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Chapter 1616: Blood fusion




Shi Yan’s hoarse cry that had almost torn his lungs echoed out, shaking the void. His host body that should have gone and fused with the Evil clone turned and dashed furiously toward Desolate, attempting to hit him hard.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart palpitated as his bones and muscles swelled up, vitality rolling in him like rising tides. With his magical space power, he reached the giant dragon in just a split second.

The bright star of seas turned into a long chain with countless twinkling stars. That chain conveyed the eternal will of all stars in the sky, which had always been mysterious. At this moment, it looked like a galaxy winding around the colossal dragon.

Shi Yan appeared in his giant form, holding the star chain to tie the dragon. His sharp fingernails were like space blades that cut through Desolate’s dragon body.

Crack! Crack!

The dragon’s body was as tough as iron, but the space blades could break the dragon scales into pieces. Desolate’s dragon body with his thick life energy was scaled, bleeding profusely.

“Go die!”

Roaring, Shi Yan threw himself into a frenzy of anger. His sharp fingernails were like ten swords, moving around to cut off pieces of flesh.


Desolate roared hoarsely while his giant body that stretched for billions of miles shook like an earthquake happening inside a mountain range. Different energies with different attributes were erupting from his bodyflames burned the sky, tornados wreaked havoc, dust gathered into dragons, and sleet twirled.

The powers of Five ElementsMetal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth; dazzling holy light; harsh gravity; and explosions in mountains and rivers inside Desolate Territory had turned into a destructive energy that attacked Shi Yan’s Absolute Beginning body.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Yan’s body sounded as if he had billions of firecrackers shelling him at the same time, turning his tenacious body gory.

“Imprisoning Life Lock!”

The Life Soul Tree by Desolate’s horn suddenly soared up, bringing up the breathtaking life energy. It grew unceasingly, and within a short time, it had become as big as Desolate’s dragon body. At the moment Shi Yan’s body shattered, the Life Soul Tree suddenly imprinted on his chest like a tattoo.

More branches grew, making the Life Soul Tree a wooden cage. Roots, branches, and leaves weaved together, creating a massive and tough net that shrouded Shi Yan entirely.

At the moment the Life Soul Tree turned into a massive prison to cage Shi Yan’s giant body, it transformed into a monstrous rattan, squeezing hard as if it wanted to cut him and draw his vitality to kill him utterly.

The Life Soul Tree was one of the two peerless divine weapons that Desolate possessed. In the Absolute Beginning Era, it was because of these two divine weapons that he had become invincible. After the abrasion of perpetual time, these two weapons had become more terrifying as they could even perform the best ability of a Power Upanishad, which was unimaginably incredible.

Shi Yan’s towering body struggled hard amidst the thick, weaving branches of the Life Soul Tree. The more he struggled, the tighter the cage became. Gradually, his situation got really dangerous.

“After I’ve digested her and fused with the purest Absolute Beginning blood, I’m sure I can break the shackle to get to the ultimate realm!”

Desolate twisted his body, and it seemed as if there were countless mountains and rivers enlarging inside his colossal body, which had created extremely fierce commotions.

Zi Yao was counterattacking him furiously from inside his stomach!

Shi Yan was agitated like he had a flame burning his heart. He wore a grimaced face as he was trying hard to get rid of the Life Soul Tree.

He understood that as Zi Yao could survive the Absolute Beginning Era, she was one of the most powerful experts, and her Absolute Beginning blood was the finest. The last ones who stood had indeed collected a lot of Absolute Beginning blood essence.

Zi Yao, Devour, and Desolate had sucked a lot of Absolute Beginning blood essence from their kind to enhance and perfect their bodies and blood. Gradually, they had become extremely intimidating, and their intimidation was actually built on countless skeletons of their own kind.

The Absolute Beginning blood essence in Zi Yao’s body had blended with dozens of blood essences from her fellows. Thus, if Desolate could absorb her power, his power would be increasing sharply.

Compared to Yuan, Zi Yao’s Absolute Beginning blood was much more magical and purer!

In the Absolute Beginning Era, Yuan hadn’t been in the same row with Zi Yao, Desolate, and Devour as he didn’t have the guts to join the last battle. As a result, he obviously hadn’t swallowed much of his fellows’ blood. Thus, even after an entirely new era of cultivating and accumulating energy, he was still fearful when he had to face the domineering existences like Desolate, Devour, and Zi Yao.

He was still a loser, all because his Absolute Beginning blood essence hadn’t experienced multiple refinements and condensation. It wasn’t as powerful as what Desolate, Devour, and Zi Yao had. At the same time, his Absolute Beginning body hadn’t developed much. This kind of difference couldn’t be made up with just abundant God power.

“You can’t tie me up!”

Shi Yan had a light flash in his head when he hissed while touching his glabella. The crystal light ball emerged from his tier of power Upanishads, which contained a condensed, milky sea: it was the Life Power Upanishad Origin!

As soon as that crystal ball came out, a flow of Life Power Upanishad Origin energy was released. The mysterious, undetectable life energy fluctuated, rippling like waves of water.

A flow of will power with Shi Yan’s life aura shot out of the Life Ball, entering the Life Soul Tree.

The Life Soul Tree was a divine weapon of the Life class, which did have a spirit. It had used Desolate’s will to create a soul that listened to Desolate’s orders. However, under the effect of the Life Power Upanishad Origin, that soul was puzzled as it found the aura that had just entered having the mark of the Life Power Upanishad Origin

It was a unique aura that it instinctively felt so familiar with; it wanted to become one with that aura. Under that effect, it didn’t want to resist at all.

