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Han Fei had been cultivating on the 148th floor for two days before a sneaky-looking little fatty appeared at the end of his vision.

Seeing Han Fei, Cao Qiu jumped up and waved at him. "I am here, I am here."

Han Fei ran to him warmly and reached out a hand.

Cao Qiu: "???"

Han Fei asked, "Have you gotten any Soul Crystals?"

Cao Qiu glanced at Han Fei blankly. "No!"

Han Fei immediately retracted his avid gaze coldly. "Haven't you been to the 148th floor before? Why did you arrive so late?"

Cao Qiu was surprised. "It took me only three days to arrive! When did you arrive?"

Han Fei simply said, "I arrived on the first day"

Cao Qiu's body stiffened for a while and then his chubby face drooped. "Sure enough, you people! All the same"

"In what way?"

Cao Qiu snorted. "Nothing, where is Xia Xiaochan?"

Han Fei said with a serious face, "It's Xie Xiaoan."

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Chapter 231: Visiting the Village Leader Chapter 232: Try Next Year Chapter 233: The Unknown Land of the Ordinary Fishery Chapter 234: Sea Quelling Painting Chapter 235: Spirit-Absorbing Centipede Chapter 236: Your Struggle Is Useless Chapter 237: Old Jiang Disappeared Chapter 238: Nine Tails Chapter 239: A Different Outlook Chapter 240: Back to School Chapter 241: Black River Chamber of Commerce Chapter 242: Admission Season Chapter 243: An Academy of Monsters Chapter 244: A New Member Chapter 245: Another New Member Chapter 246: The Third Brocade Sachet Chapter 247: Let Go! Chapter 248: Purple Sand Eel Tendon Chapter 249: Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow Chapter 250: Set Off For the Fiery Mountain Chapter 251: Triops Chapter 252: Phantom Fish Tide Chapter 253: A Quick Method of Boosting Spiritual Perception Chapter 254: I've Got the Treasure Map! Chapter 255: Underwater Devil Chapter 256: Creating Fear Chapter 257: Surrender Or Die Chapter 258: Sixth in the Top 100 Chapter 259: Mist Hidden Grass Chapter 260: Hunting and Being Hunted Chapter 261: Charge of the Silver Fish Chapter 262: Ambush Chapter 263: Xia Xiaochan, the Greatest Troublemaker Chapter 264: Sword Manipulation Art Chapter 265: Entrance Test Chapter 266: Attack First Chapter 267: Purpose of the Fiery Mountain Tokens Chapter 268: Burning Chains Chapter 269: Star Fire Pavilion Chapter 270: Combat Skill Steles Chapter 271: Fish Avatar Technique Chapter 272: Fish Fire Chapter 273: Reach For The Stars Chapter 274: Let's Fight Chapter 275: The Masked Man Chapter 276: You Even Attacked Yourself?! Chapter 277: I Don't Care Who You Are Chapter 278: Battle of Experts Chapter 279: One Attack to Shake the Sky Chapter 280: End of the Trial Chapter 281: More Farming To Do Chapter 282: The Saber Sutra Chapter 283: Blown Up Chapter 284: Is There an Ocean In the Soul? Chapter 285: Give Up? Chapter 286: Thrilling Roller Coaster Chapter 287: You'd Better Not Regret It Chapter 288: Becoming A Peak-Level Great Fishing Master Chapter 289: The Fourth Brocade Sachet Chapter 290: Strange Circles in the Plantation Chapter 291: Merciless Lobsters Chapter 292: Naked Meeting Chapter 293: Advancement To Be a Dangling Fisher Chapter 294: Map of the Level-Three Fishery Chapter 295: About the Level-Three Fishery Chapter 296: Before Departure Chapter 297: Embarked On A New Journey Chapter 298: Humming Fish Chapter 299: A Ghost Boat Chapter 300: Be Tricked Chapter 301: Mess Swallowing Worms Chapter 302: Unicorn Shark Chapter 303: Dangerous Areas? Chapter 304: Unexpected Encounter Chapter 305: Intelligence Chapter 306: Water Dividing Seal Chapter 307: Enchantment Chapter 308: Take Me With You! Chapter 309: Oh! What A Coincidence! Chapter 310: White Mist Salt Marsh Chapter 311: Shadow Chapter 312: Kill Himself Chapter 313: Mirror of Icy Salt Chapter 314: Boarding the Dragon Boat Chapter 