to find me as long as he followed his sense of smell. Let's not waste any more time. The Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation would only hold him off for about two hours."


The ring on Yin Ruobing's hand lit up once again, and a pink blanket flew out of it. Yin Ruobing's pale cheeks blushed red for a moment as she whispered, "Jiang Yi, lay out the blanket."

"What is this blanket for?"

Jiang Yi was confused, but he did Yin Ruobing's bidding nonetheless. He laid out the thick blanket on the floor and then carried Yin Ruobing over to it. With a concerned tone, he asked, "Ruobing, are you going to use your skills to heal your wounds? Do you need my help?"

Yin Ruobing lay down on the blanket and closed her eyes. Her eyelashes seemed to be trembling as her face flushed a deeper red. Yin Ruobing kept the green armor that she was wearing. After a long while, she finally said, "I do need your help. Jiang Yi, take off my dress."


Jiang Yi blinked, confused. He thought he had misheard her. He trembled, not believing what he just heard. "Ruobing, what did you just say?"

"Take off my dress!"

Yin Ruobing plucked up the courage to open her eyes, but there was still bashfulness in her eyes. "Jiang Yi, you did not mishear me. Just take me!"


Jiang Yi felt like clouds were blocking his mind. For a long time, he did not know how to react. Was Yin Ruobing crazy? The two of them had just spent so much effort trying to escape. She Fei could come after them at any time. She wanted him to take her now? Since when did she become so thirsty? What's more, it just did not seem right for him to do something like that at a time like this.


Yin Ruobing was breathing harder now, and her face was completely red. She was so shy that she did not dare to even make eye contact with Jiang Yi. She waited a long while as Jiang Yi stared blankly at her. Then, she bit her lip and said, "Jiang Yi, listen to me. There is nothing wrong with Ruobing's head, and I have not gone crazy. I know full well what I am doing. I used one of the special mystical abilities of the Fragrant Lady Race to trap She Fei for two hours.

"Once I activate this ability, I need a man to please me. Otherwise, I will die in two hours. What's more, She Fei will come after us by then. We can't escape. Now, the only thing that you can do to help me is taking my body. Absorb my essence and take the special charm of the Fragrant Lady Race. You must then find a way to breakthrough your powers. If you can't defeat She Fei in two hours, we will die. Do you understand?"


Jiang Yi finally understood now, but he could not bring himself to accept it. Yin Ruobing had given so much for him. How could he take her when she was the most vulnerable? He stuttered, "Ruobing, I I"

"Jiang Yi, since when did you become so wishy-washy?"

Yin Ruobing was getting angry now. She sucked in a deep breath to recover some of her essence force. Then, she looked at Jiang Yi very seriously. "Jiang Yi, Ruobing is very willing. Ever since you were Bai Yi, I already took a liking toward you. I was just not sure at the time. Still, I could never forget that charming smile of yours on the Painting Cliffs. You disappeared for two years, and I dreamt of you very often during that time.

"You gave me the 'Flower Fairy' painting in the Divine Sonar Valley. It was then that I finally understoodI was in love with you. But we were just way too different. What you said at the base of the Mystic Divine Mountain finally woke me up. I wanted to live for myself. Although it would be selfish, I have already made up my mind. I don't want to regret this for the rest of my life. I want to follow you around to the ends of the earth. I want to follow you for the rest of my life, unless you don't want me, Jiang Yi. Would you take me?"

As Yin Ruobing spoke, two streams of tears fell from her eyes. Her face was no longer red. Instead, it had turned pale once again. It made Jiang Yi's heart ache to look at her like this.

Jiang Yi listened as Yin Ruobing bore her heart out to him. He was so moved that he could not think straight. He forced himself not to cry. Instead, he continued gazing into Yin Ruobing's eyes. Then, he nodded furiously. "Yes, yes, yes! Ruobing, I want you. I will marry you. I will take care of you, protect you, and love you for the rest of my life!"

A woman, a prestigious young lady, an incomparable beauty, an amazing lady!