The thick branches and leaves that were weaving with each other slowly loosened, and Shi Yan’s imprisonment was lifted. The Life Soul Tree then slowly shrank on Shi Yan’s chest, seemingly wanting to blend with his heart and become a part of him.

Shi Yan had an aura that the tree felt familiar with, which made it proactively attempt to fuse with him.

“I got it!” Shi Yan mumbled to himself while pressing on the Life Soul Tree. With that, countless light dots of vitality emerged and went to the Life Soul Tree.

The Life Soul Tree was the divine weapon Desolate had tamed and refined for so many years that it even had a spirit and Desolate’s soul seal, which meant it was hard to change its ownership.

But, Shi Yan had some rare or almost unique features.

Firstly, he cultivated the Life power Upanishad, which originated from Desolate, since he had inherited it from the Grace Mainland’s Origin. And now, he had obtained the Life Power Upanishad Origin, becoming the only one who controlled the sacred principle of Life Power Upanishad

But most importantly, he obtained the Origins of the Grace Mainland and the God-blessed Mainland. The Origins of the Grace Mainland and the God-blessed Mainland were Desolate’s two soul clones. It made Shi Yan possess Desolate’s aura and marks, which made the Life Soul Tree assume that Shi Yan was Desolateits master!

Thus, the Life Soul Tree wasn’t baffled as it proactively fused with Shi Yan under the Life Power Upanishad Origin’s guidance.

It was a rare coincident that Desolate’s most important divine weapon didn’t tie Shi Yan but entered his body, linking with his veins and meridians entirely. Just like that, it had boosted Shi Yan’s vitality immediately.

“God has helped me this time!”

Shi Yan was cheered up as he felt the sharp increase of life energy in his body. He gathered more energy, using the Skyfall Star River to net Desolate’s dragon body. He was using the sharp power of space in the form of blades in the sky, cutting Desolate’s body.

“Almost done! Almost done!”

In this moment, Desolate was trying his best to refine Zi Yao’s Absolute Beginning body. Inside his stomach, Zi Yao was using her true body to struggle hard. However, due to Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness’ restriction on her soul altar, she couldn’t use her power. It gave Desolate the chance to absorb her blood.

When the Life Soul Tree had a strange commotion, Desolate was struck dumb, but then understood the situation instantly.

Desolate was extremely calm. As soon as he found out what was wrong, he didn’t say anything but twisted his body. Just like a dragon soaring up into the sky, he pierced back to the tier of power Upanishads above them.

“Don’t dream of escaping!”

Shi Yan hissed ear-piercingly. But as soon as he stepped out, a flow of more terrifying Soul Consciousness struck him. This time, the invasion was like countless lightning dragons intruding his immense Sea of Consciousness, wreaking havoc in it.

Shi Yan clutched his head while crying and howling; his giant body trembled as if he was about to fall.

“No! Not good! His consciousness has become stronger. He’ll be recovering soon! As long as he wakes up, unimaginable catastrophes will happen to every creature in this world including me!”

“Why? Why he does he have to help Desolate, Sauron, and Yuan? Why does he have to gift them power so as they can counterattack me? Why? Why?”

“Because except me, no matter who advances from the Territory Ancestor Realm to the next realm, he will awaken!” His Evil clone sent him a thought.

As soon as this thought emerged, the endless darkness vanished. A massive black hole was swallowing Yuan little by little while Sauron was confined inside a condensed water drop, which was filled with horrible corrosive power.

Sauron was being eroded with each passing second. Death would be his final result, and he couldn’t escape anymore.

Yuan was also an Absolute Beginning creature, a piece of Absolute Beginning’s memory, and his soul had Absolute Beginning’s mark. Shi Yan’s Evil clone had turned into a black hole that was using the magical ability of the Devouring Power Upanishad to suck his Absolute Beginning blood essence. Instantly, it turned into Shi Yan’s blood

During the devouring and refining process of the Absolute Beginning blood essence, Yuan’s pieces of memory had entered the Evil clone’s head and combined with his memory. With that, a great mystery was slowly revealed.

Desolate, Devour, Yuan, and Zi Yao had gone through bloodshed during Absolute Beginning Era and collected the Absolute Beginning blood essence, with which, their life form evolved, approaching Absolute Beginning’s real body. These four existences were parts of Absolute Beginning, created by his incomplete body and soul.

The killing game between them would come to an end with the final champion.

No matter who was the one that stood to the last moment, that one would get the blood essence from the other three to develop the life form to the acme, which would help him or her break the shackles of the Territory Ancestor Realm!

Unfortunately, when it came to that moment, it was also the time every one of them would have to perish completely.

As their blood became perfect without any flaw, they would reach Absolute Beginning’s level, which meant they would awaken Absolute Beginning!

Their incomplete self with errors in their blood and soul would make them themselves. But once their blood was complete and all of Absolute Beginning blood essence was gathered together, they wouldn’t be themselves anymore. They would become Absolute Beginning! It was also the time Absolute Beginning would have completely awakened!