315: The Guide, Lin Miaomiao Chapter 316: Good Luck Chapter 317: Men Like Shopping Too Chapter 318: Met Her Again Chapter 319: A Striking Formation Chapter 320: Ghost Speed Divine Boat Chapter 321: Fishing Boat Materials Chapter 322: Dragon Boat Black Market Chapter 323: Killed Three Men With One Cut Chapter 324: Forge the Universe Chapter 325: Identity Revealed Chapter 326: Powerless Chapter 327: One vs. Four Chapter 328: A Cry From the Seabed Chapter 329: Another World in the Stone Chapter 330: Millennium Snapper Chapter 331: Journal of Death Chapter 332: The Seaborne Prairie Chapter 333: Unexpected Encounter In Water Chapter 334: Hunting Chapter 335: Who's the Prey? Chapter 336: Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus Chapter 337: Cunning Villain Chapter 338: Complete Annihilation Chapter 339: Troubles of a Breakthrough Chapter 340: Subdue the Monster Chapter 341: Another Unexpected Encounter Chapter 342: Bad Boy Chapter 343: SpongeBob? Chapter 344: Wall of Seaweed Chapter 345: A Great Graveyard Chapter 346: Dry Leaf Worms Chapter 347: Worm Eats Grass, Grass Eats Worm Chapter 348: Foxy Seaweed Monster Chapter 349: Color Crystal Mussel and Lotus Fish Chapter 350: Across A Sea of Worms Chapter 351: A Sealing Formation Chapter 352: Master Hexagon... Again Chapter 353: Caught Up Chapter 354: Killing the Enemy With Fake Arrays Chapter 355: Secrets That Are More Important Than Life Chapter 356: The Forest of Big Red Trunk Chapter 357: Fiery Tree Chapter 358: Training Chapter 359: Come Again If You Think You're Good Chapter 360: Red Ball Chapter 361: Transformed Into a Fish Again Chapter 362: Don't Eat the Fruit Chapter 363: Cut Down the Tree Together Chapter 364: Sea Demon Chapter 365: Make A Deal Again Chapter 366: Share the Booty Chapter 367: The Taste of a Counterattack Chapter 368: Who On Earth Cheated Who? Chapter 369: A Shocking Secret about the Fish Avatar Technique Chapter 370: Wind God Boat, Yin-Yang Wheel Chapter 371: Catch the Seaweed Ball Chapter 372: Exploit the Seaweed Chapter 373: You've Been Tricked Again Chapter 374: Wanted List Chapter 375: The Boat From the Bottom of the Sea Chapter 376: Evil Shield Chapter 377: Apocalyptic Lightning Chapter 378: That Man Is Broken Chapter 379: Full Outbreak Chapter 380: One Against A Hundred Chapter 381: Demon Han Chapter 382: Spectral Horn Chapter 383: Exchange Chapter 384: Disguise Chapter 385: Shopping Mania Chapter 386: I'm Poor! Chapter 387: A Fish Skin Chapter 388: Third on the Wanted List Chapter 389: Unlucky Jiang Tong Chapter 390: Robbery Chapter 391: Lurk Chapter 392: Undersea City Chapter 393: Ask For A Battle in a Provocative Way Chapter 394: Entering the Undersea City Chapter 395: You'll Throw It When I Tell You To Chapter 396: Traitor on the Team Chapter 397: The 17th Place On The Wanted List Chapter 398: Two Schemers Chapter 399: Conspirators Chapter 400: Perils in the Inner City Chapter 401: Indirect Killing Chapter 402: Demon Han's Action Chapter 403: Treasure Trove of Prison Chapter 404: Undead Merman Chapter 405: Inferior Man-Fish Chapter 406: Secret Battle Technique Chapter 407: Majestic Mystic Spell Chapter 408: Drawing Circles Chapter 409: A War Is Coming Chapter 410: This Is A Crazy Time Chapter 411: Fight to Get Married Chapter 412: Stupid Xia Xiaochan Chapter 413: Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1) Chapter 414: Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1) Chapter 415: Desolate City Drenched in Blood Chapter 416: Shrimp Soldiers? A Crab General? Chapter 417: City Fall Chapter 418: Go Away, and Stay Alive! Chapter 419: Opportunities From the Past Chapter 420: The Chaotic Original Water Chapter 421: Return Chapter 422: Hey! Don't Attack Yet! Chapter 423: Black and White Ghosts Chapter 424: Black and White Maniacs Chapter 425: Void Breaking Technique Chapter 426: Make A Name