Witch Brigade image
Witch BrigadeBook 2 Chapter 484 988K reads one year ago
Earth In The Age Of Pokemon image
Earth In The Age Of PokemonChapter 967 983.7K reads 12 months ago
Broad World image
Broad WorldChapter 994 905.9K reads one year ago
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Earth Through The AgesChapter 2253 905.7K reads one year ago
Robust Mage In One Piece image
Robust Mage In One PieceChapter 510 877.2K reads 3 months ago
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Mage AdamChapter 575 788.3K reads one year ago
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The Cursed ShipChapter 833 659.1K reads 7 months ago
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Heavenly Book EvolutionChapter 1045 595.7K reads one year ago
Demon Kings Repayment image
Demon Kings RepaymentChapter 133 591.8K reads 2 years ago
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Fantasy PointsChapter 38 546.6K reads one year ago
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Tanky Mage SystemChapter 541 533.4K reads one year ago
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Hunting CollegeBook 5 Chapter 290 478.7K reads one year ago
Wizard image
WizardChapter 1830 395.7K reads one year ago
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The Wizards Fairy TaleChapter 592 358.1K reads 2 years ago
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Create The Age Of MagicBook 320.4K reads 2 years ago
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Warlock WarBook 2 Chapter 1004 287.4K reads one year ago
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Master Of ThermodynamicsChapter 1013 255.3K reads one year ago
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Hogwarts Blood WizardChapter 1039 211.1K reads 3 months ago