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Chapter 785 thousand fantasy fields domain Chapter 786 break the illusions Chapter 787 counter attack Chapter 788 break into the prohibited area Chapter 789 deterrent force Chapter 790 forbidden areas wonder Chapter 791 disappear quietly Chapter 792 calm down and break the barriers Chapter 793 meet up in precincts Chapter 794 a dark enchainment Chapter 795 small character big effect Chapter 796 hiding incompetence by keeping quiet Chapter 797 undying wood Chapter 798 star map Chapter 799 bare the fangs Chapter 800 cut dead Chapter 801 a sensual bloody battle Chapter 802 babble on the meteorolite Chapter 803 a pivotal treasure Chapter 804 a little mercy Chapter 805 bloody chief skull battleship Chapter 806 empty fantasy crystal Chapter 807 take a part in Chapter 808 the blood soul sea Chapter 809 an old friend runs into misfortune Chapter 810 space riot Chapter 811 the foreign milky way Chapter 812 meet the world extinguishing thunder flame again Chapter 813 breaking through Chapter 814 outstanding heroes uproar Chapter 815 an agreement Chapter 816 heaven punishment city Chapter 817 rising winds scudding clouds Chapter 818 a battle of wits Chapter 819 overestimated Chapter 820 the ring spirits instructions Chapter 821 conspiracy Chapter 822 a single blade attends a banquet Chapter 823 dont lean too close.. Chapter 824 can you be more shameless Chapter 825 stand out Chapter 826 monopolize Chapter 827 black horn of the demon clan Chapter 828 break the ice to get out Chapter 829 become famous after one battle Chapter 830 zi yaos secret bitterness Chapter 831 bet on your future Chapter 832 the mark reappears Chapter 833 fei lan Chapter 834 the frightful invisible hand Chapter 835 the mysterious hermetic expert Chapter 836 fusion Chapter 837 the big scarlet shield Chapter 838 the dark blood sunset Chapter 839 a knot in the heart Chapter 840 dispute Chapter 841 madly striving in the battle Chapter 842 the value of ten thousand top quality divine crystals Chapter 843 the heart of darkness Chapter 844 what can we do then Chapter 845 darkness shrouding Chapter 846 the giant pale hand Chapter 847 a bloody grand banquet Chapter 848 im sorry i will choose him. Chapter 849 burn your hand feel the heat Chapter 850 blood formation Chapter 851 the overcast sky Chapter 852 shi yans face Chapter 853 break the chrysalis Chapter 854 decided but not yet pronounced son in law Chapter 855 face to face killing Chapter 856 the wondrous forbidden land. Chapter 857 i think i can destroy you now Chapter 858 inextinguishable starlight Chapter 859 intent domain field Chapter 860 generous gifts from the deceased Chapter 861 returned to its rightful owner Chapter 862 promise Chapter 863 taking a tonic Chapter 864 venom crystallization Chapter 865 exchange Chapter 866 everybody has a chance Chapter 867 beseech to die Chapter 868 easygoing king of heaven hall Chapter 869 The Remnant Of Chaotic Energy Chapter 870 A Change Of Heart Chapter 871 Follow Shi Yan Chapter 872 Soul Confining Platform Chapter 873 Terrifying Speculation Chapter 874 We Have Many People Here Chapter 875 The Demonic Flower Blooms Chapter 876 Dark Prison Demonic Flower Chapter 877 A Thing Of The God Clan Chapter 878 The Recoverer Of The God Clan Chapter 879 The Eccentric Smiling Face In The Stone Stele Chapter 880 Summon The Divine Sword Chapter 881 Awaken Chapter 882 Thunderbolt Divine Light Chapter 883 Struggling Chapter 884 The Four Tiered Soul Altar Runs Away Chapter 885 The Hollow Channel Chapter 886 Just Friends.. Chapter 887 Not Willing To Be Mediocre Chapter 888 Are You The Tiny Beasts Chapter 889 The Eight Great Inheritances Chapter 890 Living In Harmony Chapter 891 The Giant Tribe Chapter 892 Ethereal Extent Chapter 893 A Familiar Feeling Chapter 894 Connect To The Old Homeland Chapter 895: Returned Chapter 896: Bringing Hope Chapter 897: An Astonishing Discovery Chapter 898: The Owner Of The Incipient Extent Chapter 899: Immemorial Demonic Flame Chapter 900: Mysterious Unrecognizable Land Chapter 901: Origin Chapter 902: The Heaven Flame That Ranks First Chapter 903: Seize The Origin Chapter 904: Witness Billions Of Years Pass By Chapter 905: Two Souls Chapter 906: Original God Realm Chapter 907: The Sole God Chapter 908: Her News Chapter 909: A Great Migration Chapter 910: One Thousand Miles Underground Chapter 911: Thousand Fold Lotus Chapter 912: Myriad Weighty Stone Chapter 913: Fix The Ancient Formation Chapter 914: The Mysterious Ancient City Chapter 915: Harvest Chapter 916: The Ransom Of Seven Hundred Thousand Divine Crystals Chapter 917: Yang Tian Emperor Is Well Prepared Chapter 918: A Long Lonely Journey Chapter 919: Blood Halberd Chapter 