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"Today is a happy day. In the past year, our company has achieved dazzling results, and its profit has tripled..." On the stage illuminated by the colorful lights, Wu Rui, the CEO of Tianxun Internet Technology Co., Ltd., is giving a speech.

He is only twenty-eight years old, but he is already the CEO of a company with a market value of hundreds of millions. He has a degree from a prestigious overseas school, has a strong family background, and is handsome in appearance. He is highly sought after by women and is a young talent.

In the audience, hundreds of employees of Tianxun Internet Technology Co., Ltd. sat around the table, looking at the stage with different expressions.

Today is the day of the Tianxun companys annual meeting. As usual, the companys business will be summarized and celebrations will be held.

"Well speaking, Wu's total sentences are the essence, let us inspire as if!" The glossy department manager Wang Dahai clapped vigorously, catering to Wu Rui's speech.

Looking at him like that, even if Wu Rui fart, he can take a deep breath and praise: "It's really good, it's delicious!"

"Applause, all applause! What are you still doing?" Wang Dahai urged the surrounding employees, and the employees could only applaud in a false way.

Only one person stood still, playing mobile games with his head down.

That person is a newcomer who joined this year, Xia Chengfeng. He is 1.80 meters tall and handsome in appearance. He is a game designer for the company.

When Wang Dahai saw him, his face was unhappy, he reminded: "Xia Chengfeng, what occasion? Are you still playing with your mobile phone?"

"Annual meeting." Xia Chengfeng looked up at him and replied.

"What is the annual meeting?" Wang Dahai asked.

"Let the staff relax, do I have a problem with my mobile phone?" Xia Chengfeng asked back.

"You..." Wang Dahai couldn't refute, but he still felt very upset and could only say, "Everyone, leave him alone."

Xia Chengfeng didn't bother to care about these people. Originally, the annual meeting was for the employees to relax, but it turned out to be the same as a review meeting.

Everyone took the stage to self-review, and vowed to work harder next year so that the bosses could change their cars and buy new houses!

Moreover, the female employees of the company should wear **** costumes and perform dances for the leaders; the following lottery session will give benefits to the seniors, and their ordinary employees can't get a hair.

For such a foul-smelling annual meeting, Xia Chengfeng didn't bother to take care of them.

He is at ease playing the mobile game he downloaded not long ago"The Cavern World".

This is a survival farming game. At the beginning, players must survive in an underground world. The way to survive is to dig holes everywhere, look for materials in other holes, and improve their base camp.

After more than half a year of conquering, Xia Chengfeng already knows this game very well.

Game reminder: "The game will be maintained after 30 minutes, and the public beta will be opened at that time. You ranked first in the closed beta, and you will be rewarded with a mysterious gift package. Please pay attention to check it."

"No. 1 in the internal test?" Xia Chengfeng was very surprised. He always thought this was a stand-alone game and had never encountered other players in the game.

And this game does not say anything about the internal or public beta.

"Follow him, the public beta should be more fun, and there is a gift package, don't do it for nothing." Xia Chengfeng thought.

The annual meeting is still going on. After Wu Rui delivered his speech, the hall was greeted with applause.

Wu Rui smiled and said: "Today the company also specially invited the famous singing actress-Miss Bai Yuwei to sing for everyone, please welcome everyone!"

"Oh my god, it's Bai Yuwei!" The scene immediately boiled, Bai Yuwei was a singer who became popular as soon as she debuted.

was an instant hit on the talent show with her mellow singing voice like a nightingale and her face like a fairy. Bai Yuwei is currently one of the most popular female singers, and even Xia Chengfeng couldn't help but look up.

The long legs that are as white as jasper are printed first, followed by an elegant cheongsam in blue and white porcelain style, which outlines charming curves.

is 169 centimeters tall, with down-hanging hair, lightly hooked eyebrows, eyes like a bright moon, and a small smile on the face of the traditional Chinese goose egg.

"Hello everyone, this is Bai Yuwei." As soon as Bai Yuwei took the stage, there were screams and cheers.

Not to mention ordinary employees, even the high-level employees of the company, including Wu Rui, have their sights on her.

"In response to your company's kind invitation, I will sing a song for everyone..." Bai Yuwei began to sing, the bass is tactfully, the treble is clear, arousing applause.

"Now when I give you fifteen minutes, I can take a photo with Miss Bai Yuwei!" Wu Rui announced.

Immediately, a large number of employees swarmed up to take pictures with Bai Yuwei.

"Xia Chengfeng, won't you go?" the colleague next to him asked.

"Where are you going? I don't chase stars." Xia Chengfeng shrugged and said.

"That's Bai Yuwei!" The colleague said excitedly, "Goddess of the nation!"

Xia Chengfeng smiled and said, "What does that have to do with us? It's not a person of the world."