She was willing to set down her status, her pride, her clan, and everybody close to her for his sake. She gave up her reputation and was willing to be cursed for the rest of her life, with no regard for the danger that awaited her. She set her heart on following him to the ends of the earth, wandering with no real home to call their owneven to the point of death. If she could give up so much for him and if Jiang Yi still hesitated, he would not be fit to be called a human being.

He tightened his grip on Yin Ruobing's hand and sucked in a deep breath. Through gritted teeth, he said, "Ruobing, IJiang Yiswear today that I will never let you down for the rest of our lives. I will work hard forever to make the Yin Clan accept us. The Yin Clan will one day be proud of your decision!"

"This is the man I love!"

Yin Ruobing forced a smile. She seemed to have recalled something as she closed her eyes and blushed once again. Very gently, she said, "Jiang Yi, make full use of the time. I've tried my best. Whether we can survive or not is all dependent on you now. Of course, even if we die together, I will have no regrets. Jiang Yi, make Ruobing your woman"


On hearing her last sentence, something in Jiang Yi's brain snapped. He used his hands to undo Yin Ruobing's belt and unbuckle her dress. Very gently, he pulled it downward. The moment he took off her dress, Jiang Yi felt his heart thud. Yin Ruobing's breathing was becoming more labored. Her handsmooth as a jadegripped tight on the blanket, almost ripping it.

Jiang Yi held his breath. With his trembling hand, he pulled off her undergarmentthe last piece of clothing shielding her body. He exposed her naked body to the room. Yin Ruobing's body trembled as two streaks of tears flowed down her cheeks.

"You're so perfect. You're heaven's masterpiece"

Jiang Yi was dumbfounded. As he took in her naked body, he could no longer breathe. Yin Ruobing's body was way too perfect. Her skin was white and flawless, like rouge made only in heaven. What's more, every inch of her skin emanated a gentle fragrance, which activated Jiang Yi's innate lust and desire.

"Ruobing, I I'm coming"

Jiang Yi stuttered. He quickly took his robe off and swallowed his saliva. He was quite sexually experienced, but at that moment, he felt so nervous that one would think he was a virgin. He suddenly forgot what to do and forgot where to begin.

Yin Ruobing's breathing quickened. Her blood coursed through her veins, and she bit her lip until it started bleeding. In a voice loud enough for only mosquitos to hear, she whispered, "Jiang Lang[1], be gentle with me. I'm very weak now, and I'm afraid of pain!"

[1] Lang is an intimate way that a wife addresses her husband in Mandarin.