920: Today I Come To Fulfill My Pledge Chapter 921: Youre Dead.. Chapter 922: Energy Divergence Chapter 923: Taboo Power Chapter 924: A Reward Of One Million Chapter 925: Big Business Chapter 926: Treasury Chapter 927: Blue Ice Jar Chapter 928: Open The Heart Chapter 929: Outsmart Chapter 930: Well Played Chapter 931: Occupy All Advantages Chapter 932: Blood Replacement Chapter 933: Blood Is Boiling Perfect Form? Chapter 934: Proper Arrangement Chapter 935: Opportunity Chapter 936: A Hug Chapter 937: Broken Star Field Chapter 938: Becoming Enemies Chapter 939: Immortal Grass Chapter 940: Enemies On A Narrow Road Chapter 941: Its Dark. Please Close Your Eyes Chapter 942: Consequences Of Having A Lousy Mouth Chapter 943: Connect Two Places Chapter 944: Whereabouts Disclosed Chapter 945: Revive The Deathtrap Chapter 946: Lift The Siege Chapter 947: Death And Life Bridge Chapter 948: Inheritance Chapter 949: The Star Area Split Chapter 950: Inevitable Fierce Combat Chapter 951: Space Spider Web Chapter 952: Vicious Natural Instincts Chapter 953: The World Of Shadows Chapter 954: Sharpening Chapter 955: An Eccentric Man Chapter 956: Thorough Comprehension Chapter 957: Three Souls Chapter 958: Meddle Chapter 959: Butcher The Chicken With The Cattle Knife Chapter 960: Evil Dragon Mcgee Chapter 961: Inexorable Doom Chapter 962: Soul Changing Chapter 963: Expel Chapter 964: Im Sure Ill Handle It Chapter 965: Soul Refining Pool Chapter 966: Black Water Star Chapter 967: Evil Dragons Natural Instincts Chapter 968: Gu Mo Chapter 969: Ghost Hunter At This Moment.. Chapter 970: Shi Yans Guarantee Chapter 971: Stop There Chapter 972: After All Who Is He? Chapter 973: Master And Servant Chapter 974: Potion And Tool Pavilion Chapter 975: Fu Wei Chapter 976: Devil Blood Star Chapter 977: Reunion Chapter 978: The Most Distinguished Guest Chapter 979: Immense Wealth Chapter 980: Refine Thousand Fold Lotus Chapter 981: You Like Him? Chapter 982: Expand The Sea Of Consciousness Chapter 983: The Information That Is Worth Ten Million Chapter 984: Exchange Information Chapter 985: Blood Devil Chapter 986: Power Upanishad In The Bloodline Chapter 987: Make The Imprint Chapter 988: Today Chapter 989: Travel With A Beauty Chapter 990: Ancient City Battleship Chapter 991: Seven Emotion And Six Desire Liquor Chapter 992: This Book? Chapter 993: Generous Gift Chapter 994: The Potion And Tool Pavilions Crisis Chapter 995: Xuan Ming And Zuo Shi Chapter 996: Send Them Off Chapter 997: Inexplicable Shock Chapter 998: The Third Sky Of Original God Realm Chapter 999: Crisis Opportunity Chapter 1000: A Former Pursuer Chapter 1001: Eat Meat Chapter 1002: The Blood Blade Comes Out Of Its Sheath Chapter 1003: Better Not To Meet Chapter 1004: Giving Energy Chapter 1005: The Thunder God Spear Chapter 1006: Who Can Endure A Battle? Chapter 1007: The Giant Blood Shield Chapter 1008: Receive Help From A Savior Chapter 1009: The Shield Has Become Heavier.. Chapter 1010: When Words Get Sore Adding More Words Is Useless Chapter 1011: Shadow Ghostly Prison Chapter 1012: Dark Shadow Clan Chapter 1013: Proactively Kill Chapter 1014: A Youngster Of The Dark Clan Chapter 1015: We Seem To Have Some Relations.. Chapter 1016: Break The Ice Chapter 1017: The Shocking Secrets Chapter 1018: Traceable To The Same Stock Chapter 1019: Destruction Power Upanishad Chapter 1020: Womens Intuition Chapter 1021: The First Generation Chapter 1022: Caning The Passionate Couple? Chapter 1023: You Look Like My Lady Who Has Been Missing For Years.. Chapter 1024: A Kiss For One Hundred Years Chapter 1025: Play To The Gallery? Chapter 1026: Frantic Chapter 1027: Come With Me Chapter 1028: Renovator Chapter 1029: Crystal Eater Chapter 1030: Protect The Territory Chapter 1031: A Bloody Battle Chapter 1032: That Blood Shield Again.. Chapter 1033: I Can Deal With Him Chapter 1034: A Delighted Fight Chapter 1035: The Perfect Shape Chapter 1036: The Bloody Massacre Chapter 1037: A Great Ruckus Chapter 1038: The Shadow Ghostly Prison Is Boiling Chapter 1039: Accumulating Energy Chapter 1040: Allied Forces Chapter 1041: Ethereal Extent Chapter 1042: Going Out Chapter 1043: Shoulder The Responsibility Chapter 1044: The Remains Of The Holy Beast Chapter 1045: The Change Of The Co Soul Chapter 1046: Cutting Space Chapter 1047: Poisonous Sea Chapter 1048: Departed Spirit Jellyfish Chapter 1049: The Fountainhead Of Powers Upanishad Chapter 1050: Reverse In Just A Flash Chapter 1051: The Talkative Woman Chapter 1052: A Whole Entity Chapter 1053: Able To Break Any Unyielding Thing Chapter 1054: The Ones Who Cross The Border Chapter 1055: Refine The Sea Chapter 1056: See The Sunlight Again Chapter 1057: Meeting The Enemy Head On Chapter 