Chapter 427: Show No Mercy Chapter 428: The Poor Li Hanyi (1) Chapter 429: The Poor Li Hanyi (2) Chapter 430: The Black and White Ghosts Are Here Chapter 431: Little Fatty Cao Chapter 432: Spiritual Sea Cucumber with Soy Sauce Chapter 433: The Steps into the Sea Chapter 434: The Most Approachable Patrician Chapter 435: Little Fatty Cao With A Backstory Chapter 436: Enter Chapter 437: Offer Up A Sacrifice Chapter 438: Start Looting Chapter 439: I Want Money, Not Life Chapter 440: The Poor Dragon Eel Chapter 441: A Professional Stabber Chapter 442: The Ingenious Use of Soul Crystals Chapter 443: Met In Advance Chapter 444: A Couple and a Third Wheel Chapter 445: Qiuqiu? Chapter 446: A New Ally Chapter 447: Is He A Heavenly Talent? Chapter 448: Meeting Tang Ge Again (1) Chapter 449: Met Tang Ge Again (2) Chapter 450: Reunited Chapter 451: Brotherhood Chapter 452: Unspoken Rule of the Level-Three Fishery Chapter 453: A Trap Chapter 454: The Sects Chapter 455: Poor Master Hexagon Chapter 456: Play Dirty Chapter 457: The Stupid Yet Strong Woman in White Chapter 458: Trapped Beauty Chapter 459: Turn A Group Fight into a One-On-One Hit Chapter 460: Fan Datong, You Wait and See Chapter 461: Sister-In-Law Chapter 462: The Unlucky Yang Deyu Chapter 463: His Hands Were Trembling Chapter 464: The Goddamned WMD Chapter 465: The Central Zone Chapter 466: The 200th Floor of the Desolate World (3 in 1) Chapter 467: Ye Baiyu, the Fastest (2 in 1) Chapter 468: Farewell (2 in 1) Chapter 469: Xia Xiaochan and Mo Feiyan Chapter 470: Counting the Spoils Chapter 471: The Inferior Man-Fish Again Chapter 472: Lobster Demon (2 in 1) Chapter 473: Legends of the Mermen (2 in 1) Chapter 474: The Altar That Appeared out of Nowhere Chapter 475: The War From When? Chapter 476: A Vine Chapter 477: Art of Invincibility Chapter 478: Sneak Away! Chapter 479: Identity Exposed Again Chapter 480: The Tragic Li Hanyi Chapter 481: Who Can Stop Me? Chapter 482: Let Me Try Your Strength Chapter 483: Target: Abyssal Chasm! Chapter 484: Everything Looks So Weird Chapter 485: Something Underwater Chapter 486: Underwater Ferryman Chapter 487: In the Mist Chapter 488: The Missing Dragon Boat Chapter 489: Temptation of Food Chapter 490: Fei Fei! I am Starving! Chapter 491: I'm Just Passing By Chapter 492: The Creature in the Mist Chapter 493: Ghost Baby Salamander Chapter 494: Accident Chapter 495: Rescue Chapter 496: Something Up With Xiao Se Chapter 497: The Gone Men Chapter 498: Exposure Chapter 499: Daughter, I'm Your Dad Chapter 500: Retribution for Cheating a Kid Chapter 501: Big Fish Phantom Chapter 502: Chasm Canyon Chapter 503: The Serpent in the Vortex Chapter 504: Sword Qi across the Seabed Chapter 505: Ren Tianfei? Chapter 506: Let's Fight Chapter 507: Seven Star Array Chapter 508: Passed the Test Chapter 509: The So-Called Treasures Chapter 510: Burnt In Flames Chapter 511: The Seed Chapter 512: Nine Death Soul Splitting Octopus Chapter 513: Hello! How Are You? Chapter 514: Chaotic Situation Chapter 515: Han Fei Is Here (1) Chapter 516: Han Fei Is Here (2) Chapter 517: My Home Field Chapter 518: Hey, This Place Is Lively! Chapter 519: Unstoppable Killing Chapter 520: Everyone Had Their Own Opportunities Chapter 521: The Hunt Was On Chapter 522: Being Chased Like A Dog Chapter 523: The Real Mo Qianshang Chapter 524: The Death of Mo Qianshang Chapter 525: The Whole World Is My Enemy Chapter 526: Being Rounded Up Chapter 527: A Stupid Bet Chapter 528: My Sister-In-Law Is Not Bad Chapter 529: Sect Express Chapter 530: Big Clan ATMs Chapter 531: Secrets of Dragon Boats Chapter 532: A Mega Deal Chapter 533: Spirit Awakening Fluid Chapter 534: Poison King Chapter 535: Target the Dragon Boat Chapter 536: Attack the Dragon Boat Chapter 537: The Hanging Fisher Chapter 538: The Death of the Hanging Fisher Chapter 539: Sad Old Bai Chapter 540: You Should Buy Life from Me Chapter 541: Now You'll Have to Write Your Name Backwards Chapter 542: Was Han Fei Killed? Chapter 543: That Fish Skin Map Chapter 544: The Ghost Ship Appeared Chapter 545: Seven Dragon Boats Chapter 546: Evil Chapter 547: Really Faceless Chapter 548: Let's Take A Vacation Chapter 549: Heavenly Water Village Today Chapter 550: Han Fei's Research Chapter 551: Seeing Little Treeman Again Chapter 552: There Is a Battle You Need to Fight Chapter 553: About the 36-Town Exchange Competition Chapter 554: You Have To Be As Shameless As Han Fei Chapter 555: Poor Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan Chapter 556: The Way of the Knife Chapter 557: The Most Miserable Sparring Partner in History Chapter 558: A Face-Slapping Show (1) Chapter 559: A Face-Slapping Show (2) Chapter 560: The Latest Research Finding Chapter 561: Talent Chapter 562: Ninety-Eight Pearls In Exchange For A Spiritual Weapon Chapter 563: Han Fei, The Airhead Chapter 564: A Bird Appeared Chapter 565: Tree Core City Inn Chapter 566: Serving Justice With a Punch Chapter 567: I Want A Million Pieces Chapter 568: What Date? Chapter 569: Octopus Freak Chapter 570: King of a Hundred Men Chapter 571: Golden Invisible Explosive Fist Chapter 572: Provoking The Whole Audience Chapter 573: Keep Fighting Chapter 574: Storm of Chains Chapter 575: Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile Chapter 576: Gamble Chapter 577: Life Is All About Acting Chapter 578: Sir, Are You There? Chapter 579: A Huge Profit Chapter 580: Almost Banned From the Game? Chapter 581: Terrifying Aptitude Chapter 582: I Still Have a Long Way to Go Chapter 583: This Is A Stage Chapter 584: Commencement of the Contest Chapter 585: Outshine The Others Chapter 586: The Motivated Cloud Soaring Town Chapter 587: The Selection Has Started Chapter 588: Large-Scale Field Mock Exam Chapter 589: A Large-Scale Self-Mutilation Scene Chapter 590: What Makes You Think You Can Pass the Exam? Chapter 591: You Call That Good Quality? Chapter 592: Various Traps Chapter 593: Scramble To Climb Up Chapter 594: Being Vengeful Chapter 595: The Assessment Is Over Chapter 596: Training Chapter 597: Training Results Chapter 598: My Goal Is the Infinite Ocean Chapter 599: Departure Chapter 600: Cloud Whale Chapter 601: Scattered Stars Island Chapter 602: Who Are You? Chapter 603: Suddenly Become A Captain Chapter 604: Door-Carrying Marshal Chapter 605: Our Senior Brother Is Rather Silly Chapter 606: New Teammate Chapter 607: Invoke Awe Chapter 608: Despite On the Surface and Within the Heart Chapter 609: Skeleton Shore Chapter 610: Crab Tide Chapter 611: The Strongest Captain in History (1) Chapter 612: The Strongest Captain in History (2) Chapter 613: Blatant Criticism Chapter 614: Silver Shark Chapter 615: You Simply Want to Have Silver Shark Meat! Chapter 616: The Way to Make Money Chapter 617: The Refining Hall Chapter 618: Refining Observation Chapter 619: A Refining Workshop Is Rented Chapter 620: A Genius Refiner Chapter 621: Something Is Wrong With My Eyes Chapter 622: Reunion of the Team Chapter 623: Fight Chapter 624: Show Your Weapons Chapter 625: Good Guy Han Fei Chapter 626: Tide of Red Ghosts Chapter 627: What a Happy Coincidence to See You Here Chapter 628: Scattered Stars Two Poisoners Chapter 629: Scattered Stars Seven Units Chapter 630: Test of the Fourth Unit Chapter 631: I've Already Sealed Them! Chapter 632: Four Stars Chapter 633: Cao Qiu's Relocation Chapter 634: The Commander and the Lethal Poisoner Chapter 635: Going On the Wrong Path Since Day One Chapter 636: Poverty-Stricken Eighth Battalion Chapter 637: Attack of the Inferior Man-Fish Chapter 638: Shock His Peers Chapter 639: A Rival in Love Chapter 640: Ambush Chapter 641: Conversation with the Half-Mermaid Chapter 642: Each With His Own Axe to Grind Chapter 643: A