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Consider It 701 Re Establishmen 702 Is There Anyone Else That Isnt Convinced? 703 Quick Change Of Situations 704 Huge Business 705 Selling Thunder Stones 706 Grand Be 707 Stake Everything On The Line 708 Let Me Play With Your Head 709 Seal Stone 710 A Sudden Turn 711 Mystic Realm 712 Power Of Thunderbolts 713 Goodbye 714 Kill Four Birds With One Stone 715 There Was A Big Problem 716 Black Wind Legion 717 Heaven Fate Ship 718 Venturing The Mountains 719 Take Him Out 720 Chaotic Battle 721 Fight The Battle Alone 722 Dao Pattern Fusion 723 Thunder Fire Divine Shield 724 Not Even One Of You Shall Escape 725 This Chief Wants You Dead 726 Sky Turning Cauldron 727 Young Master Lin 728 Spend Generously 729 Dream Ripple Dress 730 I Dont Feel Honored 731 Wind Shadow Cloak 732 Spiritual Connecting Cardinal Treasure 733 Artifact Spiri 734 Have Fun Killing 735 Fight Him Defeat Him And Kill Him 736 Go To The Sky Thunder City To Catch Him 737 Shes Protecting Jiang Yi 738 Executed On The Spo 739 20 Years Old 740 Arrival Of Esteemed Guests 741 Live For A Hundred Years 742 Openly Asking For The Woman 743 Lone Wolf And The Others.. Escaped 744 You Must Survive 745 Illusion Moon Stone 746 Human Shaped Treasure Demon 747 Young Master.. You Really Are A Genius 748 Heaven Painting 749 Sky High Price 750 Painting Skill 751 Brush Stopping Ink Drying 752 Purple Dragon City 753 Gods Bestow Island I Am Coming 754 The Maniac Chasing The Thunderbol 755 Five Star High Grade Dao Pattern 756 I Am A Very Reasonable Person 757 Gods Bestow Island 758 It Was A Robbery 759 Gods Sob 760 Sobbing Of The Gods? 761 Absolutely Impossible 762 yearning Sorrow Passion 763 I Shall End Your Dog Life 764 Gods Bestow Festival 765 Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place 766 Demon Race Princess 767 Five Five Five 768 Heaven Paintings As The Finale 769 sorrow 770 Huangfu Taotian Makes His Move 771 Wealthy Willful 772 Purple Soul Bells 773 I.. Admire Her Very Much 774 Pearl Of Life 775 No.555 Again 776 Lunatic 777 My Gratitude Cannot Be Expressed With Words 778 It Is Good To Stir Up Some Trouble 779 As Though Theyd Known Each Other All Along 780 Who Cares About Nobility? 781 Nangong Qiling 782 Star Sphere Transformation 783 Demigod 784 The Art Emperor Has To Die 785 Mystic Realm 786 Power Of Wind? Power Of Destruction? 787 Exposed Identity 788 Duel 789 Primal Chaos Iron Ruler 790 Nine Revolution Scarlet Blood Elixir 791 Sky Devouring Wind Dragon 792 Sounds Of Wind? Ghost Voice? Soul Sword? 793 Lu Lin Dead 794 Primal Chaos Iron Ruler And Mother Earth Armor.. Are Mine 795 Divine Sound Heaven Skill 796 As Ambitious As A Tiger 797 Come Up And Fight With Me 798 Lei Qiyan Die 799 An Unexpected Change 800 Reverse Time Flow 801 Situ Ao 802 One Wrong Move Is Followed By Multiple Wrong Moves 803 Beat Them At Their Own Game 804 Virtuosic 805 Battle Maniac 806 Kill All The Hostages 807 Heaven Dome Quake 808 The Sky Was Pierced Through 809 Take Advantage Of The Crisis 810 Assembled Attack 811 Union Of Man And Saber 812 Brothers 813 Qian Wanguans Capability 814 I Will Risk Everything 815 Tingyu Is Very Disappointed 816 Destined Nemesis 817 Crazy Idea 818 A Womans Heart Is The Most Vicious 819 Snatch 820 Uninvited 821 This Chief Will Not Stay In This Gods Bestow Tribe Anymore 822 Nangong Qiling 823 Battle Spatial Zone 824 Woman 