1058: Her Graceful Bearing Chapter 1059: Battling Chapter 1060: Leonas Spearhead Chapter 1061: I Say You Can Do It So You Can Do It Chapter 1062: Really.. I Didnt Do It Intentionally.. Chapter 1063: Burn Your Hand Feel The Heat Chapter 1064: Im Not Resigned To That Chapter 1065: Divine Light Chapter 1066: A Divine Crystal Mineral Lode Chapter 1067: Holding Hostage Chapter 1068: The Two Women Chapter 1069: Poison Dipped Cold Bead Chapter 1070: Dispel The Former Hatred Chapter 1071: Spreading Chapter 1072: Dissolve Chapter 1073: Old Friends Chapter 1074: The Dream They Once Had Chapter 1075: A Competition Of Envy Chapter 1076: Three Flames Unite Chapter 1077: Build The Formation Chapter 1078: Pressure Resistant Chapter 1079: Better To Fight Once Chapter 1080: Topple The Beliefs Chapter 1081: Link Up Chapter 1082: Talented Field Commander Chapter 1083: Meditate And Calm The Soul Chapter 1084: Gu He Chapter 1085: Soul Incantations Chapter 1086: The Fate Traveler Chapter 1087: Great Sage Chapter 1088: Soul Rotting Aphids Chapter 1089: Desolate Chapter 1090: Outstanding Talents Chapter 1091: Ancient Continent Chapter 1092: Refine Blood Chapter 1093: Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan Chapter 1094: The Gu God Sect Chapter 1095: Do You Have Some More? Chapter 1096: A Sudden Fatal Attack Chapter 1097: Panic And Upheaval Chapter 1098: Forcefully Seize Chapter 1099: Soul Kalpa Chapter 1100: Break The Shackles Chapter 1101: Hand In Hand Chapter 1102: The General Situation Of The Sea Of Stars Chapter 1103: Upset A Plan Chapter 1104: The Brilliant Star Fruit Tree Chapter 1105: Awkward Exposition Chapter 1106: Change Again And Again Chapter 1107: Refine The Fruit Tree Chapter 1108: The Five Great Territories Chapter 1109: Is He Really Strong? Chapter 1110: Are You All Mistaken? Chapter 1111: Unvalued Little Fish.. Chapter 1112: Destroy Chapter 1113: Hidden Dragon Tying Sky Chapter 1114: Needlepoint Vs Spearhead Chapter 1115: Pressing Earth And Heavens Prestige Chapter 1116: Break The Barrier Chapter 1117: Hold Hostage Chapter 1118: What Does It Matter To Me? Chapter 1119: A Move To Change All Chapter 1120: Shed All Pretense Of Cordiality Chapter 1121: Prevail Chapter 1122: The Servant Flower And The Master Flower Chapter 1123: Getting Serious Chapter 1124: Prepare The Ambush Chapter 1125: Why Me All The Time? Chapter 1126: The Fearful Formation Under The Lake. Chapter 1127: Stealth Chapter 1128: The Sudden Incident Chapter 1129: Instant Kill Chapter 1130: Use The Old Trick Again Chapter 1131: Achieve His Desire Chapter 1132: Who Is The Backbone? Chapter 1133: Predestined Mortal Enemy Chapter 1134: Great Responsibility Chapter 1135: Cross The Border Chapter 1136: The Four Great Creatures Chapter 1137: Heavenly Monster Tribe And Imperial Dark Tribe Chapter 1138: Join Hands Chapter 1139: Deadlock Chapter 1140: The Scarlet Flaming Heart Chapter 1141: Refine The Ethereal Extent Chapter 1142: Little Fatty Chapter 1143: A Samsara Chapter 1144: The Charteris Family Chapter 1145: White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave Chapter 1146: Trust Chapter 1147: Turn Earth And Heaven Around Chapter 1148: Seize Power Chapter 1149: Its The First One Chapter 1150: The Bloody Bone Has A New Owner Chapter 1151: Immortal Body Chapter 1152: Frantic Showdown Chapter 1153: The World Of Five Colored Light Chapter 1154: Burning Purgatory Chapter 1155: Cang Yun Wont Get The Worst Of It Chapter 1156: Desolate Chapter 1157: Someone Lives Someone Dies Chapter 1158: Fusing Three Heaven Flames Chapter 1159: Refine The Ancient Continent? Chapter 1160: Its Watching You.. Chapter 1161: Invest All The Affection Chapter 1162: The Cradle Of Mazes Chapter 1163: The Eight Great Chiefs Chapter 1164: A Separate Spatial Battle Chapter 1165: Capture The Heart Chapter 1166: Desolates Generous Gifts Chapter 1167: Healing Chapter 1168: Show The Inferior Face To The Enemy Chapter 1169: The Icy World Chapter 1170: Real Competence Chapter 1171: Resurrected? Chapter 1172: Harsons Riddle.. Chapter 1173: Who You Used To Be? Chapter 1174: The Remains Of The Holy Beast White Tiger Chapter 1175: After Five Years Chapter 1176: Wonderland Chapter 1177: It Seems Like A Dreamland Chapter 1178: The Third Sky Of Ethereal God Realm Chapter 1179: Destination Chapter 1180: The Genesis Fruit Chapter 1181: The World Tree Chapter 1182: Crazy Harson Chapter 1183: Im Helping You.. Chapter 1184: The Cold Eye Of A Bystander Chapter 1185: Replace The World Chapter 1186: Blood Sword Breaking Divine Boat Chapter 1187: Sly Change Chapter 1188: The Collision Of The Two Worlds Chapter 1189: The Burning Karma Flame Chapter 1190: The World Purifying Light Chapter 1191: The Structure Of The World Chapter 