He has a very clear understanding of himself. Even if he takes a photo, a national goddess like Bai Yuwei will forget him in the next second, so why waste time?

"Yes, it is estimated that only people like Mr. Wu can be friends with her." The colleague said with emotion, "There are some things that are really not available at birth, and it will be difficult to have them in the future. Mr. Wu's father is worth nearly 100 billion. !"

"Be careful to speak, don't talk about Mr. Wu behind your back!" Wang Dahai whispered.

Fifteen minutes passed quickly, and those who took photos with Bai Yuwei were actually company leaders, and those small employees had no chance to go up.

After sang, Xia Chengfeng saw that Wu Rui directly followed Bai Yuwei's assistant to the backstage.

"Miss Bai, what you just sang was really good!" Wu Rui complimented.

"So so, thank you Mr. Wu." Bai Yuwei said politely.

"Miss Bai, we will have a reception later. I sincerely invite you to attend. Of course, the appearance fee is extra, and all are planned according to the highest standards..." Wu Rui is indeed very interested in Bai Yuwei, he has asked about it a long time ago.

Bai Yuwei is also a rich lady. She has studied vocal music since she was a child. Therefore, her family background and personal are very clean. She is only 19 years old, young, beautiful and talented. It would be a pity to miss such a woman.

"Mr. Wu, I'm a little tired..." Bai Yuwei was about to decline, and the assistant on the side said quickly: "Mr. Wu, let's take a break, and we will definitely be there later!"

Its very clear to help the ideals. This President Wus background is not simple. How many people want to cling to it is impossible to cling to it. With such an opportunity, it is a fool to refuse!

"But I really feel uncomfortable..." Bai Yuwei just finished speaking, and suddenly she disappeared!

Not only her, everyone here suddenly disappeared!

At this moment, Xia Chengfeng heard a reminder in his mind: "The public beta of "The Catacombs World" has been opened. Select players, all human beings."

His eyes were dark, as if he had come to a world of nothingness.

The prompt voice is still ringing: "This is a cave world full of underground caves. There are secrets everywhere, but what you have to do is to survive!"

"You need to dig underground caves to obtain survival supplies. Everyone has only one chance to survive. Failure means death and disappears from this world forever!"

"In this world, opportunities are equal, and all the identities and resources of the previous world do not exist here!"

"There may be living supplies in the cave, or there may be danger, please choose carefully!"

"Each cave is wrapped by a space bubble. When the space bubble bursts, the cave will collapse and disappear. Everyone has a movable space bubble that can be used to build a survival base and store supplies."

"Everyone has an opportunity to choose Demon Soul. Demon Soul will bring you a basic talent, which is very important for your growth. Please choose carefully!"

"If you have other questions, please check the game panel."

When the prompt disappeared, Xia Chengfeng found that he had appeared in a confined space.

This is a narrow space no more than five meters in length, width, and height. The space is surrounded by black soil.

There is a layer of luminous film on the soil, which is probably the so-called space bubble, which supports this space to maintain its original shape in the underground world.

There is a certain amount of air in this space, and the space bubbled film provides light, but Xia Chengfeng still has a very depressed feeling, because there are no doors, no windows, and no way to escape!

In the center of the hole, there is an arm-length shovel.

"This is the world of Catacombs? I came to the game world? And all mankind came to this world?" Xia Chengfeng doubted life.

He pinched himself, the pain was clear, and the marks were obvious. UU reading www.uukanshu.com is obviously not dreaming!

At this moment, a panel appeared in front of his eyes with his personal information written on it.

"Name: Xia Chengfeng."

"Age: 22."

"Race: Human."

"Strength: weak creatures."

"Physical strength: 10."

"Status: Normal."

"Devil Soul: Nothing yet."

"Talent: Not available yet."

"Living Space: Not opened yet."

"Warehouse: blank."

System prompt: "Please start to choose your demon soul immediately!"

"Devil Soul!" When Xia Chengfeng heard this word, his whole body was agitated. In "The Cavern World", the Demon Soul is a very important thing.

Each player must integrate a demon soul in order to perceive the special energy of this world.

It is said that the Demon Soul is the soul fragment of the ancient powerful creature. After the Demon Soul is merged, it will get some unique talents.

And this talent is especially important in survival in the cave. It is a life-saving means for players when they are weak, and a weapon when they are strong!

The description of ten demons appeared in front of Xia Chengfeng's eyes. Each player can only choose one of ten random demons at first.

[Warrior's Soul (1 star): Has a natural ability-fearless blood, which can improve your own defense.

Knights Soul (one star): Possessing the innate ability-an anthem of bravery, which can increase your own strength.

Soul of the Wizard (one star): Possess the natural ability-elemental affinity, which can perceive elemental power.


Xia Chengfeng watched them all, and directly locked the eighth of them.

Soul of Shattered (one star): Possess the innate ability-Shattered Evil Eye, which can decompose matter.

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