Narrow Escape! Chapter 644: Slovenly Uncle Chapter 645: Colluded with A Sea Monster? Chapter 646: The Prison Token Chapter 647: Released From Prison Chapter 648: Gains Chapter 649: An Ingenious Use of Spirit Awakening Fluid Chapter 650: Become A Hanging Fisher Chapter 651: One-Stop Service for Refining and Spirit Sealing Chapter 652: 30% Off Every Day Chapter 653: Marshal Han Chapter 654: Rich Chapter 655: Damn Rich Chapter 656: Upgrade Rapidly Chapter 657: Met Many Acquaintances Chapter 658: Heavenly Talents Gathered Chapter 659: Heaven-Human Strait Chapter 660: A Drill Ground for Humans and Sea Monsters Chapter 661: A Chaotic Battle Chapter 662: The Real Fish Tide Chapter 663: A Suicide Charge Chapter 664: The Unknown Place Is Dangerous Indeed Chapter 665: Every Race Has Their Own Heavenly Talents Chapter 666: My Strength Doesn't Allow Me To Be Low-Key Chapter 667: Leave the Next Battle to Me Chapter 668: Why Am I So Perfect? Chapter 669: A Princess Chapter 670: Yuji? Chapter 671: A Master of Arrays Chapter 672: Twisted Jungle Chapter 673: Shocked Han Fei Chapter 674: Shocked Old Jiang Chapter 675: Scattered Stars Unit One Chapter 676: Challenge Accepted Chapter 677: Something Seems Off Chapter 678: Schemers Chapter 679: Despised? Chapter 680: Weird Treasure Trove Chapter 681: Professional Demon Trappers Chapter 682: Primordial Relics Chapter 683: The Ice Road Chapter 684: Kill This Spirit Gatherer Chapter 685: Speed Chapter 686: The Best Actor Chapter 687: I Created An Array? Chapter 688: A Colosseum Chapter 689: Soul Splitting Technique Chapter 690: Here Comes Han Fei Chapter 691: Ice Island Chapter 692: A Prehistoric Human Chapter 693: The Soul Splitting Technique Chapter 694: The Underground Palace Chapter 695: Whoever Loses Shall Kneel and Call the Winner Dad Chapter 696: Sword Spirit Chapter 697: This Sword Spirit Must Be Enshrined Chapter 698: Ice Heritages Chapter 699: Snowmourne Chapter 700: The Situation Chapter 701: Why Are You Running So Fast? Eager to Die? Chapter 702: Demon Essence Chapter 703: Reward Chapter 704: Lecture of Refiners Chapter 705: Semi-Divine Weapon Chapter 706: Poison God Plus Chapter 707: Xia Xiaochan Gone Missing Chapter 708: Break Into the Dark Hunter Legion Chapter 709: Next Time, Think Before You Speak Chapter 710: Set Sail Without Permission Chapter 711: The Tsunami Jellyfish Chapter 712: Demonization Scroll Chapter 713: Caught Up Chapter 714: Sea Monsters' Lair Chapter 715: Bloody Battle with the Half-Mermaids Chapter 716: It's Better to Be in the Sea! Chapter 717: Full Speed Ahead Chapter 718: A True Warrior! Chapter 719: Flying Skateboard? Chapter 720: Turned into a Crab and Ran Away Chapter 721: A Chess Game Chapter 722: Peekaboo Game Chapter 723: The Sea Demon Mountains Chapter 724: My Lord, the Mountain Collapsed Again Chapter 725: Demonic Qi Inside the Mountain Chapter 726: Love Between Human and Mermaid Chapter 727: True Spirit Demonic Scripture Chapter 728: Deduce Until Blood Chapter 729: Come on! Let's Absorb! Chapter 730: Exposed Chapter 731: The Great Deceiver Chapter 732: Demon Spirit Shift Chapter 733: Treasures Underneath the Spring of Demonic Qi Chapter 734: Appearance of the Heavenly Cicada Chapter 735: Princess Mingzhu Chapter 736: I Want To Fight You Chapter 737: Han Fei's Death Chapter 738: The Mermaid's Tear Chapter 739: All Evolved Chapter 740: Three Transformation Wondrous Book Chapter 741: Golden Sandworm Chapter 742: Azure Sea Blue Demon Chapter 743: Successful Sneak-in Chapter 744: Someone Was Here Chapter 745: Deadly Land of Coral Chapter 746: I'll Watch You Cry Later Chapter 747: A Fearsome Guardian Creature Chapter 748: Vengeful Yu Gan Chapter 749: Yu Yue, Defeated Chapter 750: Ten Thousand Demon Valley Chapter 751: Sneak into the Ten Thousand Demon Valley Chapter 752: Crazy Chapter 753: Sea Demon Society Chapter 754: Make A Name