1192: The One Who Has Disappeared For Ten Years.. Chapter 1193: Awaken Chapter 1194: Return Chapter 1195: Sea Territory Chapter 1196: World Famous Chapter 1197: Scheme Against The World Chapter 1198: Theres A Force.. Chapter 1199: Experts Get Together Chapter 1200: The King Is Back Chapter 1201: The Boiling Blood Pond Chapter 1202: Shi Yan Draws A Circle By The Blood Pond.. Chapter 1203: The Style Of That Slash Chapter 1204: Its Good.. That You Can Come Back Chapter 1205: March To The Front Chapter 1206: Blood Devils Breakthrough Chapter 1207: Shake The Entire Sea Of Stars Chapter 1208: Snatch Money Chapter 1209: Respect Chapter 1210: Well Fortified Chapter 1211: Great Boost For The Morale Chapter 1212: Burn The Soul Chapter 1213: Clever Chapter 1214: Mutant Bloodline Chapter 1215: God Clan Requests Reinforcements Chapter 1216: The God Clans Great Slayer Chapter 1217: The God Punishments Reduced Power Chapter 1218: The Second Strong Hit Chapter 1219: Whos Your Teacher? Chapter 1220: Dont Wanna Be A Dog Anymore Chapter 1221: Bloody Fight Chapter 1222: End Of The Legend Chapter 1223: Great Victory Chapter 1224: Just Like That Year Chapter 1225: The Azure Dragon Wakes Up Chapter 1226: The Monster Ancestors Blood Sacrifice Chapter 1227: Create The Miracle Chapter 1228: Chaos Appears Chapter 1229: Return With A Whole Life Star Chapter 1230: Fame Chapter 1231: Mega Work Chapter 1232: Immortal Chapter 1233: Unyielding Chapter 1234: Fulfill The Promise.. Chapter 1235: The Tsunami Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 1236: Black Iron City Chapter 1237: A Small Jade Box Chapter 1238: Bloodthirstys Aura.. Chapter 1239: One Finger Chapter 1240: Puzzled Chapter 1241: Meticulous Arrangement Chapter 1242: Outstanding Heroes Stir Up Chapter 1243: Fusing Power Upanishads Chapter 1244: Devouring Chapter 1245: Frederick Chapter 1246: God Lords Soul Arrives Chapter 1247: Go To The Next Level Chapter 1248: Compete For A Seat Chapter 1249: A Coffin Chapter 1250: Internal Strife? Chapter 1251: Struggle To Escape Chapter 1252: Blood Sea Bone Islands Chapter 1253: The Ring Spirits Fixation Chapter 1254: Senro Chief Of Despair Force Chapter 1255: The Cortege Of Eight Chapter 1256: The Blood Imperial Order Chapter 1257: Reunite Chapter 1258: Im The Master Chapter 1259: The Heavenly Monster Tribes Perfect Plan Chapter 1260: My World Chapter 1261: Commit Chapter 1262: Step Into The Blood Sea Chapter 1263: Frantic Chapter 1264: The Bloodthirstys Statue Chapter 1265: Theres An Energy.. Chapter 1266: The Three Great Chiefs Chapter 1267: Empower Chapter 1268: Compete For The Chief Position Chapter 1269: Sudden Change Chapter 1270: Youre Not It Chapter 1271: The Ring Spirit Chapter 1272: Seal Chapter 1273: An Earth Shaking Conjecture Chapter 1274: Heavenly King Light Chapter 1275: Fantasy Zone Chapter 1276: Open The Space Chapter 1277: You Are Not Qualified Chapter 1278: Teasing Chapter 1279: Primordial Spirit Lock Chapter 1280: Guard The Tree Stump And Wait For The Rabbit Chapter 1281: Posturing? Chapter 1282: Overbearing Chapter 1283: My Woman Chapter 1284: Who Is He After All? Chapter 1285: An Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 1286: Profound Comprehension Chapter 1287: Clearly See The Crisis Chapter 1288: Carefree Chapter 1289: Unyielding Chapter 1290: Life Sublimation Chapter 1291: Decarlos Chapter 1292: The Chen Family Chapter 1293: Slaughter Chapter 1294: Risk Life Chapter 1295: A Blood Reeking Journey Chapter 1296: Human Head Feast Chapter 1297: Rush To The Tigers Den Chapter 1298: One Vs. Two Chapter 1299: One Is Enough Chapter 1300: Gambling Chapter 1301: Self Freezing Chapter 1302: A New Life Chapter 1303: Candid Counterpart Chapter 1304: Human Nature Chapter 1305: Thunder Dragons Skeleton Chapter 1306: Ignite The Flame Of Life Chapter 1307: Lei Di And Qing Xiao Bright Lightning And Azure Firmament Chapter 1308: Old Friends Reunite Chapter 1309: A Showdown Of Immortal Realm Experts Chapter 1310: The Same Gateway Chapter 1311: General Situation Chapter 1312: The Master Arrives Chapter 1313: Come To The Frontline With Me Chapter 1314: Bite And Nibble Chapter 1315: Tough Encounter Chapter 1316: Deadly Field Chapter 1317: Wederson Rampages Shi Yan Is About To Explode Chapter 1318: Crazily Spread Out Chapter 1319: Erode The Entire World Chapter 1320: Death And Life Rotating Bridge Chapter 1321: Unrivalled Great Devil Chapter 1322: Collapsed And Destroyed Chapter 1323: Set Up Earth And Heaven Chapter 1324: Lead The Evil Around Chapter 1325: Hes My Man.. Chapter 1326: Warm Their Hearts Chapter 1327: Outer Space Divine Light Chapter 1328: Walking Free Chapter 1329: Sly Land Chapter 1330: The Anonymous Evil Thing Chapter 1331: The Big Meatball