825 All In Vain 826 This Woman Asked For This 827 Secret Power 828 Everything Goes Well 829 Where Is Young Master Jiang Yi? 830 The Grand Wedding 831 Jiang Yi Making The Move 832 Jiang Yi You Have Gone Overboard This Time 833 Fury Of Thunder 834 Void Dissolution 835 Spies 836 Situ Aos Boldness 837 Smelting Divine Bell 838 Soul Pressing Sound 839 Old Dog How Old Are You? 840 Kid It Has Been A Long Time 841 Mind Reading Technique 842 Golden Token Of Immunity 843 The Final Victor 844 Could Jiang Yi Actually Do It? 845 Funeral 846 Heaven Fox Continen 847 Impressive Sights Of The Deep Sea 848 White Fox Race 849 Tuoba Ning 850 Little Foxs Evolution 851 Demon Empress Found 852 Black Fox Thearch 853 Am I Dreaming? 854 Reinforcements 855 World Extinguishing Black Dragon Waves 856 Mystic Martial City 857 Titled Demon Sovereigns 858 Get The Mystic Divine Palace 859 Fire Snake Orchid 860 Golden Crow Mystic Realm 861 Ao Lus Fury 862 Insane Idea 863 Temptation Is Emptiness 864 Mirage Divine Ability 865 Influence 866 Sorrowful Parting 867 Wreak Your Head 868 Zhan Wushuangs Reques 869 Bells Jingling 870 Sin Sea 871 Tantai Shi 872 Uncle Is A Good Person 873 Butterfly Lady Race 874 Top Ten Divine Furnaces 875 Astral Wind 876 Honey Trap 877 Encountering Bandits 878 All Get Los 879 The Wolf Fang City 880 Crisis 881 Three Ways 882 The Tang Clan 883 Secret Cultivation Room 884 Comprehending Influence 885 Yi Chan Choosing A Husband 886 There Is News 887 Shouldnt Have Returned 888 Trouble Arriving 889 Get Out 890 Mystic Thearch Blood Vow 891 Kill This Old Dog 892 Black Flag Army 893 I Will Kill You 894 Qi Tianchen 895 Dance Of The Butterfly 896 Gathering Of Experts 897 Purgatory Ruin 898 Old Friends 899 Ji Tingyu Finally Appeared 900 Buddha Emperor 901 I Am Not Interested In Women 902 Big Trouble 903 City Remains 904 Encounter With Yin Ruobing Again 905 Fragrant Lady Race 906 This Is A Trick 907 Wind Absolute Valley 908 Jewel Divine Silkworm 909 I Cannot Sell My Body 910 I Am Bisexual 911 Lava Lake 912 Intercept And Steal 913 It Was A Faked Demon Sovereign 914 Killed Instantly 915 Found Ji Tingyu 916 Divine Temple 917 Do Not Be Overly Greedy 918 Do It Or Not? 919 Hall Of Astral Winds 920 Generational Prodigy 921 Sky King Palace 922 Ancient Divine Passage 923 Rushing For The Ancient Artifac 924 You Will Be The Dictator 925 She Fei Time To Die 926 Bai Yi Drenched In Demonic Blood 927 You Cant Kill This Man 928 Kill Him 929 Yi Fragrance Pavilion 930 Smelting Divine Furnace 931 The Yin Clan Also Highly Values You 932 I Will Never See Him Again In This Life 933 Get Up Here 934 Duel 935 Six Star Dao Pattern 936 Judgment Wind Blade 937 Mysterious Elder 938 You Still Have A Very Very Long Path 939 Painting Cliffs 940 Do Not Be Rude 941 Women Are Poisonous 942 Destructive Aurora 943 Who Is He? 944 Devils Smile 945 Smelting Divine Demon Flames 946 Tang Xue And Tang Yan 947 Xue Yi? Bai Yi? Hei Yi? 948 Plan To Kill 949 Camel Mountain 950 Survival Or Death It Shall Be Revealed 951 Starting At Any Momen 952 Slaughter 953 He Is Finally Here 954 Pursui 955 When Clashing Face To Face With An Enemy A Victor Shall Emerge 956 Insane Idea 957 Invading The City 958 Life Is Full Of Sighs 959 Pursuit From Four Clans 960 Su Ruoxue Missing 961 Heaven Hidden Sec 962 Cleansing The Four Regions With Blood 963 Covering The Sky With An Enormous Ne 964 Anger 965 Fourteen Cities In