Chapter 1332: Refine Chapter 1333: Gigantic Worm Chapter 1334: Creatures of the Absolute Beginning Chapter 1335: Living in the Sheep Pasture Chapter 1336: The Unsolved Riddle Chapter 1337: Doomsday is Coming! Chapter 1338: Frantic Bursting! Chapter 1339: Good Fortune Fills Up to the Sky Chapter 1340: The Unchanged Heart in Front of Thousands of Enticements Chapter 1341: Transform! Chapter 1342: Hui (*) Chapter 1343: God Lord Chapter 1344: Soul Congregating Chapter 1345: New power! Chapter 1346: Hui Counterattacks! Chapter 1347: The Life Magnetic Field Rockets! Chapter 1348 That Power Chapter 1349 Mistress Chapter 1352 Causes And Effects Chapter 1353 The Sea Domain Of Nihility Chapter 1354 The Long Lonesome Days Chapter 1355 The Asteroid Current Chapter 1356: Using Blood to Create the Body Chapter 1357: A Three-legged Jade Cauldron Chapter 1358 The Absolute Beginning Symbols Chapter 1359 Heavenly Eye Clan Chapter 1360 Three Kinds Of Living Beings Chapter 1361 The First Battle In The Sea Domain Chapter 1362 Lord Of Stars Chapter 1363 A Bad Hand Destroys The Flower Chapter 1364 Dragon Lizard Clan Chapter 1365 An Absolute Beginning Weapon? Chapter 1366 A Derelict Item Chapter 1367 Ming Hong Chapter 1368 The Seven Great Races Chapter 1369 Immortal Pellet Chapter 1370 Forefather Dragon Lizard Chapter 1371 Trade For Items Chapter 1372 Fantasy Boundary Stone Chapter 1373 Unlock The Spatial Lock Chapter 1374 Chapter 1375 Boldness Of Vision Chapter 1376 Reflected Glory Chapter 1377 Lost Chapter 1378 The Fascinating Divine Eye Chapter 1379 Ten Great Territory Ancestors Chapter 1380 Lead The Wolf Into The House Chapter 1381 You Think You Can Run Away? Chapter 1382 Twisting And Turning Chapter 1383 Soul Refining Cauldron Chapter 1384 Reward Chapter 1385 Break The Bottleneck Chapter 1386 Cut The Flesh Chapter 1387 Festival Chapter 1388 Conflict Chapter 1389 Immortal Realm Chapter 1390 Instigate Chapter 1391 Lord Of All Skies Chapter 1392 Conceal Chapter 1393 Goddess Gorgeous Dance Chapter 1394 Dragon Lizards True Body Chapter 1395 A Matter Of Life Or Death Chapter 1396 World Within World Chapter 1397 Turn The Situation Around Chapter 1398 Soul As The Sea Chapter 1399 Fortune Chapter 1400 Skull Island Chapter 1401 A Little Skeleton Chapter 1402 A Turn For The Better Chapter 1403 Parents Love Chapter 1404 The Real Origin Of The Soul Inside The Ring Chapter 1405 Mysterious Yin Corpse Worm Chapter 1406 Detoxify Chapter 1407 Join Hands Chapter 1408 Counterattack Chapter 1409 Bully The Beauty Chapter 1410 Power Upanishad Superiority Chapter 1411 Shadow Chapter 1412 The Sea Of Annihilation Chapter 1413 Waiting For A Man Chapter 1414 Separate Chapter 1415 Also A Pitiful Woman Chapter 1416 The Call From The Seabed Chapter 1417 Go Together Chapter 1418 Cannon Fodder? Chapter 1419 Sly Change Chapter 1420 Shes My Woman Chapter 1421 The Ruins Under The Sea Chapter 1422 Penetrate Chapter 1423 Meet Old Friends Chapter 1424 I Dont Dare To Make That Step Chapter 1425 It Is Life Chapter 1426 The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol Chapter 1427 The Ultimate Power Upanishad Chapter 1428 Rise The Might In The Foreign Land Chapter 1429 Must Vie For It Chapter 1430 Among What Is True And What Is False Chapter 1431 You Are Still Unskilled Chapter 1432 Collect Chapter 1433 Surging Vitality Chapter 1434 Invincible Might From The Sky Chapter 1435 Enjoy A Carefree Meal Chapter 1436 A Strong Current Chapter 1437 Frantic Suppression Chapter 1438 Mei Jis Boldness Chapter 1439 The Entire Sea Of Annihilation Is Surging Chapter 1440 Wantonly Massacre Chapter 1441 Part And Take Action Chapter 1442 Bewitch Chapter 1443 Mistakenly Hit Chapter 1444 Mei Jis Harvest Chapter 1445 Be An Obedient Woman Chapter 1446 Massacre The Entire Island Chapter 1447 Disguise And Sneak Chapter 1448 Capture Chapter 1449 Run Into Chapter 1450 Deny Flatly Chapter 1451 Hiro Chapter 1452 Emperor Sea Shark Chapter 1453 The Space Cross Slash Chapter 1454 Bloodshed On The Seabed Chapter 1455 Fierce Outbreak Chapter 1456 Its The Will Of Heaven Chapter 1457 Enlightened By The Broken Star Chapter 1458 Clash Of Territories Chapter 1459 One Gets Through All Gets Through Chapter 1460 All Dreadful Devils Come Chapter 1461 Lord Of All Stars Chapter 1462 Free Fight Chapter 1463 Exposed One By One Chapter 1464 Return Chapter 1465 Wage War Everywhere Chapter 1466 Are You Still Sleepy? Chapter 1467 Constellation Power Chapter 1468 Yin And Yang Left And Right Chapter 1469 Sky And Earth Turning Upside Down Chapter 1470 Shaking Fallout Chapter 1471 Desolate Territorys Outer Layer Chapter 1472 Awaken One By One Chapter 1473 Apprehend The Creation Chapter 1474 Chapter 1475 Return Chapter 1476 New Structure Chapter 1477 