Seven Days 966 North Queen 967 All Cities Raising White Flags 968 I Want The Ancient Artifac 969 Exchange 970 Ambush 971 Stupa Mountain 972 Ants Shaking The Heavens 973 Thousand Miles Of Scorched Earth 974 Using Strength To Overpower Intelligence 975 Savage Snow Region 976 Swearing An Oath 977 Traveling Up North 978 Snow Region Ten Sects 979 Mo Xing 980 Ice Sea 981 Dwarf Race 982 Power Of Ice And Snow 983 Heaven Devil Sects Sacred Lady 984 Rise Of A Great Battle 985 This Kid Is A Little.. Unusual 986 Icy Snow Dao Pattern 987 Heaven Hidden Sects Disciples? 988 I Am Jiang Yi 989 I Swear To Destroy Your Sect 990 Soul Devouring Ice Dragon 991 Icebound Thousand Miles 992 Soul Cleansing Pool 993 Predestination 994 Chaotic Battle 995 Jolting Kill Through Air 996 Massacre 997 How Dare You 998 Kill This Person 999 Heaven Devil Palace 1000 Let Her Self Immolate 1001 Battle Halls Deputy Elder 1002 Mo Shen 1003 Upper Tier Heaven Monarch 1004 Innocent Young Man 1005 Eight Star Dao Pattern 1006 A Bunch Of Fools 1007 We Meet Again 1008 So Near Yet So Far 1009 Not Enough 1010 The Phantom Race 1011 Surrounded 1012 This Is A Set Up 1013 Hes Jiang Yi 1014 All To Remain 1015 Annihilation 1016 Indeed I Saw 1017 Taking Advantage Of A Troubled Situation 1018 Mantis Blade Sec 1019 Murder Someone With A Borrowed Knife 1020 What A Brave Warrior 1021 Stealing Food From The Tigers Mouth 1022 Attaining The Core 1023 A Talent From The Sec 1024 God Spiri 1025 Dance Between Ice And Fire 1026 Change Of The Soul Sword 1027 Rainbow Soul Spear 1028 Act Turning Into Reality 1029 Love Is The Greatest Poison 1030 I Swear 1031 Peak Of The Heaven Monarch Realm 1032 Turning Heaven And Earth Upside Down 1033 Indeed He Was Not From The Dwarf Race 1034 Luring The Snake Out Of The Cave 1035 Knowing That The Tiger Was In The Mountain 1036 Troops Arriving At The Base Of The Mountain 1037 The Start Of A Great Battle 1038 Big Fish Appears 1039 Qiu Shan Will Surely Die 1040 Youve Been Tricked 1041 Die Qiu Shan 1042 Divinity Descending To The Mortal World 1043 Fight Till The Death 1044 Unlucky Star 1045 Saint Empress 1046 The Demon Killing Seal 1047 I Can Give You Everything 1048 Departure 1049 Yin Ruobings Engagemen 1050 You Finally Appeared 1051 Reliance Awls 1052 Sonar Thearch 1053 Heart Of Zen 1054 Something Foolish 1055 Young Masters Great Kindness 1056 This Feeling Is So Good 1057 Hidden Astral Body 1058 Divine Sonar Valley 1059 The Hero And The Beauty 1060 Huge Opportunity 1061 Blowing A Leaf 1062 A Musical Genius 1063 Young Master Jiang Yi 1064 Dirty Rascal 1065 Old Bastard 1066 Flower Fairy 1067 Little Master Uncle 1068 Gouging Ones Own Eyes 1069 Three Thousand Great Daos 1070 Cuckold 1071 You Dare To Try? 1072 Fairy Lady Race 1073 Kill Yi San 1074 Old Eunuch 1075 You Must Die 1076 Being Chased 1077 Blood Debt Seal 1078 Nobody Can Live 1079 New Sain 1080 I Hardly Readdont Lie To Me 1081 You Must Come Back For Us 1082 The Road To Heaven 1083 Yin Baiyi 1084 Yi Chan Causing Trouble 1085 I Do Not Have Any Other Choice 1086 Hard To Part With 1087 A Joke 1088 Talking About Zen 1089 Won Over 1090 I Want To Back Out Of The Wedding 1091 You Want A Date? 1092 Road Of Azure Clouds 1093 Bastard Dog 1094 Trials Of Wind And Fire 1095 Young Lady Assassin 1096 You Can Come Down Now 1097 A Golden Millet Dream 1098 If Im Not A Crazy Fiend I Would Not Live 1099 Give In To Him? 1100 Ill Bring You To The Netherworld 1101 Wind Soul Chaser 1102 Running Crazily 1103 Jiang Yi We Meet Again 1104 Blood Thearch Armor 1105 Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation 1106 Im Afraid Of Pain 1107 Death Gods Summons 1108 Overpowering Sonar Wave 1109 Old Joke 1110 Gathering Of Martial Experts 1111 Evil Spirit Ridge 1112 Ruobing Wait For Me 1113 Pig Faced Monkey Bodied 1114 I Understand 1115 Perfect Fusion Of The Astral Winds 1116 Pure Heart And Spiri 1117 A Big Gamble 1118 Cruel Rules 1119 A Mistake 1120 Thatched House 1121 You Broke The Rules 1122 Sorry I Just Cant Do It 1123 Ten Thousand Saints Domain 1124 Intelligent Weapon And Battle Armor 1125 Lets Wait For A While 1126 Six Thearchs Attacking 1127 I Am Jiang Yi.. I Am Not Afraid Either 1128 Lets Drink Tea Together Some Other Day 1129 Jiang Yis Confidence 1130 Do You Want To Fight Or Make Peace 1131 Bearing Infamy For A Lifetime 1132 Old Zhan 1133 Overcoming An Insurmountable Obstacle 1134 Impending Calamity 1135 The Buddha Thearch 1136 Not In The Stellarsky Domain 1137 Big Trouble 1138 The Unlucky Star Returns 1139 Talisman Poison 1140 Most Beloved Person 1141 This Is Nothing 1142 The Secret Of The Fire Dragon Sword 1143 Where Is Wanguan? 1144 Old Opponen 1145 Zhan Wudi 1146 Uncontrolled Bird 1147 Human Tragedy 1148 Depraved And Crazed 1149 The Mastermind 1150 A Big Shocking Secre 1151 The Netherworld 1152 I Also Know It Is The Work Of Men 1153 Complicated And Confusing 1154 As Rumors Fly Demons Dance 1155 Did The Evil Thearch Have A Death Wish? 1156 Drenching Evil Thearch City In Blood 1157 Misunderstanding? 1158 Wait 1159 Beast Thearch City 1160 A Game Of Chess 1161 Divine Lock Array 1162 Its Ao Lu? 1163 Something Had Happened To My Grandfather 1164 Night Sea 1165 Are You Going To Give Way Or Not? 1166 Collecting Yi Chans Corpse 1167 Stupa City 1168 Going Solo 1169 After Matters 1170 Inescapable Situation 1171 Xiao Yi Is Useless 1172 Its Ao Lu 1173 The Holy Revenge War 1174 Thearchs Reques 1175 Using Brute Force To Break The Formation 1176 Xing Mengwan 1177 Live And Die With The Island 1178 The End Of Sin Island 1179 The World Is A Chess Game 1180 Power Of Heaven And Earth 1181 Like A Moth To A Flame 1182 The Divinity Slayer 1183 Toward Endless Deep Sea 1184 She Probably Comes From A Higher Domain 1185 If You Have To Blame Someone Blame Your Mystic Thearch 1186 Breaking Your Tortoise Shell 1187 All The Bad Guys Have To Die 1188 Nine Star Dao Pattern 1189 The Heavens Will Not Tolerate You 1190 Your Young Master? 1191 Infamy For Ten Thousand Years 1192 This Person Cannot Be Left Alive 1193 Divine Artifact Battle Armor 1194 Evil Thearch Die 1195 Rising To Fame After One Battle 1196 Dont Make This Lass Your Enemy 1197 How Could A Man Not Give His All For A Beautiful Woman To Whom He Was Indebted? 1198 Thats Mine.. 1199 Ill Let You Swallow A Bun 1200 Congealing A God Spiri 1201 Black Seas Mystic Realm 1202 Black Fish Sea Demons 1203 Chiefs Of The Black Sea 1204 Succubus Race 1205 Submit Or Die 1206 Strong Taste 1207 An Insurmountable Obstacle 1208 We Will Go Together If We Must 1209 This Chief Wants You Broken 1210 Strange Space 1211 The Biggest Joke In The World 1212 This Emperor Wants You Broken 1213 Red Whisk Dress 1214 Green Snakes 1215 A Tribe 1216 Savages 1217 The Buddha Thearch Had Been Caugh 1218 Tribes Saint Emperor 1219 Little Savage 1220 Bone Soup 