Goddess Mother Chapter 1478 The Dark Abyss Chapter 1479 Link Up The Territories Chapter 1480 Ignite Chapter 1481 Gather By The Territory Entrance Chapter 1482 Reach An Agreement Chapter 1483 Predestined Enemy Chapter 1484 The Battle That Lasts Ten Thousand Years Chapter 1485 Youre Not Qualified Chapter 1486 Strength Of The Territory Master Chapter 1487 The Reversed Flow Of Time Chapter 1488 Swallow Chapter 1489 Third Sky Of Immortal Realm Chapter 1490 Alarm Chapter 1491 Are You Her? Chapter 1492 Chapter 1493 I Saw That I Died Chapter 1494 The True Body Arrives Chapter 1495 The Day The Star Area Ends Chapter 1496 The Ark Chapter 1497 Wipe Out The Entire World Chapter 1498 Foresight Chapter 1499 Walk On The Road Of Fusion Chapter 1500 Thing Returns To Its Rightful Owner Chapter 1501 The Absolute Beginning Gateway Chapter 1502 Time Has Changed Chapter 1503 Great Seal Technique Chapter 1504 The Path Ahead Chapter 1505 Bloodthirstys Last Words Chapter 1506 Drifting Far Away Chapter 1507 Anger Against A Common Enemy Chapter 1508 The Light In The Desperate Straits.. Chapter 1509 Discharge Resentment Chapter 1510 Leave No One Alive Chapter 1511 The Original Symbol Embryo Chapter 1512 To The Hearts Content Staying At Present Chapter 1513 A Random Encounter Chapter 1514 Do Not Return Chapter 1515 Great Seal Chapter 1516 Sauron Chapter 1517 Cloud Mist Territory Chapter 1518 Skyfall Star River Absolute Beginning Divine Weapon Chapter 1519 Troublesome Chapter 1520 Beseech Battle Chapter 1521 The Natural Space Wall Chapter 1522 Permeating Chapter 1523 Territory Ancestor Chapter 1524 Fierce Chapter 1525 The World Destroying Might Chapter 1526 Surpass Bloodthirsty Chapter 1527 Retaliation Starts From You Chapter 1528 Trample Chapter 1529 Dreadful Might Fills The Sky Chapter 1530 Pure Gold Spirit Ant Chapter 1531 Yuan Zu Chapter 1532 Tranquil Mind Chapter 1533 Restlessly Impatient Chapter 1534 Move The Mountains And Overthrow The Seas Chapter 1535 Get Zi Yao Back Chapter 1536 Turning Hostile Chapter 1537 Flawless Calculation Chapter 1538 Savage Yuan Chapter 1539 Borrow Power Chapter 1540 Fearfully Barbarian Chapter 1541 Zi Yao Is Born Again Chapter 1542 Disclose Feelings Chapter 1543 The Agreement In The Past Chapter 1544 Dispel Doubts Chapter 1545 Absolute Beginning Chapter 1546 Fire Bathing Phoenix Chapter 1547 Court Death Chapter 1548 Great Shock Chapter 1549 Muster A Large Force Chapter 1550 A New Original Symbol Chapter 1551 Sweep Away Many Clans Chapter 1552 The Title Of God Of Slaughter Chapter 1553 The Great Race War Chapter 1554 Zhen Ru Chapter 1555 Ambush Chapter 1556 Drink Blood And Eat Flesh Chapter 1557 Desperate Straits Chapter 1558 Rampage To Break The Challenge Chapter 1559 Dogfight Chapter 1560 The Second Sky Of Territory Ancestor Realm Chapter 1561 Invincible Invincible Chapter 1562 Shoulder Great Responsibilities Chapter 1563 Is It Doomsday? Chapter 1564 Disseminate God Power Chapter 1565 Use One To Resist Ten Thousand Chapter 1566 Reverse Chapter 1567 Raid Huanglong Directly Chapter 1568 The Gate Of Plundering Chapter 1569 Vie For The Territory Souls Chapter 1570 Riot The Sea Of Stars Chapter 1571 Brutal Battlefield Chapter 1572 Eternal Seal Chapter 1573 Create A Miracle Chapter 1574 Ensure The Victory Chapter 1575 Endless Abyss Chapter 1576 Establish The World Chapter 1577 Prevailing Trend Chapter 1578 Head To The Holy Land Chapter 1580 Soul Attack Chapter 1581 The Consciousness Arrives Chapter 1582 The Territory Shatters Chapter 1583 Shi Yan Mends The Sky Chapter 1584 Increase Sharply Chapter 1585 Sauronas Invitation Chapter 1586 Ten Thousand Bodies Chapter 1587 Arrive At The Abyss Chapter 1588 Open The Gate Chapter 1589 Principle Of Power Upanishads Chapter 1590 The So Called Opportunity Chapter 1591 Searching Chapter 1592 The Battle On The Glacier Chapter 1593 Clones Gather Chapter 1594 The Road Of Fusion Chapter 1595 Heaven Never Bars Your Way Chapter 1596 One Idea To Give Birth To The World Chapter 1597 Swallow Everything Chapter 1598 Divine Weapon Chapter 1599 The Originator Of All Evils Chapter 1600 Racing Against Time Chapter 1601 Survival Of The Fittest Chapter 1602 Evil Clone Chapter 1603 Swallow Each Other Chapter 1604 Falsify Destiny Chapter 1605 Achieving Supreme Enlightenment Chapter 1606 Swallow Devour Chapter 1607 Meet Up Chapter 1608 Shake The Entire World Chapter 1609 Spaces Broken Shi Yan Gets Out Chapter 1610 Insufficient Chapter 1611 Desolates Greatest Extreme Ancient Extinguishing Technique Chapter 1612 Absolute Beginnings Soul Consciousness Chapter 1613 Origin Of Life Chapter 1614 Power Of Natural Law And Order Chapter 1615 Awakening Chapter 1616 Blood Fusion Chapter 1617 Endless Sorrow Chapter 1618 Eternal Immortal Finished