1221 Pries 1222 Huge Wind 1223 Chui Kuang 1224 You Have Been Tricked 1225 You Are Mine From Now Onwards 1226 The Masterminds Identity 1227 This Is Bad 1228 Leader 1229 Human Race Alliance 1230 Ghost Elixir 1231 The Only Exi 1232 The Second Holy War 1233 Bottom Line 1234 Fight The Battle Alone 1235 Splendidly Done 1236 Entering The Wrong Place 1237 Seeing The Buddha Thearch 1238 Fight To The Death 1239 Heaven Nether Sect Patriarch 1240 Card Up Ones Sleeve 1241 Yu Wen 1242 A Last Crazed Act 1243 He Missed? 1244 Young Lord 1245 Void Ancient Path 1246 Big Killing Weapon 1247 Yi Piaopiaos Whereabouts 1248 Soaring Above The Nine Heavens 1249 Higher Domain Mystical Ability 1250 The Second Holy War Begins 1251 Mystic Martial City Break 1252 Jiang Yi Take Revenge For Me 1253 Victory 1254 I Believe He Can Come Back 1255 Yi Chans Breakthrough 1256 Abnormal Innate Talents 1257 Meteorite Killing Formation 1258 Path Of Death 1259 Where Is The North Thearch? 1260 Majesty Father Has Been Waiting For You For A Long Time 1261 Strange Things Must Have A Catch 1262 I Will Play With You 1263 Showdown 1264 Xing Mos Reliability 1265 Heaven Nether Divine Formation 1266 The Most Powerful Attack 1267 Stellarsky Domains Overlord 1268 North Thearch Dead 1269 Smelting Divine Demon Flames 1270 The Real Battle 1271 Not Acting According To Plan 1272 The Big Killing Weapon 1273 Overlord Demon 1274 Where Did You Get Your Sword From? 1275 Ignorant Bra 1276 Paths Of Death 1277 Go And Look For The Mystic Thearch And Yi Piaopiao 1278 Secret Of The Fire Dragon Sword 1279 Jiang Thearch 1280 Crazy 1281 Earth Elemental Dao Pattern 1282 Ultimate Dao Pattern 1283 Jiang Thearch Please Accept Me As Your Spirit Beas 1284 Congealing A Divine Core 1285 True God 1286 A New Journey 1287 Earth Emanations Domain 1288 Divine Boa 1289 Earth Emanations Pavilion Battle God Pavilion Demon Killing Pavilion 1290 Hard Blow 1291 Primitive Grade Chaos Beas 1292 God Bandits 1293 Divine Eagle City 1294 Appraisal 1295 I Bet They Will Definitely Die 1296 First Battle Victorious 1297 Encountering A Chaos Beas 1298 A Wolf In Front And A Tiger At The Back 1299 Strange Flames 1300 Destroying Chaos Beasts 1301 Let Me Borrow Your Head 1302 Demon Killing Battle General 1303 Sister Mei 1304 Jiang Xiaonu Found 1305 Assassination Mission 1306 Fire Cultivating Dao 1307 Merged Flames 1308 Black Market Castle 1309 Taking The Unorthodox Path 1310 Beheaded 1311 Clever Tongue 1312 Luo Qingyan 1313 Feeling Of Belonging 1314 Rather Die Than Submit 1315 Mighty God Technique 1316 Falsification 1317 Forced Buying Forced Selling 1318 Transaction 1319 Bai 1320 Art Of Concealmen 1321 Not Acting Logically 1322 The Hunt Begins 1323 Thunderbolt Rock 1324 That Lad.. Had Disappeared 1325 Fleeing 1326 You Are Jiang Yi 1327 The Big Fish Takes The Bai 1328 You Are A Retard 1329 Ancient Grade Chaos Beas 1330 Luo Ting Die 1331 Jiang Yi Must Die 1332 Golden Geocentric Flames 1333 Are You Reinforcements Sent By The Monkey? 1334 God King Soul Slave 1335 I Want Proof 1336 Master Are You Crazy? 1337 Slowly My Foot 1338 Enemy Attack 1339 Name Your Request 1340 Mad Dog 1341 Lord Xiao Di 1342 Important Men 1343 Weird Fragrance 1344 Decimation 1345 You Wont Shed Tears Until You See The Coffin 1346 Beaten The Eagle For So Many Years And Now Its Biting Back 1347 Free Bodyguards 1348 Blue Lion City 1349 A Blood Storm 1350 Green Eagle King